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[blocks in formation]

100 yds.

10:09.7. 120 yds. high hur. 0:14.6. 440 yd. hurdles.. 0:56.3. 18 mile special.. 6:41.1.. High jump...... '6 ft. 4%, in..

Terry, Texas

Tarrant, Ala State Brown, La. State
Wright, Ohio State Owens, Howard Payne Edwards, Okla, A&M
Kelso, Wisconsin Bailey, Illinois

Wente, Purdue
Rice, Notre Dame Munski, Missouri... Schwartzkopf, Mich.
Boydston, Okla. A &


Kansas; M; O'Rourke, Notre

Watkins, Texas, A &
Dame, tied for Ist


Walters, Baylor;
Sholow, Kangas:
Rogers, Lincoln; Al-
len. Michigan; Ricks,
Texas A and M, tied

for third
Grote, Nebraska.. Vosberg, Marquette Barker, Grinnell
Blozis, Georgetown Schleich, Nebraska Hook, Michigan
Hunt. Nebraska; Wil-

Detleld, Minn.; Smith, liams, Wisconsin, tied

Notre Dame, tied

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

100 yds.. 0:09.6*.. Ewell, Penn State Jackson, Princeton Fangboner, N. Y. .;

Kroupa, Pennsyl

vania, tied 220 yds. 0:20.7**..

Ewell, Penn State Pirnie, Harvard Randall, Cornell 440 yds. 0:47.7.

Campbell, Fordham Bogrow. N. Y. U. Diebolt, Colgate 880 yds. 1:53.

Mac Mitchell, N. YU. Polansky, City College Anderson, Pittsburgh 1 mile. 4:16.

Mac Mitchell, N. Y. U.Hulse, N. YU. Hoag. Cornell 2 miles, 9:26.1.

Nichols, R. I. State Sterner, Pittsburgh Goldstein, City College 1 mile relay. 3:16.4. NY Ú., Braun, Mac Colgate

Mitchell, Hogans,

120 yd. high hur-
Dugger, Tufts
Hall, Tufts

Newman, Pittsburgh 220 yd. low hurdles 0:23.1. Stickel. Pittsburgh Dugger. Tults

Hall, Tuits Shot put. 54 ft. 3 in.

Blozis, Georgetown BeetemPennsylvania Krueger, R. I, State
Discus throw 155 ft. 8% in. Blozis, Georgetown Norro, Boston College Bates, N. Y. U.
Javelin throw. 200 ft. 7 in.. Vosberg. Marquette Elliott, Pittsburgh Diedrick, Penn State
High jump.....
6 ft. 4 in..
Petery, Colby

Blount, Dartmouth:
Forytrom, R. I. State,

tied Broad fuinp 24 ft. 234 in.. Ewell, Penn State Hunter, Dartmouth Blount, Dartmouth Pole vault 13 ft. 3 in.. Broemel, Columbia Twining, Callt: Lamp

son, New Hampshire;

Ricciardi, Brown, tied Hammer throw..173 ft. 8% in... Flaherty, New Hamp. Wilcox, R. I. State Zabliski, Boston Coll.

*Equals meet record. **New I. C. 4A record.



3113 Dartmouth 10 13-14 Columbia Pittsburgh 21 19-28 Pennsylvania

Colby... Penn State 20 3-7 Boston College. 10

Marquette Rhode Isl. St., 183 Fordham

93-7 St. John's Tufts

New Hampshire 8

Georgetown 11
City College 7






312 Brown

3 5 California

3 4 13-14 Holy Cross

2 414 Michigan State 1 6-7

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

N. Y, U., Bruce, Gares, Indiana

C. C. N. Y.
Hulse, MacMitchell
Indiana, Burnett, Jen-N. Y. U.

N. Texas Teachers
kins, Kane, Cochran
N. Texas Teachers, Navy

N. Y. U.
Dodd, Rogers, WII-
liams, Hicks
Tufts. Valente, Pennsylvania

Only 2 entries
Brainerd, Hall, Dug-
Tuskegee, Head, Fret-West Chester, Pa Bloomsburg, Pa.

well, Slade, Sams
Catholic U., Wescheler, Delaware

Randolph, Macon
Doyle, Malaney,
Indiana, Kendall, Tol- Seton Hall

liver, Cockran, Kane
Colgate, Hall, Keith, St. John's, Brooklyn Seton Hall

McCoy, Diebolt
Georgetown, Rogers, Villanova

James, Short, Callado
N. Y, U., Hagans, Indiana

Bogrow, Hulse, Mac-
Fort Ontario, Carey, Ord. Training, Ft. U. S. Naval Hospital,
Coleman, Cuffey, Aberdeen, Md. Philadelphia
N, Y, U., Hagans, Indiana

Bogrow, Hulse, Mac
Lehigh, Ambrogi, Pear-Haverford

sall, Elliott, Wooters
Duke, Brown, Sargent, N, Texas Teachers Xavier

Vail, Starer
N. Y U.. Bogrow, Indiana

Fangboner. Hagans,
Mac Mitchell

1 mile college

freshman.. 3:19 Distance medley. 10:05.5..

