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1902 U. S. British.. 3-2 1914 A'str'lasia U. S

3-2 1929 France.. U. S...

3-2 1903 British. U. S 1919 A'str'lasia British

1930 France.. U.S...

4-1 1904 British.. Belgium 5-0 1920) U. S. Austr'lasia. 5-0

1931 France.. England. 3-2 1905 British. U.S. 5-0 1921 U. S...... Japan.

1932 France... U.S.

3-2 1906 British, U.S.

1922 U.S. Australia..


1933 Britain... France. 3-2 1907 Australia . British. 3-2 1923 U. S.

1934 Britain.. U. S...

4-1 1908 Australia. U.S. 3-2 1924 U. S. Australia.. 5-0 1935 Britaln....JU. S..

5-0 1909 A'str'lasia U.S.

5-0 1925 U. S.


5-0 1936 Britain. Australia. 1911A'str'1 asia U. S.

5-0 1926 U.S..


1937 U.S.

Britain. 4-1 1912 British. ... Austr'lasia.

1927 France.

3-2 1938 U. S.. Australia.

3-2 1913 U. S....... British.

1928 France.. U.S. .

1939 Australia. U. 8... 3-2 Because of the war in Europe there was no international tennis play in 1940 or 1941 such as Davis Cup. Wightman Cup, etc. The British and French annual championship tournaments also were abandoned.



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Yr. Singles.

Yr. Singles

Doubles 1927 J. Borotra J. Borotra & J. Brugnon,

1934 L. R. Stoefen... B. Bell & F. J. Bowden. 1928 W. Aydelotte : P. G. Rockafellow and W. Ay-||1935 Greg. Mangin. B. Bell, Greg. Mangin. delotte.

1936 Greg. Mangin..K. Schroder and J. G. Hall. 1929 J. Borotra.. F. T. Hunter and W. T. Tilden.J1937 Frank Parker. G. $. Mangin and F. Parker 1930 F. T. Hunter. P. G. Rockafellow and M. Cutier 1938 Donald McNei F. J. Bowden and J. Pitman. 1931 J. Borotra. J. Borotra and C. Boussus. 1939 Wayne Sabin...C. Sutter & G. McCaulili. 1932 Greg. Mangin. G. M. Lott, Jr., & J. Van Nyn. 1940 R. L. Riggs. E. T. Cooke & R. L. Riggs 1933 Greg. Mangin. c. Sutter, E. McCaulifi. (1941F, L. Kovacs. . F.D. Guernsey & W.D. McNelll

INDOOR WOMEN CHAMPIONS Yr. Champion Doubles Champions Yr. Champion Doubles Champions 1927 Mrs. Wightman.. Mrs. Wightman-Mrs. Jessup. 1935 Miss J. Sharp.. Mrs. D. A. Andrus, Mme, S. 1928 Miss E. Sigoneay Miss E. Sigoneay-Miss S.


1936 Mrs. J. Van Ryn Mry. D. A. Andrus & Mme. 1929 Miss M. Blake. . Mrs. Wightman-S. Palfrey.

S. Henrotin. 1930 Miss S. Palfrey. Mrs. Wightman-8. Palfrey. 1937 Mme. S. Henrotin Mrs. D. A. Andrus & Mme. 1931 Miss M. Sachs. Mrs. Wightman-8. Palfrey

S. Henrotin. 1932 Miss M. Morrell Miss M. Morrell

1938 Miss V. Hollinger Mrs. V. R. Johsnon and Mrs. M. G. Van Ryn.

Miss K. Winthrop. 1933 Miss D. Chase. Mrs. Wightman-S. Palfrey. 1939 Miss P. Betz..... Misses Taubele & G. Surber 1934 Miss N. Taubele. Misses N. Taubele

1940 Mrs. S. P. Fabyan Miss G. Wheeler and Miss N. Jane Shaгр.

Taubell 1941 Not played

Doubles Champions


J. B. Fenno, r., and E. W. Feiblernan.. Harvard.
P. Neer and J. Davies.

Phila. C. 0.... L. N. White and L. Thalheimer

Washington... L. N. White and L. Thalheimer

California, G. Stratford and G. Hillis.

Callfornia E. G. Chandler and T. Stow.

J. Van Ryn and K. Appel

Lebigh. Ralph McElvenny and Alan Herrington. Stanford

Benj. Gorcha Ko and Arthur Kussman.. Occidental, Tulane. D. Meuleisen and R. Meunch.

