The Sanitary Era, Band 2

William C. Conant, 1887

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Seite 315 - The Committee on Science and the Arts constituted by the Franklin Institute of the State of Pennsylvania, for the promotion of the Mechanic Arts, to whom was referred for examination a Solar Compass, invented by WM.
Seite 290 - Observation has shown that non-irritating liquids pass directly through the "tubular" stomach, and even if food be present they only mix with it to a slight extent. According to Dr. Leuf, who has made this subject a special study, cold water should be given to persons who have sufficient vitality to react, and hot water to the others.
Seite 173 - It cannot but be injurious to the human mind never to be called into effort : the habit of receiving pleasure without any exertion of thought, by the mere excitement of curiosity and sensibility, may be justly ranked among the worst effects of habitual novel reading.
Seite 290 - The accumulation of mucus is specially well marked in the morning, when the gastric walls are covered with a thick, tenacious layer. Food entering the stomach at this time will become covered with this tenacious coating, which for a time protects it from the action of the gastric ferments, and so retards digestion. The...
Seite 129 - In its full sense, the reproductive power means the power to bear a well-developed infant, and to supply that infant with the natural food for the natural period. Most of the flat-chested girls who survive their high-pressure education, are incompetent to do this.
Seite 291 - There is nothing that so promptly cuts short congestion of the lungs, sore throat or rheumatism as hot water when applied promptly and thoroughly.
Seite 48 - ... twenty, not only produces great evil at the time of the neglect, but leaves a large legacy of evil to the future. The system is then peculiarly susceptible; and disturbances of the delicate mechanism we are considering, induced during the catamenial weeks of that critical age by constrained positions, muscular effort, brain work, and all forms of mental and physical excitement, germinate a host of ills.
Seite 29 - The mere recording of meteorological factors is not sufficient. Determinate climatic characters are not easy to formulate. Malaria is not a climatic disease, because the cause of malaria is a removable one and within the control of man, as proved by the experience in the marshes of Savannah, the lowlands of Holland, the Maremma of Tuscany, and the Roman Campagna, whose poisonous exhalations have been converted into innocuous vapors. The drainage of the Roman marshes has reduced the death rate of...
Seite 41 - ... irritation and suppuration. He claims that coryza is sometimes so caused. Under some conditions the nasal surfaces are not susceptible to drying, the fluids being supplied in increased quantity to meet the increased demand made by the inhalation of cold air. In that case an unusual evaporation of the fluid leaves behind an unusual quantity of non-volatile salts of the blood, such as sodium chloride, and an unusual irritation results ; he thinks influenza is the name commonly given to this condition....
Seite 125 - ... waste products as fast as they are formed, and thus, by giving rise to increased appetite, provides fresh nutriment for the tissues, and thus acts as a true tonic. In persons who are accustomed to take too little water, the...

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