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Associations and Societies in the United States

y Goods Association, Nat'l Retail (1911),, 101 Engineers, American Society of Heating and VenWest 31st St., N. Y. City; 6,000; Gen. Man., tilating (1895), 51 Madison Ave., N. Y. City: Lew Hahn.

3,030; Sec., A. V. Hutchinson, Rm. 3000, as above. ry Goods Institute, Wholesale (1928). 40 Worth Engineers, American Society of Mechanical (1880). St., N. Y. City: 125; Exec. Sec., Henry Matter, 29 West 39th St., N. Y. City: 14,904; Sec., ucks Unlimited (1937), 342 Madison Ave., N, Y. Clarence E. Davies. City; 21,000; Sec., William F. O'Donnell.

Engineers, American Society of Naval (1888), Bu-
agles, Fraternal Order of (1898), Kirkwood Bldg.. reau of Ships, Navy Dept., Washington, D. C.:
18th and McGee Sts., Kansas City, Mo.; 700,000; 1,400; Sec.-Treas., J. E. Hamilton.
Grand Sec., John A. Abel.

Engineers, Chemical-(see Chemists and Chemical
Castern Star, Order of, Grand Chapter (1896). Engineers).
Masonic Ternple, 13th & N. Y. Ave., N.W., Wash- Engineers of the City of N, Y., Municipal (1903).

ington, D. C. 10,361; Grand Sec., Rose A. Yost. 29 West 39th St., N. Y. City: 600; Sec., Alfred
Castern Star, Oriental Grand Chapter (1916), 71 Brandy.

West 131st St., N. Y. City; Sec., Kittie L. Engineers Institute of America, Television (1940),

Williams, Apt. 4E, 203 West 140th St., N. Y. City. 763 Gower St., Hollywood, Calif., Sec., Arthur
Economic Association, American (1885); 3,398 A. Stern.

members, 1.281 subscribers: Sec., Prof. James Engineers, Institute of Radio (1912). 330 W. 42d
Washington Bell, Northwestern Univ., Evanston, St., N. Y. City; 5,700; Sec., Harold P. Westman.

Engineers, Nat'l Society of Professional (1934).
Economic Research, Nat'l Bureau of (1920), 1819 National Press Bldg., Washington, D. C.; 8.200:

Broadway, N. Y. City; Exec. Dir.. William J. Sec., Edward Larson.

Engineers, N. Y. State Society of Professional
Economy League, National (1932), 280 Madison (1926), 1941 Grand Central Terminal, N. Y. City:

Ave., N. Y, city: 5,000; Exec. Dir., H. G. W. 3,700: Sec., Ernest F. Fox,

Engineers, Society of Aeronautical Weight (1939):
Edison Electric Institute (1933), 420 Lexington 250: Chmn., John E. Ayers, Sr., c/o Vega Alr.
Ave,, N. Y. City: approx. 175; Sec., M. B. Woods.

plane Co., Burbank, Calif.
Editorial Association, National (1885). 188 W. Engineers, Society of American Military (1919).

Randolph St., Chicago, Ill.; 4,500; Sec., Don Eck, Mills Bldg., 17th & Penna. Ave., Washington,
Education, American Council on (1918), 744 Jack-

D. C.; 11,600; Exec. Sec., Col. J. Franklin Bell,
son Place, N.W., Washington, D. C.; 534 colleges, Rm. 808, as above.
universities and educational associations; Pres. Engineers, Society of Automotive (1905), 29 West
George F. Zook.

39th St., N. Y. City: 7,810; Sec., A. T, Colwell. Education Association of the U. S., Nat'l (1857).

Engineers, Society of Motion Picture (1916), Hotel 1201 16th St., N.W., Washington, D. C.; 211,191;

Pennsylvania, N. Y. City; address communicaExec. Sec., Willard E. Givens,

tions to the secretary. Education, Council of Church Boards of (1911).

English-Speaking Union (1920). 30 Rockefeller
744 Jackson Pl., N.W., Washington, D. C.;

Plaza, N. Y. City; 14,500; Gen. Sec., Frank s.
Boards of Education, 22 denominations; Gen.

Sec., Gould Wickey, Suite 106, as above.

Epiphany Guild of America (1924), 9148 193d St.,
Education Foundation, Southern (1937), 726 Jack-

Hollis, L. I., N. Y.; 461; Sec., Mrs. Jane Nagle
son Pl., N.W., Washington, D. C.; Pres., Arthur

D. Wright.

Episcopal Actors' Guild of America (1926), "Little
Education, Institute of International (1919), 2 West

Church Around the corner," 1 East 29th St., 45th St., N. Y. City: Dir., Stephen Duggan. N. Y. City: 1,450; 1st Vice-Pres. Rev. Randolph 8th Army Corps National Ass'n (1927); abt. 40,000

Ray: Sec., Percy Moore, survivors of Philippine expeditions of Spanish- Epworth League (see M. E, Church). American War; Nat'l Historian, George S. Geis, Erectors' Association, Nat'l (1906). 33 West 42d 8013 Cottage Grove Ave., Chicago, Ill.

St., N. Y. City: Sec., Miss Bessie L. Crocker. Electrical Engineers-(see Engineers, Amer. Inst. Eta Kappa Nu Association (1904), P. O. Drawer of).

C, Dillsburg, Pa.; 8,191; Exec. Sec., A. B. Zerby. Electrical Manufacturers Ass'n, Nat'l (1926), 155 Ethnological Society, American (1842), Columbia East 44th St., N. Y. City: 357 member companies; Univ., N. Y. City; 236; Pres., Prof. Wm. Duncan Man. Dir.. W. J. Donald.

Electrical Society, N. Y. (1881), 29 West 39th St., Eugenics Research Association--(see Research in
N. Y. City: Sec., P. M. Neave.

Human Heredity).
Electrochemical Society (1902), Columbia Uni-

Eugenics Society, American (1926), Rm. 803-A. versity, 119th St. & Broadway, N. Y. City: Sec., RKO Bldg., Rockefeller Center, N. Y. City: 700 Colin G. Fink.

Sec.. Rudolf C. Bertheau.
Elks, B. & P. Order of (1868), 2750 Lakeview Ave.,

Exchange Club, National (1917), 335 Superior St.,
Chicago, Ill.; 500.000; Sec., J. E. Masters.

