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occupied Krivoy Rog and fought southeast from the Gomel sector 78.000 prisoners were claimed, the Uman sector and threatened Dniepropetrovsk also 144 tanks. 700 cannon and two armored at the bend of the Dnieper. Each of these trains. In addition to Odessa, Russian forces are columns has gained 150 miles in the last week trapped in Tallinn, capital of Estonia, and on and one has gained 180 miles, Berlin said, Lake Ladoga, according to D. N. B. The Russian adding that the Russians were being encircled. communique said: "Our troops waged stubborn battered by shells and pursued by air as they battles with the enemy in the directions of sought to evacuate Odessa or cross the Dnieper Kingisepp. Novgorod, Staraya Russa, Gomel and to set up a new defense line. Italian forces are Odessa." with the Germans. Rome reported Axis forces A German bombing plane was heard high over had taken Ochakov and Kinburn on the Black Iceland. It was chased away by British aircraft Sea.

before it got within bombing range. It was stated - In Paris the police offered a reward of 1,000,000 on official authority that American airmen did francs for information leading to the arrest of not take off and that aircraft batteries of the railway saboteurs who were said to have en- United States forces stationed there were silent dangered the city's food supply.

throughout the alarm. --The Finns reported capture of the railroad town

Aug. 21—The Berlin bulletin said that in the of Sortavala on Lake Ladoga, while German Southern Ukraine German forces took the harbor columns are fighting northward on both sides of and industrial towns of Kherson on the mouth Lake Peipus.

of the Dnieper River; between Lakes Ilmen and - Russia and the Polish Government in Exile.

Peipus the cities of Novgorod, Kingisepp and restored diplomatic relations.

Narv were taken; and "air force units inflicted --President Roosevelt signed a bill authorizing the severe losses upon Soviet troops retreating across deferment of prospective draftees who were 28

the sea from Odessa and Ochakov, as well as or more years old last July 1.

upon enemy columns fleeing eastward in the Aug. 17- The Russian communique said: "Our

Dnieper bend. In the black Sea they sank a troops continued fierce fighting against the enemy 6,000-ton transport." The Russian communique along the entire front. After stubborn battles our said that “after heavy fighting our troops troops evacuated the towns of Nikolaev and

evacuated Gomel." The 1,500-mile front from Krivoy Rog. At Nikolaev dockyards were blown which the Germans were attacking runs in a up. The Berlin bulletin said: "German troops in jagged line from Narwa, below Leningrad at the co-operation with Hungarian units in the south Estonian border, to Kherson, near the Black Sea Ukraine took the large industrial city of Nikolaev, at the mouth of the Dnieper. which also is important as a fleet base." German -A broadcast appeal to the population to organize planes report sinkings of Russian ships loaded

civilian defense groups and fight to the last to with fugitives from the Ukraine.

save Leningrad from German occupation was --The merchant ship Sessa, of Panama registry, made by Marshal Klementi Voroshiloft, com

was torpedoed and sank in deep twilight' by mander of the Soviet Northwestern Army: A. A. an unidentified submarine about 300 miles from Zhdanov, Communist leader of the Leningrad Reykjavik, Iceland, on the ship's way from New area, and P. Popkov, chairman of the Leningrad York to that port; 3 of the crew of 27 were City Soviet. The German forces at some points rescued.

are within 60 miles of the place. --London announced 17,000 tons of Axis shipping --In occupied Paris, an officer of the German army in the Mediterranean had been sunk by air staff was stabbed to death in the subway. The attacks within 48 hours.

slaying followed the recent demonstrations at-The President, who had landed from the Potomac tributed to Communists, and the mass arrests of

at Rockport, Me., after his meeting with Jews, Communists and de Gaullists in the Churchill, arrived at the White House.

workers' sections. Lieut. Gen. von Schaumburg Aug. 18 German troops advancing on both sides gave notice that from Aug. 23 all French held in

of Lake Peipus joined forces at Narwa, on the State arrest by the German authorities in France Estonian frontier. Narwa is 15 miles west of or arrested for them would be held as hostages, Kingisepp, evacuation of which was announced and that in case of a new criminal act, would by the Soviet Army. Finnish forces storming be shot. The order was followed by a roundup down the west shore of Lake Ladoga toward of 6.000 or more Jews. Leningrad and a union with Germans driving Aug. 22—In Leningrad, in response to the appeal on the city from the south have captured for home guards, the citizens were reported to Kurkijoki, a lake town 95 miles north of the have begun the erection of street barricades. capital, the High Command announced.

