Abbildungen der Seite

So. Michigan Blvd., Chicago, Ill.; 2,480, 188: Sec..

Mrs. Charles D. Center. Park Association of N. Y. City (1928), 295 Madison

Ave., N. Y. City: Sec., Miss M. Patricia Dunn, Park Avenue Association (1922), 250 Park Ave..

N. Y. City: Sec., Horace H. Griswold. Park Executives & American Park Society, American Institute of (1898), Rockford, I.; abt. 800;

Exec. Sec., Will O. Doolittle. Parks, State (see State Park). Pathfinders of America (1914), 12258 Alpine St., Detroit, Mich.; 50,000: Founder and Exec. Sec..

P. J. Wright. Patriotic Society, American National (1931), 106

East Adams St., Pittsfield, III.; Pres., Herbert H. Vertrees, as above: Sec., A. B. Caughlan, Postmaster, Pittsfield, Ill. Patrolmen's Benevolent Ass'n of N. Y. C. (1894), 63

Park Row, N. Y. City: 17,500; Sec., Charles J.

Monahan. Peace Efforts, American Union for Concerted

(1939), 8 West 40th St., N. Y. City: Dir.. Clark

M. Eichelberger. Peace and Freedom-(see Women's Int'l League). Pen Women, Nat'l League of American (1897). Willard Hotel, Washington, D. C.; abt. 3,000; Exec.

Sec., Mabel H. Pittle, Pennsylvania Society (1899), Waldorf-Astoria Hotel,

N. Y, City: 1.250, Sec., Col. Robert Mazet. People's Lobby (1928), 1410 H St., N. W. Washing

ton, D. C.; 2.115; Sec.. Benjamin C. Marsh. Personal Research Federation (1921). 60 East 42d

St., N. Y. City: 1,500: Sec., W. A. Griffin. Petroleum Institute, American (1919), 50 West 50th

St., N. Y. City: 5,000; Exec. Vice-Pres., W. R.

Boyd. Jr.: Sec., Lacey Walker. Pharmaceutical Association, American (1852), 2215

Constitution Ave, Washington, D, C., 4,600; Sec..

Dr. E. F. Kelly. Philatelic Society, American (1886), 3421 Colfax

"A". Denver, Colo; 5.000; Sec.. Dr. H. A. Davis. Philological Ass'n, Amer. (1869), Swarthmore Coll..

Swarthmore, Pa.; 1.067; Sec.. L. R. Shero. Philosophical Ass'n, Amer. (1900); 801; Sec.. Cor

nelius Kruse, Wesleyan Univ., Middletown, Conn. Philosophical Society, American (1727). 104 So.

Fifth St., Philadelphia, Pa.: 500; Exec. Officer.

Dr. Edwin G. Conklin: Sec., Dr. W. F. G. Swann. Physical Society, American (1899). Columbia Uni

versity. N. Y. City: 3.800: Sec.. Dr. Karl K.

Darrow. Physicians, American College of (1915), 4200 Pine

St., Philadelphia, Pa.; 4,595: Exec. Sec., E. R.

Loveland Physicians, Association of American (1886): 225:

Sec., Dr. Hugh J. Morgan, Vanderbilt Hospital,

Nashville, Tenn. Physics, American Institute of (1931), 175 Fifth

Ave., N. Y. City: Dir., Dr. Henry A. Barton. Physiotherapy Association, American (1921): 5 Rico

Way, San Francisco, Calif., 1.300: Sec.. Miss Evelyn Anderson; Sec., Relations Committee. Miss Hazel E. Furscott, 219 Fitzhugh Bldg., San

Francisco, Calif. Pilgrim Society (1820). Pilgrim Hall, Plymouth,

Mass.; Sec.. Henry W. Royal, Pilgrims of the U. S. (1903). 17 East 42d St., N. Y.

City: 800; Hon. Sec., Major Elihu Church. Pilot Club International (1921), 1001 Persons Bldg.,

Macon, Ga.; 3,500; Exec. Sec., Miss Wilda

Richardson. Pipe Organ Pumpers Guild of Former (1926), Three Rivers, Mich,; 3.500; Grand Diapason

(Sec.), Chet Shafer, Planning and Civic Association, American (1904),

901 Union Trust Bldg., Washington, D. C.; 1.

800; Exec. Sec., Miss Harlean James. Planning Officials, American Society of (1934).

1313 East 60th St., Chicago, Ill. ; 819; Exec. Dir.,

Walter H. Blucher. Plattsburg, Society of (1931), 84 William St., N.

Y. City: Dir., James N. MacLean, Rm. 1506, as

above. Polar Society. American (1934); 486: Sec., August

Horowitz, care of American Museum of Natural History, Central Park West at 77th St., N. Y

City. Police Association, N. Y. Veteran (1891). 200

Church St., N. Y. City: 2,500; Sec., Edward F.

Kelly. Polish Nat'l Alliance of the U. S. of No. Amer. (1880). 1514-20 W. Division St., Chicago, Ill.: abt.

275.000; Sec., A. S. Szczerbowski. Political Action, League for Independent (1929). 2298 Doswell Ave., St. Paul, Minn.; 12.000; Sec..

Howard Y. Williams. Political Science Association, American (1903), 105

Harris Hall, Northwestern Univ., Evanston, Ill.;

Sec., Kenneth Colegrove. Political and Social Science, American Academy of

(1889), 3457 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.: Sec.,

Dr. J. P. Lichtenberger. Polo Association, U. S. (1890), 551 Fifth Ave., N. Y.

City; 80; Chmn., Elbridge T. Gerry. Pomological Society, American (1848), Ames, Iowa:

5,000; Sec., H. L. Lantz Portuguese Continental Union of U. S. A. (1929),

123 Standish Ave., Plymouth, Mass.; 5,817: Sup.

Sec., Anibal S. Branco. Presbyterian Church in the U. S. A., General As

sembly (1789), Witherspoon Bldg., Philadelphia,

Pa.; 2,006,000 Stated Clerk, Rev. Wm. B. Pugh. Presbyterian Historical Society (Dept. of History

of the Presbyterian Church in the U. S. A) (1852), 520 Witherspoon Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa.:

170; Man. and Sec., Rev. Thos. C. Pears, Jr. Prevention of War, Nat'l Council for the (1921).

