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rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work selected the best piece of black broadcloth in town, which they who fought here have thus far so nobly and sat cross-legged on the governor's table in the advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated state capitol behind closed doors at night till he to the great task remaining before us that from finished the garment. these honored dead we take increased devotion to When Johnson was 19 he married Eliza McCardle, that cause for which they gave the last full measure who taught him to write. of devotion that we here highly resolve that these His first political office was Alderman at Greene dead shall not have died in vain--that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom-the Legislature; in 1843 electeist the House of

ville, Tenn.; then, in 1830, Mayor; In 1835 entered and that government of the people, by the people, Representatives as an anti-U. S. Bank Democrat. for the people shall not perish from the earth. and served till 1853, when he was elected Governor

Lincoln, according to W. E. Barton, made 5 auto- of Tennessee; in 1857 elected to the U. 8. Senate, graph copies of the Gettysburg address; one at where he was a Union man; appointed by President Washington, before leaving; one for David Wills. Lincoln in 1862 Military Governor of Tennessee;

ettysburg; a third, several days later, for Wills; in 1864 elected Vice-President when Lincoln was a fourth, for the famous orator, Edward Everett, re-elected on the National Union Party ticket; for display at the N. Y. Sanitary Fair; and the succeeded to the presidency on the death of fifth, for Creorge Bancroft, the historian.

Lincoln, April 15, 1865. Lincoln, as President, at Washington, was a

President Johnson was impeached by the House regular attendant at the New York Ave.' Presby- of Representatives for having removed without the terian Church, and his pew bears a silver plate on

Senate's consent, E. M. Stanton, Secretary of War, the arm, stating that he sat there on Sunday morn- and on other charges. He was tried by the U. S. ings. He never formally joined a church or a

Senate, which voted 35 for conviction, 19 for acdenomination.

quittal; as two-thirds vote was necessary for conLincoln's estate, as administered by U, S. Su- viction the impeachment failed, and he was preme Court Justice David Davis, amounted to acquitted May 26, 1868. $110,295, mostly saved from his salary of $25,000 In 1875 he was again elected to the U. S. Senate a year and invested in Government securities. The from Tennessee. property was equally divided among the widow and He was a stocky man of medium height, and he iwo sons, Robert T., and Thomas ("Tad"). died of paralysis, near Carter's Station, Tenn., and Mrs. Lincoln, born at Lexington, Ky., in 1818,

was buried at Greeneville. His one-room log house died in 1882, was one of six children of Robert

there, which he used as a tailor shop, has been Smith Todd.' a pioneer settler, by his first wife. I enclosed by a colonial brick structure for its pro

bought by the State of Tennessee and has been Eliza Parker. By his second

Humph s, he had nine children. Her half-sister,

Emille Todd. other personal belongings. He was a Methodist.

tection. On display are Johnson's Iron shears and became the wife of Brig. Gen. Ben Hardin Helm, of the Confederate Army, who was killed Sept. 20 Mrs. Johnson, born at Leesburg, Tenn., in 1810, 1863, at the Battle of Chicamaugua. Lincoln and died in 1876, was the only daughter of a widow in a Mary Todd had planned a wedding in Jan., 1841, mountain hamlet when Johnson married her. Their but they quarreled, and the marriage was post- daughter, Martha, born in 1828, educated at poned. Within a few weeks of the assassination Georgetown, D. C., was often a guest at the White Mrs. Lincoln was the object of bitter attacks in House in Polk's administration. In 1857 she marCongress. She was for a time in 1875 in a mental ried Judge D. T. Patterson and was mistress of the sanatorium.

White House in place of her invalid mother. AnAfter Mrs. Lincoln's death her estate was ap- other daughter, Mary, 1832-1883, was the wife, first praised at $77,655, of which $72,000 was in U. s. of. Daniel Stover, of Carter County, Tenn., and gold bonds.

after his death, of W. R. Bacon, of Greeneville, of the Lincoln children, William Wallace died in Tenn. By Stover she had three children. 1862, and Thomas ("Tad") in 1871. Edward Baker Ulysses S. Grant, a Republican, of English deLincoln was born on March 10, 1846, and died on scent, the pioneer in America being Matthew Feb. 1, 1850. Another son, Robert Todd Lincoln, Grant, who settled, in 1630, at Dorchester, Mass., born at Springfield, Aug. 1, 1843, studied law at was born at Point Pleasant, O., April 27, 1822, and Harvard, served in the Civil War, was Secretary of died of cancer on Mt. McGregor, near Saratoga, War in the Garfield Cabinet, then Minister to N. Y., July 23, 1885. Grant's Tomb overlooks the Great Britain, and later counsel to and President Hudson at N. Y. City. of the Pullman Palace Car Co.

He was the oldest of six children of Jesse R. Robert T. Lincoln was found dead in bed, July Grant, a tanner, and Hannah Simpson. Upon re26, 1926, at his home, Manchester, Vt. He was porting at the Military Academy at West Point for buried in the National Cemetery, at Arlington, Va., admission, he signed his name on the descriptive across the Potomac River from Washington. He list of cadets as Ulysses Hiram Grant. He was aphad turned over to the U.S. government more than pointed as Ulysses Simpson Grant and was so borne 10,000 letters to and from Abraham Lincoln, also on all officials records. drafts of state papers, pamphlets, and newspaper U. S. Grant worked as a boy on his father's clippings all to be kept sealed at the Library of farm; graduated in 1843 at the U. S. Military Congress until 21 years after the donor's death. Academy: served as an officer under Generals His widow, Mrs. Mary Harlan Lincoln, who died Zachary Taylor and Winfield Scott, 1845-48 in the on March 31, 1937, at Washington (Georgetown). war with Mexico; resigned in 1854 after service in was a daughter of James Harlan, a U. S. Senator California, from the army, and was a farmer and from Iowa. She left two daughters, Mrs. Charles real estate dealer at St. Louis; in 1860 clerked in Isham, and Mrs. Robert J. Randolph. Mrs. Robert his father's hardware and leather store at Galena, Todd Lincoln gave to the Library of Congress the m. Bible on which Abraham Lincoln took the oath as At the outbreak of the Civil War he drilled President, and also the Lincoln family Bible. Her volunteers, and was commissioned Colonel of the estate was estimated at nearly $3,000,000.

