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say about them.

Mr. TIERNEY, I re but little, it will become an object of member, complained, that there were cer terror. Whether its increase will be tain persons, who kept away, and took no speedy, whether it will be slow, when its part at all in the " great questions relative power will be felt, I shall not pretend to « to the conducting of the war; but who say; but, that its power will, sooner or were all alive upon motions like that of later, be felt, and will prevail, I am con“ Mr. Madox." -Aye, this was because tident, and I am also confident, that is the people had an interest in the latter ; prevailing is absolutely necessary to the because these questions affected them; safety of the nation. With these reand, because, as to the war, the manner of marks I close my articles upon the Reits being carried on was nothing compared gency question; and, in the present to the principle of it, of which the Regular Number I begin inserting, at full length, Opposition approved. This is the state the Regency Bill; and, that Bill, together of parties, then. The true bred Pittites with my articles upon the subject, do, I' are in power ; they, therefore, are the flatter myself, contain the best materials most powerful set. The Opposition, which for a true account of this transaction that originally consisted of Foxites, have been the reader of the present day, or that the subdued by Lord Grenville and the Court, future historian, will be able to find. I and are thus disarmed as to every question began the discussion and I have closed it. tavouring the interests or feelings of the In the course of it I have brought into view people. So thai, these two parties, as far every material fact and argument the as they act in corps, must be considered as production of others or of my own mind. haring the SAME PRINCIPLES to all in- I have given a proper place to every actor tents and purposes. Some men imagine of any consequence; and, as far as my, the OUTS wiser than the INS. It is not knowledge has enabled me, I have done want of talent that occasioned those mea strict justice to the actions and motives sures here which have put Napoleon in of every one.

If I have, in any case, possession of all the continent of Europe. yielded to feelings of partiality, it has It is not want of talent; and, if it were, I been in favour of the Prince of Wales, and do not see so much difference amongst the the reason was, that, of all the parties conleaders as some men would fain make us cerned, he was the man whom I saw with believe there is. There is, in fact, no dif- the fewest real friends amongst those who ference at all in the two parties. They were taking a part in the discussions ; and are precisely the same in principle, in further, because, some years attentive and every thing regarding the Rights and Li- pretty close observation as to politics and berties of the people, which has been proved public men, long ago convinced me, that by their votes and their speeches and their there was a settled design with some men measures, over and over again and in all to calumniate bim by the means of cantmanner of ways.-——As long, therefore, as ing insinuation, and ihus to excite against the Foxites, or any persons in Opposition, him a prejudice that should stick to him continue to cling to Lord Grenville and through life. The Courier, a few days the name of " the great statesman now no ago, in remarking upon one of my articles "more," the people would be rank fools on the Regency, observed, that it was well to wish to see them supplant the present calculated to serve the Prince with the men, it being as clear as day-light, that Mob (No bad service neither, as things such a change could be productive of no- may happen!) and that, it was to be rething more than an addition to the pension garded as having somewhat of authority list, which is quite long enough already about it, seeing that the writer was into satisfy any reasonable man. There timately acquninted with one of the Royal are some politicians, who wish for a Reform Dukes. How ready these venal men of Parliament. These belong to neither of are to ascribe motives of venality to others! the other parties. If they were to increase, --I have spoken to the Duke of Kent from them the people would expect some- four times in my life, and no more. I have thing; and, from them the ministry would not seen even at a distance him or either of have something to fear, because they are not his brothers for these last five yeurs, and restrained by the system ; they drive at the have never had any communication, diwhole system, great man now no more" rectly or indirectly, with any one of and altogether; they do not fight in muffles. them of any sort, since that time; and I

This party, however little numerous, is never received or asked from any one of formidable; and, if it increase, though the Royal Family any favour, of any kind,


in all my life. In the part I have taken himself to the circle; and afterwards opon this occasion, I have been actuated he gave an audience to Mr. Perceval, solely by a love of truth and of my coun- who had the honour again of kissing try, and by a corresponding hatred of hy- his hand, as First Lord of the Treasury and pocrisy and of the worst enemies of that Chancellor of the Exchequer. country, faction and corruption.