532-17th St., N. W., Washington, D. C.; Office

Sec.. Mrs. Gladys G. Mackenzie. Prison Association, American (1870), 135 East 15th

St., N. Y. City: 5.425; Gen. Sec., E. R. Cass. Prison Association of N. Y. (1844), 135 East 15th

St. N. Y. City: 5,425; Gen. Sec., E. R. Cass. Prisons and Prison Labor, Nat'l Committee on

(1909). 1860 Broadway, NY. City: 1,000; Chmn..

Exec. Council, E. Stagg Whitin. Produce Exchange, N. Y. (1862). 2 Broadway, N. Y.

City: 1.120; Man. Dir., Laurel Duval: Sec., Lloyd

V. Juan. Professional Ball Players--(see Ball Players of

America). Professional Engineers-(see Engineers, N. Y. State

Soc. of). Professional Woman's League (1893). Marbury Hall

Hotel, 164 West 74th St., N. Y. City: abt. 75: Sec.. Frances Brooke, 120 No. 8th Ave., Mt. Vernon.

N. Y Psychiatric Association, American (1844), Rm. 708, 9 Rockefeller Plaza, N. Y. City; 2.701; Exec. Ass't.

Austin M. Davis. Public Health Association, American (1872), 1790

Broadway, N. Y. City: 7.000; Sec., Dr. Reginald

M. Atwater. Public Health Nursing-(see Nursing, Nat'l Organ

ization for). Pulaski Memorial Committee, General (1937). Hotel

George Washington, Lexington Ave. at 23rd St.,

N. Y. City: 50,000; Sec., Anita Ziminski. Pulp and Paper Industry. Technical Ass'n of the

(1915). 122 East 42d St., N. Y. City: 2.000; Sec.

Treas., R. G. Macdonald. Purchasing Agents, Nat'l Association of (1915), 11

Park Place, N. Y. City: 6,061; Exec. Sec.. Treas.,

G. A. Renard. Puzzlers League, Nat'l (1883), 1325 E. Gibson St.,

Scranton, Pa.; Sec., Everett M. Smith, Box 205

Astor Station, Boston, Mass. Quota Club International (1919), 1719 Eye St..

N. W., Washington, D. C.: 4,000; Sec., Miss

Gladys W. Jones. Racing Association, United Hunts (1905). 250 Park

Ave., N. Y. City: 383; Sec. Treas., Earl S.

Potter. Racing Commissioners. Nat'l Ass'n of State (1934).

P. O. Box 156, Lexington, Ky., 85; Sec.-Treas.,

Thomas R. Underwood. Radio Artists, American Federation of (1937), 2

West 45th St., N. Y. City: 14,000; Nat'l Exec.

Sec., Mrs. Emily Holt. Radio Engineers-(see Engineers, Inst. of). Radio Relay League, American (1914), 38 LaSalle Road, West Hartford, Conn.; abt. 27,000; Man.

Sec., Kenneth B. Warner. Radio Union, Int'l Amateur (1925), 38 LaSalle Rd..

West Hartford, Conn.; Sec., Kenneth B. Warner. Railroads, Ass'n of American (1934), Transporta

tion Bldg., Washington, D. C.; 134 system lines:

Sec.-Treas., H. J. Forster. Railway Business Association (1908), 38 So. Dear

born St., Chicago, Ill.: 525; Sec., P. Harvey Mid

dleton. Railway Economics Ass'n of American Railroads,

Bureau of (1910), 1024 Transportation Bldg..

Washington, D. C.; Dir., Dr. J. H. Parmelee. Railway Engineering Ass'n-(see Engineering Ass'n,

Amer. Railway). Rainbow Division Veterans, Nat'l Ass'n (1919,

Neuenaur, Germany): 11,000: Pres., Walker H. Colston, 1357 New York Ave., N. E., Washington, D. C.; Sec., Edward C, Weitzel, P. O. Box 42,

Akron, Ohio. Real Estate Board of New York (1896). 12 East

41st St., N. Y, City: 2,400; Exec. Vice-Pres., Jones

W. Mersereau: Sec., Edgar Cadmus. Recreation Association, Nat'l (1906), 315 Fourth

Ave., N. Y. City: 9,481; Pres. Howard Braucher. Red Cross, American (1881), 17th and D Sts., N.W..

Washington, D. C.; 9.190.000 Seniors. 9.749.000


Juniors; Chmn., Norman H Davis.; Sec., Miss LaSalle St., Chicago, III.; 3,700; Exec. Vice-Pres..
Mabel T, Boardman,

Morton Bodfish; Sec., Herman F. Cellarius.
Red Men, Improved Order of (1834), 1521 W. Gerard Scenic and Historic Preservation Society, American

Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.; 250.000; Sec., H. F. (1895), 287 Convent Ave., N. Y. City: 250; Pres.,

Alexander Hamilton, as above; Sec., Merrili
Reform Federation, Int'l (1895), 134 B St., N. E., Denison, 400 East 520 St., N. Y. City.

Washington, D. C.; Gen. Supt., Clinton N School Art League of N. Y. City (1909), 110 Living-

ston St., Brooklyn, N. Y.; 18.230; Teacher-inReformed Church in the U. S., Board of Foreign Charge, Mrs. Dorothy Thornton.

Missions (1838), 905 Schaff Bldg., 1505 Race St.. School Garden Ass'n of N. Y. (1908), 121 East 51st
Philadelphia, Pa.; Exec. Sec., Rev. A. V. Cassel- St., N. Y. City: 10,000; Exec. Vice-Pres., Van

Evrie Kilpatrick.
Regional Plan Ass'n (1929), 400 Madison Ave., N. Schools for the Deaf-(see Deaf, Conference of)
Y, City: 750; Sec., Harold M. Lewis.