Veterans of the Bolshevist revolution gave in-Prime Minister Churchill returned to England on structions in bayonet and barricade fighting. Men

the battleship Prince of Wales after his con- marched out of the city to fight as guerrillas. ference with President Roosevelt. On the way Meantime, the Finnish High Command anhome he stopped in Reykjavik, Iceland, Aug. 16. nounced the capture of the rail center of and was cheered by the natives. Ensign F. D. Kaekisalmi, 75 miles north of Leningrad, and Roosevelt, Jr., accompanied him.

said Finnish forces were driving on to Kiviniemi. Aug. 19 The Berlin communique said Odessa was a point in the former Mannerheim Line, 50 miles

under siege of Axis forces (German, Rumanian, from the city. Hungarian, Italian); that all of the Ukraine -South of Leningrad and east of Gomel, on the west of the Dnieper had been taken by Hitler's central front, the Russians admitted having troops; that in the Odessa harbor nine troop yielded Nikopol, on the Dnieper River, 50 miles transports and three of the Russian warships, east of Krivoy Rog. Including a heavy cruiser, had been damaged; -An Executive Order was issued in Washington and that in the war port of Nikolaev there feli extending to the full 18 months authorized by into German hands "a battleship of 35.000 tons, law the military service of all selectees and & cruiser of 10,000 tons, four destroyers and two members of the Army and National Guard, submarines. In addition, one gunboat was sunk except those past 28 years old, those whose and another one severely damaged and a floating dependents would suffer unduly and those who dock captured laden with railway engines." Also could be spared. were taken 60,000 prisoners. Moscow said fight - Aug. 23---Berlin said Dniepropetrovsk had been ing still was “especially stubborn" in


taken by German forces. The Nazis also reported Kingisepp. Novgorod, Gomel and Odessa di- fighting near Gatchina, 26 miles south of Leninrections.

grad, which is raided daily by Axis planes. -The British Admiralty reported that since the Marshal Voroshilov broadcast a second appeal

war began, 4,007,000 tons of enemy shipping had for civilian defense of Leningrad which he said been lost; total tonnage to Aug. 16, German, was in "terrible danger." 2,321,000; Italian, 1.533,000; Finnish, 34,000; - Marshal Petain set up military courts in France useful to the enemy, 119,000. Total loss from to try sabotage cases with power to impose death June 10 to Aug. 16, German, 433.000: Italian, sentences. 294,000: Finnish, 34,000; useful to the enemy, -The Duke of Kent, youngest brother of King 35,000; a total of 796,000 tons. These figures George, arrived at Hyde Park, N. Y., from Include ships sunk by air attack and 51 ships Canada, for a week-end visit to President estimated at 200,000 tons, reported sunk by Roosevelt. Soviet forces.

--British planes bombed Tripoli in Africa. -In France, the Chief of State, Marshal Henri -The British-Allied ship losses in 1941 are re

Petain, went to Royat and heard the oath of ported as (gross tons) -- Jan., 288.088; Feb.. allegiance given to him personally by the mem- 339.062; March, 501.388: April. 597.193: May, bers of the Council of State.

504,272: June, 366,474; and July, 210,073 Aug. 20-A Berlin communique announced that a Aug. 24- Berlin reported having sunk 21 (122.000

drive of "total annihilation" against the Russian gross tons) merchant ships and three conArmy in the Ukraine had smashed 25 Soviet voying war vessels which were traveling from divisions in the Gomel (White Russia) area, 125 England toward Gibraltar; eight of the convoy miles north of Kiev and increased Russian losses escaped into Portuguese waters, the bulletin said. to about 5.000.000 men in 60 days of struggle. In -Lisbon, Portugal, reported the arrival of 13 ships from a convoy that had been attacked three and harmonious collaboration by all the peoples days ago.

of the European Continent in the political as The British Admiralty announced the loss of well as in the economic and cultural spheres. the submarine Union, the 29th British submarine -A special Berlin army bulletin stated that after lost since the war began.

capturing, on Aug. 28, the Estonian capital, -German forces took the city of Luga, on the Tallinn, the naval harbor of Peldiski (Baltic route to Leningrad.

port) also was taken, and 19 troop transports, Aug. 25 — Iran (Persia) having formally refused to

one destroyer and nine other vessels were sunk: expel Germans, technicians mostly, who were

also German planes sank three Soviet transports alleged by Britain and Russia to be using "fifth in the Gulf of Finland. column" means of peaceful invasion and control, --In Iran, the joint British-Russian advance on British and Soviet forces invaded the country. Teheran continued, despite flags of truce. London announced a landing at Bandar Mashur-Acting Attorney General Biddle held, the State (Bandar Shahpur), on the Persian Gulf, with a

Department announced that the President's mixed force of British and Indian troops. Others proclamation of Nov. 4, 1939, and subsequent crossed in by the Irag border. A broadcast from

proclamations, declaring the United Kingdom Teheran, the capital, said that Iran was taking

and certain parts of the British Empire to be at all defensive measures, and the Iranian Minister

war, applies only to England, Scotland, Wales, in Washington declared that the Anglo-Soviet

Northern Ireland and the five parts of the complaint of Nazi infiltration was only the

empire named, and not to other overseas terri. pretext for an attack. --Moscow announced that "after tenacious fighting Aug. 30—The Finnish High Command announced

tories and possessions of the British Empire." our troops left Novgorod," but "stubbornly fought the enemy along the whole front."

the capture of the city of Viborg. The Russians

were said to have laid waste the city before The Finnish communique said: "The islands off

retiring. Virolanti have been occupied. An enemy transport

-Moscow said that Marshal Budenny's army had vessel of 5,000 tons was sunk by artillery Are.

escaped encirclement in the Dnieper bend and The ship was loaded with tractors and guns, and

that some units were recrossing the river to the deck was crowded with soldiers."

attack. Odessa was holding out and there were -The city of Dniepropetrovsk, in the Ukraine, on

counter-assaults in the central sector, near the Dnieper River, was stormed by motorized

Smolensk. German units of the tank army under Col. Gen.

