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Pay in the United States Army and Navy

Source: The Official Rates of those Departments

Army yearly pay-General, Chief of Staff, $8,000; Navy yearly pay-Admiral, $8,000; Vice Admiral,
Lieutenant General, Army Commander, $8,000;

$8.000: Rear Admiral, $6,000 to $8,000; Captain, Major General, $8,000; Brigadier General, $6,000;

$3.500 to $6,000; Commander, $3,000 to $5,750; Colonel, $3,500 to $4,000, according to length of Lieutenant Commander, $2,400' to $5,250,

Lieutenservice; Lieutenant Colonel, $3,000 to $4,000; Major,

ant, $2,000 to $4,500; Lieutenant (junior grade), $2,400 to $3,500; Captain, $2,000 to $3,000; First officers, $1,836 'to $4,500.

$1,500 to $3,600; Énsign, $1,500 to $3,000; Warrant Lieutenant, $1,500 to $2,400; Second Lieutenant, $1,500 to $2,000; Warrant Officers, $1,776 to $2,220. Petty Officer, $60 to $126. Nonrated men, $21 to $54.

Monthly pay-Petty Officer, third class to Chief Monthly pay-Pay of enlisted men according to Base pay is not all, extra allowances per month grade, $21 to $157.50.

are paid on special details, and permanent addi. Additional pay per month for special qualifications for medals of honor tions in the use of arms, etc., and for Distinguished

A Navy recruit is designated an apprentice seaService awards.

man upon enlistment and is also paid a basic wage

of $21 a month. He is sent to a naval training A recruit who enters the Army receives a base station for a course of training. Following this pay of $21 a month as a private. There is no auto- course, he is transferred to general service at sea matic promotion in grade. Ex-members of the unless selected for special service school instruction. Army, Coast, Guard, Marine Corps and Naval After 4 months' total service, including recruit Reserve who reenlist are promoted in 1 month in training, an apprentice seaman is promoted to place of 4 months, provided their previous service seaman second class, and seamen second class may and training warrant such advancement.

be rated firemen third class as vacancies occur, if Enlisted Men's additional pay per month and selected for engineering duty. The monthly pay qualifications-Use of fire arms, first class, $5; of these ratings is $36. second class, $4; third class, $3; fourth class, $2; Bonuses paid to sailors and non-commissioned Afth class, $1. Medal of Honor, $2; Distinguished officers of the Navy for re-enlistment are doubled Service Cross, $2; Distinguished Service Medal, $2;

under a new law. Distinguished Flying Cross, $2; Soldier's Medal, $2. Heretofore petty officers have received re-enlistFor each bar in lieu of Medal of Honor, Dis- ment bonuses of $50 for each year of service, with tinguished Service Cross, Medal, Flying Cross or

a limit of $300. Enlisted men's bonuses were $25 Soldiers' Medal, $2.

for each year served, with a limit of $150.

Enlisted Men's additional pay per month and Rates of pay at Military Academy--Professor,

qualifications-For each Medal of Honor, Disover 10 years' service, pay of Colonel: Professor, less than 10 years' service, pay of Lieutenant tailed as messmen, $5; detailed as mail clerks, $15

tinguished Service Medal or Navy Cross, $2; deColonel; Chaplain, $4,000 per annum; Teacher of

to $30; assistant mail clerks, $10; (at Naval Station, Music, pay of 1st Lieutenant; Cadet, $780 per Guantanamo Bay, Cuba), $15; designated as annum.

divers, $10 to $30; (plus $5 an hour for each hour Pay of nurses (monthly)-Less than 3 years' or fraction thereof while employed in diving in service, $70; over 3 years' service, $90; over 6 actual operations in depths over 90 feet); duty on years' service, $115; over 9 years' service, $130. board submarines, $5 to $30; (depending on deIn addition to pay as nurse: Superintendent, tail, rating and qualifications); listeners on sub$208.33; Assistant Superintendent, $125; Chief marines, $2; qualified sound operators, $2; Sonic Nurse, $50.

