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TRANSFER OF COPYRIGHT. Every person purchasing or otherwise acquiring the right to the entire or partial use of a design may enter his title in the register. Any writing purporting to be a transfer of the design, and signed by the proprietor, shall operate as an effectual transfer. On request, and on production of the written transfer, or, if the right be acquired otherwise than by purchase, on production of evidence to the registrar's satisfaction, the registrar is to insert the name of the new proprietor in the register. (s. 6.) The same section gives forms in which the transfer and the requests to register may be made. (See the Act, Appendix, No. 4.)

REGISTRATION. APPOINTMENT OF A REGISTRAR AND OTHER OFFICERS. — The Lords of the Committee of Privy Council for the Consideration of all Matters of Trade and Plantations may appoint a Registrar of designs, and, if they see fit, a deputy registrar, clerks, officers, and servants, who are to hold their offices during the pleasure of the Lords of the Committee. Their salaries are to be fixed from time to time by the Commissioners of the Treasury. The Lords of the Committee may, subject to the provisions of this act, make rules for regulating the execution of the duties of the registrar's office, and the registrar is to have an official seal. (s. 14.)

REGISTRAR's Duties. The registrar is not to register a design, in respect of any application of it, unless he be furnished, for each application, with,

1. two copies, drawings, or prints of the design; accompanied with

2. the name of every person claiming to be pro

prietor, or of the style or title of the firm under which such proprietor trades, with his place of abode or of carrying on his business, or other

place of address; and, 3. the number of the class in respect of which the

registration is made. The registrar is to register all such copies, drawings, and prints, from time to time successively as he has received them, and upon every one of them he is to affix a number corresponding to such succession. One copy, drawing, or print he is to retain and file in his office; the other he is to return to the person who has forwarded it to him. In order to give ready access to the registered copies of designs, the registrar is to class them, and to keep a proper index of each class. (s. 15.)

CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION.- Upon or attached to every copy, drawing, or print of an original design returned to the person registering, and upon or attached to every one received for the purpose of registration, or of the transfer being certified thereon, or attached thereto, the registrar is to certify under his hand

1. that the design has been registered : 2. the date of registration : 3. the name of the registered proprietor, or the

style or title of the firm under which he may trade, with his place of abode or of carrying on

his business, or other place of address : 4. the number of the design, together with such

numbers and letters, and in such form as the registrar shall employ, to denote or correspond with the date of registration.

A certificate so made on every original design or its copy, purporting to be signed by the registrar or deputy registrar, and purporting to have the registrar's seal of office affixed to it, is, in the absence of contrary evidence, to be sufficient proof of, 1. the due registration of the design, and the name

of the proprietor mentioned in the certificate; 2. the commencement of the period of registry ; 3. the proprietorship of the person named in the

certificate as proprietor; 4. the originality of the design; and, 5. the fact, that the provisions of this act, and of

any rule under which the certificate appears to

be made, have been complied with. Any writing purporting to be such certificate is, in the absence of contrary evidence, receivable in evi. dence, without proof of the hand-writing of the signature, or of the seal of office, or of the person signing being the registrar or deputy registrar. (s. 16.)

INSPECTION OF REGISTERED DESIGNS. - Every person may inspect any design whose copyright has expired, on payment of the appointed fee. But no design whose copyright has not expired shall be open to the inspection of any one except the proprietor of the design, a person with written authority from him, or a person specially authorized by the registrar; and then only in presence of the registrar or some person holding an appointment under this act, and not so as to take a copy of the design or part of it, nor without payment of the appointed fee. There is, however, this provision, that the registrar may give to any person applying to him, and producing a particular design with its registration mark, or producing the

registration mark alone, a certificate stating whether there exist a copyright of the design; and if there do, the particular article in respect to which such copyright exists, the term of the copyright, the date of its registration, and the name and address of its registered proprietor. (s. 17.)

Fees. - The Commissioners of the Treasury are from time to time to fix the fees payable for the services performed by the registrar, which fees are to go to defray the expenses and salaries of the registering establishment, and the balance to the consolidated fund. The Commissioners are also to regulate how such fees are to be received, kept, and accounted for; they may also remit or dispense with the payment of fees in any cases where they may think it expedient, It is moreover provided, that the fee for registering a design to be applied to any

woven fabric in classes 7,9, or 10, is not to exceed

one shilling: the fee for registering a design to be applied to a

paper-hanging is not to exceed ten shillings: the fee to the registrar for a certificate relative to ,

the existence or expiration of a copyright in a design printed on woven fabric, yarn, thread, or warp, or printed, embossed, or worked on any paper-hanging, to a person exhibiting a piece-end of a registered pattern with the registration mark upon it, is not to exceed two shillings and six

pence. (s. 18.) See Appendix, No. 5. PENALTY FOR EXTORTION. - If the registrar or any person employed under him demand or receive any gratuity or reward, whether in money or other. wise, except his authorised salary or remuneration, he

shall forfeit for every offence 501. to any party suing for it by action of debt in the Court of Exchequer at Westminster. He is also, for such offence, liable to be suspended or dismissed, and to be rendered incapable of holding any situation in the registration office, as the Commissioners of the Treasury see fit. (s. 19.)

CANCELLATION OR AMENDMENT OF REGISTRATION. — In a suit in equity relative to a design, instituted by its proprietor, or by a person lawfully entitled to it, if it appear to the satisfaction of the judge that the design has been registered in the name of a person not the proprietor, or not lawfully entitled, the judge may, in his discretion, by decree or order, direct the registration to be cancelled, in which case it becomes void ; or the name of the proprietor or person lawfully entitled to be substituted in the register for that of the wrongful proprietor or claimant, and this to be done in the manner directed in case of the transfer of a design. The judge may make what order he thinks fit respecting the costs of cancellation or substitution, and the proceedings to effect them. The registrar, on service of the official copy of the decree or order, and on payment of the proper fee, is to comply with the tenor of the decree or order, and to make the cancellation or substitution as the case may be. (s. 10.)

PENALTY FOR WRONGFULLY USING MARKS. — It is unlawful to apply to a design which has not been registered, or to an article to which a design when registered has not been applied within the United Kingdom, or to an article after the expiration of copyright, the marks required by this act, or any marks corresponding with them. If any person do unlawfully apply any such marks, or publish, sell, or

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