-In Vichy, Marshal Petain opened the French Paul Ludwig von Kleist. Thus all Russian troops still west of the Dnieper in the Southern Ukraine

Legion to volunteers to work for the "national

revolution.' were cut off from land avenues of retreat to the

Aug. 31-In Russia, Leningrad and Odessa reeast, it was announced in a special report from Hitler's field headquarters.

ported they were still holding out against Axis Aug. 26-In Iran, British (India) air-borne troops

attacks, Soviet troops were still fighting the

enemy "along the entire front," Moscow said. seized the port of Bandar Mashur, and with it

--In Iran, London stated "small token forces of seven Axis ships. Abadan, oil refining center near

Iranian troops are being permitted to remain in Bandar Mashur, was taken by the same column.

Kermanshah under the Iranian flag. Otherwise The forces that pushed into the country from the

Iranian forces are withdrawing from the oil north took the oil installations at Naft-1-Shah

areas in accordance with agreements reached and Kasr-i-Shirin, London said.

between British and local commanders," - The destroyer Bath. 1,060 tons, formerly the ---Reprisal air attacks go on daily in Eastern Africa, U.S. destroyer Hopewell, has been sunk, accord

Egypt, Suez, the Mediterranean, the Channel, the ing to an announcement by the Commander in

Baltic and all Axis coasts, Germany, the British Chief of the Norwegian Navy, whose officers and

Isles and Occupied France. men manned the vessel. The Bath is the first former U. S. destroyer sunk on active service

1941--SEPTEMBER with the Allies. Aug. 27- The City of Tallinn, capital of Estonia, Sept. 1-Soviet planes raided Berlin, Koenigsberg, on the Gulf of Finland, 50 miles across from Danzig and Memnel. British planes attacked Helsinki, was reported on fire as German and Essen, Cologne and Boulogne. Finnish forces closed in on it. The Soviet radio -The London Economist, a newspaper, estimates said: Not only Tallinn but all Estonia is burning. that German planes have destroyed property in There is not even a sack of oats left. All shale Great Britain valued at $480,000,000, and oil plants have been destroyed. The counter- -At Manila, in addition to the Philippine Army revolutionaries and friends of Germany have Air Corps, 20,000 reservists were incorporated been liquidated." A Finnish air communique

into the U. S. Army. reported that the Russians were being forced out Sept. 2-Berlin reported that German spearheads of Viipuri (Viborg) on the Karelian Isthmus, advancing toward Leningrad had arrived at one of the gateways to Leningrad. by Finnish Krasnoe Selo, 20 miles to the southwest. bombings. Vlipuri, largest city on the isthmus, A British plane that had been ferried across the was lost to Finland in the 1939-40 war with Atlantic from Canada, crashed on the United Russia.

Kingdom's West Coast," killing the ten persons -The Iranian Cabinet resigned. British and

abuard, including Capt Sherwood Picking of the Russian invading forces moved ahead-the Rus- U. S. Navy, and Flight Engineer C. A. Spence, sians from the Caucasus southward along the also an American, and Count Guy de Bailletshore of the Caspian Sea and the British north

Latour, a Belgian. The rest were Britons, and ward from the Persian Gulf and eastward from Canadians, among them Dr. Mark Benjamin of Iraq.

the Central Scientific Oilice in Washington, and -Berlin said that the lower Dnieper had been

Prof. Robert B. Mowat of the British Library crossed, Zaporozhe captured and the Leningrad- of Information in New York City.

Moscow railway cut.
Aug. 28----Moscow officially announced that the dam

Sept. 3-Helsinki officially reported that Russian

troops fighting on the Karelian Isthmus had on the Dnieper River, one of the largest in the world, had been blasted and the machinery in

been "decisively beaten" and that Finland had the hyrdo-electric plant destroyed, to prevent the

regained all the soil lost to the Soviet in the

1939-40 war, Dispatches from the front an$110.000.000 enterprise from being operated by German troops. The dam was situated near

nounced the capture of Kivennapa, 72 miles

from the old Russian border and 28 miles north Zaporozhe, 50 miles south of the industrial city of Dniepropetrovsk in an area where the German

of Leningrad forces are now entrenched.