repairmen, $2; qualification in the use of arms. Retired pay-Pay of retired officers varies ac

$1 to $5. Fifty per cent increase in pay of the cording to rank and years of service.

rating when individual flight orders have been

issued and the required number of flights are made. Enlisted men are entitled to 75 per centum of

Retired pay and the Reserve-After thirty years' the pay they may be in receipt of and allowances. service, an enlisted man may retire on three-fourths

Service members rates of pay in the following of the pay of his rating including all permanent branches of service are based on Army and Navy additions, plus $15.75 allowances, making a total tables of pay scales: Marine Corps--Army. Coast of $133.88 a month of a chief petty officer with Guard-Navy. Coast and Geodetic Survey-Navy. I permanent appointment.

U. S. War and Other Appropriations, 1941, 1942

Source: United States Bureau of the Budget (As of Oct. 2, 1941)

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Fiscal year 1942:
Appropriations enacted,

14,645,279,287 5,683,847,907 1,640,332,250 21,969,459,444
Contract authorizations enacted... 183,145,695 41,448,894 1,287,000,000 1,511,594,589
Pending before Congress

120,996,000 16,957,725 137,953,725 Subtotal..

14,828, 424,982 5,846,292,801 2,944,289,975 23,619,007,758 Deduct cash included to liquidate 1941 contract authorizations. 3,357,373,076 615,453,690 235,653,000 4,208,479,766 Net total, 1942......

11,471,051,906 5,230.839,111 2,708,636.975 19,410,527,992 Net total 1941 and 1942. 24,754,628,978 9,697,125,568 4,304,808,883 38,756,563,429 Defense Ald Appropriation Act, 1941. Additional Defense aid (pending)

5,985,000,000 Estimated appropriations required beyond 1942 to complete construction of the expanded Návy.

8,413,000,000 Total

60,154,563,429 Generals and Lieutenant Generals of the U. S. Army George Washington held the rank of General States shall be appointed and commissioned by and Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army the style of 'general of the armies of the United from June 15, 1775, to Dec. 23, 1783. He was

States': and the present office and title of lieuappointed lieutenant general and Commander-in

tenant general shall thereafter be abolished." Chief of the United States Army on July 3, 1798.

While the purpose of this legislation was unThe office of "general" under the present form

doubtedly to confer the title of general upon

Washington, no record has been found in this once of Government was first established by section 9, to show that the appointment was ever made. of the act approved March 3, 1799, while Wash- The following-named officers served in the United ington was holding the office of commander with States Army in the grades of general and lleurank of lieutenant general, and which provided tenant general, respectively, during the time speci"that a commander of the Army of the United | fled after each name:

*Ulysses S. Grant, July 25, 1866 to March 4, 1869.
*William T. Sherman, March 4, 1869 to Feb. 8, 1884.
*Philip H. Sheridan, June 1, 1888 to Aug. 5, 1888.
* John J. Pershing, (Oct. 6. 1917-Emergency) (Sept. 3, 1919-(a) Permanent).
(b) Tasker H. Bliss, Oct. 6, 1917 to May 19, 1918.
(b) Peyton C. March, May 20, 1918 to June 30, 1920.
(c) Charles P. Summerall, Feb. 23, 1929 to Nov. 20, 1930.
(c) Douglas MacArthur, Nov. 21, 1930 to Oct. 1, 1935.
(c) Malin Craig, Oct. 2, 1935 to Aug. 31, 1939..
(c) George C. Marshall, Sept. 1, 1939-

John L. Hines held office as Chief of Staff of title of General of the Armies of the United States. the Army, with rank of Major General, from (b) Did not hold the grade of general in the Sept. 14, 1924 to Nov. 20, 1926 and retired in the Regular Army, but by the act of Congress apgrade of major genera He was anced to the proved ne 21, 1930, both became full generals on grade of General on the retired list under the pro- the Regular Army retired list. This act gives warvisions of a special act of Congress approved time rank, without increased pay or allowance, to June 15, 1940.

officers and former officers of the United States *Generals of the Army or of the Armies of the Army, upon their retirement from active service. United States (both phrases being held to mean (c) Temporary rank while holding the office of the same thing).