Science, American Ass'n for the Advancement of
Regular Veterans Association (1934), 1115 Fifteenth (1848), Smithsonian Institution Bldg., Washing-

St., N. W., Washington, D. C.; Nat'l Adjt., ton, D, C.; abt. 21.000; Permanent Secretary. F.
Luther N. Hussey,

R. Moulton.
Regular Veterans Womans Ass'n (1936), 5182 Ful- Sciences, American Academy of (1929), P. O. Box

ton St., N. W., Washington, D. C.; 3,000: Sec.. 1703, Miami, Fla; address all communications
Odillion Hopgood.

to the secretary.
Religious Education, Int'l Council of (1922), 203 No. Sciences, Nat'l Academy of (1863), Academy Bldg..

Wabash Ave., Chicago, Ill.; Gen. Sec., Dr. Roy G. 2101 Constitution Ave., Washington, D. C.: 319

members, 5 members emeriti, 42 foreign assoResearch Council, National (1916), 2101 Constitu- ciates; Exec. Sec., Paul Brockett.

tion Ave., Washington, D. C.; 225: Exec. Sec.. Sciences, New York Academy of (1817), Central Albert L. Barrows.

Park West at 79th St., N. Y. City; 1,948; Exec.
Research in Human Heredity, Ass'n for (1938), Cold Sec., Mrs. Eunice Thomas Miner.

Spring Harbor, L. I., N. Y.; Sec., H. H. Laughlin. Sciences, Social-(see Social Sciences).
Reserve Officers Association of the U. S. (1922). Scientific Temperance Federation (1906), 400 Boyl-

1726 Pennsylvania Ave., N. W., Washington, D. ston St., Boston, Mass.; Bus. Man, James J.
C.; 34,137; Sec., Lt. Col. Wm. P. Wattles.

McPhillips. Retail Credit Ass'n-(see Credit Ass'n).

Scottish Clans, Order of (1878), 150 Causeway St.. Retail Dry Goods Ass'n-(see Dry Goods Ass'n). Boston, Mass.; 25,000; Sec., Thomas R. P. Gibb. Retail Jewelers-(see Jewelers Ass'n, Amer. Nat'l). Sculpture Society, National (1895), 115 East 40th Rifle Association of America, Nat'l (1871), 1600 St., N. Y. City; abt. 300; Corr. Sec., Mrs. MargaRhode Island Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C.;

ret French Cresson.
125,000; Sec., C. B. Lister.

Seamen's Church Institute of N, Y. (1834), 25 South
Road Builders Ass'n, American (1902). 1319 F St.. St., N. Y. City; Dir., Rev. Harold H. Kelley.
N.W., Washington, D, C.; 5,000; Engineer-Dir.,

Seamen's Friend Society, American (1828), 550
Charles M. Upham.

West 20th St, N. Y. City: Sec., R. H. Lee Martin,
Rocket Society, American (1930), 1 East 42d St., Security League, National (1914), 45 West 45th St..

N, Y. City; approx. 300; Sec., Lovell Lawrence. N. Y. City; 4.000; Sec., John W. Tiedemann.
Rm. 606, as above, or 36-06 81st St., Long Island, Shipbuilders, Nat'l Council of American (1921), 21

West St., N. Y. City: 58; Sec.,

C. C. Knerr.
Roller Skating Rink Operators' Ass'n of the U. S. Shoe Retailers Ass'n, Nat'l (1912). 274 Madison

(1937), 5795 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich.; 517; Ave., N. Y. C.; 6.300: Vice-Pres., L. E. Langston..
Sec. - Treas., Fred A. Martin.

Sixth Avenue Association (1922), 570 Sixth Ave.,
Roosevelt Memorial Association (1919), 28 East 20th N. Y. City; 1,000; Sec., D. S. Macdonald.
St., N. Y. City: Sec., Hermann Hagedorn.

Ski Association of America, Nat'l (1904). Memom-
Rose Society, American (1899); abt. 3.500; Sec., R. onie, Wisc.; 275 clubs; Sec., Lloyd Ellingson.
Marion Hatton, Box 687, Harrisburg. Penn.

Soap and Glycerine Producers, Ass'n of American Rosicrucian Order (AMORC) (Ancient. Mystical

(1926), 381 Fourth Ave., N. Y. City: 126; Man..

Roscoe C. Edlund.
Order Rosae Crucis) (1915 in the U. S.); Rosi-
crucian Park, San Jose, Calif.; 35,000; Sec., Cecil

Social Hygiene Ass'n, American (1914), 1790
A. Poole.

Broadway, N. Y. City: 10,000; Exec. Dir., Dr.

Walter Clarke.
Rosicrucians, Society of (Societas Rosecrucians in

Social Sciences, Nat'l Institute of (1899), 271 Madi-
America) (1909). See House, 321 West 101st St..
N. Y. City: Sec. Gen., G. E. S. Miller.

son Ave., N Y City: 590: Sec., Miss Rosina

Rotary International (1910), 35 E. Wacker Drive,

Social Security, American Ass'n for (1927), 22 East.
Chicago, III; 5.000 clubs, 200,000 members; Sec..

17th St., N. Y, City: abt. 4,000: Sec, Abraham Chesley R. Perry.

Rough Riders, American (1937); 400; Sec., Robert Social Work, Nat'l Conference of (1873), 82 No.
Petross. 42-22 189th St., Flushing, N. Y.

High St., Columbus, Ohio: 7.716: Gen. Sec.,
Round Table International (Loyal Knights of the Howard R. Knight.

Round Table) (1922). 171 Shirley Savoy Hotel, Social Workers, Amer, Ass'n of (1921), 130 East
Denver, Colo; 1,150; Sec., James Landrum.

