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Liverpool Institution—Lectures in Birmingham-De Lys—Anecdotes
-Domestic Happiness—Return to Sydenham—“Specimens" — Pa-

ternal Anxiety-Declines Lecturing................. Page 68–101


Lord Rectorship-Second Rectorship-Third Rectorship-Change of
Residence - Matrimonial Prospects — New House Campbell Club
-Letter to Mr. Gray-Impaired Health - Literary Union-Letter

to Sir Walter Scott.....

... 185–225



Dinner at Paisley-Races—Blairbeth-Highland Margaret-Riccarton

-Brougham Hall-Shakspeare and Petrarch-Dinner to Mr. Rogers

-Rush - Grattan - Letter from Lord Holland – Autobiography,

Critical Notice-Visit to Edinburgh-Printers' Festival - Chambers

in Lincoln's-Inn Fields - Frederic the Great — Narrow Escape -

Scenic Annual—Poems illustrated-Editing Shakspeare-Letter to

his Nephew-Witchcraft-Mendicity Office-Presenting his Works

to Queen Victoria - Visit to his Son-Letter to Woodville-Sydney

Smith-Petrarch and Laura-Visit to Edinburgh-Correspondence

-Reminiscences of the Poet......... ........... Page 349-375


Return to London-Life and Occupation Letter to Mrs. Marryat-

Benevolence-Christening in Ivy-lane, City, Musical Poets — His

two Darlings — Extempore Lines - Accident - Study - Life of Pe-

trarch-Loss of Friends-Poems — Death of the Rev. A. Alison -

Change of Scene-Ramsgate-Life of Petrarch-Trip to Chatham-

Chatham Friends — Ralph the Raven – Scenes in the “ Life of Pe-

trarch"-Arrival of an Old Friend-Engravers-West Indians-Span-

ish-Arabic-The Parrot-Letter to his Nephew Robert-Letter to

Mrs. A.-Portrait-Ship Launch at Chatham-Meeting of the Alpha

Club-Speech ...........

.......... 376-406


Victoria Square, Pimlico-Visit to Glasgow-Letter to Mrs. Fletcher-

Duncliffe --His Child Sweetheart-Infant Beauty-Eulogy on Woman
- New House — Practical Benevolence - Letters from Wiesbaden
-Journey - Return from Wiesbaden - Home-A Warning-Lines

to Mary Campbell—" Pilgrims of Glencoe” published-Critical Posi-

tion of his Affairs-Breakfast in the new House-Anecdote-Arrival

at Dinan-Return Home-Hampstead Friends Professor Arthur

Independence-Proposes a Subscription Edition-Arrangements to

quit London-Munificent Friend-Practical Charity-Letter to his

Sister-Her Death—Visits Cheltenham-Goes to Boulogne-Resi-

dence in Boulogne-Letters—Society-Spectacle-Buys an Annuity

-Settles in Boulogne..........

......... 407-450


Boulogne-The closing Scene .....

.......... 451-471

Conclusion-Letters to his Nephew, and Niece Mary Campbell-Latil.

la's Child-Anecdote -- Buznach-African Lion-The Challenge -
The Fencing-master - Anecdote-Kemble, Talma, and the Poet-
Anecdote-Proofs of Celebrity-Anecdote — The Mercer — Singer
- Soldier-Anecdote-The Poet and the Parrot-The Printers' Fes-
tival-Anecdote - Affecting Personal Anecdote - Convivial Habits
-The last Apology – Evening Conversations — Fragment - Notes

of “Mornings with Campbell'— Notes by an American Author

Page 472-501

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