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At first Arthur Murray taught this step to his inti. mate friends when they wanted to learn how to dance in a hurry. He is now making this “Magic Step" available to everyone through his teachers. Here at last is a practical way to learn the latest Fox Trot, Rumba and Tango. All you need do is learn the one simple step pictured above! This new system eliminates all nonessentials and difficult techniques. To introduce you to his new method, Mr. Murray is offering you his dance book. Once you try the steps, you'll want to enroll at one of the Arthur Murray Studios now located from coast-to-coast.

Arthur Murray's instruction is recognized the world over as the last word in smart, correct dancing. All branch studios are managed by qualified instructors who have been personally trained by Mr. Murray and measure up to his high standards. See why doctors recommend Arthur Murray dance lessons as a healthful way to exercise-to gain poise and self-confidence.



ing, mailing and handling charges. ARTHUR MURRAY, Studio 116, 11 East 43rd Street, New York.

• If the instructions in this book were given in private studio lessons it would cost $10. The book is offered FREE to prove how easy it is to become a good dancer. In addition to teaching the Rumba, Fox Trot, Waltz, Tango, etc., it gives you the secret of leading and following, and the 10 most important pointers on how to be an expert partner. Enjoy the thrill of being twice as popular at your next party. Send for this book and mail coupon today. Enclose 25c to cover print

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A message to

ambitious men



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This is not for men who are "waiting to see what will happen"

have actually helped to build the Institute and a shortage of skilled labor, there and keep it up to the minute. Among those is also a shortage of trained executives so cooperating are: C. M. Chester, Chairman, acute that even newspaper headlines pro- General Foods Corp.; Alfred P. Sloan, Jr., claim it. Every type of company is being Chairman, General Motors Corp.--and forced to comb the ranks for men of ex

many others. ecutive caliber. The market is glutted with men who know one branch of business. The MADE "TO YOUR ORDER." Not only is need is for men who know the fundamentals the Institute training absolutely upof business as a whole. Those who can to-the-minute, but it is purposely qualify find their services at a premium. kept flexible to suit the needs of the HOW YOU CAN PROFIT. To those who

individual. It is suited both to the understand this situation, the problem is

executive already well along in busiwhere to get the necessary executive train

ness who wants to keep up with rapiding and get it quickly. More and more

ly changing economic conditions, and men of vision are turning to the Alexander

to ambitious young men who are Hamilton Institute and are finding this

eager to get ahead faster. modern, up-to-the-minute service exactly what they need.

IT'S UP TO YOU. If you understand how

business selects men for advancement, you TOP-RANKING MEN CONTRIBUTE. The In- will say to yourself, "I won't turn this page stitute service offers the proved principles until I write to the Alexander Hamilton and methods of thousands of America's Institute.” The 'coupon below will bring successful companies, all welded together you “Forging Ahead in Business"- the into a usable whole. Your assurance of this book praised by thousands of men as the is the fact that top-ranking American key to a new step upward in business. We business men, who know from their own will send you this book by mail, free and experience the need for executive training, without obligation.

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544 x 712 Inches


Benjamin N. Bogue's new
and authoritative book –
“Stammering - Its Cause cussed fully and simply in
and Correction.” It will this 287-page book. It con-

Comfort and Help come to you postpaid, tains five different parts

for Stammerers promptly, with the author's and a total of thirty-six compliments. There is no chapters—as well as a com

Mr. Bogue's new book is cost of any kind. Every prehensive Index.

the latest and most thorstammerer owes it to him

ough work on “Stammer-,

Written by a Man self to have this new book.

ing,” of which we have any

Who Stammered Avoid Disappointment

knowledge. It is authoritaMr. Bogue, author of this tive and complete and -Act Today

book, was himself, a stam- should bring comfort and Eight editions of Mr. merer-and the facts he help to every stammerer. Bogue's former books were gives you are based on 38 The book will be mailed required to meet the de- years of experience in the postpaid to every stammand in this, and other, correction of stammering merer who requests it countries. It is hoped that He knows and understands promptly. To teachers and the present supply of the the stammerer's problems persons other than stamnew book will be adequate and unhappiness. His own merers, copies of the book to permit the author to re- life story is contained in his are available upon terms spond promptly to every book. He helps you answer which Mr. Bogue will gladrequest. But, to assure your the many questions you ly state if you will write to copy, write today.

have asked yourself-brings him. But to stammerers it Every phase of stammer- you facts you have sought is free. It will come to you ing and stuttering is dis- but never found.

promptly, and post-paid.