Toledo, Ohio; 40,000; Sec., Herold M, Harter.
Elks, B. & P. Order of, N. Y. Lodge No. 1 (1868),

Family Welfare Association of America (1911), 122 799 Seventh Ave., N. Y. City: 2,306; Sec., Moses

East 22d St., N. Y. City: 220; Sec., Linton B. Altmann.

Swift. Engine and Boat Manufacturers, Nat'l Ass'n of Farm Bureau Federation, American (1920). 58 E. (1904). 420 Lexington Ave., N. Y. City; 154;

Washington St., Chicago, Ill.: 450.000 families;
Sec.. Ira Hand.

Sec., R. W. Blackburn,
Engineering Association, American Railway (1899),

Farmer Labor Political Federation (1934), 2298 59 E. Van Buren St., Chicago, Ill.; 1,905; Sec..

East Washington St., Chicago, Ill.: 400,000 farm W. S. Lacher.

Doswell Ave., St. Paul, Minn.; 110,000; Sec..
Engineering Foundation (1914), 29 West 39th St.,

Elizabeth B. Williams.
N. Y. City: Sec., John H. R. Arms.

Fencers League of America, Amateur (1891); 1.165:
Engineering Society, Iluminating (1906), 51 Madi-

Sec., Dr. Ervin S. Acel, 15 Whitehall St., N. Y. son Ave., N. Y. City; abt. 3,500; Sec., Howard M.


Fifth Avenue Association (1907), 350 Fifth Ave.,
Engineering Trustees, United (1904), 29 West 38th
St., N. Y. City: Sec., John H. R. Arms.

N. Y. City; 1,000; Sec., Thomas W. Hughes.

Fine Arts Federation of New York (1895), 115 East
Engineers, American Ass'n of (1915), 8th floor, 8
So. Michigan Ave., Chicago, Ill.; 5,900; Nat'i

40th St., N. Y. City; abt. 100; Sec., Allyn Cox.

Fire Underwriters-(see Underwriters, Nat'l Board
Sec., M. E. McIver.

Engineers, Amer. Institute of Chemical (1908). 50
East 41st St., N. Y. City; 2.797; Exec. Sec.,

Firemen's Ass'n of Greater N. Y., Uniformed
Stephen L. Tyler.

(1917). 63 Park Row, N. Y. City: 12.500; Sec.. Engineers, American Institute of Consulting (1910), Michael Collins, Rm, 407, as above. 75 West St., N. Y. City; 126; Sec., Philip W.

First Avenue Association (1926), 719 First Ave.,

N. Y. City: 650; Sec., J. J. Hackett.
Engineers, American Institute of Electrical (1884), Fisheries Society, American (1870). 822 Investment

33 West 39th St., N, Y. City: 18.339; Nat'l Sec.. Bldg., Washington, D. C.; Sec., Dr. R. P. Hunter,
H. H. Henline.

Co State Board of Fisheries and Game. Hart.
Engineers, American Institute of Mining and ford, Conn.
Metallurgical (1871), 29 West 39th St., N. Y.


Association, United States (1924), 923 City: 14.999; Sec., A B. Parsons.

Fifteenth St., N.W., Washington, D. C.: 50,000 Engineers, American Society of (1912), R. E. Gross Exec. Sec., Mrs. Eleanor Austin.

Bldg., Berwyn, Ill.; address communications to Flag Day Association, American (1888), 1414 Oxford the secretary.

St., Philadelphia, Pa., Founder & Div. Gen.,
Engineers, American Society of Agricultural (1907). Col. William T. Kerr; Sec., Mrs. D. Edwin

Box 229, St. Joseph, Mich.; 1,292; Sec., Raymond Miller. 6343 Jackson St., Pittsburgh, Pa.

Florists and Ornamental Horticulturists, Society of
Engineers, American Society of Civil (1852). 33 American (1883), Stevens Hotel. Chicago, in.;

West 39th St., N. Y. City: 17,113; Sec., George Sec.. Robert H. Roland.
T. Seabury,

Flushing Historical Society (1903), Flushing

Library. 41-25 Main St.. Flushing, N. Y.; 200; 675,000; Nat'l Dir., Mrs. Paul Rittenhouse; Sec., Exec. Sec., Haynes Trebor.

Mrs. Thomas H. Beck. Foreign Missions Conference of North America Girl Scouts Federation of Greater New York (1930).

(1893). 156 Fifth Ave., N. Y. City: Gen. Sec.. 670 Lexington Ave., N. Y. City; abt. 23,000: Emory Ross.

Exec. Sec., Mrs. Mabel L. Thompson. Foreign Policy Association (1918), Midston House, Girls Clubs, N. Y. League of (1885). 55 West 44th

22 East 38th St., N. Y. City: 19,194; Sec., Miss St., N. Y. City; abt. 500; Exec. Sec., Miss Ruth Dorothy F. Leet.

E. Quigley Foreign Trade Council, Nat'l (1914). 26 Beaver St., Girls' Friendly Society of the U. S. A. (1877), 386 N. Y. City: Sec., Lindsay Crawford.

Fourth Ave., N. Y. City; 24,000; Exec. Sec., Mrs. Foresters of America, Supreme Court (1889). 185 Albert S. Cook.

Church St., New Haven, Conn.; Supreme Sec., Girls Service League of America (1908), 138 East James J. Walsh.

19th St., N. Y. City: Exec. Dir., Stella A. Miner. Foresters, Society of American (1900). 825 Mills Goat Society, American (1938), (con lidation

Bldg., Washington, D. C.; 4,800: Sec., Henry E. Int'l Dairy Goat Record Assoc., 1927: Amer. Clepper,

Goat Soc., 1935): University Place Station, Forestry Association, American (1875), 919 17th Lincoln, Nebr.: 650: Sec., John P. Brox,

St., N.W., Washington, D. C.; 14,000; Exec. Sec., Gold Star Mothers, American (1928), New Colonial Ovid Butler.

Hotel, Washington, D. C. Nat'l Pres.. Mrs. Forty and Eight, The (1920), 777 No. Meridian St., William H. Balcom; Nat'l Sec., Mrs. L. Engel

Indianapolis, Ind.; 43,000: Corr. Nat'l Sec., hardt, 20-02 Jordan St., Bayside, L. I., N. Y. C. W. Ardery.

Golden Rule Foundation (1929), 60 East 42nd St., 42nd Street Property Owners and Merchants Ass'n N. Y. City; Sec., Miss L. S. Ritscher.