21st Illinois Regiment by Gov. Yates. In 1862, after Andrew Johnson, a Democrat, christened Andrew his capture of Ft. Donelson, he was made a Major Jackson Johnson, was born Dec. 29, 1808, and died General; captured Vicksburg July 4, 1863; won the July 31, 1875. He was a son of Jacob Johnson,

Battle of Chattanooga on Nov. 24-25, 1863; in 1864 porter at old Casso's Inn, at Raleigh, N. C., sexton

was made Lieutenant General; forced Lee's surfor the church, and porter in Col. William Polk's render at Appomattox, Va., April 9, 1865; in 1866 bank. The mother of the boy, before her marriage Congress commissioned him General of the Army. to Johnson, was Mary McDonough, maid at the General Grant was elected President in 1868, by inn. He was apprenticed at 10 to a tailor for a the Republican party. Early in life he was a whig. term of 8 years, and was chained to a table and a but in 1856 he voted for Buchanan. In 1872 he was pair of shears, with no chance for play or school. re-elected President on the Republican ticket; in His father died when he was five. He ran away 1877-1879 made a tour of the world, and in 1880 from the tailor after 6 years of slavery, and mi-visited the South, Cuba, and Mexico; in 1880 his grated to Tennessee. He was & Methodist.

308 Republican friends failed to renominate him In the historical museum of the State of Tennessee

for President, after 36 ballots; in 1884 lost his is a black broadcloth coat made by Andrew Johnson

fortune in the failure of Grant & Ward, N. Y. City when Governor of Tennessee, in 1853, for his friend,

bankers, but made another by writing his memoirs. Judge W. W. Pepper, of Springfield, Tenn. It is

He was a Methodist. The 4-room cabin in which he the only coat ever made by a governor of his State

was born, at Point Pleasant, on the Ohio River, 22 who was also Vice-President and President of the

miles up from Cincinnati, is now restored, a part of

the Grant Memorial Park. United States. Pepper had been a blacksmith before studying law. When Johnson was elected Mrs. Grant, born in 1826, died in 1902, was a Governor Judge Pepper went into a blacksmith daughter of Judge Frederick Dent of St. Louis, a shop, selected iron to his own liking. and with son of a Revolutionary officer. forge and hammer made a pair of shovel and tongs The Grants had four children-Frederick Dent for his friend's gubernatorial fireplace. Johnson (born at St. Louis, May 30, 1850; died at N. Y. CHY got a tailor to give him Pepper's measurements, April 11, 1912); Ulysses jr., lawyer (died in a

Sept. 25, 1929, aged 77 years); Jesse R. (civil / who became President when Garfield died, engineer, died at Los Altos, Calif., June 8, 1934, born at Fairfield, Vt., Oct. 5, 1830, and died at aged 76); and Nellie. The last named became the N. Y. City, Nov. 18, 1886. He was a son of the wife of Algernon Sartoris, of London.

Rev. William Arthur and Malving Stone, of Maj. Gen. Frederick Dent Grant, West Point old New Hampshire family. graduate (1871) and soldier, was Minister to He graduated at Union College in 1848; taught Austria-Hungary (1890-1893); a New York City school at Pownall, Vt., studied law in New York Police Commissioner (1895-1897); a general officer City, helped organize in 1861 the New York State in the war with Spain.

Militia, and when the Civil War began was ap-
Nellie Grant and Capt. Sartoris were married at pointed Quartermaster General and equipped State
the White House in 1874. Sartoris's mother was a troops for service at the front; in 1871 was ap-
sister of the actress, Fannie Kemble. In 1912 Mrs. pointed Collector of the Port of N. Y. and served
Sartoris, then a widow, became the wife of Frank until 1878, when President Hayes removed him for
H. Jones, a lawyer, who was First Assistant Post- political reasons.
master General in Cleveland's Administration. She In 1880 as delegate at large from New York State
died at Chicago, Aug. 30, 1922, aged 67 years. he was a leader in the fight at the Republican

Rutherford B. Hayes, a Whig and then a Re- National Convention to name Gen, Grant for &
publican, was born, a posthumous child, at Dela- third term, and in the interests of harmony was
ware, O., Oct. 4, 1822, and died of heart disease, put on the ticket for Vice-President.
at Freemont, O., Jan. 17, 1893. His mother was Arthur was tall, portly, dark, handsome, courtly.
Sophia Birchard, of Suffield, Conn. He graduated His death was due to apoplexy. He was buried at
at Kenyon College, studied law at Harvard, and Albany, N. Y. He was an Episcopalian,
began to practice at Fremont; was City Solicitor of Mrs. Arthur, who died in 1880, before her
Cincinnati; served as a (Union) Brevet Major husband became President, was a Virginian, born
General in the Civil War; served in the House of in 1837, at Fredericksburg, and was a daughter of
Representatives, 1865-1867; elected Governor of Commander William Lewis Herndon of the Navy.
Ohio, in 1867. and was re-elected; defeated for The Arthurs had three children, W. L. H. Arthur,
Congress in 1872; re-elected Governor in 1875; in who died in infancy; Chester Alan Arthur Jr., born
1876 was the Republican candidate for President. 1865, died 1937; and Ellen Herndon Arthur, born

