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Abbott, Will A., Captain 79th Indiana Inf., Indianapolis, Ind.
Adae, Carl A. G., Captain 4th Ohio Cav., Cincinnati, O.
Adams, W. A., Brevet Brigadier General U. S. V., Morgantown,

Allen, Theo. F., Brevet Colonel U. S. V., Cincinnati, O.
Ammen, Jacob, Brigadier General U.S. V., Lockland, O.
Ambrose, James R., Captain Co. A 2d Ohio Inf., Springfield, 0.
Andalbu, E. L., Captain 72d Obio Inf.
Anderson, E. G., Co. C 74th Indiana Inf.
Anderson, E. L., Captain 52d Ohio Inf., Cincinnati, 0.
Anderson, H. Lee, Captain 2d Ohio Inf., Zanesville, O.
Anderson, M. T., Captain 51st Indiana Inf., Red Oak Junction,

Iowa. Anderson, N. L., Brevet Major General U. S. V., Cincinnati, O. Andrews, J. S., Captain 6th Michigan Battery, Adrian, Mich. Andrews, N. S., Colonel 12th U.S. C. Art., Detroit, Mich. Armstrong, William F., Captain 74th Ohio Inf., Cincinnati, O. Arnold, M. F., Sergeant 12th Indiana Inf., Morgantown, Ind. Ashbrook, A. P., Lieutenant 17th Ohio Inf., Lancaster, O. Atkins, Smith D., Brevet Major General U. S. V., Freeport, Ill. Atwater, M. B., Captain 51st Illinois Inf., Newtown, Iowa.

Babbitt, A. T., Captain 93d Ohio Inf., Toledo, O.
Babbitt, Henry S., 31st Ohio Inf., Aid-de-Camp, Columbus, O.

Babcock, E. E., Hospital Steward 88th Illinois Inf., Freeport, Ill.
Babcock, S., Lieutenant 1st Wisconsin Inf., Milwaukee, Wis.
Bacon, C. H., Surgeon 13th U. S. Cav., Lockport, III.
Bailey, 0. H., Lieut. Colonel 73d Indiana Inf., Plymouth, Ind.
Baird, John P., Colonel 85th Indiana Inf., Terre Haute, Ind.
Baker, Edward, Co. B 3d Kentucky Cav., Princeton, Ind.
Baker, H. N., Captain 74th Illinois Inf.
Baker, John J., Lieut. Colonel 19th Michigan Inf., Sturgis, Mich.
Balding, T. E., Brevet Major 24th Wisconsin Inf., Milwaukee, Wis.

Baldwin, A. P., Captain 6th Ohio Light Battery, Akron, O.
Baldwin, N. A., Captain Co. B 1st Ohio Art., Cleveland, O.
Ballard, Wm. H. H., Sergeant 17th Indiana Inf., Indianapolis, Ind.
Ballow, J. T., Captain U. S. V., Peru, Ind.
Bane, O. F., Captain 123d Illinois Inf., Chicago, Ill.
Banning, H. B., Brevet Major General U. S. V., Cincinnati, O.
Bannister, D., Brevet Colonel and Paymaster, Helena, Montana

Territory. Barber, G. M., Brevet Brigadier General U. S. V., Cleveland, O. Barber, R. P., Sergeant Co. G 89th Ohio Inf., Mt. Repose, Clermont

Co., O. Barger, B. F., Major 33d Ohio Inf., Bloomington, Ill. Barker, John D., Captain 1st Ohio Cav., Marietta, O. Barker, W., Captain 20th Ohio Battery, Cleveland, O. Barlow, J. W., Brevet Lieut. Colonel Engineers, U. S. A. Barnes, John, Captain 23d Kentucky Inf., Cincinnati, O. Barnett, James, Brevet Brigadier General U. S. V., Cleveland, O. Barnum, H. A., Brevet Major General U. S. V., Syracuse, N. Y. Barrell, Henry C., Surgeon 38th Illinois Inf., Springfield, Ill. Barrett, W. W., Brevet Brigadier General U. S. A., Columbus, Miss. Barrow, S. S., Captain 9th Michigan Inf., Muskegan, Mich. Bartholomew, W. H., Major 34th Inf. U. S. A. Bass, Wm., Sergant 59th Illinois Inf., Chicago, Ill. Bates, Caleb, Major and A. D. C., U.S. V., Cincinnati, O. Bauer, 0. F., Captain 123d Illinois Inf., Chicago, Ill.