(1919), 50 East 42nd St., N, Y. City: 500; Exec. Golf Association, U. S. (1894), 73 East 57th St., Vice-Pres., L. P. Hooper.

N. Y. City; 792 member clubs, Exec. Sec., Joseph Foundation for Positive Health (see Health),

C. Dey, Jr. Founders and Patriots of America, N. Y. Soc. of Good Templars, Int'l Order of (1905), 1459 Boule

the Order of (1896); 218; Sec., Horace Willard vard, West Hartford, Conn.; Nat'l Sec., Alfred Richter, Hotel Pierrepont, 55 Pierrepont St.,

Abrahamson. Brooklyn, N. Y.

Gorgas Memorial Institute-(see Medicine, Gorgas France-America Society (1911), 2 Rector St., N. Y. Memorial). City: 150; Sec., Maurice Force.

Governmental Research Ass'n (1915), 1313 E. 60th Franklin Institution (1824), Benjamin Franklin St., Chicago, Ill.; 600; Sec., Robert M. Paige.

Pkwy. at 20th St., Philadelphia, Pa.; 4,000; Sec. Governmental Research, Citizens Bureau of (1938). & Dir., Dr. Henry Butler Allen.

180 State St., Albany, N. Y.; Exec. Vice Pres.. Fraternal Congress of America, Nat'l (1886). 35 Abbett Pulliam.

East Wacker Drive, Chicago, 111.: 86 fraternal Governmental Research, Detroit Bureau of (1916). benefit societies: Sec., Foster F. Farrell.

5135 Cass Ave., Detroit, Mich.; Dir., Lent D. Freemasons-(see Masons).

Upson. French Alliances in the U. S. and Canada, Federa

Governors' Conference (1908), 1313 E. 60th St., tion of (1902), 22 East 60th St., N. Y. City:

Chicago, Ill.: 48 State Governors and 4 TerriSec.-Gen.. Pierre Bedard.

torial Governors; Sec.-Treas., Frank Bane. French Chamber of Commerce of the U. S. (1896), Grand Army of the Republic (est. April 6, 1866): 4 East 52nd St., N. Y. City: abt. 925; Exec. Sec.,

Sec., Miss Katharine R. A Flood, 311 State Pirmin Guego.

Capitol, Topeka, Kan. French Institute in the U. S. (1911), 22 East 60th Grand Army of the Republic, Nat'l Woman's Relief St., N. Y. City: 1,125; Dir., Pierre Bedard.

Corps (Auxiliary to) (1883); Sec., Emma W. French Legion of Honor, American Society of the

Campbell, 3514 Pleasant Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. (1924), 522 Fifth Avenue, N. Y. City: 600; Vice

Grand Jurors Ass'n, Federal, for the Eastern Pres., William F. Paris.

District of N. Y. (1927), 701 Federal Bldg., Friends of de Grasse, Society of the (1831); 1,500:

Brooklyn, N, Y; Sec., Waldo T. Hunter. Philip R. Dillon, Redding Ridge, Conn.

Grand Jurors' Association, Queens County (1925). Friends' General Conference (1900), 1515_Cherry

8522 123rd St., Richmond Hill, N. Y. City: 475; St., Philadelphia, Pa.; 17.103; Sec., J. Barnard

Sec., G. Edward Gordon. Walton.

Grand Jury Association of N. Y. County (1913), Friends of Lafayette, American (1932), Easton, 50 Lafayette St., N. Y. City: Sec., Joseph A. Pa.; 900; Sec.- Treas., Theodore E. Norton.

Hanfl. Rm. 903, as above. Fruit and Vegetable Distributors, Nat'l League of

Grand Jury Association for the Southern Dist. of Wholesale Fresh (1893). 512 F St., N.W., Wash- N. Y., Federal (1927), Rm. 1430. 101 Park Ave., ington, D. C., 510, Sec.. Horace H. Herr.

N. Y. City: 550; Sec., c. Crawford Eadie. Gas Association, American (1919), 420 Lexington Grand Street Boys' Association (1921), 106-8 West

Ave., N. Y. City: 5,000: Man. Dir., Alexander 55th St., N. Y. City: abt. 2.000; Sec., Max Forward; Sec., Kurwin R. Boyes.

Bernstein. Gem Society, Amer. (1934), 541 So. Alexandria, Los Graphic Arts, Amer. Inst. of (1914), 115 E. 40th

Angeles, Cal.; 900; Sec.. Mrs. Dorothy Phebus. St., N. Y. City: 639; Sec., Blanche Decker. Gemological Institute of America (1931), 541 So. Gynecological Society, American (1876); 131; Sec., Alexandria, Los Angeles, Calif.; Sec.. Dorothy

Dr. Howard C. Taylor, Jr., 842 Park Ave., N. Y. Jasper.

City. Genetic Association, American (1913), 308 Victor Gyro International (1912), 786 Union Commerce

Bldg., Washington, D. C.; 3,823; Man. Editor, Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio; 4,000; Sec., Edmund L., R. C. Cook

Georgraphers, Association of American (1904); 167; Hackney Horse Society, American (1891), Norshon

Pres., Prof. Griffith Taylor, Dept. of Geography, Road. Merrick, L. I., N. Y.; Sec., Gurney C.
Univ. of Toronto, Canada, Sec. Prof. Preston E. Gue, Box 536, Merrick, L. I., N. Y.
James, Dept. of Geography. Univ. of Mich., Ann Hadassah, Women's Zionist Organization of
Arbor, Mich.

America (1912). 1819 Broadway, N. Y. City: Geographic Society, National (1888), 16th and M 100,000 senior and junior; Sec., Mrs. A. P.

Sts., Washington, D. C.; 1,100.000; Pres., Dr. Schoolman. Gilbert Grosvenor: Sec., Dr. George W. Hutchin- Health Federation of America, Group (1940), 1790 scn.

Broadway, N. Y. City; Sec.-Treas., Charles A.

Marlies. Geographical Society, American, 1852.): Broadway at ; Dir.,

Health Council, Nat'l (1921), 1790 Broadway. Wright.