Stanford B. Barnes and K, Kamrath

K. Gledhill and Jos, Coughlin.

U. C. L. A J. Coughlin and S. Lee.

Stanford. So. California C. Castlen and C. G. Mako.

80. California. Rice Instit... R. Bennett, and P. Newton,

B. Dey and W. Seward.

R. Bennett and P. Newton.

So, California,
Rice Inst.. J. R. Hunt and L. Wetherell.

So. California. Rice Inst D. Inhoff and R, Peacock

Kenyon L. A Dee and James Wade.

U.S. N. A....C. E. Olewine and Charles Mattman Iso. California.


National Junior Tennis Champions

INDOOR 1928 Richard Murphy 1933 Frank Parker

1937 Joseph Fishbach 1929 William Jacobs 1934 Gilbert A. Hunt

1938 Joseph Fishbach 1930 Mark Hecht 1935 Alfred L. Jarvis, JF.

1939 William Umstaedter 1931 Mark Hecht 1936 Donald McNeill

1940 James Evert 1932 Mark Hecht

INDOOR DOUBLES 1928 Richard Murphy and Samuel P. Hayes, Jr. 1935 Melvin L. Lapman and Marvin Kantrowitz 1929 Richard Downing and S. E. Davenport

1936 Charles T. Mattmann and Peter Lauck 1930 Kendall H. Cram and Frank M. Shore

1937 Robert A. Low and Marvin Kantrowitz 1931 Bernard Friedman and Lester Kabacoff 1938 Joseph Fishbach and David Johnsen 1932 Giles Verstraten and John Nogrady

1939 R. E. Shipp and F. V. Krals, Jr. 1933 Gilbert A. Hunt and Summer Rodman


R. J. Bender and James Evert 1934 Gilbert A. Hunt and Charles Mattmann

INDOOR BOY 1928 Kendall H. Cram 1933 Robert Low

1937 Richard J, Bender 1929 Mark Hecht 1934 Henry H. Daniels, Jr.

1938 James Evert 1930 Philip W. Osborne 1935 Isadore H. Bellis

1939 R. L. Bensinger 1931 Harold Schein 1936 William Umstaedter

1940 Frank Willett 1932 Alired L. Jarvis

INDOOR BOYS' DOUBLES 1928 Kendall H. Cram and Bud Rosenthal

1935 Joseph Fishbach and William Umstaedter 1929 Franklin Parker and Giles Verstraten

1936 Harper H. Ink, Jr., and Melvin Schwartzmann 1930 Joseph Abrams and J. Marvin Freudenheim 1937 Richard J. Bender and Stanley F. Stater, Jr. 1931 Frank Kaufman and George B. Dunn

1938 James Evert and Gardner Larned 1932 Alfred L. Jarvis and William V. Winslow 1939 G. Dorfman and R. L. Bensinger 1933 Robert Low and Henry Daniels

1940 J. Evert and J. Geller. 1934 Isadore Bellis and Marvin Kantrowitz

INDOOR GIRL 1928 Miss Sarah Palfrey 1933 Miss Helen Grawn

1938 Miss Helen Bernhard 1929 Miss Mianne Palfrey

Miss Millicent Hirsh

1939 Miss Marguerita Madden 1930 Miss Sarah Palfrey 1935 Miss Virginia Hollinger

1940 Miss Marguerita Madden 1931 Miss Katharine Winthrop 1936

Miss Virginia Hollinger 1941 Miss Helen Bernhard 1932 Miss Katharine Winthrop 1937 Miss Helen Bernhard

National Amateur Racquets Champions

(1917-22) C.C. Pell; (1923) S. G, Mortimer;(1924- (1932) S. W. Pearson and w. C. Wright; (1933) 25) C. C. Pell; (1926) S. G. Mortimer; (1927) C. C. W. P. Dixon and H. N. Rawlin, Jr.; (1934) J. W. Pell; (1928) C. c. Pell; (1929) H. D. Sheldon; (1930) Brooks and H. D. Sheldon: (1935-36) J. R. Leonard S. G. Mortimer; (1931, 1932, 1933) C. c. Pell: and M. Kirkbirdie; (1936-41) R. Grant III and c. (1934) E. M. Edwards; (1935) H. D, Sheldon; (1936)

C. Pell, Jr.

SQUASH RACQUETS E. M. Edwards; (1938) (1939) Robert Grant III; (1940) W. Ingersol; (1941) Robert Grant III.

National Singles-C. Brinton, Philadelphia, PA.