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Bayliss, Lot. P., Lieutenant and Quartermaster 74th Indiana Inf.,

Fort Wayne, Ind. Beattie, Alex. H., Captain U. S. V., Helena, Montana Ter. Beatty, Samuel, Brevet Major General U.S. V., Massillon, O. Beebe, G. D., Surgeon U.S. V., Chicago, Ill. Beeber, J. W., Lieutenant Co. F 87th Indiana Inf., Rochester, Ind. Benedict, D. D., Surgeon 17th Ohio Inf., Norwalk, 0. Bennett, Henry, Chicago Artillery, Chicago, Ill. Bennett, John, Surgeon 19th Michigan Inf., Cleveland, O. Bennett, John A., Captain Co. I 1st Ohio Light Artillery, Cleve

land, O. Benton, Thomas A., Captain 5th Tennessee Cav., Athens, O. Bestow, Marcus P., Brevet Colonel and A. A. G., U. S. V., New

York City. Bickham, Wm. D., Major and A. D. C., U. S. V., Dayton, O. Bidwell, T. S., Assistant Surgeon 124th Ohio Inf., Chicago, Ill. Bigelow, J. C., Lieut. Colonel 134th Illinois Inf., Chicago, Ill. Biggs, Jonathan, Brevet Brigadier General U. S. V., Olney, Ill. Billings, Edwin L., Captain Co. K 57th Indiana Inf., Goshen, Ind. Billings, H. N., Captain Co. E 86th Indiana Inf., Williamsport, Ind. Bingham, Geo. B., Colonel 1st Wisconsin Inf., Milwaukee, Wis. Bird, Ira H., Lieutenant and Quartermaster 2d Ohio Inf., Cincin

nati, O.
Bishop, J. W., Brevet Brigadier General U. S. V., Manketo, Minn.
Black, Harrison, Captain Co. H 21st Illinois Inf., Kansas, Ill.
Blackman, Collins, Brevet Captain U. S. A., Lafayette, Ind.
Blackstone, J., Jr., 15th Pennsylvania Cav., Pittsburg, Penn.
Blair, Geo. E., Captain Co. A 17th Ohio Inf., Lancaster, O.
Blake, John W., Colonel 40th Indiana Inf., Indianapolis, Ind.
Blakesley, Archibald, Lieut. Colonel 78th Pennsylvania Inf., Pitts-

burg, Penn.
Blanch, Willis, Colonel 59th Indiana Inf., Kokomo, Ind.
Blanke, Wm., Captain 24th Illinois Inf., Chicago, Ill.
Blodget, A. Z., 96th Illinois Inf., Waukegan, Ill.
Bluthard, F. I., Surgeon 23d Wisconsin Inf., Chicago, III.

Boal, C. T., Lieutenant 88th Illinois Inf., Chicago, Ill.
Boalt, F. H., Captain Co. D 55th Obio Inf., Norwalk, O.
Boden, William, Lieut. Colonel 23d Kentucky Inf., Newport, Ky.
Bogue, Roswell I., Surgeon 19th Illinois Inf., Chicago, Ill.
Bohan, John, Lieutenant 8th Indiana Inf., Kokomo, Ind.
Boltz, Fred F., Captain 88th Indiana Inf.
Boone, Thomas C., Colonel 115th Obio Inf., Salem, O.
Bones, Wm., Captain 22d Wisconsin Inf., Cresco, Iowa.
Bowles, C. B., Sergeant Co. H 92d Illinois Inf., Alton, Ill.
Boyd, J. M., Colonel 19th Ohio Inf:
Boyd, James S., Colonel 51st Illinois Inf.
Boyden, A. H., Major and Ass't Paymaster U. S. V., Chicago, Ill.
Boydston, Nelson F., Major 30th Indiana Inf., Warsaw, Ind.
Boyer, Frederick N., Lieutenant 59th Illinois Inf., Kansas, Ill.
Bradley, L. P., Brevet Brigadier General U. S. A.
Brailey, M. R., Lieut. Colonel 111tlı Ohio Inf., Delta, O.
Brandt, O. B., Captain 17th Ohio Inf., Carroll, O.
Brannan, John M., Brevet Major General U. S. A.
Brayton, G. M., Captain 8th U. S. Inf., David's Island, N. Y.