N. Y. City; Bus. Man.. Thomas C. Edwards. Geological Society of America (1888). 419 West Health, Foundation for Positive (1919), 1790 Broad

117th St., N. Y. City: 796; Sec., Dr. Henry R. way, N. Y. City: Exec. Officer, Mrs. D. W. Cooper. Aldrich,

Health, Physical Education and Recreation, AmerGerman Beneficial Union of Pittsburgh (1892), ican Ass'n for (1885, as Amer. Ass'n for Advance

1505 Carson St., Pittsburgh, Pa.; 32.228Sec., ment of Physical Education): 1201 16th St., N.W., Wm. T. Funk.

Washington, D. 0.: 9,301; Sec., N. P. Neilson. German Press Club, N. Y. (1886), 22 No. William Heating and Ventilating Engineers--(see Engineers, St., N. Y. City: 75: Sec., Hans M, Hoffman.

Amer. Soc. of). German Society of the City of N. Y. (1784), 147 Hearing, American Society for the Hard of (1919),

Fourth Ave., N. Y. City; abt. 500; Pres., F. W. 1537 35th St., N.W., Washington, D. C.: Exec. Lafrentz, 100 Broadway, N. Y. City.

Dir., Miss Betty C. Wright. Gideons, The (Christian Commercial Men's Ass'n Heart Association, American (1922), 1790 Broad

of America) (1899), 202 So. State St., Chicago. way, N. Y. City: 2,300; Office Sec., Miss Gertrude Ill.; abt. 10,000; Sec., Nellie F. Dewar.

P. Wood. Girl Scout Council of Greater N. Y. (1930). 670 Hebrew Congregations, Union of American (1873).

Lexington Ave., N. Y, City: 25,149; Metropolitan 34 West 6th St., Cincinnati, Ohio; 55.000; Exec. Director, Miss Eleanor Edson.

Dir.. Dr. Edward L, Israel, Girl Scouts (1912), 155 East 44th St., N, Y. City: Hebrew Educational Society of Brooklyn (1893

564 Hopkinson Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.; 3,000 Institute of the Clty of N. Y., Amer. (1828). 60 Supt., Rabbi Alter F. Landesman; Sec., Nathaniel East 42d St., N, Y. City; Sec., Gerard P. Herrick. Bloom.

Insurance Society of New York (1901). 107 William Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society St., N. Y. City: 1,762; Sec., Edward Hardy.

(1884), 425 Lafayette St., N. Y. City: 75,000: Intercollegiate Rowing--(see Rowing Ass'n). Sec., Isaac L. Asofsky.

International House, N. Y., Alumni Ass'n of Helms Athletic Foundation (1936), 401 W. M. Gar

(1936), 500 Riverside Drive, N. Y. City: Sec., land Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif.; Man. Dir.,

K. P. Damlamian. W. R. Bill Schroeder.

International Lyceum Association (1903), Rm. D 15, Helpers, Supreme Order of (1915), 615 F St., N.W.,

Congress Hotel, Chicago, Ill.; 300; Exec. Sec. Washington, D. C.; 2,350; Sec., William L.

Miss Caroline McCartney. Houston.

Interracial Cooperation, Commission on (1919). 710 Hibernians in America, Ancient Order of (1836),

Standard Bldg., Atlanta, Ga., Exec. Dir.. Will 1648 Westmont Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa.: 80.000;

W. Alexander; Sec., Emily H, Clay. Sec., Leo Kelly.

Investment Bankers_(see Bankers Ass'n). Highways Association, Nat'l (1911), Bass River.

Iron and Steel Institute, American (1912), 350 Fifth Cape Cod, Mass.; over 1,000,000 adherents:

Ave., N. Y. City: Sec., George S. Rose. Founder and Pres., Charles Davis.

Italian Associations, Nat'l United (1934), 39 HighHistorical Association, American (1884), Library

lawn Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.; 50.000; Exec. Sec..

Dante V. Ariola. of Congress Annex, Study Room 274, Washing

Italian Chamber of Commerce in N. Y. (1887). 99 ton, D. C.; 3,573: Exec. Sec., Guy Stanton Ford.

Hudson St., N, Y. City; 475; Sec., Andrea Historical Association, N. Y. State (1899), Coopers

Brancato. town, N. Y.; 1.750; Sec., Clifford L. Lord.

Italy America Society (1918), 122 East 58th St.. Historical Society of Missouri, State (1898), Co

N. Y. City: Exec. Sec., Alberto Garabelli. lumbia, Mo., Sec., Floyd C. Shoemaker.

Izaak Walton League of America (1922), Rm. 1167 Historical Society, Nat'l (1915). 175 Fifth Ave., Merchandise Mart, Chicago, Ill.; Exec. Sec.. N. Y. City; Sec., Arthur Linton Handley.

Kenneth A. Reid.
Historical Society, N. Y. (1804), 170 Central Park Japan Society (1907), 527 Fifth Ave., N. Y. City:

West, N. Y. City: 780; Dir., Alexander J. Wall. 700; Pres., Henry W. Taft.
Historical Society, Western Reserve (1867), 10825 Jewelers Association, American Nat'l Retail (1906),

East Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio; Dir., Wallace 22 West 48th St., N. Y, City: 3,150; Sec., Charles
H. Cathcart.

T. Evans Holland Society of New York (1885), 90 West St., Jewelers Security Alliance of the U. S. (1883). 535

N. Y. City: limited to 1,000; Sec., Frank H. Fifth Ave., N. Y. City; 1.800; Sec., James H. Vedder, 165 Broadway, N. Y. City.

Noyes, Rm. 905, as above, Home Economics Association, American (1908). Jewish Agricultural Society (1900), 386 Fourth

620 Mills Bldg.. Washington, D. C.: over 15.000 Ave., N. Y. City: Man. Dir., Gabriel Davidson: individuals, 2,350 student clubs; Exec. Sec., Miss Sec., Reuben Arkush. Edna Van Horn.

Jewish Braille Institute of America (1931), 1825 Home Market Club (1887), 38 Chauncy St., Boston, Harrison Ave., N, Y. City: 2,500; Sec., Leopold Mass.: 250; Sec.. William H. Cliff.

Dubov. Home Missions Council of North America (1940), Jewish Committee, American (1906), 386 Fourth

(a merger of Home Missions Council and Council Ave., N. Y. City; 1,159; Sec., Morris D. Waldman. of Women for Home Missions, est. 1908): 297 Jewish Federations and Welfare Funds, Council of Fourth Ave., N. Y. City: Exec. Secretaries, Miss (1932), 165 West 46th St., N. Y. City: Exec. Dir.. Edith E. Lowry, Dr. Mark A. Dawber.

H L. Lurie. Home Owners, Municipal Committee for Relief of Jewish Historical Society, American (1892), 3080

(1934), 84 William St., N. Y. City; Gen. Chmn.. Broadway, N. Y. City: 375: Librarian, Isidore S. James N. MacLean, Rm. 1506, as above.

