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And the loud winds passed o'er thy head Few, few shall part where many meet, unblest,

Each finds a bed beneath his seat, As shook the last sigh thy expiring breast. And every bound couched at their feet, The sea-nymphs heard their coral Partakes a hunter's canopy.

caves that keep Beneath the rolling water's mighty

sweep, And sung the dirge, in evening strains

SONG. distrest. Yet to their care no hands thy corse

Tune-" Humours of Glen.consigned, Withheld that treasure from a watery

HOW fresh is the rose in the gay dewy

morning, bier.

That peeps with a smile o'er yon eastern The recent mound the narrow house o'er.

hill. lays,

How fair is the lily, our cardens adorning, Where all that once was beauty lies enshrined:

And fresh is the daisy that blooms by the

rill: A transient glory that in dust decays, A vision vanished with the weeping year?

But Mary, the rarest, the fairest, sweet

Aower, Baltimore, April 28th, 1811.

That ever adorned the green banks of the


Compared with this beauty, the eglantine CAMPBELL TRAVESTIED.


The rose, and the lily, how trifling and ON Cannock when the sun was low,

vain ! No tainted breeze betrayed the foe, And each sly fox and timid foe,

How lovely her bosom, where friendship Lay crouclied in covert quietly.

and feeling

Still heave for misfortune the dear tender But Cannock showed another sight,

sigh; When an old man at dead of night

How sweet are her looks, every beauty Stole forth, and by his lanthorn's light,

. revealing; Stopt all the earths so cunningly.

And mild is the lustre that beams in her

eye By the farthing candle fast arrayed, The huntsman waked his favourite maid,

The blush of ber cheek still outrivals Au

rora, The well known call she straight obeyed, When beauty and musick awake the And made his breakfast instantly.

young dawn,

And sweeter her smile than the smile of The horsemen met the hounds at seven,

sweet Flora, From cover soon the prey was driven, When cowslips and daisies bedeck the gay And swift as fiery bolts from heaven,

lawn. The pack pursued their enemy.

And, 0, lovely maid! may thy beautie The chase is up ! on, on ye brave,

still flourish, Who never care your necks to save, Unnipped by the blast of misfortune's rude And scorn a dangerous leap to wave,

gale; Now spur your coursers manfully. May Virtue attend thee, thy goodness to

nourish, The straining pack have neared their foe; And no ruffian hand the sweet blossom Hark to the halloo ! tally ho!

assail! Ne'er pause! o'er gates and hedges go, May fortune's best smiles, lovely maid, The brush rewards your victory.

never leave thee,

Through life's fleeting scenes as thou "Tis night-the hunt dine at the Sun,

journeyest along, The pipes are filled; the healths begum), And curst be the villain would seek to de. Each counts his feats and trophies won,

ceive thee, And all is mirth and jollity.

Or offer thy virtue and innocence wrong!

• The principal river in county Antrim is called the Main. It rises in the northern part of the county, and falls into Lough Neigh.

Let lordlings exult in their titles and Bedecked with their beauties, a gay gild. treasure,

ed train; Where courts and where grandeur ex. For now there's a fairer adorns our green tend their proud blaze.

valleysAnd proud city beauties may listen with 'Tis Mary, sweet Mary, the flower of the pleasure,

Main. While poets as venal reecho their praise;

JOHN GETTY. No man shall now boast of the city or pa. Ballytrisna, Co. Antrim.



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Translated from the French of J. N. Bouil. By Thomas B. Zantzinger, and Co. Phila- ly, member of the Philotecnical Society delphia.

of the Academy of Arts and Sciences of Published_The fourth Number of the Tours, &c. &c. third Volume of the Mirror of Taste and By David Longworth, New York, Dramatick Censor, for April 1811. em. Published-The Knight of Snowden, bellished with two striking likenesses of A Musical Drama in three Acts, by Tho. the celebrated Mr. Cooke.

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Published - The Christian Observer. Also_The Anniversary Oration, pro.

[From the London edition.] For January,

From the London nounced before the Society of Artists of

ociety of Artists of 1811. the United States, on the 8th of May, 1811. By B. Henry Latrobe.

D. Mallory and Co. Boston, By S. Conrad and J. Holgate, Philadelphia, Published-An Essay on Maritime

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[ocr errors]

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