1 mile military service......


College medley... 10:05.5..

1 mile middle At

lantic collegiate. 3:27.4. 440 yds...

0:42. Sprint medley... 3:28.4..

Individual Events 100 yds, dash.... 0:09.8..

Williams, N. Texas Ewell, Penn State Carter, Pittsburgh

Teachers 120 yds, high hurdles. 0:14.4.. Dugger, Tufts Gmis, Army

Todd, Virginia 400 meter hurdles 0:55.2.

Farrow, Xavier

De Carlo, Villanova Francis, N. Y. U. 2 mile. 9:17.6 Wilt. Indiana

Dodds, Ashland Corbett, Catholic U. Shot put.

50 ft. 81% in, Delaney, Notre Dame Harris, Indiana Beetem, Penn Discus throw, 167 ft. 101% in... Harris, Indiana

Hasnfeldt, Navy Nania, Duke
Higlı jump. 6 ft. 3 in.
Blount, Dartmouth Moore, Penn

Wilmott. Duke Brou jump. 24 ft. "in.. Blount, Dartmouth Arrington, Mich. State Hill, West Virginia Javelin throw 198 ft. 81/2 in... Elliott, Pitt

Mikeska, N. Texas Bonham, Bloomsburg.

Hammer throw..168 ft. 11 in..... Carpenter, Yale Sebasteanski, Fordham Davis, Princeton
Pole vault. 13 ft. 3 in..

Dick, Penn

Broemel, Columbia Bakura, Penn State

High and Prep School Relays 1 mile high......13:28. Overbrook, Pa. N. E. Catholic, Phila. Mt. St. Michael, X

Y, C. 1 mile prep... 3:22.2. La Salle Military Seton Hall

St. Benedict, Newark,

N. J. 2 mile high.. 8:11.9.

N. E. Philadelphia Asbury Park, N. J. West Catholic, Phila 440 high. 0:44.

Overbrook, Pa. Baltimore Polyclinic Altoona, Pa. 440 prep.. 0:43.2 La Salle Military Shady Side

ISeton Hall

15th Annual West Coast Relays

Fresno State College Stadium, Fresno, Calll., May 18, 1941




100 yds.

Davis. Salinas, J. C. Bourland, U. S. C. Rickman, U. S. C. 220 yds. 0:20.2.

Davis, Salinas, J. C. Sinclair, U. C. L. A. 120 yd, hurdles.. 0:14.4.

Kacewicz, U. S. C. Thomas, Fresno State Hommell, U. 8. C. High jump. 6 ft. 1 in.. Wilson, U. S. C. Lincoln, Stanford Little, Fresno State;

Dudley, U.S.C., tied Pole vault 14 ft. 63/7 in. Smith, U. C.

Schaefer, U. S. C. Nichols, U. c. Broad jump 24 ft. 71, in.. Schilling. U. C. L. A. Wren, U. S. C.

Bleeker, U. 8. C. Discus throw 154 ft. 25 in. Wolf, U. C.

Hller, Stanford

Merritt, U. S. C.
Javelin throw 234 ft. 212 in. Peoples, U. S. C. M. Biles, U. of C. R. Biles, U. of C.
Shot put
51 ft. 11 in.. Merritt, U. S. C. Grey, Stanford Aquirre, St. Mary's

U. S. C.
U. C.

Fresno State
440 yds
U. C. C.

Stanford 880 yds. 1:26.4. U. S. C. Stanford

U.C. 1 mile. 3:15.5. U. C. U.S. C.

Stanford 2 miles. 7:41.9. U. C.

Drake University Stanford Pacific Coast Conference Swamps Big Ten on Track The Pacific Coast Conference swamped the The University of California's four-man relas Western Conference (Big Ten), 80 points to 50, team ran the mile in 3 minutes 9.4 seconds. in their fifth annual dual track meet (June 17. Les Steers, Oregon, soared 6 feet il inches in the 1941) in Los Angeles. Two world records were high jump. The Coast Conference scored firsts eclipsed, the one-mile relay and the high jump.' in nine events and the mile relay.