National Doubles-H, Lott, Jr., and W. E. Slack. Gold Racquet Winners-(1913) H. F. McCormick; (1914-23) C. c. Pell;. (1924) S. G. Mortimer; (1925)

Philadelphia, Pa. C. C. Pell; (1927) C. C. Pell; (1928) S. G. Mortimer:

National Women's Singles-Miss C. Bowes, Bala

Cynwyd. Pa. (1929-30) C. C. Pell; (1931) S. G. Mortimer; (1932, 1933) C. c. Pell; (1934) J. R. Leonard; (1935) H. D.

National Professional Singles--L. Cummings, New

York City.
Sheldon; (1936) C. Ć. Pell, Sr.; (1938), (1939)
Robert Grant III; (1940) J. R. Leonard; (1941)

Robert Grant III.

National Singles-J. J. Lordi, New York City. National Doubles Champions (1927) C. C. Pell and S. G. Mortimer; (1928) J. C. F. Simpson and

COURT TENNIS C. N. Bruce (Eng.); (1929) c. C. Pell and s. G National Singles-A. B. Martin, New York City, Mortimer; (1930) Lord Aberdare and Dr. W. H. National Doubles-R. Grant III and O. Phipps. Leatham; (1931) c. c. Pell and S. G. Mortimer; New York City.

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Hockey Winners in 1941 NATIONAL PROFESSIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE peg; 1887-99, Victorias, Montreal; 1900, Shamrocks.

W. L. T. Pts.

Montreal; 1901, Victorias, Winnipeg: 1906, Kenora Boston

27 8 13 67 Thistles; 1906-08, Wanderers: Montreal, 1909, OLToronto

28 14 6 62 tawa; 1910, Wanderers, Montreal: 1911, Ottawa, Detroit

21 16 11 53 1912-13, Victoria; 1914, Toronto: 1915, Vancouver; Rangers

21 19 8 50 1916, Canadiens, Montreal: 1917, Seattle: 1918, Chicago

16 25 7 39 Arenas, Toronto; 1919, Seattle and Canadiens (tie); Canadiens

16 26 6 38 1920-21, Ottawa; 1922, St. Patricks, Toronto: 1923. Americans

8 29 11 27 Ottawa; 1924, Canadiens, Montreal; 1925, Victoria, PLAY-OFF RESULTS

Victoria, B. C.; 1926, Montreal Maroons; 1927. Series A-Boston defeated Toronto 4 games to 3

Ottawa; 1928. N Y Rangers: 1929, Boston Bruins: to win place in Stanley Cup final.

1930, Canadiens, Montreal; 1931, Canadiens, MonSeries B-Detroit defeated New York Rangers

treal; 1932, Toronto Mapleleafs; 1933, N. Y. Rango two games to one.

ers; 1934, Chicago Black Hawks; 1935. Montreal Series C-Chicago defeated Montreal Canadiens Maroons; 1936, Detroit Red Wings, 1937, Detroit two games to one.

Red Wings; 1938, Chicago Black Hawks: 1939. Series D-Detroit defeated Chicago two straight

Boston Bruins; 1940, New York Rangers; 1941,

Boston Bruins.

Boston vs. Detroit

Cleveland won Western division play-off and (Best four of seven games)

Hershey (Pa.) Eastern. Cleveland won international

final 3 games to 2. April 6-Boston 3, Detroit 2.

OTHER HOCKEY RESULTS April 8-Boston 2, Detroit 1.

National A. A. U. Championship won by St. April 10-Boston 4, Detroit 2.

Nicholas H. C., New York, defeating Clinton (NY) April 12-Boston 3. Detroit 1.

team in final 10 to 3. Boston defeated Detroit four straight games. Canadian Senior Amateur Championship and Total goals: Boston 12; Detroit 6.

Allen Cup won by Regina (Sask.) Rangers, Western Stanley Cup Champions-1894, Montreal A. A. A.; finalists, defeating Sidney (N. S.) Millioasires, 1895, Victorias, Montreal; 1896, Victorias, Winni- Eastern finalists, in play-off.

Golf Records

National National Nat'lWomen

National National Nat'1Women's
Yr. Open
Amateur Amateur Yr.


Amateur Amateur 1916 Ch. Evans, Jr.. Ch. Evans, Jr Alexa Stirling. 1929 R. T. Jones, Jr.: H.R. Jon'n, Jr. Glenna Collett 1917 J. Hutchison... No match..... No matcb. 1930 R. T. Jones: Jr. R. T Jones, Jr. : Glenna Collett 1918 No match No match.... No match.