The votes of Louisiana, South Carolina and 1871, who became the wife of Charles Pinkerton.
Florida being in dispute, Congress appointed an The mistress of the White House in Arthur's
Electoral Commission of 5 Senators, 5 Representa- Administration was his sister, Mary, wife of John
tives and 5 Justices of the U. S. Supreme Court, E. McElroy of Albany, N. Y.
who, by vote of 8 t 7, decided the votes of these Grover Cleveland, a Democrat, born at Caldwell,
States in favor of Gen. Hayes, and he was seated. N. J., March 18, 1837, died at Princeton, N. J.,

He was a descendant of George Hayes, a Scot, June 24, 1908, was descended from Moses Cleveland,
who settled in 1680 at Windsor, Conn. Hayes of England, who settled near Woburn, Mass., in
attended the Methodist Church, but never joined 1635. A låter ancestor. Gen. Moses Cleveland.
the denomination.

founded the City of Cleveland, Ohio. Grover's The Hayes papers and his library of Americana father, Richard Falley Cleveland, was a son of a are at Freemont, O., in the Hayes Memorial.

watchmaker, and was pastor of the Presbyterian Mrs. Hayes, born in 1831, died in 1889, was a Church at Caldwell. Mis mother was Ann Neale. daughter of Dr. James Webb, of Chillicothe, O.. of Baltimore, daughter of a merchant, of Irish and a granddaughter of Dr, Isaac Cook, The Webbs birih, and was tall, dark and slim Grover was had come from Lexington, Kentucky. She refused named after the Rev. Stephen Grover, his father's to let wine be served in the White House; was a

predecessor at Caldwell. He dropped the “Stephen" Methodist, and a college graduate.

, President Hayes and his wife had eight children; When he was 16 his father died and the son left Birchard A. (1853); Webb C. (1856-1934); Ruther- school to clerk in a store at Clinton, N. Y.; taught, ford P. (1858): Joseph T. (1861-1863); George C. with an older brother, at the N. Y. City Institu(1864-1866); Fanny (1867); Scott R. (1871); Man- tion for the Blind; made up a herd book for his ning F. (1873-1874).

uncle, Lewis F. Allen, a stock breeder at Black James A. Garfield, a Republican, born on his Rock, near Buffalo; studied law at Buffalo and was father's farm at Orange, O., Nov. 19, 1831, died at admitted to the bar in 1859; în 1863 became Elberon, N. J., Sept. 19, 1881, from assassin Charles Assistant District Attorney of Erie County, defeated J. Guiteau's bullet, was a descendant of Edward for District Attorney in 1865, but was elected Garfield, an English Puritan, who, in 1630, was one Sheriff in 1870; in 1881 elected Mayor of Buffalo; of the founders of Watertown, Mass. His mother in 1882 elected Governor of New York; in 1884 was was Eliza Ballou, a New England descendant of a elected President; defeated in 1888; elected again French Huguenot. His father, Abram Garfield, was in 1992, & native of New York, who pioneered in 1830 to Early in July, 1893, according to Dr. James H. the Ohio wilderness.

Tobey, Cleveland was operated on for cancer, on Garfield worked on a boat on the Ohio canals; Commodore E.C. Benedict's yacht, Oneida, in Long did carpentry; baptized in youth & Campbellite Island Sound. The entire upper section of one law into the fold of "The Disciples''; graduated in 1856 was removed; other parts of the growth were cut at Williams College, president (1857-1861) of the out on July 17. Then a dentist fitted in an Eclectic Institute at Hiram, O. admitted to the artificial jaw made of vulcanized rubber. bar; in 1859 elected to the State Senate; served as After leaving the White House Cleveland settled a Major General in the Union Army in the Civil at Princeton, N. J., and he was buried there. On War; resigned from the army in 1863 to take a seat the change of control of the Equitable Life Assurin the U. S. House of Representatives, and served ance Soc. of N. Y. he was made a trustee. He was until 1880, when he was elected to the U.S. Senate fond of hunting and fishing and was a Presbyteto succeed Allen G. Thurman.

rian. In 1880 Garfield was elected President, and was Mrs. Cleveland's father, Oscar Folsom, was a inaugurated on a Friday; on July 2, 1881, he was law partner of Cleveland, at Buffalo. Her mother fatally shot at the Baltimore and Potomac Railway was Emma C. Harmon. She was born in 1864, was depot, Washington, by Gulteau, and was buried at married to the President at the White House in Cleveland, O. Guiteau was convicted of murder 1886, and their second daughter was born there in and was hanged at the jail at Washington, June 1893 30. 1882.

Before the marriage, the mistress of the ExecuThe assassination was linked to the "Hall- tive Mansion was the President's youngest sister, Breed” quarrel in Republican politics in N. Y. Rose Elizabeth Cleveland. An older sister, Margaret, State, which led to the resignation of Roscoe born at Caldwell, N. J., Oct. 28, 1838, became the Conkling and Thomas C. Platt from the U. S. wife of Norval B. Bacon, an architect, and died at Senate.

Toledo, March 5, 1932.
Garfield was burly and strong. The Garfield President Cleveland had five children, Ruth,
papers are at Mentor, O. He was a member of Esther, Marion, Richard Folsom, and Francis
the Disciples Sect.

