Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society Held at Philadelphia for Promoting Useful Knowledge, Bände 7-8

American Philosophical Society., 1861

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Seite 350 - country, “ even a heavenly.” The artist had gone to render a happy account to the Great Master. An artist, in the noblest sense of that word, he claims the poet's eulogy. Emigravit is the Inscription on the tombstone where he lies :— Dead he is not, but departed, for the artist never dies. This
Seite 378 - and “ when still in great demand, the author refused to have it reprinted, because he thought it required a thorough revision.”* The great event of Chapman's life was his appointment, in 1816, to the Chair of the Theory and Practice of Medicine and Clinical Medicine, in the University of Pennsylvania. He filled it for more
Seite 352 - He takes the charcoal from the peasant's hand, And by the magic of his touch at once Transfigured, all its hidden virtues shine, And, in the eyes of the astonished clown, It gleams a diamond ! Even thus transformed, Rude popular traditions and old tales Shine as immortal poems.”
Seite 378 - not less than $100, a MS. vocabulary of the Delaware Indian Languages. The volume (of 800 pages) was exhibited, and the application of the author was, on motion, referred to a committee of three, to be appointed by the president, and announced at the next meeting. The president appointed Dr.
Seite 54 - in longitude. In the last edition (that of' 1857) of the map of the territory of the United States, from the Mississippi to the Pacific Ocean, Fulton is laid down in latitude 41°
Seite 352 - The rude peasant sits At evening in his smoky cot, and draws With charcoal, uncouth figures on the wall. The son of genius comes, footsore with travel,
Seite 364 - that he has no remedy or an inadequate one at law. About the period when his labors as commissioner came to an end, —in 1835,—he was appointed by Governor Wolf one of the Judges of the District Court for the City and County of
Seite 335 - 1821. He was the author of a preface to the Biography of Napoleon Bonaparte, by Sir Walter Scott. The first political piece written by him is believed to have been a memorial of sundry citizens of Pennsylvania, relative to the treatment and removal of the Indians.
Seite 322 - Londres, 1860. Pamphlet, 24 pp. Notes on the Apparent Universality of a Principle Analogous to Vegetation, on the Physical Nature of Glass, and on the Probable Existence of Water in a State Corresponding to that of Glass, by Ed. W. Bayley, FRS (Proc. Royal Society, X, 450). 1860. 8vo. Pamphlet. 11 pp. Bibliotheca HistoricoNaturalis, PhysicoChemica et Mathematica; Oder systematisch geordnete

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