22nd St., N. Y. City; 11,181; Exec. Sec.. Walter Rowing Association, Intercollegiate (1895), Colum

West. bia, Cornell, Navy, Pennsylvania, Syracuse: Sec.- Society of the Cincinnati (1783), 2118 MassaTreas., Asa S. Bushnell, Central Office for East- chusetts Ave., Washington, D. C.: 1,580: Sec.. ern Intercollegiate Athletics, Biltmore Hotel, N. Francis A. Foster, Vineyard Haven, Mass. Y. City.

Sociological Society, American (1905): 1,034; Pres..
Royal Arcanum, Sup. Council (1877), 407 Shawmut Stuart A. Queen, Washington Univ., St. Louis,

Ave. Boston, Mass.: 60.000; Sec., Herbert F. Mo., Sec., Haroid A. Phelps, Univ. of Pitts-
Hotchkiss, Box E., Station A, Boston, Mass. burgh, Pa.

Sojourners, National (1918), 135 Glenbrook Rd.,
Safety Council, National (1913), 20 No. Wacker Bethesda, Md.; 9,560; Nat'l Sec., Lt. Col. George
Drive, Chicago, Ill.; 5,200; Man. Dir, and Sec., W. P. Unmacht.

Sons of the American Legion-(see American
H. Cameron,
St. Andrew's Society of the State of N. Y. (1756). Legion, Sons of).

Sons of the American Revolution, Empire State
105 East 22nd St., N, Y City; 850; Rec. Sec.,
Robert Graham.

Society (1890). Hotel Plaza, Fifth Ave, at 59th

St., N. Y. City; abt. 2.200, Sec., Major Chas. A. St. David's Society of the State of N Y. (1835).

Du Bois. 289 Fourth Ave., N. Y. City: 420; Sec., T, M.

Sons of the American Revolution, Nat'l Society Jenkins

(1889), 1227-16th St., N. W., Washington, D. C; St. George's Society of New York (1770). 15 Moore

15.000: Sec., Frank B. Steele. St. N Y, City: 570; Sec., G. N. B. Watkins,

Sons of the American Revolution, N. Y. Chapter Samaritans, Ancient, Mystic Order of (1901), 207

(1918), Hotel Plaza, Fifth Ave. at 59th Si, N. Tenth St, Niagara Falls, N. Y.; 6,500; Sec., Ralph

Y. City: abt. 1.100: Sec., Major Chas. A. DuBois. A Irish, Apt, 2, as above.

Sons of Confederate Veterans (1896), Law Bldg.. Save the Children Federation (1932), Metropolitan

Richmond, Va.; 30,000; Adjt.-in-Chief, Walter L.
Tower, 1 Madison Ave., N. Y. City; Sec., George

W. Briggs.

Sons of Italy, Grand Lodge (1911), 231 East 14th
Save-the-Redwoods League (1918), 114 Sansome

St., N. Y City; 16,000; Sec., Luigi Campione.
St., San Francisco, Calif.; 6,000; Sec., Aubrey Sons of Poland, Ass'n of the (1903), 665 Newark

Ave., Jersey City, N. J.: 16.000: Gen. Sec.. Alex-
Savings Banks, Nat'l Ass'n of Mutual (1920), 60 ander Sudnik, Jr.
Eust 42d St. N. Y. City: 505; Exec. Sec., John Sons of the Republic of Texas (1922), 2314 Morse
W. Sandstedt.

St., Houston, Texas; 400; Sec., Houston Wade.
Savings and Loan League, U. S. (1893), 221 No. Sons of the Revolution, Gen. Soc. (1876), in 29

States and Dist. of Columbia; 10,000; Gen. Television Engineers-(see Engineers Institute). Sec., Hoyt Garrod Post, 4 Linwood Pl., White Television Society, Hollywood (1936), Gower St., Plains, N, Y.

Hollywood, Calif.; 100, Pres., George H. Seward. Sons of the Revolution in the State of N. Y. (1876); Temperance Education Foundation, American Fraunces Tavern, 54 Pearl St., N. Y. City; 2,074;

(1933), R. C. Gross Bldg., Berwyn, Ill.: Exec. Sec., Chester H. Stevens.

Sec., Fred Cross. Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (1881).

Templary of Honor and Temperance (1845), 37 Colonial Trust Bldg., Reading, Pa.; 50,000; Sec..

Liberty St., New Britain, Conn.: abt. 7,500: Sec.,

John Sloan. H. H. Hammer.

Temple Sisterhoods, Nat'l Fed. of (1913), MerSons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, N. Y.

chants Bldg., Cincinnati, Ohio: 55,000; Exec. Chapter (1883), 2225 Municipal Bldg., N. Y.

Dtr., Miss Jane Evans. City: 23,680: Sec., Capt. Julius Isaacs.

Theological Schools, American Ass'n of (1922), 101 Sons of Zlon, Order (1910), 220 Fifth Ave, N. Y.

Hodge Hall, Princeton. N. J.; 87: Exec. Sec., City: 4,000; Sec., Herman Zvi Quittman,

Edward H. Roberts. Southern Education Foundation(see Education).

Theosophical Society in America (1875), Wheaton, Southern Society, New York (1886). 10 Rockefeller III,; 4,000; Nat'l Sec., Miss Etha Snodgrass, P.

Plaza, N. Y. City: 850; Sec., Harter F. Wright. 0. Drawer 419, as above. Spanish War Veterans, United (1904), 40 G St., Theosophical Society (Point Loma) (1875), 600 N, E., Washington, D. C.; 100.000; Quartermaster Catalina Blvd., Point Loma, Calif.; Sec. Gen.. General, P. J. Callan, as above, or Box 1915. Dr. Joseph H. Fussell. Washington, D. C.

Thirty-Fourth Street-Midtown Ass'n (1918). 47 Sponsors of the United States Navy, Society of West 34th St., N. Y. City; 100; Sec., Wm. G

(1909), Washington, D. C.; 300; Sec.. Mrs. Stan- Kretch. ton R. Norman, R. F. D. No. 4, Alexandria, Textiles, Nat'l Federation of (1872). 15 West 37th Va.