Chief of Staff, as provided by an act of Congress (a) Retired Sept. 13, 1924, with the rank and approved Feb. 23, 1929.

LIEUTENANT GENERALS (b)-George Washington (July 3, 1798); Ulysses S. Grant (March 2, 1864); William T. Sherman (July 25, 1866); Philip H. Sheridan (March 4, 1869); John M. Schofield (Feb. 8, 1895); Nelson A. Miles (June 6, 1900).

Samuel B. M. Young (Aug. 8, 1903); Adna R. Chaffee (Jan. 9, 1904); John C. Bates (Feb. 1, 1906); Henry c. Corbin (April 15, 1906); Arthur MacArthur (Sept. 15, 1906); Hunter Liggett (Oct. 16, 1918) Robert L. Bullard (Oct. 16, 1918), Edgar Jadwin (retired Aug. 7, 1929, with rank of Lieutenant General, Act, March 4, 1915); Hugh A. Drum (Aug. 5, 1939); Stanley #. Ford (Aug. 5, 1939).

Stanley D. Embick (Aug. 5, 1939); Albert J. Bowley (Aug. 5, 1939); John L. DeWitt (Dec. 5, 1939); Charles D. Herron (July 31, 1940); Daniel Van Voorhis (July 31, 1940); Herbert J. Brees (Oct. 1, 1940); Ben Lear (Oct. 1, 1940); Walter c. Short (Feb. 8, 1941); Walter Krueger (May 16, 1941); Frank M. Andrews (Sept. 19, 1941); Delos C. Emmons (**) (Nov. 16, 1940); Lesley J. McNair (June 9, 1941).

**Delos c. Emmons accepted his commission as a Lieutenant General on Nov. 16, 1940, but his date of rank is Oct. 25, 1940.

(b) Liggett and Bullard did not hold the grade in the Regular Army. Jadwin saw no active service in the grade but retired (Aug. 7, 1929) with the rank of lieutenant general, as provided by an act of Congress (approved Mar. 4, 1915). .

Drum to Andrews, inclusive, held temporary rank while in command of one of the four armies of the United States Army (pursuant to an act of Congress approved Aug. 5, 1939), or while in command of the Hawaiian or Panama Canal Departments, (pursuant to act of Congress approved July 31, 1940).

Winfield Scott held the rank of Brevet Lieutenant General from March 29, 1847 to Nov. 1, 1861.

Number of Guns in U. S. Army and Navy Salutes

(From the Service Regulations)



Salute-guns Ruffles

and Depar-flourArrival



Salute-guns Ruffles

and Depar- fourArrival ture ishes


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Chief magistrate or sov-

ereign of & foreign
Members of a reigning

royal farnlly Vice President. American or foreign am

bassador. High com. or other diplo

matic omcer equal or su

perior to an ambas.
Secretary of War.
Members of Cabinet
Pres. pro tempo of Senate
Governor of a State.
The Chief Justice.
General of the Armies
Assist. Secretary of War.
Assist. Secre. or Navy
Gov. Gen. of the Philip-

pine Isl. and Gov. of
Territ. foreig. Posses.
within limits of their

respect. jurisdictions...
Speaker of the House of

A committee of Congress.
Chief of Staff.
Former Chief of Staff
General ..
Vice Gov. of Philip. Isl
Ameri, envoys or tninis.

and foreign envoys or

minis. accred. to the U.S.
Lleutenant general
Major general.
Ameri. minis. resid. and

minis, resid, accred, to

the United States
Ameri, charges d'affaires

and charges d'affaires

accred, to United States.
Brigadier general,
Consuls general accredited

to the United States.
Cons. accred. to U.N..
cons. or

agents accred. to U.S..