31st Western Conference Track Championships (Indoors)


Purdue Field House, Lafayette, Ind., March 9, 1941

60 yds
Franck, Minnesota

Piker, Northwestern Thomas, Michigan 70 yd. low hurdles 0:07.9*.

Olsen, Illinois

Wright, Ohio State Thomas, Michigan 70 yd. high hur0:08.5** Wright, Ohio State Olsen, Minois

Horvath, Nothwestern 440 yds. 0:48.4. Cochran, Indiana Ufer, Michigan

Anthony, Purdue 880 yds 1:54.8 Kane, Indiana Brown, Illinois

Breidenbach, Mich. One mile 4:15 Kane, Indiana

Eisenhart, Ohio State Kendall, Indiana Two miles. 9:30

Wilt, Indiana

Tolliver, Indiana Wisner, Michigan
One mile relay 13:20.3.
Barnard. Dobson, Indiana

Ohio State
Thomas, Ufer,

Shot put
49 ft. 8 in. Paskvan, Wisconsin Harris, Indiana

Hook, Michigan Broad jump 22 ft. 7, in Burnett, Indiana Lewis, Illinois

McFadzean, Wisc. Pole Vault 13 ft, 1012 in. Williams, Wisconsin Defeld, Minnesota;

Decker, Mich., tied
High jump. 6 ft: 3), in, . Canham, Michigan Jones, Ohio State J. Smith, D. Smith

Northwestern; Ray
Chicago; Sperling,

Ohio; Stole, tiedi *New American and conference indoor record.

**New American record and conference record for six hurdle race; ties conference record five hurdle race?


.21 Purdue

9 Chicago

312 Michigan 3312 Northwestern .15 Minnesota

894 Iowa Ohio 3012 Wisconsin


[blocks in formation]

100 yds.

0:09.8.. 200 yds.

0:21.3. 440 yds.

0:46.4*. 880 yds.

1:51.7.. 1 mile.

4:09.3. 2 miles.

9:23.8. 120 yd. hurdles.. 0:14.5.. 220 yd. hurdles.. 0:23.7 Shot put.

50 ft. 712 in.. Discus throw. 159 ft. 37 in. Javelin throw 231 ft. 1 in. High Jurnp. 6 ft. 9 in. Broad jump 24 ft. 3%4in.. Pole vault. 14 ft.

Qvale, Washington Sinclair, U. C. L. A.
Bourland, U. S. C. Sinclair, U. C. L. A.
Klemmer. U. C. Kerns, U. 8. C.
Dale, Wash. State Barnes, U. C.
Leibowitz, Idaho Weed, U. 8. C.
Williams, U. S. C. Dyrgall, Idaho
Kacewiecz, U. S. C. Brewenen, U.S. C.
y, Wash

Johnson, U. S. C.
Merritt, t. S. C. Grey, Stanford
Woll, U, C.

Hiler, Stanford
Peoples, U. S. C. Biley, M., U. C.
Steers, Oregon

Wilson, U. S. C.
Bleeker, U. S. C. Wren, U. S. C.
Smith, U. C.; Schaefer,

U 8. C., tied
California, Burk. U. S. C.
Froom, Barnes, Klem-

Haley. Wash, State
Haley, Wash. State
Froom, U. C.
Lang, Wash. State
Peter. U. C.
Vallaincourt, Oregon

Hommell, U. S. C.
Duke, U. C. L. A,
Biles, U. C.
Clawson, Montana
Blles, R., U. C.
Smith, U. C.
Findlay, Oregon State
Dudley, U. S. C.

[blocks in formation]


[blocks in formation]

50 meters. 0:06.6.. Newell, Tuskegee Jones, Harrisburgh, A. Isicson, Long Island

U. 100 meters. 0:12.4.

Lane. Wilberforce Coachinan, Tuskegee Harrison, Tuskegee 200 meters. 0:25.2.. Lane, Wilberforce Walsh, Polish Olympic Brown, Tuskegee

Women's A. C. 80 meter hurdles. 0:13.2..