St., N. Y. City: Sec., Miss Irene L. Blunt. Sports Clubs, Int'l Association (1930), 17 East 42nd Toastmasters International (1932), 516 First N&St., R. F. No. 3, Alexandria, Va.

tional Bank Bldg., Santa Ana, Calif.; 4,500 Standards Association, American (1918), 29 West Sec., R. C. Smedley.

39th St., N. Y. City: 74 nat'l organizations with Tobacco Merchants Ass'n of the U. S. (1915), 341 2,000 companies; Sec., P. G. Agnew.

Madison Ave., N. Y. City; 447; Man. Dir, Charles Stars and Bars, Order of the (1938), Law Bldg..

Dushkind Richmond, Va.; 500; Ass't Adjt. Gen., Walter L. Torch Clubs, Int'l Ass'n of (1924), 519 White Bldg.. Hopkins.

Buffalo, N. Y.; 2,500; Sec., Irving R. Templeton. State Founders' Society of America (1902). 920 Town Hall, The (1894, as The Leaue for Political Midland Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio; Exec. Vice-Pres., Education), 123 West 43d St., N. Y. City: abt. Merrill G. Baker.

6.000: Sec., Miss Iva Nichols. State Governments, Council of (1933), 1313 East Tract Society, American (1825), 21 West 46th St.,

60th St., Chicago, Ill.: Exec. Dir., Frank Bane. N. Y. City; Exec. Sec., Dr. Edwin Noah Hardy. State Parks, Nat'l Conference on (1921), 901 Union Traffic Club of Baltimore (1913), 307 Lord Balti

Trust Bldg., Washington, D. C.; 500; Exec. Sec., more Hotel, Baltimore Md.; 766: Sec., James O. Harlean James.

Bromwell, P. O. Box 838, Baltimore, Md. Staten Island Civic League (1913), 7 Hayatt St., St.

Traffic Club of New York (1906), Hotel Biltmore. George, Staten Island: 75; Pres., Wm. P. Lough. 333 Madison Ave., N. Y. City: 1,500; Sec., H. H. Statistical Association, American (1839), 1626 K

Goble. st., N. W., Washington, D. C.; 2,972: Sec., R.

Transit Association, American (1882), 292 Madison L. Funkhouser,

Ave., N. Y. City; 729; Man. Dir., Charles Steamship Historical Society, American (1935), 48 Gordon: Gen. Sec., Guy C. Hecker, Custom House St, Providence, R. I.; Sec., Edwin

Trapshooting Association, Amateur (1923). VanA. Plat, 12 Joyce St., Barrington, R. I.

dalia, Ohio: 11,000; Pres, Ray Loring, as above; Steel Founders Society of America (1902), 920 Mid

Sec., L. M. Krieg. land Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio; 170; Sec., Raymond

Travelers Aid Society (1907), 144 East 44th St., L. Collier,

N. Y. City: Gen. Dir., Miss Virginia M. Murray. Steuben Society of America (1919), 369 Lexington Travelers of America, Order of United Commercial Ave., N. Y. City: Sec., F. W. Mayer.

(1888), 632 No. Park St., Columbus, Ohio; 78.264: Stewardship Council, United (1920), Hillsdale Col- Sec., A. W. Franklin.

lege, Hillsdale, Mich., 76; Sec., Dr. Harry S. Tree Association, American, 1214 16th St., WashMyers.

ington, D. C.; address communications to the Stock Exchange, Chicago (1882), 120 So. La Salle secretary St., Chicago, Ill.: 286: Sec., Walter R. Hawes.

Trotting Association, National (1870), 525 Main Stock Exchange, N. Y. (1792), 11 Wall St., N. Y. St., Hartford, Conn.; Sec., Roger Duncan.

City: 1,375; address communications to the secre- Trucking Associations, American (1933), 1424 16th tary

St., N.W., Washington, D. C.; 50 State AssociaStudent Volunteer Movement for Foreign Missions tions: Pres., Ted V. Rodgers, as above: Sec., (1888). 156 Fifth Ave., N. Y. City: 54.000; Gen.

Chester G. Moore, 616 So. Michigan Ave., Sec., R. H. Edwin Espy.

Chicago, Ill. Sugar Brokers Association, Nat'l (1903), 129 Front

Tuberculosis Ass'n, Nat'l (1904), 1790 Broadway. St., N. Y. City: 400; Exec. Sec., J. D. Hegeman,

N. Y. City; 1,932; Man. Dir., Dr. Kendall Jr., Rm. 808, as above.

Emerson: Sec., Dr. Charles J. Hatfield
Sunbathing Ass'n, Amer. (1933), Mays Landing,
N. J.; abt. 45,000; Sec., Ilsley Boone.

Turners, American (1850), 8735 E. Jefferson Ave.. Sunday School Association (see Religious Educa

Detroit, Mich.: 19.033; Sec., Emil L. Pletz. tion, Int'l Council of).

Typothetae of America, United (1885), 719 15th St., Sunday School Association, World's (1889), 156

N.W.. Washington, D. C.; Exec. Vice-Pres.. Filth Ave., N. Y. City: 37,825,519; Sec., Forrest

Donald Rein. L. Knapp. Sunday School Auxiliary Society, Nat'l (1937), 111 Underwriters, American Institute of Marine (1898).

First St., Pleasant Hill, Mo. Sec., A. J. Jones. 99 John St., N. Y. City: 40 companies; 72 inSurgeons, Military--(see Military Surgeons).

dividuals: Sec.. Ernest G. Driver. Surgical Association, American (1879): 300; Sec.. Underwriters Ass'n of the City of N, Y., Lile

Dr. Charles G. Mixter, 319 Longwood Ave., Bos- (1886). Hotel Pennsylvania, Seventh Ave, at 33d ton, Mass.

St., N. Y. City; 2,385; Sec., John M. Hughes. Suppression of Vice, N. Y. Society for the (1873),

Underwriters, Nat'l Board of Fire (1866), 85 John 215 West 22nd St., N. Y. City: 300; Sec., John

St., N. Y. City; 193 companies; Gen, Man, W. E S. Sumner.