Meyer. Homeopathy, American Institute of (1845), 280 Jewish Philanthropic Societies of N. Y. City, Fed

Madison Ave., N. Y City: 4.000; address all eration for the Support of (1917). 71 West 47th communications to the Business Manager.

St., N. Y. City; 59,871; Exec. Vice-Pres., Solomon Horological Institute of America (1921). National Lowenstein. Bureau of Standards, Washington, D. C.; 500:

Jewish War Veterans of the U. S. (1896), 276 Fifth Sec., Ralph E. Gould.

Ave., N. Y. City: 50.000: Nat'l Adj., Abe Cohen. Horse Show Ass'n of America, Nat'l (1883), 90 Jewish Welfare Board, Nat'l (1917). 220 Fifth Ave..

Broad St., N. Y. City: Vice Pres.. Whitney Stone, N. Y. City: 425.000; Exec. Dir., Louis Krait. as above; Sec., John S. Wise, Rm. 102 Alber- Jewish Women, Nat'l Council of (1893). 1819 marble Co. Bldg., Charlottesville, Va.

Broadway, N. Y. City; 60,000; Sec., Mrs. Edgar Horseshoe Pitchers Ass'n of America, Nat'l (1921), Menderson, 14 Burton Woods Lane, Cincinnati, 1351 28th St., Des Moines, Iowa 1,700; Sec..

Ohio. J. Robert Tompkin

Job's Daughters, Order of (1921), 341 No. 35th St., Horticultural Society of N. Y. (1902), 598 Madison Omaha, Nebr.: 30.000; Supt Sec.. Nan Martin.

Ave., N. Y. City: 3,500; Exec. Sec., Miss Elizabeth Judicature Society Promote the Efficient Peterson

Administration of Justice, American (1913). Hospital Association, American (1898), 18-20 E. Hutchins Hall, Ann Arbor, Mich., 2,770; Sec.

Division St., Chicago, Ill.; 5,233; Exec. Sec., Treas., Herbert Harley.
Dr. Bert W. Caldwell.

Junior Colleges-(see Colleges, Amer. Ass'n). Hospital Fund of New York, United (1879), 370 Junior League of the City of N. Y, (1900), 221 East

Lexington Ave., N. Y, City; Pres., David H. 71st St., N. Y, City; 2,100. Sec., Mrs. Braman McAlpin Pyle.

B. Adams II. Hotel Ass'n of the U. S. and Canada, American Junior Leagues of America, Ass'n of the (1921),

(1910). 221 West 57th St., N. Y. City; Exec. Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, N, Y, City; 35,100; Exec. Dir., Thomas D. Green,

Sec., Mrs. De Forest Van Slyck. Huguenot Society of America (1883), 122 East 58th Junior Mechanics-(see Mechanics of the U, S.).

St., N. Y. City: 440: Sec., Margaret A. Jackson, Junior Police, National (1938). National Patrol Humane Ass'n, American (1877), 135 Washington Home, Florence, Ore.; Exec. Sec., Grace Howell.

Ave., Albany, N. Y.; 6.900; Sec., Eric H. Hansen. Kennel Club, American (1884), 221 Fourth Ave., Hunts Racing-(see Racing Association).

N. Y. City; 257 member clubs: Sec., P. B. Rice, Ice Industries, Nat'l Association of (1918), 228 No. Kindergarten Association, Nat'l (1909), 8 West

LaSalle St., Chicago, Ill.; 2,000; Exec. Sec., 40th St., N. Y. City; abt. 3,000; Exec. Sec.. Mount Taylor.

Miss Bessie Locke. Illuminating Engineering Society--(see Engineer- Kings Daughters and Sons, Int'l Order of (1886). ing Soc., Illuminating).

144 East 37th St., N. Y. City: abt. 55,000; Exec. Illustrators, Society of (1901), 128 East 63d St., Sec.. Miss Kate C. Hall.

N. Y. City; 300: Exec. Sec., Arthur Jenkins. Kiwanis International (1915), 520 No. Michigan
Immigrant Welfare, Nat'l Institute of (1935). 2 Ave., Chicago. Ill.: 114,000; address all com-
West 45th St., N. Y. City: 450; Exec. Dir., Edith munications to the secretary.
Terry Bremer.

Knights of Columbus (1882), 45 Wall St.. New Indian Rights Association (1882), 301 So. 17th St.. Haven, Conn.: 409,393; Sup. Sec., Joseph F.

Philadelphia, Pa.; 700; Gen. Sec., Lawrence E. Lamb, P. O. Drawer 1670, New Haven, Conn. Lindley

Knights of the Golden Eagle (1873), 814 No. Broad Industrial Conference Board-(see National In- St., Philadelphia, Pa., 30.000; Sec., Fred W. dustrial).

Anton. Industrial Democracy, League for (1905), 112 East Knights of Pythias, Supreme Lodge (1864). 1054 19th St., N. Y. City; 2,500; Exec. Dir., Dr. Harry Midland Bank

Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn.: W. Laidler

257.653: Sec.. Harry M Love. Infantile Paralysis, National Foundation for (1938). Knights of the Round Table -(see Round Table

120 Broadway, N. Y. City: Exec, Sec., Peter International). J. A. Cusack.

Knights Templar, State of N. Y., Grand Commandery (1814), Masonic Temple, 875 Main St. | Mammalogists, American Soc. of (1919). Museum East. Rochester, N. Y.; 16,311; Gr. Rec., John of Zoology. Ún, of Mich., 950; Corr. Sec., Emmet B. Mullan

T. Hooper.
Knights of the White Camellia (1867), St. Albans, Management Association, American (1923), 330

W. Væ.; 100,000; Hon. Gr. Commander, Geo. E. West 42d St., N. Y. City; Sec., Henry J. Howlett.

Management, Society for the Advancement of Kosciuszko Foundation (1926), 149 East 67th St., (1936), 29 West 39th St., N. Y. City: 1,695; Exec. N. Y. City: Sec., Stephen Mizwa.

Sec., Evelyn Buckley.
Ku Klux Klan, Knights of the (1866, reorganized Manufacturers, Nat'l Association of (1895). 14

1915), 3155 Roswell Rd., Atlanta, Ga.; 5.100.000 West 49th St., N. Y. City; 8,500; Sec., Noel
plus; Imperial Wizard, J. A. Colescott; Sec., J. M. Sargent.
George, Box 1204, Atlanta, Ga.