Sept. 4-The Navy Department in Washington -Resignation of the Iran Cabinet was followed by

announced that “The U. S. Destroyer Greer, en an order to stop firing on British and Russian

route to Iceland with mail, reported that a forces. Ali Faranghi heads the new government.

submarine had attacked her by firing torpedoes - Vice President Wallace has been put at the head

which missed their mark. The Greer immediately of a newly created seven-man supply priorities

counter-attacked with depth charges. Results are and allocation board.

not known." The destroyer was under charge of Aug. 29.-In announcing the conclusion on the Lieut. Commander Laurence H. Frost, 39. Russian battlefront of a five-day conference on

The first U. 8. tanker carrying aviation gasoline the fate and future of Europe, Chancellor Hitler to Russia has arrived at Vladivostok. and Premier Mussolini, in a joint statement said: -British headquarters at Simla, India, said that **The conversations were permeated by the un- Imperial troops had "advanced some 400 miles alterable determination of both peoples and their into Western Iran and about 200 miles into the leaders to continue the war to a victorious con- southwestern part of the country. We now hold clusion. The new European order that will the important spheres of influence, including the emerge from this victory as far as possible will main oll-producing zones and also the main remove the causes that in the past have given roads leading from Iran toward the Caucasus." rise to European wars. The destruction of the -Moscow said that fighting was still going on Bolshevist danger and plutocratic exploitation along the entire front" and that “the Germans will create the possibility of fruitful, peaceful sustained heavy losses while attempting to cross the Dnieper River in one sector in a south- submarine. She (the Marken), under British western direction of the front."

control, sailed from England with a cargo of -The communique from Hitler's field headquarters • war supplies which included airplanes and pre

said the German "navy and air force in the sumably was destined for Capetown, South fight against British supply shipping sank 537,200 Africa. Her last port of call before the torpedotons of enemy merchant shipping space in ing was Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. August, 1941," and 13,088,283 tons in two years Sept. 11--In a world-wide radio broadcast from the of war.

White House, inspired by the sinkings of AmeriSept. 5-A British Admiralty communique said: can ships (Sessa and Steel Seafarer) by U-boats

"A large southbound liner has been torpedoed and enemy planes, President Roosevelt said: and almost certainly sunk by one of our sub- "These Nazi submarines and raiders are the marines off the coast of Italy. This ship was rattlesnakes of the Atlantic. They are a menace possibly the Duilio of 23,635 tons."

to the free pathways of the high seas. They are -The Soviet Information Bureau, Moscow, an- a challenge to our sovereignty. They hammer at

nounced Russian troops "fought the enemy along our most pre ous rights when they attack ships the entire (1,800-mile) front.

of the American flag--symbols of our inde-The United States freighter, Steel Seafarer, was pendence, our freedom, our very life. It is no

sunk by a bombing plane in the Red Sea, at the act of war on our part when we decide to entrance to the Gulf of Suez. Members of the protect the seas which are vital to American crew were rescued by British ships.

defense The aggression is not ours. Ours is Sept. 6A German official communique said it solely defense.

was the U. 8. Destroyer Greer and not the "But let this warning be clear. From now or, German submarine which did the attacking Sept. 11 German or Italian vessels of war enter the 4 southwest of Iceland, and that the resultant waters, the protection of which is necessary for

firing by the U-boat was "in justified defense." American defense, they do so at their own peril. -In Paris, the Germans executed three of the The orders which I have given as commander

alleged Communist hostages in reprisal for the in-chief to the United States Army and Navy wounding of a German sergeant Sept. 5.

are to carry out that policy-at once. The sole -London reported the sinking, ofr Tripoll, by a responsibility rests upon Germany. There will

British submarine, of the Italian liner, Esperia, be no shooting unless Germany continues to 11,398 tons.

seek it." The talk was broadcast and rebroadSept. 7--A decree of the Soviet Supreme Council cast in 18 languages.

ordered the removal of the German population -The Japanese War Office announced the creation of the Volga region (382,000) settled by Germans of a new General Defense Headquarters under in the 18th Century in the reign of Catherine direct command of the Emperor, which will be the Great. Resettled Germans will be given responsible for the defense of Japan Proper, land in the Novosibirsk and Omsk districts, the Korea. Formosa and Sakhalin. Altai region of the Kazakstan Republic and The Dutch motorship. Kota Nopan, from Batavia neighboring localities "rich in land," the decree for New York with rubber, tin and palm oil, promised

has been sunk by a German war vessel in the -The Finnish communique said: "After a long Galapogos Islands. pause, the attack launched northeast of Lake -Smolensk, in Russia, is under German longLadoga in July was resumed Sept. 4. In three range shell fire. days our troops, who advanced Aghting 75 kilo- Charles A. Lindbergh, in an address in Des

meters (47 miles) have reached the Suit River." Moines, Iowa, said: "The three most important Sept. &- London revealed that "without enemy groups which have been pressing this country