THE quickest, surest way to learn SPANISH, or any

language, is by listening to it--the way children learn! This is the natural way: to listen, then repeat what you hear, until speaking the language becomes natural to you,

Cortina “Learn by Listening" Records will teach you Spanish in ONLY 15 MINUTES A DAY! They bring the clear, cultured voice of a native SPANISH instructor (with easy time-tested Cortina lessons) right into your living room! He talks to you when ever you wish-as often as you like in faultless, Idiomatie Spanish. He converses with you just as any SPANISH SPEAKING person would, on the streets. In shops, or in the offices of a South or Central American city. Your instructor never tires, never complains. New Opportunities AheadNow is the Time to Learn! ditions have made SPANISH the most important for- | Como está usted? And today is the finest time to learn it World con

SPANISH is the easiest of all languages to learn! eign language! American tourists are discovering new thrills in Central and South America. And the tre. mendous expansion of American interests in LatinAmeriean countries will open up excellent opportunities for years to come for AMERICANS WHO SPEAK SPANISH!

Remember, SPANISH means greater social ad vantages, too. You discover new and interesting cultural fields. Whether you want SPANISH for South American business contacts---for new friends, greater travel pleasure, more reading enjoyment--the famous CORTINA Method can teach you right in your own

FRENCH, ITALIAN, GERMAN, ENGLISH home-in 15 minutes a day-quickly, easily, rea

also Taught sonably! Prove it Yourself

CORTINA ACADEMY (Language Specialists !


over 60 years) Make This 5-Day Test

I Suite W.A.42, 105 West 40th St., New York, N. Y. I

Send me-without obligation- your FREE book, 5 You need not spend long hours in class, or pay

*The Cortina Short -('ut," and full facts about your ! high fees to an expensive tutor. Now, when I special “Proof-in-5-Days' offer. SPANISH can mean so much to you, see what the

9 fascinating. inexpensive CORTINAPHONE Meth

(Check language in which you are interested) od will do for you. You risk nothing. Without obligation get our free 32-page book, "The Cortina

I Spanish French German Italian English ? Short-Cut''. It gives full details of 5-Day Trial

E Offer. If the Cortinaphone Course does not prove, Name in the very first five days, that it can quickly and thoroughly teach you the language of your choice, just return it, without cost or further obligation.

Add a knowledge of Spanish to your accomplish-
ments as soon as possible. Mail this Free Book


State... coupon NOW!

Suite W.A.42, 105 West 40th Street, New York, N. Y.


Perhaps you could. But chances There's a way-the proved are that the honest answer is: LaSalle way. By means of it "You're not properly trained you can learn to solve just such and qualified- yet."

problems—to cut costs-reduce
“But," you say, "what am I inefficiency-handle new work,
supposed to do about it? I don't new men and new machines in
claim to be an expert but I'm new ways.
learning-learning on the job as

Or, take a supervisor's job-
I go. Isn't that enough?” or perhaps a works manager's

Well-frankly, it isn't enough. job. If you're already a foreman, To get that job you want, to get what are you doing to fit yourthat bigger salary-you'll have self for their jobs? Routine to train yourself—at least, if effort—even hard conscientious you want to get ahead in a rea

work-may not be enough! sonable time.

They seldom are.

But just as an ordinary inYet, if you have ambition

dustrial worker can, through enough to study for a few months, you can get the exact foreman, so a foreman, a cost LaSalle Home Study, become a

this institution over a 33-year training you need—easily—the clerk, a cost accountant, a me

period and scattered our memLaSalle way.

chanical engineer, a department bers through nearly a million Take a foreman's job, for ex- manager, an inspector, an assist- positions in all countries of the ample: He's a much more im- ant superintendent, and all the world. Yes, it will cost you exportant man today than he was other minor executives of any actly one cent-or three cents even a few years ago. Manage- industrial organization-can fit if you fill out the coupon and ment depends on him. But he themselves for that desirable mail it-to obtain a copy of must be good. Nor will old job ahead-with its tremendously either of the two fascinating methods do. His ideas must be desirable rewards!

books offered below. new-as new as the machines he Does all this sound too good Get one of these books today! supervises-as young as the to be true? If it does, we'll make Plan your future, investigate the young men he must direct and you a proposition-we'll ask proven possibilities of LaSalle handle.

you to gamble a one-cent post training in Modern ForemanHow can a fellow learn all card against the proof of our ship or Modern Industrial that? How can you learn it? statements-proof that has built Management.

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Please send me, free of all cost or obligation, full information about your executive training in the industrial field. I am interested in:

Modern Foremanship Industrial Management
Present Position.



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