Brambletye House: Or, Cavaliers and Roundheads : a Novel, Band 1

Colburn, 1826 - 257 Seiten

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Seite 133 - ... family ; to do all this under the name and wages of a parliament; to trample upon them too as he pleased, and spurn them out of doors when he grew weary of them ; to raise up a new and...
Seite 133 - ... overcome with equal facility both the riches of the south and the poverty of the north; to be feared and courted by all foreign princes, and adopted a brother to the gods of the earth; to call together parliaments with a word of his pen.
Seite 199 - My Lady Gerrard treated us at Mulberry Garden, ' now the onely place of refreshment about the towne for persons of the best quality to be exceedingly cheated at...
Seite 157 - This night I was invited by Mr. Roger L'Estrange to hear the incomparable Lubicer on the violin. His variety on a few notes and plain ground, with that wonderful dexterity, was admirable. Though a young man, yet so perfect and skilful, that there was nothing, however cross and perplexed, brought to him by our artists, which he did not play off at sight with ravishing sweetness and improvements, to the astonishment of our best masters.
Seite 18 - Barrow shall be sainted ; There's neither cross nor crucifix Shall stand for men to see, Rome's trash and trumpery shall go down, And hey, then, up go we...
Seite 133 - ... and to command them victoriously at last ; to over-run each corner of the three nations, and overcome with equal facility both the riches of the south and the poverty of the north ; to be...
Seite 133 - ... what can be more extraordinary than that a person of mean birth, no fortune, no eminent qualities of body, which have sometimes, or of mind which have often, raised men to the highest dignities, should have the courage to attempt, and the happiness to succeed in so improbable a design as the destruction of one of the most ancient and most solidly-founded monarchies upon the earth...
Seite 157 - In sum, he played on the single instrument a full concert, so as the rest flung down their instruments, acknowledging the victory. As to my own particular, I stand to this hour amazed that God should give so great perfection to so young a person.
Seite 32 - A hound and a hawk no longer Shall be symptoms of disaffection ; A cock-fight shall cease to be breach of the peace, And an horse-race an insurrection.
Seite 21 - But a beggar's a beggar and so he shall be, Unless he turn Traytor, Let Misers take courses to hep up their treasure, Whose lust has no limits, whose mind has no measure Let me be but quiet and take a little pleasure, A little contents my nature. My Petition shall be that Canary be cheaper, Without Patent or Custom, or cursed Excise ; That the Wits may have leave to drink deeper and deeper, And not be undone, while their heads they baptise, And in liquor do drench 'um ; If this were but granted,...

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