interference a landing was effected in Spitzbergen toward war are the British, the Jewish and the by mixed Canadian, British and Norwegian Roosevelt administration.' He said he could forces under Canadian command. The main understand why the Jewish people, so persepurpose was to prevent the enemy from utilizing cuted, wished the overthrow of the Hitler its rich coal mines. The mines were wrecked and regime. "Their greatest danger to this country, the coal and oil dumps were burned, it was he said of the Jews, "lie in their large ownership asserted; 2,000 Russian miners and 1,000 Nor- and influence in our motion pictures, our press,

wegian settlers were moved from the island. our radio and our government." -The German High Command stated that Lenin- --The American-owned cargo steamship (Panama

grad had been cut off from all communication registry) Arkansan, 7.000 tons, from New York by land, German mobile units having reached City, was hit by shell fragments in an enemy the Neva River east of the city, and captured raid on the port of Suez. Italian planes have Schluesselberg, railroad center on Lake Ladoga. been making almost nightly attacks in the Red German sappers found 10,000 Russian mines Sea and the approaches to Suez, around that city.

Sept. 12--The American-owned lumber-laden cargo -For the first time in history the U. S. Govern- steamship. Montana (ex-Danish ship, Paula)

ment, through special national defense units of bound from Wilmington, N. C., for Iceland, was the Federal Communications Commission, 15 torpedoed and sunk off the east coast of Greenoficially "listening in" and dissecting foreign land, 260 miles from Iceland and 40 miles from short-wave broadcasts. The Foreign Broadcast where the Sessa was sunk on Aug 17. The Monitoring Service, created by the Commission torpedoing of the Montana was witnessed by a in cooperation with the Defense Communications British patrol plane. Board, is translating, transcribing, analyzing and Russian forces evacuated the City and area of reporting on from 600,000 to 900,000 words daily Chernigov, on the route to Kiev, 80 miles south. by foreign broadcast stations throughout the Farther south the Russians recrossed the lower entire world as recorded by the Commission's Dnieper River at four points and retook an National Defense Operations Section.

island in the river, it was announced. They Sept. 9-The Iranian National Assembly agreed to kept advancing in the center, where they were

the Anglo-Russian demand to evacuate Axis said to have smashed iour enemy divisions. Wet Nationals and to turn over to the Allies occu- weather and mud are hindering both armies. pation zones in the southwest and the north --British planes raided for the first time the and transit facilities between the two zones. The German Baltic port of Rostock, a base of British zone is 400 miles by 100 miles, embrac- operations against the Russian Baltic fleet. ing ports and oil fields. The Russian line runs Sept. 13-Berlin said that mass submarine east from the Irak frontier near Ushnuiyeh. operations “in Icelandic waters" had destroyed south to Lake Urmia through Kazvin to Samnan. 28 ships (164,000 tons) in a single British conThe capital is excluded.

voy. It was stated later that in the week of Sept. 10 -In Norway, Reich Commissioner Joseph Sept. 13-20, 250,300 tons were sunk.

Terboven put the Oslo area under martial law-London asserted it had lost eight ships out of in an effort to suppress an outbreak of strikes & large convoy trailed by German planes and ascribed to Communist elements who "criminally U-boats. disturbed peaceful work." Two trade union ---U. S. Navy mine sweepers go all over New York leaders were executed by a firing squad.

Harbor daily. - British planes bombed the Corinth Canal be- Sept. 14--The Russian communique said: "Our tween Peloponnesus and the Greek matnland, troops continued stubborn day long battles along It had been raided in August. Aerial photographs the entire front. After marry days of fierce taken afterward showed hits within 50 feet of fighting Soviet troops abandoned Rremenchug.

the brink, sending tons of earth into the canal. The German communique said: "The favorable -The airport of Ismailia, on the Suez Canal, was course of operations in the east prepared the

bombed with several tons of explosives and hun- way for new successes in battle. After strong

dreds of incendiaries by the German Air Force. German forces broke into Leningrad's defense -The German communique said, as to Russia, front, closer encirclement of the city continues

"In the east there were steady successes in the without interruption despite bitter defense." Beattack."

tween the German forces and that city is nothing -The Dutch freighter, Marken, was torpedoed and but a flat country, 15 miles in extent. For ten

sunk 400 miles off the Brazil coast by a German days German artillery batteries have been pour

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ing shells into Leningrad and Nazi bombers have was due to the encirclement of four Red Arinles paid nightly visits.

about 125 miles east of Kiev-armies of unstated Sept. 15 Secretary of the Navy Knox said in a size (but possibly numbering as many as 500.000

speech at the American Legion Convention, in men) which were being steadily cut to pieces. Milwaukee: "Beginning tomorrow the American -German casualties in Russia to Aug. 31 were Navg" will provide protection as adequate as we thus summarized by Berlin: 84,354 killed; 292,690 can make it for ships of every flag carrying lend- wounded; 18,921 missing; air force, 1,542 killed: aid supplies between the American Continent 3,980 wounded, 1,378 missing. German plane and the waters adjacent to Iceland. These ships losses were put at 725--"only a part of our are ordered to capture or destroy by every means monthly production." at their disposal Axis-controlled submarines or -The Pink Star, a freight steamer, was sunk by surface raiders encountered in these waters. an unidentified submarine between Iceland and That is our answer to Mr. Hitler's declaration Greenland. She left New York Sept. 3. Like the that he will try to sink every ship his vessels Sessa and the Montana, which were torpedoed encounter on the routes leading from the United the same area, she was a former Danish States to British ports."