His Royal Highness gave private auI wished to say something upon the diences also tosubject of Portugal, and also (which is of The Archbishop of Canterbury, the much greater importance to us) upon the Lord Chancellor, 'Earls Camden, Westsubject of the defence of Mr. FINNERTY, morland, Liverpool, Bathurst and Derby, whose case, I am happy to find, is consi- the Marquis Wellesley, Lords Mulgrave, dered in the manner that it ought to be. Palmerston and Gwydir, Sir David Dundas, -I must defer both till my next. Messrs. Ryder and M. Sutton. WM. COBBETT.

The latter laid before his Royal HighState Prison, Newgate, Tuesday,

ness the proceedings of some Courts Mar.

tial, and took his Royal Highness's comFebruary 12, 1811,

mands upon the same. They were intro

duced into the presence of his Royal INSTALLATION OF The Recent.

Highness the Prince Regent, by the Earl 6th Feb. 1811.

of Moira. (Concluded from p. 552.)

The following among others

present: And the Prince subscribed the two Their Royal Highnesses the Dukes of oaths. The Lord President then present- | York, Clarence, Kent, Cumberland, Sused to his Royal Highness the Declaration sex, Cambridge and Gloucester. mentioned in an Act made in the 301h The Archbishop of Canterbury. year of King Charles II. intitled, “ An The Lord Chancellor. Act for the more effectual preserving the The Archbishop of York. King's Person and Government, by dis

The Lord President of the Council. abling Papists from sitting in either The Lord Privy Seal. “ House of Parliament,” and which De The Duke of Montrose. claration his Royal Highness audibly Marquisses; Hertford, Buckingham, made, repeated, and subscribed.--The Stafford, Lansdowne, Wellesley, and Lord President signed first, and every one Douglas. of the Privy Counsellors in succession

Earls-Moira, Liverpool, Aylesford, signed these instruments as witnesses, Mount Edgcombe, Derby, Grosvenor, and the same was delivered into the hand Bathurst, Chatham, Aylesbury, Pembroke, of the Keeper of the Records.-The Spencer, Hardwicke, Winchelsea, BuckPrince then delivered to the President of inghamshire, Chesterfield, Cholmondeley, the Council a certificate of his having re

Lauderdale, Temple, Carysfort, Harrowby, ceived the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper Donoughmore, Chichester, Grey, and Powis. at the Chapel Royal of St. James's, on Sun Viscounts--Cathcart, Morpeth, Sidday, the 27th January ult. which was mouth, and Castlereagh. also countersigned and delivered to the Lords--Grenville, Holland, Erskine, Keeper of the Records, who deposited all Ellenborough, C. Somerset, Palmerston, these instruments in a box at the bottom of Arden, G. and J. Thynne, Redesdale, the table.-The Lord President then ap. Teignmouth, St. John, Walsingham, St. proached the Regent, bent the knee, and Helen's, Dundas, and Mulgrave, &c. &c. had the honor to kiss his band. The The Bishop of London. Royal Dukes followed, and afterwards the The Master of the Rolls. Archbishop of Canterbury, and all the General Fiizpatrick. rest according to the order in which they The Chief Baron Macdonald. sat at the long table, advancing to the Sirs--W. Drummond, J. Sinclair, W. chair on both sides. During the whole Scott, J. Nicholl, D. Dundas, E. Nepean, of this ceremony, his Royal Highness and J. Anstruther. ma ntained the most dignified and grace The Speaker of the House of Commons. fui deportment.

Messrs-Ponsonby, Tierney, -Sheridan, The ceremony being closed, a short Ryder, W. Elliot, C. M. Sution, ArbuthLevee took place in the drawing-room, not, Corry, G. Canning, C. Yorke, T. when his Royal Highness addressed Grenville, G. Rose, Wallace, and Long.


ExGLAND.— Oficial Account of the Installa. Cumberland—J. Losh, of Woodside, Esq.