Perry. Tuskegee

Puriloy. Tuskegee Plepis, Phila. Moose 400 meter relay... 0:50, Tuskegee A Newell, Tuskegee B

Phila. Moose A
Perry, Harrison,

('oachman Broad jump..... 18 ft. 634 in..... Walsh, Polish Olympic Newell, Tuskegee Charters, Phila. Moose

Women's A. C. High jump...... 5 ft. 2°4 in...... Coachman, Tuskegee Jeffrey, Chicago Park Perry, Tuskegee

Hurricanes • Discus throw... 113 ft. 10% in... Walsh, Polish Olympic Taylor, Taylor A. C. Fellmeth, unatt.

Women's A. C. Javelin throw .... 128 ft. 7% in.... Dodson, unatt. Twining, Phila. Moose Sostar, Harrisburg A.

A Baseball throw... 260 ft. 10% in... Mica, St. Louis A.'c. Jochum, unatt. McGunnegle, Boston

Swimming A. A. 8 lb. shot put.... 37 ft. 3 in... Fellmeth, unatt. Dodson, unatt.

Hall, Tuskegee New A. A. U. record.

16th Annual Central Collegiate Track and Field Championships Marquette Stadium, Milwaukee, Wise., June 6, 1941



100 yds

Tarrant, Alabama Mathews, Oklahoma Buenger, Notre Dane 220 yds. 0:21.8.

Tarrant, Alabama Novak, Wisconsin Terwilliger. X. IL Tes 440 yds. 0:48.3.

Lyda, Oklahoma Cochran, Indiana Roy, Notre Dame • 880 yds.

Kane, Indiana

Lenover, Loyola Mason, Prairie Vler 1 mile. 4:16.2. Kane, Indiana

Kendall, Indiana Schendel, No. Cestna 1 mile relay 3:19.9. Burnett, Jenkins, Kane, Notre Dame

Butler Cochran, Indiana 2 miles. 9:14.5. Do Ashland

wilt, Indiana

Tollivar, diang 120 yd. high hurdles 0:14.8.

Saunders, Miami Hlad, Mich. Normal Egbert, Marquette 20 yd. low hurdles 0:21.8.

Stickel, Pittsburgh Hlad, Mich. Normal Schiewe, Notre Dame Javelin throw. 209 ft. 712 in.. Mitchell, Oklahoma Vosberg, Marquette Rasmovick, Mich. Nor Discus throw 173 ft. 77. in. Harris, Indiana Beierle, Wisconsin Hahnfeldt, Navy Pole vault.

13 ft. 6 in.. Defield, Minnesota Williams, Wisconsin Gelhar, Marquette High jump. 16 ft. 242 in. O'Rourke, Notre

Dame; Milne, Mich.
State; Ray, Chicago;
Ring, Xavier, N. 0.

tied for 1st
880 yds.relaymeet 1:28.1.
Deenkamp, Kerwin, Michigan State

Coleman; Stukkie,

W. Michigan Shot put ....... (50 ft. 4in..... Harris, Indiana Delaney, Notre Dame Beterle, Wisconsin

POINT SCORE Indiana 42 Alabama State.... 10 Illinois

Prairie V. Tex. Notre Dame. 2812 Butler 8 Ashland, O.

North Central

8 Minnesota

Milwaukee T.
1425 De Kalb T.
7 Pittsburgh

5 Grinnell Michigan State 1325. West. Mich, Col. 61/6 Xavier, New 0. 419 Bradley

1/6 Michigan Normal. 13 Miami, o.

Loyola, Chicago.

Macomb T.

1/6 Oklahoma 1112 | Okla City U. 5 Chicago

312 Lawrence



20th Annual National Collegiate A. A. Championships

Stanford Stadium, Palo Alto, Calif., June 20-21, 1941

100 yds
Ewell, Penn State Brown, L. S. U.

Bourland, U. S. C. 220 yds 0:21.1

Ewell, Penn State Bourland, U. S. C Brown, L. S. U 440 yds 0:46.6.. Kerns, U. S. C. Bogrow, N. Y. U.

Klemmer, Calil 880 ydg. 1:51.2.. Kane, Indiana

Breidenbach, Mich. Barnes, Calll. 1 mile. 4:10.4. MacMitchell, N. Y. U. Weed, U. S. C.

Culp, Xavier 2 miles. 9:14.4.. Wilt, Indiana

Madrid, Fresno State Dodds, Ashland 120 yd. high hurdles. 0:14.

Wright, Ohio State Saunders, Miami Owens, Howard Payne 220 yd low hurdles 0:23.4.

Wright, Ohio State Cochran, Indians Learned, Colorado Shot put 54 ft. 101/2 in. Blozis, Georgetown Harris, Indiana

Merritt, U. S. C. Javelin throw 220 ft. 1 in.. M. Biles, Calif.