1931 Wm. Burke... Fr. Ouimet Helen Hicks 1919 W C. Hagen... S. D. Herron.. Alexa, Stirling. 1932 Gene Sarazen. . C.R.Somerville Virg. Van Wie. 1920 Edw. Ray.. Ch.Evans, Jr. Alexa, Stirling. 1933 John Goodman. G. Puulap: Jr. Virg. Van Wie. 1921 Jas. Barnes.. T.Guilford.... M. Hollins 19340. Dutra. W. L. Little, Jr. Virg. Van Wie. 1922 G.Sarazen J. Sweetser.... Glenna Collett 1935 S. Parks, Jr... W.L. Little, Jr. Glenna C. Vare. 1923 R. T. Jones, Jr. M. R. Marston E. Cummings 1936 Tony Manero.. John Fischer . . Pamela Barton 1924 C. Walker. R. T. Jones, Jr. Mrs. D. C. Hurd | 1937 R. Guldahl.. J. Goodman.. Mrs. E. L. Page. 1925 W. Macfarlane R. T. Jones, Jr. Glenna Collett 1938 R. Guldahl. W. Turnesa... Miss P. Berg 1926 R. T. Jones, Jr.. G. Von Elm ... Mrs. G. Stetson 1939 *B. Nelson.. M. Ward.. Miss B. Jameson 1927 T. Artour. R. T. Jones, Jr. Mrs. M. Horn 1940 + L. Little, R. Chapman.. Miss B. Jameson 1928 T. Farrell.. R. T. Jones, Jr.Glenna Collett 1941 C. Wood M. Ward.. Mrs. F Newell

*Won in 36-hole play-off from c. Wood.
+Won in 36-hole play-off from Gene Sarazen.

Western Amateur

Metropolitan Amateur Year




Women 1916... W. Hagen.. Hein. Schmidt.. Mrs. F. C. Letts... JOsw. Kirkby. Mrs. Q. F. Feltner. 1917... J. M. Barnes. Fr. Quimet.

Mrs. F. C. Letts..

Mrs. W. A. Gavin. 1918... No thatch..

No match.
El. Rosenthal

Mrs. L. C. Stockton. 1919... J. M. Barnes. H. G. Legg.

Mrs. Perry Fisk.. Osw. Kirkby Marion Hollins. 1920... J. Hutchinson. Ch, Evans, Jr. Mrs. F. C. Letts, Jr. E. Sawyer.

Mrs. Q. F Feitner. 1921.. W. Hagen..

Ch. Evans, Jr.. Mrs. Melvin Jones.G. A. White.. Mrs. W. A. Gavin. 1922... M. Brady.

Ch. Evans, Jr.... Mrs. D. Gault..... J. Sweetser.. Alexa. Stirling. 1923... J Hutchinson. Ch, Evans, Jr..... Miss M. Burns.... F. W. Dyer.

Alexa. Stirling. 1924... W. Mehlhorn. H. R. Johnston... Miss E. Cummings. W. M. Reekle. Miss M. Hollins. 1925... M. Smith,

K. Carter.

Miss S. L. Reinhart J. Sweetser Miss M. R. Jenney. 1926... W. Hagen..

F. Dolp...

Miss D. Page... W. M. Reekle. Miss M. Orcutt. 1927... W. Hagen..

B. Stein.
Mrs. H. Pressler... E. Driggs..

Misy M. Orcutt. 1928... A. Espinosa. Frank Dolp. Mrs. H. Pressler... G. Homans.

Misg M. Orcutt. 1929...r. Amour.

D. Moe.

Mrs. O. S. Hill.... M.J. McCarthy Jr. Miss M. Orcutt. 1930... Gene Sarazen J. Lehman.

Mrs. G. W. Tyson. M.J. McCarthy, Jr. Miss M. Parker. 1931... E. Dudley.

D. Moe.

Mrs. O. S. HID... Leonard Martin... Miss H. Hicks. 1932... W. Hagen G. Moreland. Mrs. O. S. Hil... T. Taylor

Miss M, Parker 1933... MacD. Smith. J. Westland Mias L. Robinson. M. J. Stuart.. Miss Helen Hicks 1934. H. Cooper

Z. Eaton

Miss V. Van Wie..T.B. Tailer. Miss M. Orcutt. 1935. John Revolta. C. Yates.