Mrs. Garfield's father was Zeb Randolph, Cleveland's widow married, Feb. 10, 1913,
farmer at Garrettsville, O.; she was born in 1833. Thomas Jex Preston, Jr., Professor of Archeology.
and died in 1918. She and Garfield were school. Benjamin Harrison, a Republican, was born at
mates, and she became his wife when he was Presi- North Bend, O., Aug. 20, 1833, and died at Indian-
dent of the Eclectic Institute at Hiram, O. Her apolis, March 13, 1901. He was descended from the
mother was a daughter of Elijah Mason. of Virginia Harrisons. He was the third son of John
Lebanon, Conn., and a descendant of Gen. Scott Harrison a son of President William Henry
Nathanial Greene.

Harrison. By some, the Harrison lineage is traced
of the Garfield children, Harry A., lawyer, be- to Pocahontas. Benjamin's mother was Elizabeth
came President of Williams College; James R., P. Irwin.
lawyer, was Secretary of the Interior under Roose- He worked on his father's 400-acre farm; grad-
velt; Abram became an architect; Irvin McDowell, uated in 1852 at Miami University: admitted to
a lawyer; Mary married J. Stanley Brown.

practice law in 1853 at Cincinnati; elected in 1860
Chester A. Arthur, a Whig, then a Republican, as reporter of the Indiana Supreme Court; raised

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volunteers and served as a Union General in the to succeed him and was friendly until Oct., 1911, Civil War, defeated for Governor in 1876; in 1879 when President Taft's attorney general charged the a member of the Mississippi River Commission; in V. S. Steel Corp. was a monopoly by purchasing the 1881 elected from Indiana to the United States Tennessee Coal & Iron Co., a step which the steel Senate; in 1888 elected President; in 1892


interests had taken with Roosevelt's consent. When nominated but was defeated.

Taft came up for re-election Roosevelt ran against Harrison was an elder in the Presbyterian him as an independent candidate; the Republican Church at Indianapolis. He was short, sandy,

vote was split, and Wilson was elected president. astute, unsociable, with small, bright, sharp eyes.

He was an author, and fond of athletics. He His estate was estimated at $375,000.

received the Nobel peace prize in 1906. The first Mrs. Harrison, who was born at Oxford, He was shot and wounded at Milwaukee, Oct. 14, O., In 1832, and died in the White House, in 1892,

1912, by a crank. He belonged to the Reformed was a daughter of Prof. John W. Scott of Miami

Dutch Church. He was buried at Oyster Bay, N. Y. University, later President of Oxford Seminary.

His sister, Corinne (Mrs. Douglas Robinson). born She was a musician and painter, ne firs head in 1861, died in Feb., 1933, at N. Y. City. He was of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

an uncle of Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The first Mrs. Roosevelt, whom he married on Mrs. Harrison's son, Russell B., mining engineer and journalist, graduated at Lafayette (Pa.) Col

Oct. 27, 1880, was Alice Hathaway Lee, daughter lege. Her daughter, Mary, married James R.

of George Cabot Lee and of Caroline Haskell Lee, McKee, an Indianapolis merchant. She died on

of Boston; she and her husband's mother died at Oct. 28, 1930, at Greenwich, Conn..

N. Y. City on Feb. 14, 1884. The second Mrs. Harrison was Mrs. Mary Scott

Her only child was Alice Lee Roosevelt, who, in Lord Dimmick, niece of the first Mrs. Harrison, worth, a Cincinnati lawyer and landowner and a

1906, at the White House, married Nicholas Longand widow of Walter Erskine Dimmick, a lawyer,

She who died of typhoid, in N. Y. City in 1882.

Republican Representative in Congress. A child,

Paulina, was born Feb. 14, 1925. Longworth, then was born in Honesdale, Pa., in 1858, and had spent two years at the White House during her

Speaker of the House of Representatives, died at

the age of 61 on April 9, 1931. aunt's life. The ex-president married her at NY. The second Mrs. Roosevelt, whom he married City. By the second wife Harrison had one child,

on Dec. 2, 1886, at London, was Edith Kermit Elizabeth Harrison, born in 1897. In 1921 she mar

Carow, daughter of Charles Carow and of Gertrude ried James Blaine Walker, Jr., a great-nephew of Tyler Carow, of N. Y. City. She was born in 1861. James G. Blaine.

By this union there were five children-Theodore William McKinley, a Republican, was born at jr., Kermit, Ethel Carow (Mrs. Richard Derby), Niles, O., Jan. 29, 1843, and died at Buffalo, N. Y.,

Archibald Bulloch, and Quentin. The last named Sept. 14, 1901. He was of Highland Scottish descent, an aviator in Europe in the World War, was killed but his ancestors lived long in Ireland before

in action and was buried where he fell." Theodore, settling in York County, Pa. His father was William who served as Lieutenant Colonel in the World McKinley, operator of charcoal furnaces at Niles, War, was Assistant Secretary of the Navy under O., his mother was Nancy Allison, of Scottish line- Harding and under Coolidge; ran unsuccessfully age, whose family settled in Westmoreland County, for Governor of New York State in 1924, and later Pa.

was appointed Governor of Puerto Rico, and, in McKinley was the seventh of nine children. He 1932, Governor General of the Philippines. quit Allegheny College to make a living, and taught

William H. Taft, a Republican, was born at school; enlisted as a private and served in the Civil Cincinnati. Sept. 15, 1857, the son of Alphonso War, and came out a Major; studied law and prac

Taft and the latter's second wife, Louisa Maria ticed at Canton, O.; elected, 1869, Prosecuting At- Torrey, and was a brother of Henry W. and Horace torney of Stark County; in 1876 elected to the

D. Taft, and a half-brother of the late Charles P. House of Representatives and served until 1891, Taft, the latter's mother being Fannie Phelps, of except for a short time in 1884 when a contest Vermont. unseated him; elected Governor, 1891; re-elected Alphonso Taft was Secretary of War and later in 1893; elected President in 1896; re-elected in Attorney General in Grant's Cabinet, and was 1900.

