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Adamo, é per Adamo, è divenuta Adam has become corrupt and corrotta e peccatrice ; e tutti in sinful; and we are all born in Adamo nasciamo con l' inclinazi- Adam with the inclination to do one al mal fare, e l' incapacità di evil, and the inability of doing fare il bene da Dio comandato; well what God has commanded; epperciò, naturalmente, siamo tutti therefore, naturally, we are all sinpeccatori e sotto condannazione. ners under condemnation.

III. Iddio non vuole la morte III. God does not desire the del peccatore, ma che venga alla death of the sinner, but that he conoscenza della Verità e sia sal should come to the knowledge of vato.

the truth and be saved. IV. La salvezza viene dall' amore IV. Salvation comes from the eterno e gratuita del Padre ;eternal and gratuitous love of the acquistata pel sacrificio espiatorio, Father; it is obtained through the per

la risurrezione e per la inter- expiatory sacrifice, resurrection, cessione del Figlio, che ci giustif- and intercession of the Son; it is ca ; Vien comunicata dallo Spi- communicated by the Holy Spirit, rito Santo, il quale, rigenerando il who regenerates the sinner, unites peccatore, lo unisce a Cristo per him to Christ by faith, comes and la fede, viene ad abitare in lui, dwells in him, produces peace in produce la pace nel suo cuore, his heart, giving him the assurance dandogli la sicurezza dell intera of the entire remission of his sins, remissione dei suoi peccati, lo ren- making him free, guiding and conde libero, lo guida e lo consola per soling him by means of the Word mezzo della Parola ch' Egli ste880 which he himself has given, sealha data, lo suggella e lo custodisce, ing and guarding him until the per il giorno della gloriosa appa- day of the glorious appearing rizione del Signor nostro e Salva- of our Lord and Saviour Jesus tore Gesù Cristo.

Christ. V. Il Cristiano, riscattato a gran V. The Christian, redeemed with prezzo, deve glorificare Iddio nel a great price, onght to glorify corpo, nell anima e nello Spirito, God in his body, soul, and spirit, che a Dio stesso appartengono, which belong to God, walking in camminando nella santificazione, holiness, without which no man senza la quale niuno può vedere il can see the Lord. In order to Signore. A ciò fare, egli trova this, he finds strength in comobéir à Jésus-Christ et pour être to obey Jesus Christ and to be arrosé de son sang.

bathed in his blood. X1. Nous croyons que Dieu, XI. We believe that God, who qui à tant aimé le monde que de so loved the world that he gave donner son fils unique, ordonne his only Son, now orders every présentement à tout homme, en man, in every place, to be converttout lieu, de se convertir; que cha- ed; that every one is responsible cun est responsable de ses péchés et for his sins and his unbelief; that de son incrédulité; que Jésus ne Jesus repels none who go to him; repousse aucun de ceux qui vont à and that every sinner who sincerelui,et que tout pécheur qui invoque ly appeals to him will be saved. sincèrement son Nom sera sauvé.

XII. Nous croyons que le Saint- XII. We believe that the Holy Esprit applique aux élus, par le Ghost applies to the chosen ones, moyen de la Parole, le salut que by means of the Word, the salvale Père leur a destiné et que le tion which the Father has destined Fils leur a acquis; de telle sorte for them and which the Son has que, les unissant à Jésus par la bought, so that, uniting them to foi, il habite en eux, les affranchit Jesus by faith, he dwells in them, de l'empire du péché, leur fait com- delivers them from the sway of prendre les Ecritures, les console sin, makes them understand the et les scelle pour le jour de la ré- Scriptures, consoles them and seals demption.

them for the day of redemption. XIII. Nous atiendons des cieux XIII. We expect from heaven le Seigneur Jésus-Christ,qui trans- our Saviour Jesus Christ, who will formera le corps de notre humilia- change our body of humiliation and tion pour le rendre conforme au make it conform to his own body of corp3 de sa gloire, et nous croyons glory; and we believe that, in that qu'en cette journée-, les morts qui day, the dead who are in Christ, sont en Christ sortant à sa voix coming out from their tombs at de leurs tombeaux, et les fidèles qui his voice, and the faithful then vivront alors sur la terre, trans- living on the earth, all transformed mués par sa puissance, seront en- through his power, will be taken levés tous ensemble dans les nuées up together into the clouds to meet à sa rencontre, et qu'ainsi nous him, and that thus we shall always serons toujours avec le Seigneur. I be with our Saviour.