Miss M. Miley.. J. E. Parker Mrs. J. Thorne 1936.. R. Guldahl. P. Leslie..

Miss D. Traung. G. T. Dunlop, jr.. Mrs. H. H. Dietrich 1937 R. Guldahl

W. Wehrl..

Miss M. Mlley W. Turnesa. Mrs. M. Turple 1938...R. Guldahl.

R. Babbish.
Miss P. Berg .. F. Strafaci.

Miss M. Orcutt 1939..B. Nelson

H. Todd.
Miss E. Hicks. F. Strafaci.

Mrs. McNaughton 1940. J. Demaret.

M. Ward
Miss B. Jameson. J. P. Burke

Miss M. Orcutt 1941... E. Ollver

M. Ward
Mrs. R. Mann M. Gestone,

Mrs. C. Leichner


Women's 1916. W.C. Hagen

H. G. Legg.

R. G. Bush, Jr.. Mrs. W. A. Gavin. 1917

S. W. Reynolds.

R. T. Jones, Jr. 1918..

G, L. Conley 1919. Walter C. Hagen. Nels. Whitney

Francis Ouimet.

Mrs. R. H Barlow. 1920.. Walter C. Hagen, Robert McKee.

R. T. Jones, Jr..

Mrs. R. H. Barlow. 1921. Bob MacDonald, Geo. Von Elm.

Perry Adair

Mrs. C. H. Vanderbeck, 1922. Martin O'Loughlin. R. E. Knepper.

R. T. Jones, Jr..

Miss G. Collett.
Bob MacDonald.
E. Held.
Perry Adair.

Miss G. Collett. 1924. M. J. Brady

J. Manion.

Henry R. Wenzler. Miss G, Collett. 1925.. Gene Sarazen

C. Wolff..
G. Crismann.

Miss M. Orcutt. 1926. Macdonald Smith E. Held.

E. Spicer

Mrs. G. H. Stetson. 1927. Johnny Farrell.

John Goodman.
H. Ehle..

Miss G, Collett. 1928. Tommy Armour. A. Bartlett..

G. Watt..

Miss G. Collett. 1929. Bill Mehlhorn..

R. McCrary.
S. Perry

Mise M. Orcutt. 1930.. Willie Macfarlane. R. McCrary

E. Spicer.

Miss F. Williams, 1931. Macdonald Smith John Goodman

C. Harris

Miss H. Hicks. 1932.. Olin Dutra

G. Moreland
S. Perry

Mrs. G, C. Vare. 1933.. Willie Macfarlane G. Moreland.

R. Redmond,

Miss C. Glutting 1934. Paul Runyan

L. Hamman
F. Hass, Jr.

Miss M. Orcutt. 1935 Henry Picard.

John Goodman.
R. F Riegal.

Mrs. G. C. Vare 1936. Byron Nelson

J. Dawson..
J. Munger

Miss E. Quier 1937 J. Hines.

D. Schumacher.
F. Hass, Jr

Miss C. Glutting 1938. J. Hines

Y. Savage.
C. M. Dane.

Miss M. Orcutt 1939. H. Picard,

C. Harbert.

B Dunkelberger Mrs. Warren Beard 1940. C. Wood.

A. Doering
N. White.

Miss G. Amory 1941. Not played

F Stradahan..
s. Perry

Mrs. H. McNaughton
Year Winner
Year Winner


Year Winner 1920. C. Tolley. 1926.J. Sweetser (U S.) 1932. J. DeForest.

1937. R. Sweeney 1921 W. Hunter 1927 DI. W. Tw eldell. 1933 M. Scott

1938. C. Yates (U.S.) 1922. E. W. Holderness 1929. T. P. Perkins. 1934 W.L. Little, Jr.!U.S.) 1939. A. Kyle 1923. R Wethered. 1929. C. Tolley.

1935. W.L. Little Jr.(U.S.) 1940. Not plaved--war 1924 E. W. Holderness. 1930. R.T.Jones, Jr.(U.S.) 1936. H. Thompson. 1941. Not played-war 1925. R. Harris.

1931. E. M. Smith.

Year Winner
Year Winner Year Winner

Year) Winner 1920. Cecil Leitch. 1926. Cecil Leitch 1932 Enid Wilson.

