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1.--To the King, Letter II. On the Catholic Association.--.“ Reforma-

Means of givivg Peace and Content tion."---Usury ---Cobbett Farming.

to Ireland, and of making that

country a source of strength instead 8.-To the Landowners, On the evils of

of weakness, in case of war.-Louis collecting manufacturers into great

XVIII.- Education in Ireland.

masses. ---Irish Catholic Petition.--

2.-James and Pittaway, the two men

The Thing's “Supremacy."---Ire-

land.---Duke of Norfolk.

who were tried at Oxford, at the

last Assizes, and who were hanged 9.-To Mr. O'Connell, Letter II. On the

there, for having been found guilty Alarm which the Fire-shovels in

of a murder, committed on one England, and, indeed, the whole

Millin, a gamekeeper to Lord body of Tithe and Tax-caters, feel

Churchill.- Louis XVIII.-Cobbett at the Proceedings of the Irish Ca-


tholics; and particularly on the

3.--To Lord John Russell, On the Doc-

ravings of the John Bull, or Smutty

trine of Surplus-Population.---Joce-

Gazette.---Going! Going !--- Bott-
lyn-Schools, for mending the man-

Smith, to Friend James Cropper,

ners and saving the souls of the

of Liverpool.---Fauntleroy.

Irish.---Defeat of the Missionaries
of the London Hibernian Society," / 10.-To the Catholic Association of Ire-
in the city of Cork.

lar.l.---Police Reports, or News-

paper Government.--- Extract from
4.- The Land of Bibles and of Friends the Gentleman's Magazine, on the

of the Turks.---Catholics in Ireland Locust Tree.
and in England, and Protestants in
France.---The Old Humbug, com-

11.-The Wen. The swellings of the
monly called “the Quarter's Re-

Wen, the probable progress of those

venue.".--Justice Hanson). --- Kent

swellings, and the probable fate of

Quarter Sessions.---Surrey Quarter

the Wen itself.---Banks Breaking.


---Catholic Affairs.---Machinery.---

Protestant“ Reformation."
5.–To the British Catholic Asecciation.

---Cobbett larming.---Yellow Fe 12.- Tithe - Battles, to the Hampshire

ver.---Cotton Lords and What's Parsons.---Speech of Mr. O'Connell,

Watt.---The very best Sermon I at the Aggregate Meeting of the Ca-

ever read.

tholics of Ireland.--Horrible cruelty

6.- To the Edinburgh Reviewers, On the

committed by the Spanish " Libe-

Religion of America; on their Doc-

rals.”---Bank's Breaking.---Usury.

Protestant “Reformation.".

trine relating to. Manufacturing;

and on their Opinions relating to

Cropper's Quackery.

Population.--- 'The Thing. --- Lord

Cochrane.--- The Bible and the

13.-To the Bishop of Winchester, On

the Letters of the Protestant Arch-

Bayonet; or true Church Militant.

---Bible-Fight.---To the Editor of

bishop of Tuam and of Mr. Daly,

the Catholic Priest. - Turncoat

the Hampshire Chronicle and

Southey.--Cotton-Lords and What's
Southampton Courier.

Watt.---Straw Bonnets...--The Re-
7.--To Mr. O'Cornc!l, On the Afairs of gister and Protestant “ Reforma-

the Catholics of Ireland.---Londou tiun."---Usuy.---List of Forest and
Auxiliary Bible Society.--- British Fruit Trees.

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ANGOULEME, Duchess de, 30.
American Navy, state of the, 159.
Arburthnot, plantations of Mr. 620.
Austio Friars, the monks called, 709.
Ashtoun, Lord, 797.
Adam, Mr. William, 196.

Bulstrode's argument against Russell,

Buonaparte, 32.
Baltimore, city of, 9.
Bayless, the loformer, 68.
Butler, Mr. 272.
Blount, Mr. 284.
Burnet, Bishop, 277,
Bishop's Waltham, town of, 338.
Birkbeck, Mr. 330.
Burdett, Sir Francis, 710.
Black Friars, the Monks called, 709.
Birnie, Sir Richard, 599.
Boileau, his “ Lutrin," 366.
Canning, Mr. Wm. Pitt, 657.
Clonmel, tithe battle at, 712.
Coronation Oath, the, 717.
Carey, Mr. Matthew, 695.
Curran, Mr: 393.
Cecil, Crook-backed, 'gunpowder plot

hatched by, 387.
Colston. Dr. 369.
Cuppe, M. 294.
Collins, Dr. 277.
Cat, character of the, 272.
Clifford, Mr. 267.
Cranmer, Thomas, 205.
Clarke, Mrs. 196.
Collett, Rev. Anthony, 146.
Clarke, Mr. of Bergh Apton, 112.
Castlereagh, measures of, 101.
Crusoe, Robinson, 330.
Curwood, Mr. 93.
Cross, Mr. Sergeant, 83.
Churchill, Lord, 68.
Clinton, Sir Henry, 27.

Durley, Parish of, 339.
Dean, John, 383.
Daly, Mr. Catholic Priest, 772.
Dundas, Rd. Saunders, 660.
Evelyn's Sylva, Note from, on the Lo-

cust Tree, 614.
Eddu, Mr. 83.
Emperor of Russia, the, 33.
Edinburgh Review, Authors of the, 3.
Eyston, Mr. 268.
Fox's lying Book of Martyrs, 204,
Favell, Mr. 406.
Farnham, town of, 771.
Fordyce, Mr. 620.
Fleming, Mr. Sheriff, 703.
Fox, Mr. 102.
Glenburne, plantations of Mr. 620.
Grenville, Lord, 770.
Guyou, M. 294.
Gregory the Nintli, Pope, charge of,

against the Emperor Frederick the

Second, 325.
Gordon, Captain, the Missionary to

Ireland, 153.
Grey, Lord, 148.
Grose's Antiquities, 142.
Georges, conspiracy of, 101.
Greenaway,'Joseph, 78.
Grey, Lord, 271.
Germans, the, 8.
Grattan, 280.
Hume, Mr. 25.
Hodges, Mr.239.
Hodgson, Mr. 322.
Hay, Parson, 369.
Hubert, Sir William, 148."
Hume, the Historian, 148.
Holidays, in the dark ages," 144.
Hunter, Sir Claudius, 410.
Huskisson, plantations of Mr. 620.
Hook, Captain, 603.
Harrisburgh, 333.
Irisbmen, no slave-owners, 10.
Jeffrey, Mr. 328.
Irish, the, 8.

anes, Charlottş, 17
Juster, Henry, 711

MAR 3 '47 Varding

Dacres, Capt. 27.
Drummond, Mr. 242.
Diderot, Monsieur, 324.
Duncan, Mr. 322.
Dennistoure, Mr. E. 289.
Hent; Patson, 3691


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