Peoples, U. S. C. R. Biles, Calll. Broad jump 24 ft. 734 in. Brown, L. S. U. Stout, Mlinois

Bleeker, U. S. C. High jump. 6 ft. 107 in.* Steers, Oregon

Wilson, U, S. C. O'Rourke, Notre Dame Discus throw. 174 ft. 834 in*.. Harris, Indiana Blozis, Georgetown Wolf, Calle Pole vault 14 ft. 2 in.. Hunt, Nebraska:

Defeld, Minnesots: Smith, Calif.; tied for

Dudley, U. SC.: Ist

Nichols, Calil.; Schaefer, U. S. C.; tied for 3rd

[blocks in formation]

Asbury Park H. S. Stadium, Asbury Park, N. J., June 30, 1941

400 meters....
O'Reilly, Kerns, Bour-Olympic Club

S. Calif. A. A. land, Jordan, S. Calit.

A. A 1.600 meters .....3:42.9..

Reel, Sinclair, Kerns, S. Calif. A, A., team Olympic Club

Bourland, S. Calit. A. B

2,900 meters..... 7:07.7..
Davis, Jackson, Barnes, Asbury Park A. C.

S. Calll, A. A.
Peter, Olympic Club

53rd Annual National A. A. U. Championships

Franklin Field, Philadelphia, June 28-29, 1941





100 meters.

Ewell, Penn State Davis, Olympic Club Jordan, s. Calif. A. A. 200 meters. 0:20.4*

Davis, Olympic Club Ewell, Penn State Jordan, s. Calif. A. A: 400 meters. 10:46**

Klemmer, Olympic Kerns, S. Calif. A. A. Bourland, S. Calit. A.

A. 800 meters.... 1:50.2..

Beetham, Columbus, Borican, Asbury Park Barnes, Olympic Club

A. C. 1,500 meters..... 3:53.1..

MacMitchell, Ohrbach Mehl, Madison, Wis. Culp, Xavier

Α. Α. 5,000 meters.... 14:45.2.

Rice, South Bend A. Madrid, Fresno State Wilt, Indiana

College 10,000 meters.... 33:11.

Gregory, Millrose A. A. Vollmer, Olympic A. C. Pentti, N. Y. A. C. 110 meter hurdles 0:13.7*

Wolcott, Rice Inst. Batiste, S. Calif. A. A. Wright, Ohio State 200 meter hurdles 0:22.8.. Wolcott, Rice Inst. Stickel, Pitt.

Batiste, S. Calll. A. A. 400 meter hurdles 0:54.5.

Erwin, Louisiana State Marsh, U. S. naval Jackson, Olympic Club

sta. Jacksonville, Fla. 3,000 meter stpl. . 9:13.7..

Elaw, Okla. A and M Munson, Buffalo, Y. Daly, Detroit police

M. C. A. 3,000 meter walk. |14:37.9..

Oedgyesi, N. Y. A. C. Cicerone, Prudential A. Hall. Staten Island

High jump.. 6 ft. 934 in.***. Stewart, S. Calif. A. A. Steers, Olympic Club Berry, So. U. Texas
Broad jump.

25 ft. 41 in. Brown, La. State Lewis, Rankin C. C. Dupre, Columbus, O. Hop, step, Jump.. 50 ft. 11 alin. Brown, La. State Rantz, s. Calli, A. A. Toomsalu, N. Y. A. C. Pole vault.. 14 ft. 11 in.***** Warmerdam, Olympic Meadows, S. Calif. A.


A; Smith, Olympic
Club; Morcom, New

Hampshire, tied
Discus throw.... 167 ft. 974 in.... Harris, Ocean City. Fox, Olympic Club Morrow, Boston A. A.

N. J. Javelin throw. 218 ft. 3 in... Brown, Olympic Club Biles, Olympic Club Todd, Olympic Club 16 Ib. shot put... 54 ft. 5 in.. Blozis, New York A. Michaels, Olympic Audet. Asbury Park


A. C. 16 lb, ham. throw 175 ft. 6% in.... Folwartshny, N. Y. A. Johnson Cabot, Mill Dreyer, N. Y. A. C.


(Me.) A. C. 56 Ib. wt. throw.. 35 ft. 47 in..... Berst, New York A. C. Dreyer, N. Y. A. C. Montgomery, Olympic

Club * Equals meet record. **New world record. ***Equals world record, betters meet record. **** New meet and American Citizens' record. ***** Betters world listed record.