Marine Underwriters-(see Underwriters, Amer. Labor Committee for Palestine, Nat'l .(1923), 275 Institute of).

Seventh Ave., N. Y. City; 500,000; Sec., Isaac Maritime Association of the Port of New York

(1873), 80 Broad St., N. Y. City: 950; Man., Labor Legislation, American Ass'n for (1906), 131 C. H. Callaghan.

East 23rd St., N. Y. City; 2,000; Sec., John B. Masons, A. A. Scottish Rite, 33d and Last Degree

(1813), 1117 Statler Bldg., Boston, Mass.; 200,445; Ladies of the Orient (1921); 3,000; Sec., Mrs. Gr. Sec. Gen., Samuel H. Baynard, Jr. Katherine Wallace, Gates Dr., R.F.D. 1. Berby. Masons, F. & A., Grand Lodge, of the State of N. Y.

N. Y. (1781). Masonic Hall. 71 West 23d St., Lalor Foundation, The (1935). Lancaster Pike and N. Y. City: 245,324; Grand Sec., Charles H. Old Baltimore Rd., Wilmington, Del.: Dir., C. Johnson. Lalor Burdick.

Massing of the Colors, Society of the (1921), Hotel Land Grant Colleges --(see Colleges and Universi- Plaza, Fifth Ave. at 59th St., N. Y. City: Sec., ties, Ass'n of).

Major Chas. A. DuBois.
Landscape Architects-(see Architects, American Master Boiler Makers--(see Boiler Makers).
Society of).

Mathematical Association of America (1915), 97 Language Association of America, Modern (1883). Elm St., Oberlin, Ohio; 2,300; Sec.-Treas., W. D.

100 Washington Sq., N. Y. City; 4.542; Sec.. Cairns. Percy W. Long.

Mathematical Society, American (1888). 531 West Language Association, Int'l Auxiliary (1924), 420 116th St., N. Y. City: 2,470: Sec.. Prof. J. R.

Lexington Ave., N. Y City: Exec. Sec., Mrs. Kline, Univ. of Penn.. Philadelphia, Pa.
Mary Bray.

Mathematical Statistics, Institute of (1935). c/o Laryngological, Rhinological and Otological Society. Carnegie Institute of Technology. Pittsburgh,

American (1895), 277 Alexander St., Rochester. Pa.; 400; Sec.-Treas., Edwin G. Olds.
N. Y.; 475: Sec., Dr. C. Stewart Nash.

Mayflower Descendants, General Society of (1897). Law, American Society of Int'l (1906), 700 Jackson 420 Lexington Ave., N. Y. City: 5,931; Gov. Gen..

Place, N.W., Washington, D. C.: 1.000; Sec.. Col. Francis R. Stoddard, 52 Broadway. N. Y. George A. Finch.

City. Law Institute, American (1923), 3400 Chestnut St., Mayflower Descendants, Massachusetts Society of

Philadelphia, Pa.; Dir. Wm. Draper Lewis. (1896), 9 Walnut St., Boston, Mass.; 1.141; Sec., Law League of America, Commercial (1896), 111 W. George Ernest Bowman.

Monroe St., Chicago, Ill.; 5,000; Exec. 'Sec.. Mayors, U. S. Conference of (1932), 730 Jackson MacAlan Freitag.

Pi., N.W., Washington, D. C.; 190 cities with Law Schools, Association of American (1900); 92 over 50,000 pop.; Sec.Paul V. Betters.

schools, 1,500 law teachers; Sec., Dean Bernard Mechanical Engineers (see Engineers, Amer. Soc. Gavit, Law School, Univ. of Indiana, Blooming

of). ton, Ind.

Mediaeval Academy of America (1925). 1430 MassaLawyers Association, N. Y. County (1908), 14 Vesey chusetts Ave., Cambridge, Mass.; 1,000; Sec..

St., N. Y. City: 5,660; Sec., Terence J. McManus. G. W. Cottrell, Jr.
League of Nations Association (1923), 8 West 40th Medical Association, American (1847), 535 No.

St. N. Y. City: 7,000; Dir., Clark M. Eichel- Dearborn St., Chicago, Ill.; 119,670: Sec. and berger.

Gen. Man.. Dr. Olin West. Learned Societies, American Council of (1919), 907 Medical Society of the County of Kings and Acade

Fifteenth St., N.W., Washington, D. C.: 21 na- my of Medicine of Brooklyn (1822), 1313 Bedford tional societies; Dir., Dr. Waldo G. Leland.

Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.; 2,990; Sec., Dr. Thomas Legal Aid Organizations, Nat'l Association of B. Wood

(1923), 25 Exchange Pl., Rochester, N. Y.; 48 Medical Society of the State of N. Y. (1807). 292 member societies; Sec., Emery A. Brownell.

Madison Ave., N. Y. City; 17.784; Sec. and Gen. Legal Aid Society (1876). 11 Park Place, N. Y. City: Man., Dr. Peter Irving, Sec., Henry C. Alexander,

Medical Women's Association, American (1915), 50 Legion of Decency, Nat'l (1934), 485 Madison Ave.. West 50th St., N. Y. City: abt. 1,100; Sec. Dr.

N. Y. City; Exec. Sec., Rev. John J. McClafferty. Ada Chree Reid, 102 East 22nd St., N. Y. City. Legion of Valor--(see Army and Navy Legion of Medicine, N. Y. Academy of (1847), 2 East 103d St.. Valor).

N. Y. City: 2,051; Dir., Dr. Herbert B. Wilcox. Legislators' Association, American-(now part of Mental Hygiene, American Foundation for (1928): State Governments, Council of).

1790 Broadway. N. Y. City: Sec., Clifford W. Leonard Wood Memorial for the Eradication of Beers.

Leprosy (1927), 1 Madison Ave., N. Y. City: Pres., Mental Hygiene, Nat'l Committee for (1909), 1790 Perry Burgess.

Broadway, N. Y. City: 5,000; Medical Dir.. Dr. Lepers, American Mission to (1920), 156 Fifth Ave., George S. Stevenson. N. Y. City; Gen. Sec., Emory Ross,

Mercantile Association, Central (1912). 65 Fifth Libraries Association, Special (1909), 31 East 10th Avé, N. Y. City: 500; Sec., Joseph E. Kean.

