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SIR, A DEDICATION is so generally considered merely as a solicitation for patronage, or pecuniary reward, that I think it necessary to disclaim being actuated by either of those motives in my present address to you. I inscribe these Volumes to you as a sincere, though feeble token of the profound respect which I feel for your character. I inscribe them to the Statesman whose rectitude, foresight, vigilance, and wisdom, deserve the loudest applause of that country, in the service of which they have incessantly been exerted. Could I have discovered any one who possessed these high qualities in a superior degree to yourself, I should not, in this dedication, have had the honour of declaring myself,

Your very obedient,

and very humble Servant,


May 26th, 1804.

wisdom. These, scattered as they are through eight volumes, it has been the aim of the Editor to collect, and arrange under various heads. By this means the sentiments of Mr. Burke, on any subject, may be seen at one glance. The task has not been without labour ; with what success it may have been executed, the Public will decide.

That any passage, quoted in these volumes, may be readily found in Mr. Burke's works, the Editor has added an Index of Reference. The edition referred to, is that of 1803, in eight 8vo. volumes.

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