Minister to Austria, and then to Russia, under McKinley was assassinated by an anarchist, Leon President Arthur. Czolgosz, who shot him twice, with a pistol hidden W. H. Taft graduated in 1878, at Yale, and in in a handkerchief, Sept. 6, 1901, at the Pan- 1880 at the Cincinnati Law School; admitted to the American Exposition, Buffalo, N. Y. The President Bar in 1880; a law reporter on Cincinnati dallies: died Sept. 14, at the home of John G. Milburn, at Assistant Prosecuting Attorney 1881-1882; Assistant Buffalo. Czolgosz was convicted and was electro- City Solicitor. 1887; Judge Cincinnati Superior cuted Oct. 29, 1901, at Auburn State Prison.

Court, 1887-1890; U. S. Solicitor General, 1890-1892; McKinley was a Methodist. He was buried at U. S. Circuit Judge, 1892-1900; Dean of the Law Canton, 0. The McKinley papers were put in School at the University of Cincinnati, 1896-1900; possession of George B. Cortelyou at N. Y. City. President of the U. $. Philippine Commission,

Mrs. McKinley, born in 1847, died in 1907, 1900-1901: Civil Governor of the Philippines. 1901was a daughter of James Asbury Saxton and Kath-1904; in 1902 arranged at Rome with Pope Leo erine DeWalt. She was educated in private schools, XIII, the question of purchase of Roman Catholic spent some time in Europe and was cashier in her lands in the Philippines; Secretary of War under father's bank at Canton, Ohio, when she married. Roosevelt, 1904-1908; Provisional Governor of Cuba Their two children, Katie and Ida, died in early for a while in 1907; on Government mission in 1907 childhood. A nervous ailment then made her an to Cuba, Panama and the Philippines. invalid for the rest of her life. She was, neverthe- Taft was elected President in 1908; defeated for less, the mistress of the White House, accompanied re-election in 1912; professor of law at Yale Uniher husband everywhere, and was with him at versity, 1913-1921; appointed Chief Justice United Buffalo when he was assassinated.

States Supreme Court, June 30, 1921, and resigned Theodore Roosevelt, Republican (descendant of on Feb. 3, 1930. at Asheville, NC. Claes Martenszen van Rosenvelt, of Zeeland, Hol

Taft left Asheville very ill, and was taken, by land, who emigrated in 1649-50 to New Netherland train, to Washington, where he died on March 8, with his wife, Jannette), was born at N. Y. City,

1930. The body lay in state, on March 11. under Oct. 27, 1858, and died in sleep at Oyster Bay.

the Dome of the Capitol, and then was buried with N. Y., Jan. 6. 1919. He was a son of Theodore military honors, at the National Cemetery. Roosevelt (1831-1878). Collector of the Port, and

Arlington. of the latter's wife, Martha Bulloch, daughter of

His estate was estimated at $350,000 personalty Maj. James S. Bulloch, of Roswell, 'Ga.

and $125 000 realty. Taft was a Unitarian. He was Roosevelt graduated at Harvard, traveled in

tall, portly and affable. The Taft papers are in the Europe: served 1882-1884 in the New York State Library of Congress. Assembly, lived 1884-1886 on a North Dakota ranch,

Mrs. Taft was Helen Herron, of Cincinnati, a an unsuccessful candidate for Mayor of New York

daughter of Judge John W. Herron and Harriet City in 1886: Police Commissioner; a member of

Collins. She is one of eight children, a musician the National Civil Service Commission; Assistant

and & founder of the Cincinrati Orchestra. Her Secretary of the Navy (April 19, 1897-May 10, 1898) father was a law partner of Rutherford B. Hayes. resigning to organize with Surgeon Leonard Wood Mrs. Taft was an Episcopalian. 1st U. S. Cavalry (Roosevelt's Rough Riders), Her only daughter is Helen Herron Taft, wife which served in Cuba in the Spanish-American of Frederick J. Manning, a professor at Bryn War, and of which he became Colonel; elected Mawr. Her sons are Robert Alphonso Taft and Governor of New York 1898; elected Vice-President Charles Phelps Taft, 2d. in 1900 and became President In 1901 on McKinley's Mrs. Taft has blue-gray eyes and a contralto assassination, taking the oath of office in Buffalo, voice, & broad forehead and brown hair. N. Y.; elected president in 1904; hunted in Woodrow Wilson, Democrat. was born at East Africa in 1909-1910; defeated for President on Staunton, Va., Dec. 28, 1856, and died Feb. 3. 1924, the Progressive (Bull Moose) ticket in 1912; visited at Washington. He was a son of a Presbyterian and explored South America, 1913-1914,

minister, the Rev. Joseph Ruggles Wilson, and Roosevelt brought about the nomination of Taft'Janet Woodrow, daughter of a Scottish-Presbyterian

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U. S.-Presidents and Their Wives; Biographies of

minister; and a grandson of James Wilson, a Pres- 80, at Plymouth, Vt., March 18. 1926), and Victoria
byterian, of Ulster, Ireland, who settled at Phila- J. Moor. His ancestor, John Coolidge, came with
delphia in 1807, and became a printer, marrying, his wife, Mary, from England and settled at Can-
in 1808, a girl, also an Ulster Presbyterian, who bridge (then Watertown), in the Puritan Colony of
had come across the Atlantic in the same ship Massachusetts Bay, in 1630.
with him.