vessel, requisitioned by the U. S. Maritime Com- The German communique said German forces mission. It was chartered to the United States that crossed the Dnieper River

had fought their Lines and placed under Panama registry. She way into the plain leading to Crimea.


a gun and was in a convoy under -Germans and Finns shelled the Russian naval Canadian escort when attacked. The ship was base of Kronstadt.

registered in Panama because of restrictions in Sept. 16-The throne of Iran (Persia) was given the Neutrality Act that prevent ships flying the

up by Riza Shah Pahlevi in favor of Crown American flag or manned by American citizens Prince Mohammed Riza Pahlevi, 21. All Iranian from entering the North Atlantic combat zone. Army planes disappeared from fields outside There is no restriction in the law against the Teheran during the day.

maintenance of American ownership, and -At Damascus, the independence of Syria was Panamanian laws permit this.

proclaimed by the occupying Free French au- Sept. 20 German fliers bombed Odessa and Mosthorities. Sheik Tajeddine Hassani was named cow, and ground forces occupied the Baltic the first President of the Republic.

Islands of Muhu and Vorms; and the eastern A bulletin from Hitler's field headquarters in part of Oesel Island, Russia said that in the region south of Lake - British planes raided the Baltic port of Stettin. Ilmon, nine enemy divisions were annihilated, an -Two Italian motorships transporting troops to additional division crushed, with heavy losses Libya were torpedoed and sunk off the coast of for the enemy. Over 53.000 prisoners fell into Tripoli, but nearly all the soldiers and crew on our hands, and 230 tanks and 695 pieces of board the vessels were saved, the Italian high artillery of all calibers, as well as numerous war

command reported. material captured or destroyed."

-In Paris, 12 French hostages were executed in --The American Export liner Excambion was reprisal for attacks on German soldiers.

taken into Lisbon by the U. S. Coast Guard -In Holland a decree excludes Jews from public sloop Ingham, which departed immediately parks

and zoos, restaurants, saloons, coffee thereafter.

houses, hotels, boarding houses, sleeping cars Sept. 17--The Germans have begun a drive and restaurant cars, theaters, cabarets, vaude

toward the Crimea from the southern reaches villes, cinemas, sports grounds and sporting of the Dnieper River, The way leading thereto events, concerts and artistic performances, land to the Donets basin is a flat steppe with

braries and public reading rooms, few defensive advantages. Berlin


the Sept. 21-The German communique from the Germans had pushed Soviet troops back over the

Russian front said the Sea of Azov had been four-mile-wide Perekop Isthmus joining Crimea reached by Axis forces, an infantry division. and the Ukraine and were beginning an invasion having crossed the Dnieper River at Berislav, of Northern Crimea. The German communique

3712 miles northeast of Kherson. In the Baltic, said that in the East the offensive is develop- Arensburg, capital of Oesel, has been captured ing into an operation of the greatest extent.

by determined action. The islands of Moon and -The Russian bulletin said: "During the night Oesel are thus securely in our hands." of Sept. 16-17 our troops fought the enemy on

-The Moscow war bulletin said Klev had been the entire front."

evacuated. adding: "Our troops fought the --Loss of the British submarine P32 was an- enemy along the whole front." nounced by the Admiralty.

- The number of Croat workers in Germany now -Vichy announced that 500,000 French prisoners exceeds 50,000. The total civilian foreign

of war, one-fourth of the total number, had workers employed in Germany now is close to been freed from German prison camps.

2,000,000 This does not include Russian pris- British, Indian and Russian motorized columns oners, estimated by Berlin at 2.000.000.

entered the suburbs of Teheran, completing the Sept. 22--The Rome High Command said: "Assault Allied occupation of strategic Iranian cities and units of the Italian marine entered the bay and bases begun Aug. 25 when the Allied troops inner port of Gibraltar, sank one tanker of crossed the frontiers.

10.000 tons, another of 600 tons and one steamer -Under command of Maj. Gen. Charles H. Bone- of 6,000 tons, loaded with munitions, and seri

steel, a field force of the U. S. Army has ously hit a steamer of 12,000 tons loaded with arrived at Reykjavik, Iceland, comprising in- war material. This steamer hit against rocks, fantry, artillery and medical units, with supplies where it was stranded and therefore can be of equipment and materials. U. S. Naval and considered lost." Marine forces got there by July 7; Air Corps -The London bulletin asserted that British subunits and Army nurses are there.

marines in the Mediterranean destroyed two The U. S. Defense Supplies Corporation has Italian liners like the 24,469-ton Vulcania. contracted to buy $100,000,000 of Russian

-The German bulletin said that at Kronstadt the manganese, chromite, asbestos and platinum, all

Soviet battleship, October Revolution, and the needed for the defense program. Russia received

heavy cruiser Kirov were hit by bombs. an advance of $10,000,000 a month ago against

-Russians claimed destruction of six German the shipment of Russian gold in 90 days.

infantry battalions in the Ukraine, adding that Sept. 18--Russia ordered the conscription of every

Soviet troops were still fighting "the enemy man between the ages of 16 and 50 for military

along the entire front." training after working hours. The new measure will not disrupt war production, Moscow said.