Mallalieu: Sec.. Sumner Ballard. Surf Fishing Club, East End (1931), Riverhead, N.

Unitarian and Other Liberal Christian Women, Y., 800; Sec., Everett A. Brown.

Gen. Alliance of (1890), 25 Beacon St., Boston, Surgeons, American College of (1913). 40 East Erie

Mass.: 21,211; Sec., Mrs. Roydon C. Leonard. St., Chicago, Ill.; 12,950; Sec., Dr. Frederic A.

Unitarian Laymen's League (1919), 25 Beacon St, Besley

Boston, Mass.; 20 Sec., Richmond H. Sweet. Tammany, Society of, or Columbian Order (1786).

Unitarian Sunday School Ass'n (1827), 25 Beacon 100 East 17th St., N. Y. City: Grand Sachem, St., Boston, Mass.; Exec. Sec.. Rev. Ernest W.

Thomas Darlington; Sec., Edward J. McCullen. Kuebler Tax Association, National (1907). Library of Con

United American War Veterans of the U. S. (1918), gress, Washington, D. C.; 1,300; Sec., R. E. Rm. 905 Ordway Bldg., 207 Market St., Newark, Manning.

N. J.; Adit. Gen., Edward Goerke. Teachers, American Federation of (1916), 506 So. United Hospital Fund of N. Y. (1879), 370 Lexing

Wabash Ave., Chicago, Ill., 40.000Exec. Sec., ton Ave., N. Y. City: 75 voluntary hospitals in Irvin R. Kuenzli.

N. Y. City: Sec.. Matthías Plum.

United Amateur Press Ass'n (1895). Sec., Roy the U. S. (1905), 255 50th St., Pittsburgh, Pa.;

Erford, 515 Title Insurance Bldg , Seattle, Wash. 218; Sec., Mrs. Hugh Abercrombie, 541 North
United Press Associations (1907), 220 East_42nd Avenue., Verona, Pa.

St., N. Y. City: Pres., Hugh Baillie; Sec., R. H. Women Voters, National League of (1920). 726

Jackson Pl., Washington, P. C.; Pres., Miss
Universalist General Convention (1866), 16 Beacon

Marguerite M. Wells.
St., Boston, Mass., 51,556; Sec., Dr. John M. Women Voters, N, Y. League of (1920). 151 East

50th St., N. Y, City; Exec. Sec., Rita H. Morris. University Extension Ass'n, Nat'l (1915); 54 insti- Women's Bar Association, N. Y, (1935): 170; Rec.

tutions; Sec., W. S. Bittner, Indiana University Sec., Isable Joffe, 551 Fifth St., N. Y. City, Extension Division, Bloomington, Ind.

Women's Clubs, General Federation of (1890), 1734 University Professors, American Ass'n of_(1915). N St., N.W., Washington, D. C.; abt. 2.000.000; 1155 16th St., N.W., Washington, D. C.; abt.

Pres., Mrs. John L. Whitehurst. 16.000; Gen. Sec., Ralph E. Himstead.

Women's Clubs, Nat'l Fed. of Business and ProUniversity Women, American Ass'n of (1882), 1634 fessional (1919), 1819 Broadway, N. Y. City:

I St, N.W., Washington, D. C.; 71,461; Gen. Dir.. 75,000; Exec. Sec., Louise Franklin Bache.

Dr. Kathryn McHale; Sec., Miss Mary H. Smith Women's Educational and Industrial Union (1877), Uptown Chamber of Commerce-(see Chamber of 264 Boylston St., Boston, Mass.; 3,054; Sec. Commerce. Uptown).

Miss Mary H. Tolman, Urban League of x. Y. (1910), 202-6 West 136th

Women's International League for Peace and FreeSt., N Y City: 5,000Exec. Dir., James H. dom, U. S. Section (1915), 1734 F St., N.W.. Hubert; Sec., Mrs. Bessye Bearden.

Washington, D. C.; Nat'l Sec., Miss Dorothy Veterans Association (see Regular Veterans).

Detzer'. Veterans Association, American (1932), 271 Madi

Women's Medical Ass'n of N. Y. City (1900), co son Ave., N. Y. City: 13,000; Sec., Roger B.

N. Y. Academy of Medicine, 2 East 103d st.. Emmons.

N. Y. City: 225; Sec., Dr. Adelaide Romaine. Veterans of All Wars, Allied American (1922), Rm.

Women's National Republican Club (1921), 3 West 612, 127 No. Dearborn St., Chicago, Ill.: Adit.,

51st St., N. Y. City; abt. 4.000; Rec. Sec., Mrs. George S. Geis, 8013 Cottage

Grove Ave.,

Guy W. Renyx. Chicago, Ill.

Women's Trade Union League (1903), 247 LexingVeterans of Foreign Wars of the U. S. (1899).

ton Ave., N. Y. City; 100,000; Sec., Miss Cara

Broadway at 34th St., Kansas City, Mo., 250,000
Adjt. Gen., R. B. Handy, Jr.

Women's Trade Union League of America, Nat'i Veterans of Foreign Wars of the U. S., Ladies

(1903), 317 Machinists Bldg., Washington, D. C.: Auxiliary to the (1914), Broadway at 34th St.,

Sec. - Treas., Elisabeth Christman. Kansas City, Mo., abt. 100,000; Nat'l Sec. - Treas.,

Woodmen of America, Modern (1883), 1504 Third Mrs. Grace H. Davis.

Ave., Rock Island, I.; 419,474; Sec., J. G. Ray. Veterans of the U. S.-(see United American War

Woodmen Circle, Supreme Forest (1891), 33rd and Veterans).

Farnam Sts., Omaha, Nebr.; 132,292; Nat'l Sec.. Veterans Womans Association(see Regular Vet

Mrs. Mamie E. Long.

Woodmen of the World (1890), 1447 Tremont Place, erans, Womans). Veterinary Medical Ass'n, American (1863), 600 So.