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Military Posts and Camps in Continental United States

Source: Army Records as of Oct. 31, 1941 (Note: Strength of military personnel at stations having less than 1,000 not shown.)

Approx. Post or Camp

Post Office Address

Stgth. Aberdeen Proving Ground Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md

8,100 Adams, Fort.... Newport, R. I.,

1,400 Adams Field. Little Rock, Ark

1,800 Air Corps Proving Ground.

Eglin Fleld, Fla. Alabama Ordnance Works..

Talladega, Ala Albuquerque Army Air Base Albuquerque, N. Mex.

2,200 Allen, Fort Ethan.. Fort Ethan Allen, Vt.

3,700 Andrews, Fort.

Boston, Mass. Anniston Ordnance Depot

Anniston, Ala. Arledge Field.

Stamford, Texas.
Arlington Cantonment.

Arlington Cantonment Station, Arlington, Va.
Army Medical Center.
Washington, D. C.

1,200 Army and Navy General Hospital Hot Springs National Park, Ark Army War College.

Washington, D.C.. Atlanta Airport.

Atlanta, Ga.. Atlanta General Depot.

Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta Quartermaster Depot.

Atlanta, Ga. Augusta Arsenal.

Augusta, Ga. Baer Field.

Fort Wayne, Ind. Baker, Fort.

Fort Baker, Calll. Bakersfield Air Corps Facility Bakerstield, Calif.

1,500 Bangor Army Air Base. Bangor, Me

1,900 Banks, Fort. Winthrop Station, Boston, Mass.

1.100 Barkeley, Camp. Camp Barkeley, Texas.

19.500 Barksdale Field. Shreveport, La.

5,800 Barnes General Hospital,

Vancouver Barracks, Wash
Barrancas, Fortr.
Fort Barrancas, Fla.

2,000 Barry, Fort. Fort Baker, Calif.

1,100 Baton Rouge Army Air Base.

Baton Rouge, L&. Battle Creek Municipal Airport (see Kellogg Field).

Battle Creek, Mich.
Baytown Ordnance Works.

Baytown, Texas.
Beaumont General Hospital, Wm El Paso, Texas.
Beauregard, Camp.
Camp Beauregard, La

2,800 Belvoir, Fort. Fort Belvoir, Va..

17,300 Benicia Arsenal.

Benicia, Calir
Benning. Fort.
Fort Benning, G&.

46,800 Biggs Flela

Fort Bliss, Texas.
Bilings General Hospital

Fort Benjamin Harrison, Ind
Birmingham Air Corps Facility Birmingham, Ala.
Blanding, Camp.
Camp Blanding, Fla.

45,900 Bliss, Fort... Fort Bliss, Texas.

25,600 Boise Barracks.

Boise, Idaho.. Bolling Field.. Anacostia, D. C..

2,500 Boston Alrport.

East Boston, Mass
Boston Army Base.
Boston, Mass

1,200 Boston Quartermaster Depot

Boston, Mass
Bowie, Camp.
Camp Bowie, Texas.

25,300 Bowman Field. Louisville, Ky.

2,500 Brady Alr Corps Facility

Brady, Texas.
Brady, Fort.

Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.
Bragg, Fort
Fort Bragg, N. C.

56,500 Brookley Field

Mobile, Ala. Brooklyn Army Base.

58th St. and 1st Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y Brooks Field.. San Antonio, Texas.

2,900 Brown, Fort. Brownsville, Texas.

1.100 Brownwood Air Corps Facility

Brownwood, Texas Buckley Field.

Denver, Colo
Bullis, Camp.

San Antonio, Texas
Callan, Camp.
Camp Callan, Calif.

8,100 Camden Air Base

Camden, S. C. Canby, Fort..

Illwaco, Wash Carlisle Barracks.

Carlisle, Pa.. Carlstrom Fleld

Arcadia, F1
Casey, Fort

Coupeville, Wash
Chanute Field.
Chanute Field, III

11,300 Chaffee, Camp.

Fort Smith, Ark. Charleston Ordnance Depot.