Sept. 23-Moscow said Soviet forces were standing The German communique said: "In the Ukraine,

ground in the Smolensk, Kharkov and Leningrad offensive operations east of the Dnieper are pro

areas, and to the east of Kiev. gressing irresistibly. In fighting around the

-Berlin, announcing increase of Russian (Kiev) fortifications of Leningrad, great successes were

prisoners to 380,000. said "50 Soviet divisions achieved. Sections of one infantry division alone

may be regarded as completely destroyed. The stormed 119 pillboxes."

commander in chief of the 5th Russian Army is -The Russians reported that reinforced defenders among the prisoners taken." of Leningrad had driven the Germans back ten

-In Croatia, 98 native soldiers and six officers have miles and recaptured three villages near that

been killed by Servian "outlaws' who defied an besieged city.

ultimatum by the German-controlled government --Paris has a three-day 9 P. M. curfew, imposed

of Serbia to come out of their mountain hideouts by the Germans.

willingly or be bombed out. It also was anSept. 19.-Chancellor Hitler's field headquarters nounced that two members of the othcial Ustachi

announced that German forces had captured the assault squads of Ante Pavelich, Croatian Chief industrial city of Kiev (over 800.000 population), of State, had been courtmartialed and shot for ancient capital of the Ukraine, and had "over- *despotically murdering and robbing Serbs." run"' Poltava, 200 miles to the east. The next -The 35.000-ton U. S. battleship Massachusetts objective was Kharkov in the Donetz Basin, the was launched at Quincy, Mass. She is designed bulletin said, adding that the taking of Kiev to carry nine 16-inch guns and batteries of

smaller weapons, and to have a speed in excess arrests in Sofia and the villages along the Yugoof 27 knots.

slav frontier, where Serbian Chetniks (rebels) Sept. 24-The Germans have reached the suburbs and Bulgarian peasant saboteurs are reported

of Leningrad, Rome said. The British radio active. quoted the Leningrad radio as announcing that Sept. 30-Moscow said: "Our troops fought the "the enemy is at the gates, and adding that enemy along the entire front. After stubborn knowledge of danger was "inspiring every citi- fighting our troops evacuated Poltava." zen to labor in the city's defense.

-The Germans announced the execution of 58 -United States and British missions to the tri- Inore Czechs on treason charges. Germans and

power conference arrived in Moscow. They met Italians attacked towns in Serbia, Bosnia and Premier Stalin Sept. 28, and began business Montenegro and there was further ferment in sessions the next day. The U. S. delegation was Norway, France and the Netherlands. headed by W. A. Harriman.

-Prime Minister Churchill assured the House of Sept. 25-A German bulletin said "desperate at- Commons that British shipping losses, July

tempts to break out by the last enemy forces September, were one-third of those in April-June, encircled in the region eastward of Kiev were when the total, including Allied and Neutral, repulsed with bloody losses for the opponent. was 318 vessels, (1,416,416) tons. In mopping up the battlefield, the body of Col. Gen. Kirtonos, supreme commander of the

1941-OCTOBER Soviet southwestern front, who fell in battle, was found. His stan, as well as the statis of Oct. 1-Helsinki announced that, aftet tough fight

ing in the Karelian Isthmus since Sept. 7, the the 5th and 21st Soviet armies, were annihi

Finnish flag was raised over the City Hall of the lated." It was also stated German submarines

capital of Soviet Karelia-Petrozavodsk. had trailed and sunk off the west coast of

--Nazi forces, with the help of parachutists and Africa 11 or 12 convoyed ships bound for England

gliders, broke through the Russians' first defense -total, 78,000 tons.

line on the Perekop Isthmus in the drive toward -Rome announced the reoccupation of a de

Crimea. militarized Croatian zone along the Adriatic Sea:

--The United States British-Russian conference in 2,000 German troops have been assigned to help

Moscow over war supplies for Russia ended after stop disorders in Servia.

a 2-day session in which Stalin got, it was stated, -Moscow said Leningrad was holding out, and a

promises of abundant aid. host of German soldiers were being "annihi

Great Britain's war expenditures has reached lated" in the attempt to invade the Crimea.

£13,000,000 a day. Chancellor of the Exechequer The Russian Baltic fleet is reported bottled up

Sir Kingsley Wood told Commons. in Kronstadt Bay. Long-range German artillery

--The United States Department of State admitted engaged with Soviet warships in Leningrad harbor reported the sinking of a 10,000-ton

Brazil to the Lend-Lease fold to the extent of

$100,000,000. Russian merchant ship.