100 meters

Jordan, S. Calif. A. A. O'Reilly, S. Calif. A. A. Douglas, Xavier 200 meters. 0:21.5.

Greenidge, Pioneer Haas, New Hampshire Sovetts, Schenectady

Sports A. C. 400 meters ..., 0:48,

Marshall, Fort Valley Matyunas, Michigan Ochsenreiter, Washing-
State College

ton, D. C., A. A. 800 meters. 1:53.

Eisenhart, Ohio State Lyda, Warman, Okla. Burnham, N. Y. A. O. 1.500 meters. 3:55.1.**

Culp, Xavier

Nebrich, Buitalo Carrall, Boston A. A. 5,000 meters. 16:06.1..

Dixon, Grand St. Boys Munson, Buffalo Y. M.Semper, Mich. Normal

C. A. 10,000 meters.... 33:23.7.. Volmer, Olympic Club De Lassus, New Or- Blackwell, Mercury A.

leans A. A

C. 110 meter hurdles 0:14.3..

Cummins, Houston, Hlad, Mich. Norinal Biewiener, S. Calll

A. A. 200 meter hurdles 0:23.7..

Cummins, Houston, Hlad, Mich. Normal Mayer, Haywarden,

Ꮧowa 400 meter hurdles 0:54.

Erwin, La. State Dicarlo, Penn A. C. Doak, Xavier 3,000 meter stpl. 9:50.4.. Daly, Detroit police Morgan, Penn A. C. Passarelli, Millburn,

Hammer throw.. 163 ft. 844 in.... Wilcox, Rhode Island Styrna, New Hamp-Murray, Asbury Park


A. C. 16 lb. shot put... 51 ft. 11% in.. Michaels, Olympic Club Collins, Tulane Sisti, Boston A. A. High jump.. 6 ft. 838 in.*** Stewart, 8. Calif. A. A. Steers, Olympic Club Berry. Southern U.

Pole vault ...... 13 ft. 6 in.. Morcom, New Hamp-Schaeffer, S. Calif. A. Duft, Ohio U.


A. Discus throw... 151 ft. 10% in... Beetem, Penn A. C. Horn, Washington A. Bonham, Bloomsburg


(Ps.) College Broad jump..... 24 ft. Y2 in...... Lewis, Rankin C. C. Avaery, Fortier H. 8., Dupre, Columbus, O.

New Orleans 56 lb. wt. throw. 36 ft. 77 in.... Berst, New York A. C. Rajkovich, Detrolt po- Budd, Asbury Park, lice

A. C.
Javelin throw.... 201 ft. 1012 in... Cohen, Harrisburg White, U. S. Military Styrna, New Hamp-

(Pa.) A A

shire Hop, step. jump. 47 ft. 3 in. Lewis, Rankin C.C. Ray, Warinaco A. C. Rantz, S. Callt. A A. 3,000 meter walk. No time taken.. Hall, Staten Island Woodruff, Prudential Schopf, Mitchell A. A.


A. A.
*Equals meet record. **New Junior A.A.U. record. ***New meet record.

San Francisco
Millrose A. A., N. Y. 11 Station, Jack-

New York Sporting
Olympic Club .125
Ohrbach A, C.,

sonville, Fla.


Club New York A. C. 8512 New York

11 Univ. of Pittsburgh 8 Rhode Island State So. Calil, A. A. 66

Detroit Police 10 Ohio State Univ. 7 College
Louisiana S. U. 34
Park (N. J.)
South Bend (Ind.)
Southern Univ.,

Wiley College,
A, A.


6 18

Marshal, Tex. 3 Buffalo (N. Y.) Penn State College 18

Grand St. Boys

Penn A. C., Phila. 3 downtown Xavier College

Club, New York.. Mercury A. C..

Y. M. C. A..

6 (New Orleans)

Boston A. A.

Philadelphia .... 13

2 Staten Island Prudential A, A.,

Indiana Univ.

6 Kansas State

8 (N. Y.) Harriers 12 Newark, N. J.

University of New

Teachers College 2 Rankin C. C., Michigan Normal 8 Hampshire

6 Shanahan C. C., Pittsburgh 12 Fresno (Calif.)

New Orleans A. C. 4 Philadelphia .... 2 Cabot Mui (Me.)

State College

8 New Haven (Conn.) Bloomsburg (Pa.)
A. C.
12 U. S. Naval Air

4 Teachers



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