Charleston, S. C. Charleston O. D. and R. Depot. Charleston, S. C. Charleston Sub-Port of Embarkation. Charleston, s. C. Charlotte Army Air Base. Charlotte, N. C.

1,700 Charlotte Quartermaster Depot. 1820 Statesville Ave., Charlotte, N. C. Chattanooga Quartermaster Depot. 3249 Dodds Ave., Chattanooga, Tenn Chicago Municipal Airport.

Chicago, Ill. Chicago Quartermaster Depot

1819 W. Pershing Road, Chicago, Ill. Childersburg Ordnance Works.

Childersburg, Ala Church, Fort..

Sakonnet Point Military Reservation, Little Compton, R. I.
Cincinnati Ordnance District.

Room 831, The Enquirer Building, Cincinnati, Ohio...
Claiborne, Camp.
Camp Claiborne, La.

27,000 Clark, Fort Brackettville, Texas..

1,600 Clatsop, Camp.

Warrenton, Oreg. Cleveland Ordnance District.

1450 Terminal Tower Bullding, Cleveland, Ohio. Cochran Field.. Macon, Ga..

1,700 Columbia, Fort.

McGowan, Wash. Columbus Air Corps Facility

Columbus, Miss Columbus General Depot.

Columbus, Ohio. Connellsville Air Depot

Connellsville, Pa. Constitution, Fort.

New Castle, N. H. Cooke, Camp...

Santa Maria, Calit Coosa River Ordnance Plant.

Sylacauga, Ala, Coral Gables Air Corps Facility Miami, Fla Corsicana Field,

Corsicana, Texas



Craig Field

Selma, Ala.. Crockett, Fort.

Galveston, Texas Croft, Camp

Camp Croft, 8. C. Cronkhite, Fort

Fort Baker, Calif. Crook, Fort

Fort Crook, Nebr Crowder, Camp

Neosho, Mo. Cuero Municipal Airport.

Cuero, Texas. Curtis Bay Ordnance Depot.

South Baltimore Md Curtis Field

Brady, Texas. Custer, Fort.

Fort Custer, Mich. Daniel Field.

Augusta, Ga. Davis, Camp.

Camp Davis, N. c. Dawes, Fort

Deer Island, Mass Delaware, Fort

Fort Delaware, Del. Delaware Ordnance Depot.

Pedricktown, N. J. Denver Ordnance Plant

Denver, Colo Des Moines, Fort.

Fort Des Moines, Iowa DeSoto, Fort

Tampa, Fla. Detrick Field

Frederick, MD Detroit Tank Arsenal

28251 Van Dyke Rd., Detroit, Mich Devens, Fort

Fort Devens, Mass. District of Columbia Rifle Range Camp Simms, D. C. Dix, Fort.....

Fort Dix, NJ... Dixie Ordnance Works,

Sterlington, La. Dodge, Camp

Herrold, Iow&.. Dothan Air Corps Facility

Dothan, Ala Douglas, Fort..

Fort Douglas, Utah. Drew Fleld

Tampa, Fla. Dryden Airport

Dryden, Texas Duncan Field

San Antonio, Texas. DuPont, Fort.

Fort DuPont, Del. Duvall, Fort

Winthrop Station, Boston, Mass Edgewood Arsenal.

Edgewood Arsenal, Md. Edwards, Camp.

Camp Edwards, Mass Eglin Field

Air Corps Proving Ground, Eglin Field, Fla. Ellington Field

Houston, Tex.. Elwood Ordnance Loading Plant. Jollet, ni. English Field

Amarillo, Texas Enld Air Corps Facility

Enid, Okla Erie Proving Ground

Lacarne, Ohio Esier Field

Camp Beauregard, La Eustis, Fort.

Fort Eustis. Va. Fairlax Airport

Kansas City, Kans. Fairfield Air Depot

Fairfield, Ohio. Fitzsimons General Hospital

Denver, Colo Flagler, Fort

Port Townsend, Wash Forrest, Camp

Camp Forrest, Tenn Foster, Fort

Kittery, Me Fostoria Plant, C. W. S.

