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Ability to speak another language correctly

places you among the first preferred for the many new opportunities now open in the U. S. A. and

Latin America, at better pay, more chances of advancement, interesting surroundings and glamorous recreation.


The world - famous Linguaphone est possible time The subject matter
Conversational Method enables you is of everyday life, practical and useful.
to master these languages quickly,
easily, correctly in an amazingly

More than a million students have short time-right in the privacy of

studied 29 languages by Linguaphone. your own home.

More than 14,000 schools and colleges

have acquired Linguaphone Courses FIRST YOU LISTEN

as an indispensable aid to teaching

students to SPEAK foreign languages THEN YOU SPEAK

You simply LISTEN to the voices
of the native teachers which Lingua-

phone brings to you---you follow the

HOME STUDY COURSES text with your eyes and before you

SPANISH RUSSIAN PORTUGUESE are actually aware you are repeating FRENCH LATIN JAPANESE the words, the questions and an- GERMAN GREEK PERSIAN swers, as though holding a conver- ITALIAN IRISH ARABIC sation with natives. It's simple, it's

ENGLISH AFRIKAANS HINDUSTANI delightful and shows immediate re





Linguaphone Courses were made by


ESPERANTO 117 of the foremost language teachers of the great universities of the world. They are especially designed

SEND FOR FREE BOOK for home-study and the entire emphasis is on the student's ability to the demineruapnemege authorities who SPEAK CORRECTLY–in the short- Linguaphone and what it has done

Anis illustrated book tells you all the



for thousands and
in all walks of life.


: New York City

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Many Finish in 2 Years You can complete our simplified High School course as rapidly as your time and abilities permit. Equivalent to resident school work-prepares you for entrance to college. Standard H. S. texts supplied. Diploma awarded. Credit for H. S. subjects already completed. High School education is very important for advancement in business and industry and socially. Don't be handicapped all your life. Be a High School graduate. Start your training now. Business

College Entrance To get and hold a good position in Busi- During the past 19 years, our High School ness today you must beabletowriteclear,ac- graduates have been admitted to 531 difcurate letters and reports-do figuring involv, ferent Universities, Colleges, Junior ing Algebra and Geometry - talk intelligently Colleges and Normal Schools—80% of them on matters requiring a knowledge of Geography, without entrance examination. Course also History, and Economics. High School education gives you such training.

prepares for teachers' certificate and preIndustry

professional examinations. If you want to get ahead in Mechanical and

Use Standard Texts Engineeringlines, you must have at leastanelemen- We use the standard texts adopted by the tary knowledge of Physics and Chemistry-be able best resident High Schools, supplemented to figure quickly and accurately-know something by our own simplified study instructions, of Mechanical Drawing and blueprints-and be able to talk and write accurately and clearly on which savethestudent considerable

time and both your work and ordinary topics of conversa- effort. On completion of the usual 16-unit tion. You can learn these things from our High course, you will be awarded our High School School Course.

Diploma. Don't Be Handicapped-Complete Your Training Now High School training will be invaluable to you in any line you may select. Only High School graduates are considered for the best positions in Business and Industry; and only High School graduates are admitted to the best Colleges or the Professions. Our moderate fees cover instruction, all instruction material, and Diploma. Easy monthly terms.

Mail coupon for complete information about line that interests you American School, Dept. H-165, Drexel Ave. at 58th St., Chicago, III.

American School, Dept. H-165, Drexel Ave. at 58th St., Chicago . 18 other courses

Tell me how to train for success in line checked. No obligation. The American School

High School Course (Single subjects if desired) was chartered in Architecture & Building Air Conditioning Professional Accounting 1897 as an Educa. Automotive Engineering Business Law incl. C.P.A. Work tional Institution, and

Business Management Diesel Engineering Retail Merchandising offers quality training


Drafting & Design Mechanical Engineering at home in the best Electrical Engineering D Liberal Arts

Radio & Television paying fields of Busi- Electric Refrigeration Private Secretary Salesmanship ness and industry. Check the course Name

Age..... most interesting to you and mail for Free

St. and No..
Booklet and other in-

Turn Your Spare Time Toto Dollars


To the man who wants to enjoy an ACCOUNTANT'S CAREER


you're that man, here's the life of many an accountantsomething that will in- who, mind you, doesn't have to terest you.

kill himself with work to afford Not a magic formula-not a get

them. His duties are interesting, rich-quick scheme-but some

varied and of real worth to his emthing more substantial, more prac- ployers. He has standing! tical.

Do you feel that such things Of course, you yourself need aren't for you? Well, don't be too something more than just the am- sure. Very possibly they can be! bition to be an accountant. You've Why not, like so many before got to pay the price—be willing you, investigate LaSalle's modern to study earnestly, thoroughly. Problem Method of training for an

Still, wouldn't it be worth your accountancy position? while to sacrifice some of your Instantly you'll appreciate its leisure in favor of interesting home

merits. You'll realize it's practical study-over a comparatively brief and thorough. Yet it's not expenperiod in your life? Always pro- sive-considering time required vided that the rewards were good and results gained. -a salary of $2,000 to $10,000?

Just suppose you were permitted Think of the thrill of cashing a to work in a large accounting good sized salary check! Of build- house under the personal supering a modern home! Of cruising vision of an expert accountant. about town in a new car! Of swell- Suppose, with his aid, you studied ing your bank account!

accounting principles and solved Those are everyday events in problems day by day-easy ones at first-then the more difficult success does come to the man who ones. If you could do this—and if is really trained. It's possible your you could turn to him for advice employers will notice your imas the problems became complex provement in a very few weeks or -soon you'd master them all. months. Indeed, many LaSalle

That's the training you follow graduates have paid for their trainin principle under the LaSalle ing-with increased earnings-beProblem Method.

fore they have completed it! For

accountants, who are trained in However, under LaSalle the

organization and management, are training is much broader. You

the executives of the future. learn more than one accountant usually could teach. At LaSalle

As experts in finance, accountthere's a staff of experienced spe

ants interpret future trends cialists to guide you. You get the through their ability to analyze benefitof their combined experience. past records. They advise on how

much a business may spend for You cover accountancy from the sales promotion or expansion. Bebasic Principles right up through

cause they're familiar with busiAccountancy Systems and Income

ness law, they know the tangles of Tax Procedure. Then you add taxation. A trained accountant C.P.A. Training and prepare for can really "go places!" the C.P.A. examinations.

As you go along, you absorb the Write For This Free Book principles of Auditing, Cost Ac

For your own good, don't put off counting, Business Law, Organi- investigation of all the facts. Write zation, Management and Finance.

for our free 48-page book, "AcYour progress is as speedy as

countancy, The Profession That you care to make it-depending Pays.” It'll prove that accounton your own eagerness to learn

ancy offers brilliant futures to and the time you spend in study.

those who aren't afraid of serious Will recognition come? The

home study. Send us only answer, as you know, is that

the coupon now.

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A Correspondence Institution
I want to be an accountant. Send me, without cost or obligation,
the 48-page book, "Accountancy, The Profession That Pays,"
and full information about your accountancy training program.


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