1937 Miss J. Anderson 1921 Cecil Leitch. 1927. Mlie S. LaChaumell 1933. Enid Wilson.

1938 Mrs. H. Holm 1922. J. Wethered 1928. Mlle. L. Le Blan. (1934. Mrs. A. Hoime. 1939. Miss Pam Barton 1923. D Chambers. 1929. Joyce Wethered. 1935. Miss W. Morgan 1940 Not played-war 1924. J. Wethered. 1930. Diana Fish wick. 1936. Miss Pam. Barton 1941. Not played-war 1925.J. Wethered. 1931. Enid Wilson.

[blocks in formation]

Professional Golfers’ Association Championships

Year Winner Year Winner Year Winner

Year Wipner 1921. Walter Hagen 1927. Walter Hagen 1932. Olin Dutra

1937. Denny Shute 1922 Gene Sarazen 1928. Leo Diegel

1933. Gene Sarazen 1938. Paul Runyan 1923. Gene Sarazen 1929. Leo Diegel

1934. Paul Runyan 1939 Henry Picard 1924, Walter Hagen 1930. Tom Armour 1935. Johnny Revolta 1940. Byron Nelson 1925. Walter Hagen 1931. Tom Creavy

1936. Denny Shute 1941 Vic Ghezzi 1926.) Walter Hagen

Hole-in-One Golf Play for Ten Years The tenth annual Hole-in-One golf tournament N. 'Y., 1941, Bayside Golf Club. of the New York World - Telegram was held (August, The figures on the 1941 play: 1941) and recorded an ace, the fourth in the history

On In of the event. Before the tenth tournament started

Players Shots Green Circle Closest the odds for an ace were 8,720 to 1, but the end of Forest Hill F.C., Aug. 4 180 900 385 45 1 foot ten years' play saw the percentage change to 7,595 Leewood G. C., Aug. 5 235 1175 547 52 113 ins. to 1. Play was held on the Forest Hill Field Club, Bayside G. C., Aug. 10 66 330 151 32 Ace Bloomfield, N. J.; Leewood Golf Club, Crestwood, Bayside G. C., Aug. 11 154 770 303 35 11 ins. N. Y., and Bayside Golf Club, Bayside, N. Y To Bayside G. C., Aug. 12 209 1045 518 64 12 ins. be eligible for the tournament the contestant must have made an ace in regular golf play.

Winners of the tournaments are: The statistical record of the tournament follows: 1932---At Salisbury-John Milkrut.

1933--At Salisbury-Jack Hagen. No. of No. of On In

1934-At Salisbury-Ed Searle. Year Players Shots Green Circle Closest

1935-At Salisbury-Ed Searle. 1932 217 1,085


27 2 feet, 1 inch 1936--At Bayside-Dell Sharbutt; Grassy 1933 340 1,700 743 61 Ace

Sprain, Tom Robbins, at Forest Hill Field Club, 1934 447


851 62 1 foot, 5 inches Bill Malcolm. 1935 477 2.385 656 89 814 inches

1937-At Bayside-Stanley Remson; at Leevood. 1936 645 3.225 1,187 100 4 inches

T. Arthur Menzel; at Forest Hill Field Club, 1937 680 3,400 1,333 107 2 Aces

Franklin Shriver. 1938 742 3,710 1,618 149 5 inches

1938--At Bayside-Jack Hagen; at Leewood, Tom 1939 812 4,060 1,719 136 2 ft. 112 ins. McNamara; at Forest Hills Field Club, Tom Mc1940 872 4,360 1,749 168 *11 inches

Walters. 1941 844 4,220 1,904 228 Ace

1939_At Bayside, Dr. Matthew Feinman; at Lee

wood, Frank Vassak; at Forest Hill Field Club, Jim Totals 6,076 30,380 12,047 1,127

Barnes. *Tie for first place.

1940-At Forest Hill, Ralph M. Watt, Montclair.

N. J.; at Leewood, Mrs. J. J. Lawlor, New Rochelle, Four aces have been scored in ten years: Jack N. Y., and Howard Schanzer, tied for first: at Hagen, Oceanside, N. Y. pro, 1933, Bayside; Frank Bayside, C. F. Bruns. Woodhaven, N. Y. S. Shriver, Chester, N. Y., 1937, Forest Hill Field 1941-At Forest Hill, Andy La Pola, Paterson. Club; T. Arthur Menzel, 'Stamford, Conn., 1937, N. J.; at Leewood, Johnny Vasco, Ossining. N. Y.; Leewood Golf Club; and Oscar Goess, Bellmore, at Bayside, Oscar Goess, Bellmore, N. Y.