Coolidge graduated at Amherst College, 1895: Wilson graduated at Princeton University, 1879; admitted to practice law, 1897, at Northampton. graduated in law at the University of Virginia in Mass.; City Councilman, 1899; City Solicitor, 19001881; and took his Ph.D degree at Johns Hopkins 1901; clerk of the Courts, 1904; member of the in 1886. He practiced law at Atlanta, Ga., 1882- Lower House of the Massachusetts Legislature, 1883: taught history and political economy at Bryn 1907-1908; Mayor of Northempton, 1910-191 1: Mawr College, 1885-1888 and at Wesleyan Univer-member of the State Senate, 1912-1915; and Presisity, 1888-1890; professor of jurisprudence and dent of that body, 1914-1915; Lieutenant-Governor political economy at Princeton University. 1890- of Massachusetts, 1916-1918; Governor, 1919-1920: 1902.

elected Vice-President in 1920, and became PresiIn 1902 he was chosen President of Princeton dent on Harding's death, Aug. 2, 1923. He was University and served until Oct., 1910: Governor of sworn by his father, Col. John Coolidge, in the New Jersey, 1911-1913; elected President in 1912. family homestead, at Plymouth Notch, Vt., early re-elected in 1916.

in the morning of Aug. 3. A question was raised He helped draft a treaty of peace with Germany, as to the validity of that oath, Col. Coolidge being at Paris (Versailles) in 1919, welding in it the cov- only a state ofhicer (Justice of the Peace). There enant of the League of Nations. The treaty and fore, a second oath was taken, on Aug. 17, before Covenant were accepted by Japan and the Allies A. A. Hoehling, then a Justice of the Supreme in Europe, but were rejected by the U. S. Senate. Court of the District of Columbia. He was elected In campaigning in the West to arouse public President in 1924. for the full term. On retirement sentiment for the treaty, the President was partly he returned to Northampton (Mass.), where he paralyzed by apoplexy, Sept. 26, 1919.

died, unexpectedly and unattended on Jan. 5. In the first days of March, 1919, as Mr. Wilson 1933, at "The Beeches," an estate which he had left for Paris after his brief visit home, a manifesto bought on the outskirts. There, in the daytime, he signed by 39 senators warned him against locking was found lifeless, on the floor of an upstairs room. the League of Nations covenant with the peace by his wife, on her return from shopping. It was treaties. He paid no heed. The final vote in the said he had suffered from indigestion. There Senate on the treaty, in March, 1920, was 49 for, was no autopsy. The certificate of the family and 35 against; 29 votes against on that poll, would doctor stated the cause of death as "probably have been enough to reject. The opposition was coronary thrombosis," which means that a blood led by Senators Henry C. Lodge of Mass., William clot stopped the heart. He was buried at PlyE. Borah of Idaho, and Hiram Johnson of Cali- mouth, Vt. He was a Congregationalist. fornia.

Mr. Coolidge's will, made at the White House He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1919. Dec. 20, 1926, left his estate to his wife. His Wilson was a Presbyterian. He was entombed in papers are with the Library of Congress. the P. E. Cathedral, Washington. His estate was Mrs. Coolidge is the daughter of Capt. Andrew valued at over $600,000. His papers were given, I. Goodhue and Almira Barret, was born on Jan. 3. in Oct. 1939, to the Library of Congress. He 1879, at Burlington, Vt The Captain was a Demowas a Presbyterian,

crat, and was a steamboat inspector while Grover The first Mrs. Wilson, Ellen Louise Axson, of Cleveland was President. Mrs. Coolidge graduated Rome, Ga., born in 1860, was a sister of Prof.

at the University of Vermont in 1902 and then Stockton Axson of Princeton University, and a

taught at the Clarke School for the Deaf, daughter of the Rev. S. E. Axson and Margaret Northampton, Mass. Hoyt. She was aided as mistress of the White

of the two children, John B. Coolidge, born in House by her three children, Margaret W., Eleanor

1906, graduated at Amherst College in 1928: and R., who there became the second wife of William

Calvin Coolidge, jr., born in 1908, died in WashG. McAdoo, Secretary of the Treasury under Wil

ington, July 7, 1924. John B. Coolidge, on Sept. son; and Jessie W., who also there married, Nov.

23, 1929, married Florence, daughter of Gov. John 25, 1913, Francis B. Sayre, a lawyer, a member of

H. Trumbull of Connecticut. the Pennsylvania family that has large coal and

Herbert Clark Hoover, a Republican, was derailroad properties. Mrs. Sayre died on Jan. 15.

scended from Andrew Hoover, born in Ellerstadt, 1933, at Cambridge, Mass. The first Mrs. Wilson the Palatinate, came to America in 1738, settling in died in the White House in 1914.

Pennsylvania, later migrating to Maryland, and
The second Mrs. Wilson, Edith Bolling of

from there to North Carolina, His son, John Wytheville, Va., widow of Norman Galt, a Wash

Hoover, removed from North Carolina to Ohio. ington jeweler, was born in 1872. One of three

John Hoover's son, Jesse Hoover (1799-1856), setsisters, she inherited a fortune from her first

lled at West Branch, Iowa, 1854, and was Herbert husband, and was mistress of the White House

Hoover's great grandiather. His grandfather was
during the last of the first and all of the second

El Hoover (1820-1892). His father, Jesse Clark
Wilson Administrations. She accompanied him to

Hoover (1847-1880), married Hulda Randall Mint-
the Versailles Peace Conference, was his companion

horn (1848-1883). Herbert Hoover was born ai in all of his travels in Europe and the United

West Branch, Iowa, Aug. 10, 1874.

rierbert Hoover's ancestors were Quakers and
States, and was with him when he was stricken
in the West.

such is he; his father was a blacksmith. Left

an orphan in childhood, Herbert lived with his
Warren G. Harding, a Republican, was born at Uncle Allan on a farm in Iowa, later with an
Corsica, O., Nov. 2, 1865, and died at San Francisco, Uncle Laban Miles, Osage Indian Agent in Indian
Aug. 2, 1923. He was the son of Dr. George Tyron Territory, and then with a third uncle, John
Harding and Phoebe Elizabeth Dickerson.


