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government, although it abstains from the consideration of any dogma in either. It is lively, entertaining, and under the direction of one whose celebrity has, in a comparatively short time, spread far and wide ; and therefore it is believed that the adoption of it into the publisher's series of Reprints, will be both acceptable in itself, and a substantial addition to the system he has constantly in view.

It is with these sentiments that the work is now presented ; and the publisher confides that, after more abstruse study, or at the close of the day's avocations, no one will have to regret the perusal of a few pages written or approved by BOZ.

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At the commencement of the London edition of this Miscellany, the editor introduced the work with a prologue, setting forth the leading fcatures that would distinguish it, and summing up its characteristic qualities in a few stanzas. The sprightly humor by which this is dis. tinguished, has induced the publisher of the American edition to present them to his readers as being an excellent jeu d'esprit, a clear exposition of the plan on which the work will be conducted, and a fair specimen of the peculiar turn for wit and humor for which the Editor, “Boz,” is remarkable.

The following is the article referred to; it is styled, with much feli. city,

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Come round and hear, my public dear, Tory and Whig, in accents big,

Come hear, and judge it gently,– May wrangle violently: The prose so terse, and flowing verse, Their

party rage shan't stain the pageOf us, the wits of Bentley.

The neutral page of Bentley.

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The tender song which all day long It pains us not to mark the spot
Resounds so sentiméntly,

Where Dan may find his rént lie; Through wood and grove all full of love, The Glasgow chiel may shout for Peel,

Will find no place in Bentley. We know them not in Bentley.

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For science deep no line we keep, Our hunt will be for grace and glee, We speak it reverently ;

Where thickest may the scent lie; From sign to sign the sun may shine, At slashing pace begins the chaseUntelescoped by Bentley.

Now for the burst of Bentley.

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