Cheshire-B. Grey, of Ashton Hayes, Esq. tion of the Regent, published in the Gu Derbyshire-G. Meynell, of Langley, Esq. zette.

Deconshire-A. Champernowne, of DariAt the Court at Carlton House, the 6th of ington, Esq. February, 1811.

Dorsetshire,Ė. Greathed, of Udden, Esq.

Esser-C. Smith, of Suttons, Esq. His Royal Highness the PRINCE OF WALES,

Gloucestershire—R. Gordon, of Kemble, Esq. Regent of the United Kingdom of Great Herefordshire --P. Jones, of Sugwas, Esq.

Hertfordshire-R. Taylor, of Tolmer, Esq. Britain and Ireland.

Kent-Sir J. C. Honeywood, of Evington, His R. H. the Duke of York.

Bart. His R. H. the Duke of Clarence. Leicestershire-R. Norman,of Melton MowHis R. H. the Duke of Kent.

bray, Esq. His R. H. the Duke of Cumberland.

Lincolnshire-Sir J. Trollope, of Casewick, His R. H. the Duke of Sussex.

Bart. His R. H. the Duke of Cambridge. Monmouthshire-H.Powell,of Llanvihangel, His R. H. the Duke of Glocester.

Esq. [Then follow the names of ninety other Norfolk-C. Lucas, of Filby, Esq. Privy Counsellors, as mentioned above.] Northamptonshire-W. Strickland, of BrixThis day his Royal Highness the Prince

worth Hall, Esq. of Wales, Regent of the United Kingdom NorthumberlandW. Burrell, of Broome of Great Britain and Ireland, by virtue of

Park, Esq. an Act passed in the present' Session of Nottinghamshire-Postponed. Parliament, intituled, “ An Act to provide Oxfordshire--Sir J. Reade, of Shipstone, for the Administration of the Royal Autho

Bart. rity; and for the Care of his Majesty's Rutlandshire-Hon. G. Watson, of RockingRoyal Person, during the continuance of

ham Castle. his Majesty's Illness; and for the Resump- Shropshire-G. Brooke, of Haughton, Esq. tion of the exercise of the Royal Autho- Somersetshire-J. Leigh, of Combbay, Esq. rity by his Majesty," was, at his first Staffordshire-J. Beach, of the Shaw, Esq. coining into the Council, pleased to de- County of Southampton-Sir R. Kingsmill, clare, that understanding, that the law re.

of Sidmonton, Bart. quired that he should take and subscribe Suffolk-R. Pertiward, of Finborough, Esq. certain Oaths and Declarations, he was now Surry--G. Tritton, of West-hill, Wandsready to do sq; his Royal Highness ac

worth, Esq. cordingly took and subscribed the Oaths Susser-W. Dearling, of Donnington, Esq. and Declarations required by the said Act; Warwickshire-P. Newdigate, of Arbury, after which all the Members present of his

Esq. Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council Wiltshire-H. Biggs, of Stockton, Esg. had the honour of kissing his Royal High-Yorkshire-R. Watt, of Bishop Burton, Esq.

Worcestershire-T. Hawkes, of Dudley, Esq. ness's hand.


Carmarthenshire-H. Williams, of EdwinsENGLAND.Sheriffs.-At the Court at

ford, Esq. Carlion House, the Sth of February, 1811, Pembrokeshire-E. Mathias, of Lanwarren, Present, his Royal Highness the Prince

Esq. Regent in Council.--Sheriffs appointed by Cardiganshire-W. Brookes, of Noyart, Esq. his Royal Highness the Prince Regent in Glamorgan-Sir R. L. Blosse, of Gabalva, Comcil, in the Name and on the Behalf of

Bart. his Majesty, for the Year 1811.

Brecon-W. Wilkins the younger, of Alex.

anderstone, Esq. Bedfordshire J. Howell, of Market-street, Radnor-J. C. Severn, of Llanqunllo, Esq. Esq.

NORTH WALES. Berkshire-W. W. Clarke, of Ardington, Merioneth-H. Reveley, of Brynywin, Esq. Esq.

