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" 1821. He was the author of a preface to the Biography of Napoleon Bonaparte, by Sir Walter Scott. The first political piece written by him is believed to have been a memorial of sundry citizens of Pennsylvania, relative to the treatment and removal of... "
Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society - Seite 331
von American Philosophical Society - 1861
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Biographical Directory of the United States Executive Branch, 1774-1989

Robert Sobel - 1990 - 567 Seiten
...Independence in 1828; contributed to American Quarterly Review and Democratic Review, wrote pamphlet called A Memorial of Sundry Citizens of Pennsylvania relative to the Treatment and Removal of the Indians; became attorney for eastern district of Pennsylvania on December 30, 1831; appointed government director...
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Proceedings, American Philosophical Society (vol. 7, 1858-1861)

...Import Duties and Prohibitions ; translated from the French of Comte Chaptal, by Henry D. Giipin," 1821. He was the author of a preface to the Biography...relative to the treatment and removal of the Indians. He prepared an Address of the Democratic Committee of Correspondence of Philadelphia in August, 1832...
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