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and address of the registered proprietor. Any party may also, on the production of a piece of the manufactured article with the pattern thereon, together with the registration mark, be informed whether such pattern, supposed to be registered, be really so or not.

DIRECTIONS FOR REGISTERING, All persons wishing to register a design must bring or send to the registrar's office two copies thereof, together with the proper fees. These copies may consist either of portions of the manufactured articles, when such can be conveniently done (as in the case of paper-hangings, calico prints, fc.), or else of prints or drawings, which, whether coloured or not, must be correct representations of the design. These must be accompanied with the name and address of the proprietor or proprietors, or with the title of the firm under which he or they may be trading, and the place of carrying on business, and and also with the number of that one of the above classes in respect of which such design is intended to be registered. · After the design has been registered, one of the two copies will be filed at the office, and the other returned to the proprietor, with a certificate annexed, on which will appear the mark to be placed on each article of manufacture on which the design is used.

A design may be registered in respect of one or more of the above classes, according as it is intended to be employed in one or more species of manufacture ; but separate copies must be furnished, and a separate fee paid on account of each separate class, and all such registrations must be made at the same time.

All communications with the office for the registration of designs may be made either through the general post, or any other mode of conveyance, provided the carriage be paid ; and if the proper fees, or an order for payment, be enclosed, the designs will be duly registered, and the certified copies returned to the proprietor free of expense.

The registrar's office will be open every day on and after the 1st September, 1842, between the hours of 10 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon, and designs and transfers will

be registered from 11 until 3 ; and the following are the fees ordered to be paid by the Treasury:

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£ £ $. d. Transfer - -1 Class 1 - - 3 0 0

Certifying design Class 2 - - 1 0 0

same as reClass 3 - - 1 0 0

gistration fee, Class 4 - 1 0 0

but for Class 1. 1 Class 5 - - 0 10 0 Cancellation or Class 6 - - 1 0 0

substitution - 1 Class 7 - 0 1 0 Search - - 0 Class 8 - 1 0 0

Inspection of deClass 9 - . 0 1 0

signs of which Class-10 - - 0 1 0

the copyright Class 11 - - 0 5 0

has expired, Class 12 - - 1 0 0

each class - 0 Class 13 - -1 0 0 1

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copyright in, 3.

piracy in, 28.

for non-delivery to the libraries, 25.
for literary piracy, 31.
for pirated copies, 34.
rules as to, 35.
limitation of when under the 5 & 6 Vict. c. 45., 36.
for pirating dramatic pieces or musical compositions, 44.
limitation of under the 3 W.4. c. 15., 45.
for piracy of engravings, 47.
for piracy of sculpture, 49.
limitation of under the 54 G. 3. c. 56., 50.
for piracy of designs, 51. 62.

limitation of under the 5 & 6 Vict. c. 100., 64.

to an old work, copyright in, 3.

render necessary another delivery to the libraries, 23, 24.
ALMANACKS, no prerogative copyright in, 5.

of copyright in literature, 19.
general, 21.
of an edition, 21.
of copyright in a dramatic piece, or musical composition, 43.
of music, 43.
of an engraving, 46.
of sculpture, 50.
of designs, 57.


his property in literature, 5. 9. name need not be to a book to secure copyright, 9. general assignment by, 21. his right to an additional term of copyright in sculpture, 49. BIBLE, THE

prerogative copyright in, 4.

university copyright in, 5.
BODLEIAN LIBRARY, compulsory delivery of copies to, 24.
Book, what the word includes, 3.

compulsory delivery of copies to, 23.

no limitation to action by for non-delivery, 37.
Bust, copyright in, 48.
CALCULATIONS, copyright in, 27.
CALENDARS, copyright in, 27.
CALICOES, copyright of designs in, 51. 55.

copyright of, 5.
right to print the Bible and the Statutes, 5.

compulsory delivery of copies to, 24. CARPETS, copyright in designs for, 54. Casts, copyright in, 49. CERTIFICATE from Stationers' Hall relating to registration of literary copy.

right, 16. relating to the registration of copyright in designs, 58. CHARTS included in the word “Book” in the new copyright

act, 3. 47. COMMON LAW

as to copyright, 2.

as to transfer of literary copyright, 20. COMPILATIONS, copyright in, 3. 12. COMPULSORY delivery of copies of books to the British Museum,

and four other libraries, 22. COPYRIGHT,

in literature, 1.

COPYRIGHT — continued.

its definition, 1.
whether existing at common law, 2.
different species of, and their duration, 4.
prerogative, 4.
university and collegiate, 5.
general, 5.
law of extends to every part of the British dominions,

title of author and his assigns to, 9.
title to by lapse, 9.
omission to register not destructive of, 10.
requisites of, 10.
title to in articles in encyclopædias and periodicals, 12.
in letters, 13.
in lectures, 14.
registration of, 16.
registration of in encyclopædias and periodicals, 17.
transmission of, 19.
general assignment of, 21.
personalty, 21.

foreign, 37.
in the drama and music, 40.
title to dramatic and musical copyright, 40.
registration of, 43.

assignment of, 43.
in engraving, 45.
in sculpture, 48.

duration and protection of, 48.

assignment of, 50.
in designs for ornamenting articles of manufacture, 51.

former law as to, 51.
new law as to, 52.
subject of, 53.
nature and duration of, 54.
conditions of, 55.
transfer of, 57.

registration of, 57.
a tabular view of the different terms of, 65.


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