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enabled us, after meeting the current pds and laterest incurred, to pay more millions of the principal of our funded & payments, with: those of the food ### years, have extinguished of the ied debf{2i}, millious of dollars, being iole which could be paid or purchased

within hits of the law, and of our contracts, ...lost us in the Treasury st millio âts. A portion of this sufm may. ered as a commencement of accini of the surplusses of the reve

nue, which, after paying the instalments of tà debt as they shall become payable, will remain without any specific object. It may partly, indeed, be applied towards comple: ting the defence of the exposed points of our country, on such a scale as shall be adapted to our principles and circumstances. This objeet is, doubtless, among the first entitled to attention, in such a state of our finances; and it is one which, whether we have peace or war, will provide security where it is due. Whether what shall remain of this, with the future surpluses, may be usefully applied to purposes already authorised, or noré usefully to others requiring new authorities, or how otherwise they, shall be disposed of, are questions calling for the notic of Congress, uuless they shall be superse j by a change in our public relations, now waiti o: determination-ofothers-Whatever be that determination, it; is a great consolation, that it will.become known at a monient when the supreme: comicil of the nation.js assembled at its post; and ready to give the aids of its wisdom and authority to whatever.course the good of our country shall then call. ps to plwouo-Matters of missor importance will be subjects of future communications; and nothiuš shall be woog on my pati, which inity give in.

formatio or dispatch to be proceeding of the legislaturé, in the exercise of their high duties, and al.; moment so interesting to the public welfo-PFHöxas Jorfeitsos." - so -- -t, " ' " ... "...-Axioručas...STAto: -Document accomfanying to President's Message. Note communicated by Lord. Howick to Mr. Munroe, dated Jān;:30, 1807, i. The undersigned, bis. Majęsty's Principal Secretary of State of Farsign Affairs; has received his Majesty's commands to acquairit: Mr. Munroe, that the French government having issued certain orders, which to inviolitiqi of the usages of war, purport to prohibit the commerce of all neutral nations with Hi, Moy, dominion, and late present

sto'nations from trading with any other country in any articles; the growth, produce, -outmanufacture of his Majesty's dominions. And the said government having also taken upon itself to declare all his Majesty's domiinions to be in a state of blockade, at a tine when the fleets of France and her allies are themselves confined within their own ports, -by-the-superior valours and disciplifie of the British navy.—Such attempts ou the part of ..". his Mjesty an unquestionable right of retofoss, and warranting his Majesty in efforcing the same prohibi: tion of all commercé with France, which that power vainly hopes to effect against the commerce of His Majesty's subjects; a prohibition which the saferiority of his Majesty's naval forces night enable him to support: by actually investing the ports and coasts of the enemy with numerous squadrons and cruisers, so as to make the entrančé or approach thereto' mattifestly dangerous.--His Majesty, though unwilling to follow the example of his enemier, by proceeding to i. extremity so distressing to all nations no engaged in the war, and carrying da their accustomed trade; yet he' feels himself bound by a due regard to the just defence of the rights and interests of his people, not to suffer such measures to be taken by the enemy, withoot-taking some steps on his, part, to restrail this violence, and to resort. upon them the evils of their own injustice. Mr. Munroe is therefore, requested to aft: prize the American Consuls aid. mercha #. residing in England, that his Moś. therefore judged it'expédiént ...;

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her allies, or shall be so far ulider their coo troul, as that British vessels may hot freely. trade thereaf; and that the commanders it. his Majesty's ships' of war' and privateers. have been instructed towari every neutral. vesse:, coming from any such port, and destined to another such port, to , dis

continue her voyage, and not to proceed to 1

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* Any such port; and every vessel, after being. 1929], , , , 'sels attempting to violate the said order after this notice.—(Signed): Howick,--Downing-street, Jan. 10, 1807, - * British Commerce.—Patent relative too ... the Punishment of Persons in Sleswick *" and Holstein, carrying on any Trade or o Commerce with the Enemies of the Gowntry, to W. Christian VII., by God's grace, King of Denmark, Norway, &c, make known | hereby, that as all trade and commerce between our enemies, and the subjects of this country have already been declared criminal, during the present war, by our decree of the 9th of September last, we have thought proper to enact the following penalties against persons who may be found offending—I. Any connection or correspondence with the subjects of Great Britain, though carried on by the means of a third person or party, shall be punished with severe imprisonment: but if the said correspondence shall have been carried on immediately between our subjects and the enemies of the country, the former shall be punished with death. - H. Further, the oods, the objects of the said commerce, shall be confiscated, if found; but if not forthcoming, the criminals shall pay the value of them.—III. Any person giving information of any such trade or commerce. shall, upon conviction of the parties accused, receive a reward from our Royal Treasury, of from 50 to 100rixdollars for each offence, but which shall also be repaid by the party or parties convicted.—IV. Over and above the reward specified in section III., the informer shall be entitled to half the value of the property confiscated.—All persons, whom this may concern, are hereby called upon to take notice.—Given officially under our hand and seal, in our town, and fortress of Rendsburg, October 30, 1807–Chaistias Rax, Most ENG. RANKau.

so warned, cr any vessel coming from any. such port, after a reasonable time shall have: besi, afforded for receiving information of. this his Majesty's order; whic ". be found. proceeding to another such port, shall bec, captured and brought in, and, together with her cargo, shall be condemned as lawful prize : and that from this time all the measures authorised by the law of nations, and the respective treaties between his Majesty and the different neutral powers will be adopted, and executed with respect to ves:


Hollasp.–Utrecht, Nov. 23–The Legislative Body waited on his Majesty, and #a solemn audience in she New Palace. Being conducted into the presence of the King, the President of the Legislative Body *:::::: his Majesty in the following terms: ire;—The Legislative Body, summoned to your Majesty's presence, havens to

co-operate in the benefitia
Majesty for the happiness

My Miniyet

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fulfil the first, and at the simo tims the most pleasing of its duties, in presenting to your Majesty their respectful homāge, and also the assurances of their attachment, and of the zeal with which its Members hope to - lasts of your. and prospetity of your people. "Sentiments, Sire, which, were it possible, would be still increased by the flattering expressions which your Minister has communicated to us in your name. May Providence prosper all the de. signs of your Majesty, may it bless your cares and efforts, and also the person and house of your Majesty; may it give us peace, so necessary for the well-being and tranquillity of mankind, and of this country, in particular; –then shall we, under the glorious sway of your Majesty, see those bright days return, which a thick cloud has overcast for so many years.—These, Sire, are the fervent and honest wishes of this Assembly, and of him who has the honour to address you."- . . . . . . . .” . . . To this address his Majesty made the fol. lowing reply:-"Gentlemen, I meet you again with pleasure: it is with the greatest

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Deputies to the '..."; filled with unen *::::: whoff f*know, whom I. esteem, and who amitémy approbation with the choice of their fellow-citizens. I shall. always account it a satisfaction to make you. participators in the little good which can be accomplished, or rather in shunning the evils which may be avoided; for in difficult circumstances, the latter mode of expres

sion, is more becoming than the former: I

shall also, with pleasurer in all extraordinary caves, place my reliance on your decisions.--.. Domestic Affairs shall appear among you on Thursday next. #. will give you an account of the situation of: affairs—of what has been already done in .

accomplishment of the measures adopted in

the former year, and of those which must yet be had recourse to. You will see, that notwith ing the peace upon the Contineut, dur situation is yet extremely diffi.

cult; but still we may finally hope, that by... a general peace we may reach the end of our

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* * * * ~ *

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*** *

, --

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