Fostoria, Ohio.. Frankford Arsenal

Bridesburg Sta., Philadelphia, Pa Fresno Army Air Base.

Fresno, Calil Front Royal Quartermaster Depot Front Royal, Va. Funston, Fort

Fort Winfield Scott, Call, Gadsden Ordnance Plant

Gadsden, Ala.. Gardner Field..

Taft, Calit Geiger Field..

Spokane, Wash Getty, Fort

Jamestown, R.I. Glendale Air Corps Facility

Glendale, Ariz Glendale Grand Central Air Terminal Glendale, Calif Godman Fleld.

Fort Knox, Ky Goodfellow Field

San Angelo, Tex Gordon, Camp..

Augusta, Ga. Gowen Fleld.

Boise, Idaho Grant, Camp

Camp Grant, I Gray Fleld.

Fort Lewis, Wash Greble, Fort

Jamestown, R. I. Greene, Fort Nathaniel.

Narragansett, R. I.. Greenville Air Corps Facility.

Greenville, Miss. Grider Field

Pine Bluft, Ark Gunter Field

Gunter Field, Ala Haan, Camp

Camp Haan, Calif Hamilton Field

Hamilton Field, Call Hamilton, Fort

Brooklyn, N. Y Hancock, Fort.

Fort Hancock, N. J. Harlingen Airport

Harlingen, Texas Harrisburg Municipal Airport

Harrisburg, P& Harrison, Fort Benjamin

Fort Benjamin Harrison, Ind. Hatbox Field

Muskogee, Okla Hayes, Fort.

Columbus, Ohio. Heath, Fort

Winthrop Station, Boston, Mass Hemet Air Corps Facility

Hemet, Calll Hensley Field.

Grand Prairie, Tex Hicks Field.

Fort Worth, Texas Higley A. C. Facility

Higley, Ariz.
Hu Feld..

Ogden, Utah.
HM Military Reservation, A. P. Mica, Va
Hoff General Hospital

Santa Barbara, Calif.
Holabird Quartermaster Depot. Baltimore, Md
Holman Airport

St. Paul, Minn Hoosier Ordnance Plant

Charlestown, Ind Houston, Fort Sam.

Fort Sann Houston, Tex Huachuca, Fort

Fort Huachuca, Ariz. Hulen, Camp

Camp Hulen, Tex. Hunter Liggett Military Reservation. Jolon, Calif Huutsville Arsenal, Alabama

Huntsville, Ala. Illinois Ordnance Plant.

Marion, ni





2,100 6,700





7.900 1,200

2.800 25,000


Post or Camp

Post Office Address
Indiana Ordnance Works.

Charlestown, Ind.
Indiantown Gap Military Reservation. A. P. O. No. 28, Indiantown Gap Military Reserva-

tion, Pa. Lowa Ordnance Plant.

Burlington, Iowa. Jackson Army Air Base.

Jackson, Miss. Jackson, Fort..

Fort Jackson, S. C. Jackson Barracks

New Orleans, La. Jacksonville Municipal Airport. Jacksonville, Fla Jay, Fort..

Governors Island, N. Y. Jetterson Barracks

Jefferson Barracks, Mo.
Jefferson Proving Ground.

Madison, Ind..
Jeffersonville Quartermaster Depot. Jeffersonville, Ind
Jersey City Quartermaster Depot. 26 Exchange Place, Jersey City, N. J.
Kankakee Ordnance Works.

Joilet, m..
Kansas City Municipal Airport. Kansas City, Mo
Kansas City Quartermaster Depot. Independence and Hardesty Aves., Kansas City, Mo.
Kearney, Fort Philip..

Saunderstown, R. I..
Keesler Fleld.

Biloxi, Miss...
Kellogg Field (see Battle Creek
Municipal Airport).

Battle Creek, Mich.
Kelly Field...

Kelly Field, Texas. Kern County Airport.

