Novels and Romances, Viz, Band 51


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Seite 218 - Foulden, the hour to be ten o'clock, and the number with ourselves to be 13 of a side; and the rest of our troops to stand each of them a mile from the town ; the one on the one side, the other on the other side...
Seite 94 - It is indeed a wide ocean," said one, "full of waves and dangers, storms and tempests ; and, like the Atlantic before the adventurous Genoese first crossed it, no one comes back to tell us what is beyond. But as, to the eye of Columbus, enlightened by true genius, it was self-evident that, to harmonize with the known world in which he dwelt, there must be another continent beyond the wide western sea, so to the eye of the religious man, enlightened by revelation, it is self-evident that beyond the...
Seite 29 - The viscount made no answer, but walked on musing, and at the top of the hill they found Francis de Langy gazing with a look of wild enthusiasm upon the magnificent scene that lay spread out before him. His whole features seemed lighted up, his quivering lips were apart, the glow in his cheek was heightened, his very breath withheld. It was the first time in his young life that he had been strongly affected by the beauty of the earth he dwelt in ; and now it seemed to come upon him all at...

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