Carnarvonshire-T. P.J. Parry, of Madryn, Buckinghamshire-W. Bernard, of Nether Esq. Winehindon, Esq.

Anglesey-H, Williams, of Trearddur, Esq. Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshirc-W.D. Montgomeryshiro-E. Heyward, of Cross. Gardner, of Chatteris, Esq.

wood, Esq.

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Denbighshire-J. Wynne, of Garthuulio, shall have the same force and effect to all Esq.

intents and purposes as the like acts Flintshire-Sir G. W. Prescott, of Ewloe, would have if done by his Majesty himBart.

self, and shall to all intents and purposes CORNWALL.

be full and sufficient warrant to all perW. S. L. Trelawney, of Penquite, Esq. sons acting under the authority thereof;

and all persons shall yield obedience

thereto, and carry the same into effect, in 51 GEO. III. Cap. 1.

the same manner and for the same purAn Act to provide for the Administration poses as the same persons ought to yield of the Royal Authority, and for the obedience to and carry into effect the like

acts done by his Majesty himself; any Care of His Majesty's Royal Person, law, course of office, or other matter or during the Continuance of His Ma- thing to the contrary notwithstanding. jesty's Niness; and for the Resumption II. And be it further enacted, That as of the Exercise of the Royal Authority to all authorities given and appointments

made in the name and in the behalf of his by His Majesty.-- (5th Feb. 1811.)

Majesty, and all other acts, matters, and WHEREAS by reason of the severe In things usually done under the authority disposition with which it haib pleased of the Royal Sign Manual, the Signature God 10 amict the King's most excellent of the Regent in the form following, that Majesty, the personal exercise of the is to say, “ George P. R.” or in cases Royal Authority by his Majesty is for the where the Royal Signature has usually present so far interrupted, that it becomes been affixed in initials only, then in the necessary to make provision for assisting form “G. P. R.,” shall be as valid and his Majesty in the administration and ex effectual and have the same force and ercise of the Royal Authority, and also effect as his Majesty's Royal Sign Manual, for the Care of his Royal Person during and shall be deemed and taken to be to all the continuance of his Majesty's Indispo- intents and purposes bis Majesty's Royal sition, and for the Resumption of the ex- Sign Manual, and be obeyed as such. ercise of the Royal Authority by his III. And be it further enacted, That Majesty ; be it therefore enacted by the when his Majesty shall by the blessing of King's most Excellent Majesty, by and God be restored to such a state of health with the advice and consent of the Lords as to be capable of resuming the personal Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in exercise of his Royal Authority, and shall this present Parliament assembled, and have declared his Royal Will and Pleaby the authority of the same, That bis sure thereupon, as herein-after provided, Royal Highness George Augustus Frede- all and every the powers and authorities rick Prince of Wales shall have full Power given by this Act, for the exercise and and Authority, in the name and on the adıninistration of his Royal Power and behalf of his Majesty, and under the Authority, or for the using, executing,

and 'Title of Regent of the United and performing the Authorities, PrerogaKingdom of Great Britain and Ireland,” tives, Acts of Government, and Administo exercise and administer the Royal tration of the same, which belong to the Power and Authority to the Crown of the King of the United Kingdom of Great United Kingdom of Great Britain and Britain and Ireland to use, execute, and Ireland belonging, and to use, execute, perform, or for the Care of his Majesty's and perform all authorities, prerogatives, Royal Person, shall cease and determine; acts of government and administration of and no act, matter, or thing, which, under the same, which lawfully belong to the this Act, and previous to such declaration King of the said United Kingdom to use, might be done in the administration of his execute, and perform ; subject to such Majesty's Royal Power and Authority, or Limitations, Exceptions, Regulations, and in the using, exercising, or performing Restrictions, as are herein-after specified any such Authorities, Prerogatives, Acts and contained; and all and every act and of Government, or Administration as aforeacts which shall be done by the said Re said, or in the Care of his Majesty's Royal gent, in the name and on the behalf of Person, by virtue and in pursuance of this his Majesty, by virtue and in pursuance Act, shall, if done after such declaration of this Act, and according to the powers of his Majesty's Royal Will and Pleasure, and authorities hereby vested in him, be thenceforth valid or effectual,