Bakersfield, Calif. Key Field

Meridian, Miss. Key West Barracks.

Key West, Fla.. Kingsbury Ordnance Plant

La Porte, Ind. Knox, Fort.

Fort Knox, Ky. La Garde General Hospital

New Orleans, La Lake Charles A. C. Facility

Lake Charles, La. Lake City Ordnance Plant.

Independence, Mo. Lakeland Air Corps Facility

Lakeland, Fla. Langdon, Camp.

Portsmouth, N. H Langley Field

Langley Field, Va. Las Vegas Airport.

Las Vegas, Nev Lawson Field

Fort Benning, Ga. Lawson General Hospital

Atlanta, Ga. Lawton, Fort...

Seattle, Wash. Leavenworth, Fort.

Fort Leavenworth, Kans Lee, Camp....

Camp Lee, Va. Lemoore A. C. Facility

Lernoore, Calif. Letterman General Hospital.

Presidio of San Francisco, Calif Levett, Fort...

Portland, Me.. Lewis, Fort.

Fort Lewis, Wash Lexington Signal Depot.

Lexington, Ky. Lincoln, Fort

Bismarck, N. Dak
Lindbergh Field.

San Diego, Callt.
Little Rock Quarterm. Supply Depot. P.O. Box 3141, Little Rock, Ark.
Livingston, Camp.

Camp Livingston, La..
Lockett, Camp

Campo, Calif. Logan Field..

Dundalk, Md. Logan, Fort.

Fort Logan, Colo. Lone Star Ordnance Plant.

Texarkana, Texas Long Beach Municipal Airport. Long Beach, Calil Los Angeles Municipal Airport.

Inglewood, Calll. Louisiana Ordnance Plant.

Minden, La. Love Field.

Dallas, Tex. Lovell General Hospital

Fort Devens, Mass Lowry Fleld.

Denver, Colo. Lubbock A. C. Facility

Lubbock, Texas. Luke Field..

Litchfield Park, Ariz. Lunken Airport

Cincinnati, Ohio. Lyon, Fort

Portland, Me. Mabry Field, Dale

Tallahassee, Fla. MacArthur, Fort.

San Pedro, Calir. MacDil Field

MacDill Field, Fla. MeChord Field.

McChord Field, Wash McClellan Field.

Sacramento, Calif. MeClellan, Fort.

Fort McClellan, Ala McCoy, Camp

Sparta, Wisc. McDowell, Fort,

Angel Island, Calit McHenry, Fort.

Baltimore, Md. McIntosh, Fort..

Laredo, Tex McKinley, Fort.

Portland, Me. McPherson, Fort

Atlanta, Ga. McQuaide, Camp

Watsonville, Calif. McRee, Fort

Fort Barrancas, Fla Madison Barracks.

Sackets Harbor, N. Y Manchester Army Air Base,

Manchester, N. H. March Field..

March Field, Calir. Marta Airport.

Marta, Texas. Marshall Field.

Fort Riley, Kans Mason, Fort.

San Francisco, Calif. Mather Field

Mills, Calif.. Maumelle Ordnance Works

Marche, Ark. Maxwell Field..

Maxwell Fleld, Ala Meade, Fort..

Fort Meade, s. Dak, Meade, Fort George G.

Fort George G. Meade, Md. Medford Municipal Alrport

Medford, Oregon. Mein phls Municipal Alrport

Memphis, Tenn. Merced Air Corps Facility

Merced, Callt. Miami Municipal Airport

P.O. Box 218, Hialeah, Fla Michie, Fort

New London, Conn. Middletown Air Depot.

Middletown, Pa. Midland Alrport...,

Midland, Texas. Midland Plant, C. W. S

Midland, Mich, Milan Ordnance Depot.

Milan, Tenn. Mlles, Fort...

Lewes, Del.


6,800 2,200

1.900 2,200 6,300 3,300

1,300 20,400 1,100

1,200 1.800 1,000

1.800 2.000 4,500



1,600 24,700

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