OTHER GOLF RESULTS National Public Parks Championship-William Newton, Mass., 3 up, 18 holes; lost to Ruth at Nes Welch, Houston, Texas, defeated J. Kerns, Denver, York, 1 up, 19 holes, and won the deciding match 6 and 5, at Spokane.

at Detroit, 3 and 2, 18 holes. United

Championship-A. H.


Golf Championship

Won by Dartmouth from Princeton. Pierce, Brookline, Mass., with 157 for 36 holes at

Southern Intercollegiate Golf ChampionshipRye, N. Y.

Won by R. Brownell, Duke University. Ty Cobb vs. "Babe" Ruth Charity Exhibition- Western Conference Golf Championship-Won Match resulted in a victory for Cobb, who won at' by Ohio State from Michigan.

Blind Men Play Over 6,718 Yard Golf Course for Title

Two blind men played over the 6,718-yard course 4s for pars. Neither required more than 9 for any of the Northland Golf club at Duluth, Minn. (Aug.

hole. Russell won the match 2 up, retaining his 28, 1941) for the world's blind golf championship.

championship. His total score was 112

Shannon's 115. They were Clint Russell, a Duluth business man.

The eyes of the blind men were their profesthe defending champion, and Marvin Shannon,

sionals. The pros described the lie of the ball, and a lawyer of Fort Worth, Tex.

the distance and height of the shot required. The A high wind which cut down long drives handi- player selected his own club, and the professional capped the contestants, yet each scored accurate placed the clubhead in the proper direction, Actual drives and sank long puts that brought cheers driving, chipping, putting and the like were up to from a large gallery. Both scored several 35 and the blind golfer.

World's Swimming Records
Accepted by International Swimming Federation as of April, 1940

Nation Time





[blocks in formation]

U. S. A..... 51 s.

April 5, 1927 Ann Arbor
U. S. A
56.4 s..

Feb. 11, 1936 New Haven
U. SA 2 m. 07.2 s. April 12, 1935 Chicago.
U.S. A 2 m. 07.9 9. April 12, 1935 Chicago.
U.S.A. 3 m. 04.4 s. April 10, 1935 Chicago.
U.S. A. 3 m. 21.6 s... April 11, 1935 Chicago.
U.S. A 4 m. 38.7 s... Aug. 30, 1934 Honolulu
U.S. A 4 m. 40.8 s... Aug. 30, 1934 Honolulu.
U.S.A 5 m, 16.3 s.. April 6, 1935 New York

April 3, 1938 Miami, Fla,
Japan 9 m. 55.8 s... Sept. 15, 1935 Tokyo.
U.S.A. 10 m. 07.6 s.. July 7, 1935 Detroit.
U.S. A 11 m. 37.4 8. July 29, 1933 Portland.
Japan 12 m. 33.8s... Aug. 10, 1938 Tokyo..
Japan. 18 m. 58.8 s. Aug. 10, 1938 Tokyo..
U.S.A. 20 m. 57.8 8. July 6, 1934 Chicago.


[blocks in formation]


Nation Time


Place 100 yards. R. R. Hough.. U.S.A. ... 1 m. 00.6 s.. Apr. 15, 1939 New Haven.. 100 meters. R. R. Hough.. U. S. A. 1 m. 07.3 s.. Apr. 15, 1939 New Haven.. 200 yards. R. R. Hough.. U.S.A....2 m. 22 s. Mar. 26, 1939 Ann Arbor. 200 meters. Jack Kasley. U. S. A.... 2 m. 37.2 s... Mar. 28, 1936 New Haven.. 400 meters. A. Heina.

Germany 5 m. 43.8 s.. Feb. 10, 1938 Copenhagen 500 meters. A. Heina..

Germany..17 m. 13 s.. May 7, 1939, Solingen-ohlige.

BACK STROKE (MEN) 100 meters A. Kleler

U.S. A 1m. 04.8 s.. Jan. 18, 1936 Detroit.. 150 yards A. Kiefer

U.S. A ...1 m. 32.7 s.. April 2, 1936 Chicago. 200 meters A. Kiefer

U.S. A .. 2 m. 24 s. April 11, 1935 Chicago 400 meters A. Kiefer.

IU. S. A 15 m. 13.4 s. Sept. 10, 1936 Copenhagen.

KELAY (MEN) 400 yd. relay... New York A. C...JU. S. A....13 m. 31.3 s... Mar. 31, 1939 Columbus.