Minthorn at Newberg and Salem, Oregon, studied. 1879-1882, at Ohio Central College; in Herbert Hoover's education began in the public 1884 became connected with the Daily Star at schools at West Branch, Iowa, and in Oregon, and Marion, O., and later owned and edited the paper, was finished at Leland Stanford Junior University, selling it shortly before his death. He was a which he entered when it first opened, in the fali Congregationalist.

of 1891. He specialized in engineering, and graduHe served in the State Senate, 1900-1904; Lieu-ated in 1895. He married in 1899 Miss Lou Henry. tenant Governor of Ohio, 1904-1906: defeated for

daughter of Charles D. Henry, of Monterey, Calli. Governor in 1910; entered the U. S. Senate in 1915

an undergraduate he worked upon the elected President in 1920.

Arkansas and the United States Geological Surveys, The Limitation of Armament Conference was and in the mines in California. In 1896 he began held under his invitation, at Washington, begin- his career as a mining engineer, and to 1914 was ning on Nov, 11, 1921.

thus engaged in this country, Australia, Africa, Harding was tall, leisurely in movement, genial, Europe, and Asia. and pacifer: a Baptist. He was buried at At the outbreak of the war he was in Europe in Marion, O.

furtherance of the participation of foreign governHi3 estate, exclusive of his newspaper, was ments in the celebration of the opening of the officially appraised at $486,566.

Panama Canal, to be held in San Francisco. With Mrs. Harding, Florence Kling, born Aug. 15, the declaration of war he was made Chairman of 1860, was a daughter of Amos O. Kling, a Marion. the American Relief Committee at London, and Ohio, hardware merchant and later a banker. Her subsequently was the head of the Commission for family were Mennonites. Mrs. Harding's first hus- Relief in Belgium; U. S. Food Administrator, Aug. band was Henry De Wolfe, by whom she had a son, 1917-June, 1919, member War Council, and various Marshall Eugene De Wolfe. Mrs. Harding died at commissions. Marion. Nov. 21, 1924. Almost all of her estate, He was U. $. Secretary of Commerce, 1921-28; estimated at $350,000, was left in trust to Marshali served in many other public capacities. De Wolfe's children, Jean and George N.

Herbert Hoover in Feb., 1938, was quoted as say. Calvin Coolidge, a Republican, was born at ing, in response to an inquiry, that he did not Plymouth, Vt., July 4, 1872, son of Col. John Calvin take for his own personal use, any of the salary Coolidge, farmer and storekeeper (who died, aged paid him while he was President, Secretary of


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Commerce, Food Administrator, or Director of the E. Smith as the Democratic candidate, at the Belgian Relief Program. Part of the money went National Convention in 1924, at New York City, to charities, part to supplement salaries of persons where the

nomination finally went to John W. who worked under him and to whom the govern- Davis, & Wall Street lawyer; and again, in 1928, ment paid less than he thought they were worth. at the Democratic National Convention at Houston,

Mrs. Hoover was born at Waterloo, Iowa, on Tex. Roosevelt spoke in Smith's favor, calling him March 29, 1875, daughter of Charles D. Henry, a the "Happy Warrior." The nomination was acbanker and man of means, who died in 1928. Be- corded to Smith that time, but he was defeated, cause of the mother's poor health, the Henrys partly because, it was supposed, of the religious cry moved first to Whittier, in Los Angeles County, raised against him as a Roman Catholic. Calif., and then to Monterey, same state. Mrs. Smith's supporters threw his brown derby into Hoover attended Stanford University, went, as a the ring, for the third time, at the National Conbride, in 1899, to China, and took part with her vention of 1932. at Chicago. They made a plea for husband in the defense of Tientsin in the Boxer his political vindication. The nomination was given outbreak of 1900.

to Roosevelt, on his record as Governor and because The Hoovers have two children, Herbert Jr., and of a combination of delegates formed by William G. Allan. The former is married, and has children. McAdoo, Secretary of the Treasury under Woodrow

Mrs. Hoover was brought up as an Episcopalian. Wilson. McAdoo was himself a candidate. RooseShe and her husband were married at Monterey at velt campaigned for the "Forgotten Man," and in the Roman Catholic mission there.

his first administration laid the foundations fo* Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born on the his New Deal by liberal aid to the unemployed al family estate at Hyde Park, N. Y., on the east side

over the country, through public works and by of the Hudson River on Jan. 30. 1882. son of

direct relief. He was renominated, and re-elected James Roosevelt, who died Dec. 8, 1900, and of

in 1936. He was renominated again in 1940 and the later's wife, Sara Delano, who died Sept. 7.

elected--the first President to be chosen for 1941, and a direct descendant in the eighth genera

third time. tion of Claes Martenszan van Rosenvelt,

Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt-Before her mar

or Roosevelt. who arrived in New Amsterdam about riage, on Mch. 17, 1905, she was Miss Anna Eleanor 1649 from somewhere in Holland and married Roosevelt, of Tivoli, N. Y., the daughter of the late Jannetje Samuels. They died in 1660, leaving five

Elliott Roosevelt, younger brother of President minor children, the youngest of whom, Nicholas,

Theodore Roosevelt. baptized in New Amsterdam in September, 1658. Mrs. Roosevelt was born in New York City, Oct. settled at Esopus, now Kingston, and there married 11, 1884. She was educated in private schools and Heyltje Barentsen. In 1690 h was back in New was given the honorary degree of D. H. L. by York where he became an Alderman, first in 1700.