XIV. Nous croyons qu'il y aura XIV. We believe that there will une résurrection des injustes comme be a resurrection of the unjust des justes ; que Dieu a arrêté un as well as of the just; that God jour il jugera le monde univer- has decided upon a day in which sel par l'homme qu'il a destiné he shall judge the whole world à celà ; et que les méchants iront by the man chosen for that puraux peines éternelles, pendant que pose; that the unjust will go to les justes jouiront de la vie éter- everlasting punishment, while the nelle.

just will rejoice in life everlast

ing. XV. Nous croyons que les ég- XV. We believe that individual lises particulières, établies en di- churches, established in different vers lieux et plus ou moins mélan- places, composed more or less of gées de régénérés et d'inconvertis, converted and unconverted perdoivent se faire connaître au sons, must make themselves known monde par la profession de leur to the world by the confession of espérance, les actes de leur culte, their hope, the acts of their woret le travail de leur charité. Mais ship, and the works of their charity. nous croyons aussi que, au-dessus But we also believe that, above all de toutes ces églises particulières these individual churches which qui ont été, qui sont et qui seront, have been, are, and will be, there il existe devant Dieu une sainte exists before God a holy universal Église universelle, composée de tous Church, composed of all the reles régénérés, et formant un seul deemed ones, forming one invisicorps invisible dont Jésus-Christ ble body of which Jesus Christ is est la tête et dont les membres ne se- the head, and whose members will ront entièrement manifestés qu'au be entirely known only at the last dernier jour.

day. XVI. Nous croyons que le Sei

XVI. We believe that the Sav. gneur a institué le baptême et la iour has instituted Baptism and Cène comme symboles et gages du the Lord's Supper as symbols and salut qu'il nous a acquis : le bap- pledges of the salvation which he tême, qui est le signe de la purifica- has acquired for us : Baptism, tion par le sang et par l'Esprit de which is the sign of the purificaJésus : la Cène, dans laquelle nous tion by the blood and spirit of recevons par la foi sa chair et son Jesus Christ; the Eucharist, in of this foundation and ground of knowledge is that which is most necessary to be known and believed in the first place.


Concerning Immediate Revelation. Seeing ‘no man knoweth the Father but the Son, and he to whom the Son revealeth him ;'' and seeing the revelation of the Son is in and by the Spirit; therefore the testimony of the Spirit is that alone by which the true knowledge of God hath been, is, and can be only revealed ; who as, by the moving of his own Spirit, he converted the chaos of this world into that wonderful order wherein it was in the beginning, and created man a living soul, to rule and govern it, so by the revelation of the same Spirit he hath manifested himself all along unto the sons of men, both patriarchs, prophets, and apostles; which revelations of God by the Spirit, whether by outward voices and appearances, dreams, or inward objective manifestations in the heart, were of old the formal object of their faith, and remain yet so to be; since the object of the saints' faith is the same in all ages, though set forth under divers administrations. Moreover, these divine inward revelations, which we mnake absolutely necessary for the building up of true faith, neither do nor can ever contradict the outward testimony of the Scriptures, or right and sound reason. Yet from hence it will not follow that these divine revelations are to be subjected to the examination, either of the outward testimony of the Scriptures or of the natural reason of man, as to a more noble or certain rule or touchstone; for this divine revelation and inward illumination is that which is evident and clear of itself, forcing, by its own evidence and clearness, the well-disposed understanding to assent, irresistibly moving the same thereunto; even as the common principles of natural truths move and incline the mind to a natural assent: as, that the whole is greater than its part; that two contradictory sayings can not be both true, nor both false: which is also manifest, according to our adversaries' principle, who—supposing the possibility of inward divine revelations—will nevertheless confess with us that neither Scripture nor sound reason will contradict it: and yet it will not follow, according to them, that

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the Scripture or sound reason should be subjected to the examination of the divine revelations in the heart.


Concerning the Scriptures. From these revelations of the Spirit of God to the saints have proceeded the Scriptures of truth, which contain: 1. A faithful historical account of the actings of God's people in divers ages, with many singular and remarkable providences attending them. 2. A prophetical account of several things, whereof some are already past, and some yet to come. 3. A full and ample account of all the chief principles of the doctrine of Christ, held forth in divers precious declarations, exhortations, and sentences, which, by the moving of God's Spirit, were at several times, and upon sundry occasions, spoken and written unto some churches and their pastors: nevertheless, because they are only a declaration of the fountain, and not the fountain itself, therefore they are not to be esteemed the principal ground of all truth and knowledge, nor yet the adequate primary rule of faith and manners. Nevertheless, as that which giveth a true and faithful testimony of the first foandation, they are and may be esteemed a secondary rule, subordinate to the Spirit, from which they have all their excellency and certainty; for as by the inward testimony of the Spirit we do alone truly know them, so they testify that the Spirit is that guide by which the saints are led into all truth: therefore, according to the Scriptures, the Spirit is the first and principal Leader. And seeing we do therefore receive and believe the Scriptures, because they proceeded from the Spirit, therefore also the Spirit is more originally and principally the rule, according to that received maxim in the schools, Propter quod unumquodque est tale, illud ipsum est magis tale. Englished thus : “That for which a thing is such, that thing itself is more such.?


Concerning the Condition of Man in the Fall. All Adam's posterity, or mankind, both Jews and Gentiles, as to the first Adam, or earthly man, is fallen, degenerated, and dead, deprived

1 John xvi. 13; Rom. viii. 14.


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