(Th. McDermott, J. Reilly, P. Fick,

W. Spence) 400 m. relay... National Team .... U. S. A... 3 m. 59.2 s... Aug. 20, 1938 Berlin.

(Hirose, Jaretz,

Wolt, Fick) 800 yd. relay... Yale Univ. U. S. A....8 m. 24.3 s... June 9, 1936 New Haven..


Bruckel, R.
Cooke, N. Hoyt,

J. Macionis)
800 m, relay... National Team .... Japan .....8 m. 51.5 8... Aug. 11, 1936 Berlin ....

(Yusa, Sugiura, Aral, Taguchi)

FREE STYLE (WOMEN) 100 yards. R. Hveger

Denmark.. 59.7 s..

Feb. 19, 1939 Aarhus, Den .. 100 meters. W. DenOuden. Holland 1 m. 4.6 s... Feb. 27, 1936 Amsterdam.. 200 meters R. Hveger

Denmark .. 2 m. 21.7 s.. Sept. 11, 1938 Aarhus 220 yards. R. Hveger

Denmark .. 2 m. 22.6 8.. Apr, 23, 1939 Copenhagen, 300 yards. R. Hveger

Denmark.. 3 m. 25.6 s... Oct. 2, 1938 Copenhagen. 300 meters R. Hveger

Denmark 3 m. 46.9 s.. Jan. 23, 1938 Copenhagen. 400 meters. R. Hveger

Denmark..5 m. 6.1 s... Aug. 1, 1938 Copenhagen. 440 yards. R. Hveger

Denmark.. 5 m. 12.8 s... Dec. 12, 1937 Copenhagen. 500 yards. R. Hveger

Denmark.. 5 m. 57.9 s... Aug. 31, 1937 Aarhus.. 500 meters. F. Caroen

Belgium.. 6 m. 28.4 s... Jan. 3, 1940 Ostend 800 meters. R. Hveger

Denmark .. 11 m. 11.7 8.. July 3, 1936 Copenhagen. 880 yards. R. Hveger

Denmark .. 11 m. 16.1 8.. Feb. 28, 1937 Stockholm 1000 yards. R. Hveger

Denmark .. 12 m. 36 s... Sept. 4, 1938 Helsingfors. 100 meters. R. Hveger

Denmark.. 14 m. 12.3 s.. Feb. 28, 1937 Stockholm. 1500 meters. R. Hveger

Denmark .. 21 m. 45.7 s.. July 3, 1938 Helsingfors. 1 mile.. R. Hveger

Denmark .. 23 m, 11.5 s.. uly 3, 1938 Helsingfors. 400 yard relay. Denmark National Team.. 4 m. 08.1 8... Apr. 23, 1939 Denmark

(K Ove Petersen, B. Ove Peter-
sen, N. Hyme Jensen, E.

400 meter relay (E. Arndt, G. Kraft, Denmark.. 4 m, 27.6 8... Aug. 7, 1938 Copenhagen..


Ove Petersen,
R. Hveger)

BREAST STROKE (WOMEN) 100 yards. A Styl

Holland...lm. 13 s... Jan. 12, 1940) Amsterdam. 100 meters. H. Holzner

Germany..1 m. 20.2 s... Mar. 12, 1936 Plauen 200 yards. J. Waalberg

Holland 2 m. 40.3 s... July 11, 1939 Amsterdam 200 meters. M. Lenk.

Brazil 2 m. 56 s... Nov. 8, 1939 Rio De Janeiro. 400 meters. M. Lenk

Brazil 6 m. 15.8 s... Oct. 11, 1939 Rio De Janeiro 500 meters. 11. Sorenson

Denmark..7 m. 58.8 s... Feb, 26, 1939 Copenhagen.

BACK STROKE (WOMEN) 100 yards. C. Kint.

Holland. ..1 m. 05.1 s... Sept. 18, 1939 Rotterdam... 100 meters. C. Kint.

Holland... 1 m. 10.9 s... Sept. 22, 1939 Rotterdam. 150 yards. C! Kint.

Holland 1 m. 42.1 s... Sept. 29, 1939 Rotterdam. 200 meters. C. Kint.

Holland. 2 m. 38.8 s... Nov. 26, 1939 Rotterdam. 400 meters. J. van Feggelen. Holland. 5 m. 41.4 s...Feb. 13, 1938 Amsterdam

RELAY (WOMEN) 4x100 meters... Holland.

4 m. 32.8 8... May 24, 1936 Rotterdam.
Wagner-Den Ouden)


25 m.

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