St N. Y. City: 2,800: Sec., Mrs. Kathleen B. Mercantile Exchange, N. Y. (1872). 6 Harrison St., Stebbins.

N. Y. City; 430; address communications to the Library Association, American (1876), 520 No. secretary Michigan Ave., Chicago, Ill.; abt. 16,000; Exec. Merchant Marine Institute, American (1938). 11 Sec., Carl H. Milam.

Broadway. N. Y. City: Sec., R. J. Baker. Library Foundation, American (1937). 1250 Hilldale Merchant Marine Library Ass'n, American (1921) Ave., Los Angeles, Calif.; Dir., William Houston 45 Broadway, N. Y. City; 2.295; Sec., Leonard Branch.

Sullivan. Life Underwriters-(see Underwriters, Ass'n of). Merchants' Association of N. Y.-(see Commerce Lions International (1917), 332 So. Michigan Ave.. and Industry Ass'n).

Chicago, Ill.: 150.000; Sec.-Gen., Melvin Jones. Meteorological Society, American (1919); 1,400: Rm. 350, as above.

Pres., F. W. Reichelderfer, U. S. Weather Bureau, Lithographers National Association (1906). 420

Washington, D. C.; Sec., Charles F. Brooks, Blue Lexington Ave., N. Y. City: 150; Sec., W. Floyd

Hill Observatory, Milton, Mass. Maxwell,

Methodist Church, N. Y, City Society of (1866). 150 Long Island Association (1926), 273 Pennsylvania

Fifth Ave., N. Y. City: Exec. Sec., Frederick Station, N. Y. City: 800; Man. Dir., Meade c.

Buckley Newell. Dobson

Mexican Society of N. Y. (1909): 31,000; Pres.. Loyal Orange Institution (1868), 2539 Perrysville Ave., N.S., Pittsburgh, Pa.; abt. 15.000; Sec.,

Francisco Juarez; Sec., A. Prieto: 1108 DeKalb

Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Robert McCreery. Luther League of America (1895), 405 Muhlenberg Military Engineers-(see Engineers, Soc. of Bldg., 1228 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa.: 34.703 American). Exec. Sec., Rev. Paul M. Kinports.

Military and Naval Officers World War, N. Y. Magicians, Society of American (1906), Barbizon Society (1920); 763; Sec., Lt. Col. Nicholas W. Plaza Hotel, N Y City: 950; Sec. Parent As- Muller. sembly, Edward W. Dart, 99 John St., N. Y. City. | Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the l'. S.

(1865), 1805 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa.; 1,900; N. Y. City: Sec., William Hoeferlin, 556 Fairview Rec.-in-Chief, Kane S. Green,

St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the U. S., Newspaper Classified Advertising Managers Ass'n Commandery of the State of N. Y, (1865), 4 West of (1920); 400: Suite 2310, 122 East 42nd St., N. 43d St., N. Y. City; 290; Recorder, Lieut. Wm. Y. City: Sec., Felix S. Towle.

Emory Pettit, 741 48th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Newspaper Guild, American (1933), 14 Pearl St.. Military Surgeons of the U. S., Ass'n of (1891). N. Y City: 17.300; Exec. Vice-Pres., Milton

Army Medical Museum, Washington, D. C.; Kaufman; Sec.. Victor Pasche.

15.000: Sec., Col. James M. Phalen, USA, Ret. Newspaper Publishers Ass'n, American (1887). 370 Mineralogical Society of America (1919); 989: Lexington Ave., N. Y. City: Gen. Man.. Cranston

Pres.. Fred E. Wright. Geophysical Laboratory. Williams.
Washington, D. C.: Sec., Paul F. Kerr, Columbia Ninety-Nines (Int'l Organization of Women Pilots)
University, N. Y. City.

(1929). Willard Hotel, Washington, D. C.; 665; Mining and Metallurgical Engineers (see En- first president was Amelia Earhart, address comgineers, Amer. Inst. of).

munications to the secretary, Missionary Ass'n, American (1846), 287 4th Ave., Northern Baptist Convention-+(see Baptist ConvenN. Y. City: Gen. Sec., Fred L. Brownlee.

tion). Moose, Loyal Order of (1889), Mooseheart. II.; Numismatic Society, American (1858), Broadway at 373,238; Sup. Sec., Malcolm R, Giles.

156th St., N. Y. City: 436; Sec., Sydney P. Noe. More Game Birds in America (1930). 342 Madison Nurses Association, American (1896), 1790 BroadAve., N. Y. City; 600; Sec., C. E. Stouch.

way. N. Y. City: 167,201; Dir. of Hdqts., Mrs. Motion Picture Engineers-(see Engineers).

Alma H. Scott, R. N.; Sec., Mrs. Mary A. Hickey. Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of R. N.

America (1922), 28 West 44th St., N. Y. City: Nurses, Gulld of St. Barnabas for (1886), 105 Main Sec., Carl E. Milliken.

St., Orange, N. J.; abt. 2,500: Sec., Miss Mary M. Motion Pictures, Nat'l Board of Review of (1909), Clark, 92 Washington St., East Orange, N. J.

70 Fifth Ave., N. Y. City; 1,500; Exec. Dir., Nursing Education, Nat'l League of (1893), 1790 James S. Hamilton.

Broadway, N, Y. City; 7,144; Exec, Sec., Claribel Motor Bus Operators, Nat'l Association of (1926). A. Wheeler,

831 Tower Bldg., Washington, D. C.; 600: Sec., Nursing. Nat'l Organization for Public Health August W. Koehler.

(1912), 1790 Broadway, N. Y. City: 11.500: Sec.. Municipal Art Society--(see Art Soc., Munic.). Miss Dorothy Deming. Municipal Association, American (1924), 1313 East

60th St., Chicago, Ill.: Exec. Dir., Ear) D. Occupational Therapy Ass'n, American (1917), 175 Mallery.

Fifth Ave., N. Y. City; 1,301: Exec. Sec., Mrs. Municipal Engineers (see Engineers, Municipal). Meta R. Cobb. Municipal League, Nat'l (1894), 299 Broadway, N. Odd Fellows, Ind. Order of (1819), 16 W. Chase St.. Y, City: 2.500: Sec., Howard P. Jones.

Baltimore, Md.: Sec., E. G. Ludvigsen. Mural Painters, Nat'l Soc. of (1895), 115 East 40th Office Management Ass'n, Nat'l (1919). 1420 Pine

St., N. Y. City: abt. 175: Sec., Howard Lee St.. Philadelphia, Pa.; 1,750: Sec., William H. Irwin.