Brewster, S. E., Captain 21st Ohio Inf., Bryan, O.
Bridges, Lyman, Brevet Colonel U. S. V., Chicago, Ill.
Brigham, J. H., Colonel 69th Ohio Inf., Warren, O.
Bright, William, Captain 21st Kentucky Vet. Inf., Lexington, Ky.
Brinkerhoff, D. H., Surgeon 103d Ohio Inf., Fremont, O.
Bristow, Benjamin H., Colonel 8th Kentucky Cav., Louisville, Ky.
Bristow, James H., Chaplain 5th Kentucky Inf., Covington, Ky.
Brock, Jos. B., Captain Co. D 93d Ohio Inf., Middletown, O.
Broettbeck, S. D., Major 12th Iowa Inf., Highland, Ill.
Brommer, David F., Captain 19th Illinois Inf., Chicago, Ill.
Brooke, Geo. W., Surgeon 12th Obio Cav., Ellsworth, 0.
Brooke, Hunter, Brevet Lieut. Colonel U. S. V., Cincinnati O.
Brookfield, E. V., Brevet Major and C. S., U. S. V., Cincinnati, O.
Brooks, C. B., 89th Illinois Inf., Aurora, Ill.

Brooks, Edwin F., Lieutenant and Adjutant 1st Wisconsin Cav.,

Chicago, III. Brown, A. A., Captain Co. H 15th Wisconsin Inf., Northfield, Minn, Brown, J. Morris, Brevet Major U. S. A. Brown, John L., Captain Co. I 8th Indiana Cav., Indianapolis, Ind. Brown, Theo. F., Brevet Brigadier General U. S. V., Chicago, Ill. Brown, Thomas, Captain 88th Illinois Inf., Chicago, III. Bryant, C. H., Brevet Colonel U. S. V., Cincinnati, O. Buck, R. M., 1st Sergeant Co. B 86th Illinois Int., Henry, Ill. Bucke, William H., Major 52d Ohio Inf., Cincinnati, O. Buford, L. M., A. D. C., U. S. V., Rock Island, III. Bunts, William C., 125th Ohio Inf., Cleveland, O. Burke, Joseph W., Colonel 10th Onio Inf., Huntsville, Ala. Burness, Samuel L., 1st Lieutenant 15th U. S. Inf. Burnett, H. L., Brevet Brigadier General .U. S. V., Cincinnati, O. Burns, R. S., Captain Co. G 75th Illinois Inf., Franklin Grove, Ill. Burroughs, George, Brevet Major U. S. A.* Burt, A. S., Captain 27th Inf. U. S. A. Butler, Geo. A., Lieutenant U.S. Heavy Artillery, Cleveland, O. Butterfield, Daniel, Brevet Major General U. S. A. Buttrick, E. L., Lieut. Colonel 24th Wisconsin Inf., Chicago, III.

Cable, C. A., Captain 18th Ohio Inf., Nelsonville, O.
Calef, J. H., 88th Illinois Inf., Chicago, III.
Calkins, Edward, Lieutenant Co. H 7th Ind. Cav., Rochester, Ind.
Campbell, J. A., Brevet Brigadier General, A. A. G., U. S. V.,

Cheyenne, Wyoming Territory.
Campbell, Jas. E., Mate Mississippi Squadron U.S. N., Hamilton, O.
Campbell, T. W., Colonel 17th Kentucky Cav., Bowling Green, Ky.
Carahan, R. H., Brevet Brigadier General U.S. V., Danville, Ill.
Carlin, William P., Brevet Major General U. S. A.
Carlton C. H., Colonel 89th Ohio Inf., Oxford, O.
Carnahan, James R., Captain Co. I 86th Ind. Inf., Lafayette, Ind.
Carnahan, Joseph L., Sergeant 10th Indiana Battery, Dayton, Ind.


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