Denver, Colo.; 42,893 all classes; Sec., Albert Michigan Ave., Chicago, Ill.; 6,500; Exec. Sec..

H. Laub. J. G. Hardenbergh.

Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society Vocational Ass'n, American (1925). 1010 Vermont

(1890), Insurance Bldg., Omaha, Nebr.: 346,827: Ave., N.W., Washington, D. c.; 25,418; Exec.

Sec., Farrar Newberry. Sec., L. H. Dennis.

Woodrow Wilson Foundation (1922), 8 West 40th Walt Whitman Society of America (1936), 377

St., N. Y. City: Exec. Sec.. Agnes F. Heaney. Anchor Ave., Oceanside, L. 1., N. Y.; 3,671;

Wool Manufacturers, Nat'l Ass'n of (1864); abt. Exec. Chmn., Fred R. Jones.

450; Pres., Arthur Besse, 386 Fourth Ave., N. Y. Walter Scott Foundation (see Crippled children).

City: Sec., Walter Humphreys, 80 Federal St., Walther League, International (1893). 6438

Boston, Mass. Eggleston Ave., Chicago, Ill.; abt. 100.000; Exec.

World Alliance of International Friendship -(see

Sec., Otto Theiss.
War of 1812, General Society of the (1814), 27 West

World Calendar Association (1930), International

Bldg., 630 Fifth Ave., N. Y. City: 11.500: Pres.. 44th St., N, Y, City; 600; Sec. Gen., Milo Frederick McAlpin.

Miss Elizabeth Achelis; Sec., Miss Harriet A.

Lillie. War Mothers, American (1917), Nat'l charter by

World Peace Foundation (1910). 40 Mt. Vernon Act of Congress, 1925); 9,000; Sec., Florence A.

St., Boston, Mass.; Dir., S. Shepard Jones. Latham. 2006 Columbus Rd., Washington, D. C. War, Nat'l Couneil for Prevention of 1921), 532 World's Sunday School Ass'n-(see Sunday School). 17th St., N.W., Washington, D. C.; Exec. Sec..

Young Judea, National (1909), 111 Fifth Ave., Frederick J. Libby.

N. Y, City; 21,500: Exec. Dir., Dr, Aaron Kessler. Waterways Ass'n, N. Y. State (1909), 240 State St..

Young Men's Christian Associations, Nat'l Council Albany, N. Y.; Sec. Warner Bates.

of ( 1844, in London; 1851, in U.S.): 347 Madison

Ave., N. Y. City: 2,493.756; Gen. Sec.. Eugene

of Weights and Measures, American Institute

E. Barnett. (1916), 33 Rector St., N. Y. City: Sec., Miss

Young Men's Hebrew Ass'n (1874), 92nd St. and Hortense Hanks. West End Association (1884), 225 Broadway, N. Y.

Lexington Ave., N. Y. City: 6,500: Exec. Dir..

Jack Nadel, City; 200: Pres., Henry D. Williams. West Side Ass'n of Commerce (1925), 330 West 42d Youth Patrol, National (1938), National Patrol

Home, Florence, Ore.; 52,000; Nat'l Sec. Mae
St., N. Y. City; 1,000; Man. Dir., James W.

E. Westran,

Young People's Christian Union of the Universalist Westchester County Children's Association (1914).

Church (name changed to Youth Fellowship. 8 Church St., White Plains, N. Y.: 4.000; Sec.

Universalist). and Exec. Dir., Mrs. Edith J. Mitchell

Young People's Religious Union (1896), 25 Beacon Wholesale Druggists--(see Druggists Ass'n, Nat'l).

St., Boston, Mass.; 7,000; Exec. Sec., Elizabeth Wholesale Dry Goods Institute (see Dry Goods Hunter. Institute).

Young Women's Christian Associations of the U. S. Wildlife Institute, American (1935), 822 Invest

of A., Nat'l Organization (1906), 600 Lexington ment Bldg., Washington, D. C.: Sec., J. Paul

Ave., N. Y. City: 530.000; Sec., Nat'l Board, Mrs. Miller

William Crawford White. Woman Geographers, Society of (1925). 232 Barr Young Women's Hebrew Association (1902), 31 West Bldg., Washington, D. C.; 300; Sec., Mrs. Benita

110th St., N. Y. City: 3.000: Exec. Dir., Mrs. Ray $. Harris.

F. Schwartz; Sec., Mrs. Benjamin Marshall. Woman's Association, Amer. (1912), 353 West 57th Youth Fellowship. Universalist (1889), 16 Beacon St., N. Y. City; 3.000; Sec., Miss Thalia Newton

Boston, Mass.; 3,500: Sec., Dorothy E. Brown,

Petersen, 97 Gould St., Wakefield, Mass. Woman's Christian Temperance Union, Nat'l Zionist Organization of America (1897). 1720 16th

(1874), 1730 Chicago Ave., Evanston, Ill.: 500.000; St., N.W. Washington, D. C.: 160.000; Sec.,
Sec., Mrs. Anna Marden DeYo.

Rabbi Isadore Breslau.
Woman's Home Missionary Society--(see Methodist Zonta International (1919). 59 East Van Buren
Episcopal Church).

St., Chicago, Ill.; 4,300; Sec., Miss Harriet C.
Woman's Roosevelt Memorial Association (1919). Richards.

28 East 20th St., N. Y. City: 750; Sec., Mrs. Zoologists, American Society of (1890); abt. 825; Randolph E. Chandler.

Sec., Dr. E. G. Butler, Princeton University, Women of The Army and Navy Legion of Valor of Princeton, N. J.


Abbreviations in Common Use

A. A. A. S. American Association for the Ad-D. Eng. Doctor of Engineering
vancement of Science

D. F. c. Distinguished Flying Cross
First Rate (at Lloyd's)

D. G.

(Dei Gratia), by the grace of God A. B.