Evans Museums, American Ass'n of (1906), Smithsonian Ohio Society of New York (1885), Hotel Pennsyl

Institution, Washington, D. C.; 1,135; Dir., Lau- vania, 7th Ave. at 33d St., N. Y. City.; 1,000: rence V. Coleman.

Sec., C. E. Althouse. Music, Nat'l Bureau for the Advancement of (1916). Optimist International (1911), 1721 Railway Ex

45 West 45th St., N. Y. City; Man. Dir.. C. M. change Bldg., St. Louis, Mo.; 14,000; Sec., Russell Tremaine.

F. Meyer. Music Teachers National Ass'n (1876), abt. 1.200; Optometric Association, American (1897), 518 W11

Sec., D. M. Swarthout, Univ. of Kansas, Law- mac Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn.; 7,500; Sec.. Dr, rence, Kan.

E. H. Kiekenapp. Musicians, American Federation of (1896). 39 Divi- Optometric Ass'n, N. Y. State (1895), 2472 Broad

sion St., Newark, N. J.; 135,000; Sec., Fred W. way. N. Y. City: 830; Sec., Dr., D. K. Uttal. Birnbach

Organists, American Guild of (1896), Rm. 3405, Mutual Savings Banks-(see Savings Banks).

630 Fifth Ave., N. Y. City: 6,000; Sec., Ralph

Harris National Industrial Conference Board (1916). 247 Oriental Research, American Schools of (1900), 409

Park Ave., N. Y. City; address all communica- Prospect St., New Haven, Conn.: 400; Pres. Prof. tions to the secretary.

Millar Burrows, as above: Sec.. Prof. Henry J. National Patrol (1938), National Patrol Home. Cadbury, Harvard Univ., Cambridge, Mass

Florence, Ore.: 983.064; Sec., L. G. Des Roches. Oriental Society. American (1842). 329 Sterling
Naturalists, American Soc. of (1883); 522Sec., Dr. Memorial Library, New Haven, Conn.: 843; Sec..

A. C. Kinsey, Indiana Univ., Bloomington. Ind. Ferris J. Stephens.
Nature Study Soc., Amer. (1908), 5540 Pershing Ornithologist's Union, American (1884), Field

Ave.. St. Louis, Mo.; Sec., Nellie F. Matlock. Museum, Chicago, Ill.; abt. 1.800; Sec., Dr. Lau -
Naval Engineers--(see Engineers, Amer. Soc. of). rence Hicks, Ohio Wildlife Station, Ohio State
Naval Order of the U. S. (1890), Lewis Wharf, Bos- Univ., Columbus, Ohio.

ton, Mass.; abt. 400; Rec. Gen., Herbert S. Evans. Ort, Women's American (1926). 212 Fifth Ave., Naval Reserve Officers Ass'n, U. S. (1919). 828 N. Y, City: 5.000; Exec. Sec., Mrs. Kate Silver.

Varnum st.. N.W., Washington, D. C.; 3.450: Orthodontists, American Ass'n of (1917). Lowry Sec., Lieut. John W. Shultz.

Medical Arts Bldg., St. Paul, Minn.: 610: Sec. Navy League of the U. S. (1903), Mills Bldg., Wash- Treas., Dr. Max Ernst.

ington, D. C.; Sec., Miss Evelyn M. Collins. Osteopathic Association, American (1897), 540 No. Navy Mutual Aid Ass'n (1879), Navy Bldg., Wash- Michigan Ave., Chicago, Ill.; 5,945: Exec. Sec.,

ington, D. C.: 7,000; Sec., Capt. John R. Horn- Dr. R. C. McCaughan. berger

Outdoor Life Federation, Maryland (1934), 610 Navy Veterans, U. S. (1935), Mayfair Hotel, Garrett Bldg., Baltimore, Md. abt. 50 organiza

Pittsburgh, Pa.: ,500; Sr. Watch Officer, Ray W. tions interested in “conservation'': Sec. - Treas., Harris, 606 Bellevue Terrace, Pittsburgh, Pa.

F C Gajewski. Near East College Ass'n-(see College Ass'n, Near Owls, Order of (1904), Owl Bldg.. 31 Wethersfield East)

Ave., Hartford, Conn.; 348,000: Sup. Sec., T. Needlework Guild of America (1885). 1201 Chestnut Kleiman,

St.. Philadelphia, Pa.; 800,000; Sec., Alma H.

Pacific Relations, Institute of, American Relations Negro Congress, National (1935), 717 Florida Ave.. (1925). 129 East 52d St., N. Y. City; 1,100; address

N. W., Washington, D. C.; 3,000 affiliates, 150,- communications to the secretary. 000 members; Sec., John P. Davis.

Pan American Society (1912), 630 Fifth Ave., N. Y. Netherland-America Foundation (1921). 10 Rocke- City: 1.000; Sec., John J. Clisham.

feller Plaza, N. Y. City: 125; Sec.. Harold de Woll Pan American Student Chain (1939), Colorado Fuller.

Bldg., Washington, D. C.; 550: Exec. Sec., H. D. New England Historic Genealogical Society (1845). Sumner.

9 Asuburton Pl., Boston, Mass.; 2,400; Corr. Sec., Pan American Union (1890). Connecticut and ConHarold Clarke Durrell.

stitution Aves., Washington, D. C.: 21 gov'ts of New England Soc. in the City of N. Y. (1805). American RepublicsDir. Gen., Dr. L. S. Rowe:

43 Cedar St., N. Y. C.; 700; Sec., H. A. Cushing. Sec., Dr. Pedro de Alba. New England Women, Nat'l Soc, of (1895; reorgan- Pan Pacific Union (1917), 1023 Alakea St., Honoized 1913): abt

4.000; Sec., Miss Florence lulu. T. H.; abt. 400: Exec. Sec., Miss Ann Y. Morrison Spoftcrd. 422 Arlington Pi, Chicago, I11. Satterthwaite, Box 3452, or as above. New Era Club (1900), 274 East Broadway, N. Y. Paper and Pulp Ass'n, American (1878), 122 E. 42d City: 104; Sec., Joseph Osofsky.

St., N. Y. City: 17 divisional associations; Exec. New York-New Jersey Trail Conference (1920), abt. Sec.. E. W. Tinker.

3,100; Chmn., Frank Place, 529 West 142nd St., Parents and Teachers, Nat'l Congress of (1897), 600

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