Russell Sage College in 1929. She taught in a and again in 1715.

private school for girls and has been active in From Nicholas's second son, Johannus (born educational, sociological and political affairs, and 1689 at Esopus), President Theodore Roosevelt was has made many speeches. She was financial chairdescended.

man of the woman's division of the New York From Nicholas's son Jacobus, or James (born Democratic State Commission 1924-28, a member 1692), the line runs to Franklin D. Roosevelt,

of the advisory committee in charge of Women's through Isaac (born 1726), James (born 1760), Isaac Activities, Democratic National Campaign commit(born 1790), who set up the family estate at Hyde tee, 1928, and vice-president of the New York State Park, and James (born 1828; died Dec. 8. 1900). League of Women Voters. She plays tennis and

Roosevelt was graduated at Harvard in 1904. He likes outdoor life. attended Columbia Law School; took the Bar Ex- The Roosevelts have five children and 10 grandamination, and was admitted to the bar. In 1910 he children (July, 1940) The children are was elected as a Democrat to the State Senate from James, married, June 4, 1930, Miss Betsy Cushing. the Hyde Park (Dutchess County) district, and was of Brookline, Mass., who divorced him in March, re-elected in 1912, in which year he was a delegate 1940. On April 14, 1941, he married Miss Romto the Democratic National Convention, at Balti- elle Theresa Schneider, who had been his nurse more and supported the nomination of Woodrow in a hospital in Rochester, Minn. Wilson, who, in 1913, appointed him Assistant Elliott, married, Jan. 16, 1932, Miss Elizabeth B. Secretary of the Navy. He was in Europe on Army Donner, of Bryn Mawr, Pa., divorced, July 17. inspection July-Sept., 1918, and was there again in 1933; married, July 22, 1933, Ruth Josephine charge of demobilization of U. S. troops, Jan.-Feb., Googins of Fort Worth, Tex. 1919. He is an Episcopalian.

Franklin D., Jr., married, June 30, 1937, Miss At the Democratic National Convention at San Ethel du Pont, of Wilmington, Del. Francisco, in July, 1920, Roosevelt was nominated John A., married, June 18, 1938, Miss Anne L. for vice-president on the ticket with James M. Cox Clark, of Nahant, Mass. of Ohio. Gov. Alfred E. Smith of New York made Anna Eleanor, married, June 5, 1926, to Curtis the seconding speech for him. After his defeat B. Dall, of N. Y. City; divorced, July 30, 1934; Roosevelt resumed the practice of law in New York married, Jan. 18, 1935, to John Boettiger of City, and was until 1928 vice-president of the N. Y. City. Fidelity and Deposit Co. of New York City.

A 12-acre tract on the Roosevelt estate, Hyde In August, 1921, while at his summer home at Park, N, Y., on the east side of the Hudson River, Campobello, New Brunswick, he was stricken with was deeded to the United States Government in infantile paralysis, which left him with his legs July, 1939, as the site of a library to house more paralyzed, but he finally discarded his crutches to than 6,000,000 of the Chief Executive's documents walk with the use of canes and with steel braces and manuscripts, including his personal papers as fitted to his legs. The healing waters of Warm

State Senator, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Springs, Ga., proved beneficial and he established Governor of New York and President. The buildthe Foundation there to help sufferers without ing is of stone in Dutch colonial style. means to obtain treatment. He had been a tennis In 1933 the Equity and Law Life Assurance Soplayer and a swimmer.

ciety of London sold to the New York Stock ExHe was elected governor of New York State in change form of Jacquelin & De Coppet, a £60,000 1928 and was re-elected in 1930. He offered Alfred policy on the life of President Roosevelt.

Henry Agard Wallace, Vice President Henry Agard Wallace, 52, of Des Moines, Iowa, in operation are here to stay, and to grow on a elected Vice-President on Nov. 5, 1940, succeeding world or national scale. We shall have to go on John Nance Garner, was born Oct. 7, 1888, in doing all these things we do not want to do. ** Adair County, Iowa, son of Henry C. Wallace, Sec- In 1915 he was the first to devise a corn-hog ratio retary of Agriculture under Presidents Harding chart indicating the probable course of the marand Coolidge, and grandson of Henry Wallace, a


"Agricultural Prices," a detailed study of farmer and Presbyterian minister. The last- factors causing fluctuation of prices, appeared in named's father came from the north of Ireland late 1920. in the 18th century and settled in Pennsylvania. Although he was sponsor of the two Agricultural The new Vice-President and his father and grand- Adjustment Acts, the first of which was killed by father owned a farm paper,

the U. S. Supreme Court, he was credited by his Graduating at the Iowa State College in 1910, he political intimates with being personally cool to at once engaged in the experimental as well as compulsory crop control, but the farmers pushed practical elements of agriculture, and, in addition it through Congress. to his editorial duties, took up astronomy and so- Mr. Wallace married, in 1914, Miss Ilo Browne. ciology. He was called & mystic by some of the They have 3 children--Henry B., Robert B., and New Dealers when he became the Secretary of Miss Jean B. Wallace. The Vice-President is alAgriculture under F. D. Roosevelt in 1933. Soon most a six-footer, does not drink or smoke, has thereafter be wrote book, **America Must brown hair, ruddy face, blue eyes, and an ample Choose," in which he said: “Much as we dislike voice. His vocabulary is stocked with Biblical them, the new types of social control we now have quotations.


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