IV. Provided always, and be it further I do faithfully promise and swear, That enacted, That all persons holding any I shall inviolably maintain and preserve Offices or Places, or Pensions, during his the Settlement of the true Protestant ReMajesty's Pleasure, at the time of such ligion, with the Government, Worship, declaration, under any appointment or Discipline, Rights, and Privileges of the authority of the Regent, or her Majesty, Church of Scoiland, as established by the under the provisions of this Act, shall con Laws made there in prosecution of the tinue to hold the same, and to use, exer

Claim of Right, and particularly by an cise, and enjoy all the powers, authorities, | Act, intituled, An Act for securing the privileges, and emoluments thereof, not- Protestant Religion, and Presbyterian withstanding such declaration of the re • Church Government, and by the Acts sumption of the Royal Authority by his passed in the Parliament of both King. Majesty, unless and until his Majesty doms, for Union of the Two Kingdoms. sball declare his Royal Will and Pleasure

So help me God. to the contrary; and all Orders, Acts of Which Oaths shall be taken before his Government, or Administration of his Ma- Majesty's most honourable Privy Coun. jesty's Royal Authority, made, issued, or cil; who are hereby required and emdone by the said Regent, before such de- powered to administer the same, and to claration, shall be and remain in full force enter the same in the Books of the said and effect, until the same shall be coun: Privy Council. termanded by his Majesty.

VII. And be it further enacted, That V. Provided also, and be it further the said Regent shall, at the time of his enacted, That no Acts of Regal Power, taking such Oaths as aforesaid, and before Prerogative, Government, or Administra- the members of the Privy Council admition of Government, of what kind or na- nistering the same, make, subscribe, and tore soever, which might lawsully be done audibly repeat the Declaration mentioned or executed by the King's most excellent in an Act made in the 30th year of King Majesty, personally exercising his Royal Charles the Second, intituled, 'An Act Authority, shall, during the continuance for the more effectual preserving the of the Regency by-this Act established, be King's Person and Government, by dis. valid and effectual, unless done and exe-abling Papists from sitting in either cuted in the name and on the behalf of · House of Parliament;' and shall produce his Majesty, by the Authority of the said a Certificate of his having received the Regent, according to the provisions of Sacrament of the Lord's Supper in any of this Act, and subject to the Limitations, the royal chapels, signed by the person Exceptions, Regulations, and Restrictions administering ihe same; which Certificate herein-after contained.

shall be sufficient evidence of the said VI. And be it further enacted, That the Regent's having received the Sacrament; said Regent, before he shall act or enter and such Declaration and Certificate shall upon his said Office of Regent, shall take respectively be registered in the Books of the following Oaths :

the Privy Council. I do sincerely promise and swear, That VIII. Provided always, and be it enI will be faithful and bear true allegiance acted, That until after the 1st day of to his Majesty King George.

February 1812, if Parliament shall be So help me God. then assembled, and shall have been sitI do solemnly promise and swear, That ting for six weeks immediately previous I will truly and faithfully execute the to the said Ist day of February 1812, or if Office of Regent of the United Kingdom Parliament shall be then assembled, but of Great Britain and Ireland, according to shall not have been so sitting for six an Act of Parliament passed in the 51st weeks, then until the expiration of six year of the reign of his Majesty King weeks after Parliament shall have been so George the Third, intituled, An Act (here assembled and been sitting; or if Parliainsert the title of this Aci]; and that I ment shall not then be assembled, then will administer, according to law, the until the expiration of six weeks after power and authority vested in me by vir- Parliament shall have been assembled and tue of the said Act; and that I will in all sitting, next after the said Ist day of Fethings, to the utmost of my power and bruary 1812, the Regent shall not have ability, consult and maintain the safety, or exercise any power or authority to honour, and dignity of his Majesty and grant, in the name and on the behalf of the welfare of his people.

his Majesty, any Rank, Title, or Dignity So help me God.

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