Oct. 2-The White House issued an official stateSept. 26-In East Africa the garrison of Wolchefit

ment saying: "Since the Soviet constitution de(Uolchefit), besieged since April 15, were ordered

clares that freedom of religion is granted, it is to cease resistance. The men had been without food supplies for days past.

hoped that in the light of the report of the

Polish Ambassador an entering wedge for the -The Germans in the Ukraine are making increasing use of parachutes.

practice of complete freedom of religion is

defintely on its way.' -In London, Russia and Free France made a

There have been executions of more than 60 political and military alliance. -In Norway the factories are busy making skis

persons in the Southern Banat region of the and portable wooden barracks for the German

former Yugoslavia for recent killings, attempted

train wrecks and other sabotage. Germans are troops in Russia. Sept. 27--Berlin announced that "the big battle

occupying the southern Banat and Hungarian near Kiev is finished." adding that the total

troops the northern area of the former Yugoslay

district. of prisoners had reached 665,000. -The Finns occupied Konevitsa Monastery (on-At Prague, executions of persons accused of an island in Lake Ladoga). The principal

fomenting revolt against German rule have

reached 141 and continue daily. monastery buildings near by were found undamaged.

-Six men were killed when the Army bombing -Moscow said 4,000 German corpses had been

plane B-18 hit Agassiz Peak in Arizona.

-In the order-of-the-day to the German forces in found in the approaches to Leningrad. -The American-owned 7,052-ton tanker I. C.

Russia, Chancellor Hitler. Supreme Commander, White, of Panama registry, was torpedoed and

said: "Today begins the last great decisive battle sunk in the South Atlantic, on the way to Cape

of this year. It will hit this enemy destructively, Town, from Curacao, W. I. The survivors were

and with it the instigator of the entire war, landed at a Brazilian port.

England herself. For if we crush this opponent -The launching of 14 new ships of the American we also remove the last English ally on the merchant marine marked a nation-wide Liberty

Continent. Thus we will free the German Reich Fleet Day celebration in shipyards on the

and all Europe from a menace greater than any Atlantic, Pacific and Gull coasts.

since the time of the Huns and later of the -The 33,950-ton British battleship, Nelson, was Mongol tribes." hit by a torpedo from an Italian plane in an

Oct. 3-Chancellor Hitler returned to Berlin from attack on a British convoy in the Central

the Ukraine battle Yront and in a speech to the Mediterranean. Only one ship in the convoy German nation declared that Russia is already was lost, London said. Rome claimed three

broken and will never rise again. All Europe,' cruisers and four merchant ships.

he said, “had escaped destruction only by the Sept. 28-In the German protectorate of Bohemia

skin of our teeth.' Moravia, a state of civil emergency in the dis- The Germans have shot the Mayor of Prague tricts of Prague, Bruena (Brno), Maehrisch- and several members of the City Council. They Ostrau, Kladno, Koenigkratz and Olmuetz, which were charged with armed revolt. make up the most populous part of the pro- --Charles A. Lindbergh, in Fort Wayne, Ind., tectorate. The Premier, Gen. Alois Elias, was told of his fear of a suspension of the Concharged with "preparation for high treason”; gressional elections of 1942. 24 persons, including three generals, were shot -Six of Paris's synagogues were blown up over by order of a German court martial,

night by rightwing terrorists. --Berlin stated that German submarines, in an

Oct. 4-Moscow, through the official spokesman, attack lasting several days, sank twelve ships

S. A. Lozovsky, put forth a government stateof 67,000 tons and a protecting vessel in a convoy

ment, pointing out the actual text of Article 124 sailing from Gibraltar to England.

of the Soviet Constitution of 1935-"To insure to -Rain fell along the whole Russian front.

citizens freedom of conscience, the church in the -At the German-Swiss border, 300 British wounded

U. S. S. R. is separated from the State and the war prisoners started travel on a Swiss hospital

school from the church. Freedom to perform train that was turned over to German authorities.

religious rites and freedom of anti-religious The train was manned by German Officers and soldiers. The exchange was based on Article


propaganda is recognized for all citizens." of the Geneva Convention of July 27, 1929.

The French 8,194-ton liner, Theophile Gautier,

in an Italian convoy, was sunk by a Britsh subSept. 29-Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt took office as Assistant Director of the Office of Civilian

marine in the Aegean Sea. Defense.

Oct. 5-Russian official estimates of losses to date ---Berlin reported the destruction of three Red in the present war are the Ukraine, etc., 1,128.Army divisions in a new battle of encirclement 000 men (230,000 killed: 720,000 wounded; 178.000 in the drive toward the Donets Basin and missing); 7,000 tanks: 8,900 cannon: 5,316 airKharkov in the Eastern Ukraine.

planes. Russian official estimates of German --Bulgarian secret police, with German Gestapo losses are--3,000,000 men; 11,000 tanks; 13,000

and Eute Guard raiding squads, conducted mass cannon. Moscow reports that Yugoslav irregulars

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