Bachelor of Arts; able-bodied seaman Ditto, do. The same A. B. C. F. M. American Board of Commissioners D.Litt.,D.Lit. Doctor of Literature for Foreign Missions

D. 0.

Doctor of Optometry: Doctor ot

A. C.
Ante Christum (before Christ)

D. O. M.

Deo Optimo Maximo (To God the A. D. Anno Domini

Best and Greatest) A. D. C. Aide-de-camp



D. 0. S. Doctor of Optical Sciences
ad lib.
ad libitum (at discretion)


Doctor; Debtor



D. Sc.

Doctor of Science
A. E. F. American Expeditionary Force D. S. C. Distinguished Service Cross
Aet., Aetat. Aetatis (aged)

D. S. M. Distinguished Service Medal
A. F. of L. American Federation of Labor

D. S. 0. Distinguished Service Order A. 1. A. American Institute of Architecture

d. s. p.

Died without issue A. I. M. E. American Institute of Mining En


Duodecimo (folded in 12) gineers

D. V.

(L. Deo volente), God willing
A. M.
Ante Meridian (before mid-day); pwt.

Anno Mundi (in the year of the


(Eboracensis) of York (Abp's sig. world); Master of Arts


Ecclesiastical A. 0. H. Ancient Order of Hibernians

Ed. D.

Doctor of Education
A, P.
Associated Press

Ed. M.

Master of Education A. Q. M. G. Assistant-Quartermaster-General E. E. & M. P. Envoy Extraordinary and Minister A. R. A. Associate of the Royal Academy

Plenipotentiary A. U. C. Anno urbis conditae (from the foun

e. 6

(L. exempli gratia), for example dation of the city) (Rome)


B. A.
Bachelor of Arts

F., Fahr. Fahrenheit
B. Arch. Bachelor of Architecture

F. A. A. R. Fellow of the American Academy in Bart., Bt. Baronet

Rome Batt., Batn. Battalion

F. A. G. S. Fellow of the American Geographi. B. C. Before Christ; British Columbia

cal Society
B. C. L.
Bachelor of Civil Law

F. A. M. Free and Accepted Masons
B. D.
Bachelor of Divinity

F. B. A. Fellow of the British Academy
B. E.
Bachelor of Engineering

F. G. S. Fellow of the Geological Society B. Litt. Bachelor of Letters

F. M.

B. LL.
Bachelor of Laws


Folio (a sheet of paper folded once) B. Mus. Bachelor of Music

f. o. b.

Free on board


Brigade, Brigadier


Fraulein (Miss) (Ger.)
B. S.
Bachelor of Surgery

F. R. A. S. Fellow of the Royal Astronomical
B. Se.
Bachelor of Science

B. Th.
Bachelor of Theology

F. R. C. P. Fellow of the Royal College of PhyB. T. U. British Thermal Unit

sicians B. V. M. • Blessed Virgin Mary

F. R. C. S. Fellow of the Royal College of Sur. Bvt. Brevet

geons C., Cent. Centigrade

F. R. G. S. Fellow of the Royal Geographical C. A. Chartered Accour

Society Cantab. Of Cambridge University

F. R. S. Fellow of the Royal Society Cantuar. Of Canterbury (Abp's sig.)

F. S. A. Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries

G. A. R. Grand Army of the Republic

G. B. E. Knight or Dame Grand Cross Order
C. B.
Companion of the Bath

of the British Empire C. B. E.

Commander Order of the British G. C.,B. Knight Grand Cross of the Bath

G. C. I. E. Konight Grand Commander of the
C. E.
Civil Engineer

Indian Empire cf. Compare

G. C. M. G. Knight Grand Cross of St. Michael C. G. Commissary General; Consul General

and St. George C. H.

Companion of Honour (Eng.): Court G. C. S.I. Knight Grand Commander of the

Star of India
Chem. E. Chemical Engineer

G. C. V.O. Knight Grand Cross of Royal VicC. I. E. Companion of the Indian Empire

torian Order e, i. . Cost, insurance and freight

G. H. Q. General Headquarters
C. I. 0. Congress of Industrial Organizations Gen.

C. J.
Chief Justice


Companion of St. Michael and st. Ger.
C. M. G.



C. 0.
Commanding Officer


C. 0. D. Cash on Delivery

G. P. 0. General Post Office
Colony; Colonel


College; Collegiate

H. B. M. His Britannic Majesty

H. E.

His Excellency; His Eminence

H. H.

His (or Her) Highness; His Holiness Com.-in-Chf. Commander-in-Chief

H. I. H. His (or Her) Imperial Highness

H. I. M. His (or Her) Imperial Majesty

H. M. S. His Majesty's Ship
Corporal; Corporation

h. p.

Horse-power C. P. A. Certified Public Accountant

H. .

Headquarters C. S. B. Bachelor of Christian Science

H. R. H. His ((or Her) Royal Highness C. S. I. Companion of the Star of India H. S. H. His (or Her) Serene Highness C. SS. R. Congregation of the Most Holy Re- Ib., Ibid. Ibidem (in the same place) deemer (Redemptorist Order) i. e.

Id est (that is) C. v. 0. Commander Royal Victorian Order ign.

Ignotus (unknown) cwt. Hundred weight

I. H. S. Jesus Hominum Salvator (Jesus the D. A. R. Daughters of the American Revo

Savior of Men), more correct! lution

IHS, the first three letters in the D., Dem. Democratic

name of Jesus in Greek D. B. E. Dame Commander Order of the Inc.

British Empire


Incognito (in secret)
D. C.
Doctor of Chiropractic

1. N. S. International News Service D. C. L. Doctor of Civil Law


Inspector D. C. T. Doctor of Christian Theology


Instant: Institute
D. D.
Doctor of Divinity

I. O. G. T. International Order of Good TemD. D. S. Doctor of Dental Surgery

plars deg. Degree

I. 0. 0. F. Independent Order of Oddfellows del. (L. delineavit) he drew


I owe you dele. (L, deleatur) delete

Ital., Jt. Italian

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