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N. B. The XII Books are denoted by the numeral letters of the Alphabet: The other numbers denote the verses.


A Aron and Mofes, their mission to Egypt sing the

Abdiel (a Seraph) oppofes Satan promoting the Angels revolt, v 803. his reply to Satan's anfwer v 877 His fidelity, c. celebrated v 896. His retreat from Satan's party vj 1. His foliloquy I. His foliloquy on view of him at their bead vj 114. His fpeech thereon vj 130. His reply to Satan's answer vj 171. He encounters him in the battel vj 189. He vanquifbes Ariel, Arioc and Ramiel, fallen Angels vj 369.

Abel and Cain, their story related xj 429. Abraham's and the patriarch's story xij 113. All nations his fons by faith xij 446.

Acheron, a river of hell ij 570. Adam and Eve defcrib'd generally iv 288. particularly iv 295. Their state of innocence iv 312. 492. 738. V 211. 303. viij 510. Vide Innocence. Their night oraifon iv 720. Morning oraifon v 153. Preparations to entertain the Angel Raphael v 313. The table and entertainement defcrib'd v 391. Their nuptial bed iv 708. Nuptials celebrated viij 510. Parting preceding the temptation ix 385. Behaviour after their fall ix 1004. Find themfelves naked ix 1051. Make themfelves coverings of fig leaves ix 1099. Recriminate on, and reproach each other ix 1187. Hide themfelves from God (the Son) x 97. Appearance before him x 109. Repentance x 1098. Expulfion from paradife xij 625.

Vide Similies.


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Adam, bis difcourfe with Eve on the prohibition of the
Tree of Knowledge iv 411. To her at night iv 610
Answer to her queftion about the nightly luminaries iv
660. Viewing her fleeping v 8. Answer to her relating
her dream v 94. To her weeping v 129. He invites
the Angel Raphael to his bower, &c. v 361. His
Difcourfe with him v 460. Continued on various fub-
jects vij 651. Vide Raphael. His creation and domi-
nion, &c. over the creatures ix 524. Prohibited the
Tree of Knowledge vij 542 viij 332. Account of him-
felf, and the objects about him, &c. on his creation
viii 253. Of his first view of the Divine prefence, in-
flation in Paradife, &c. viij 311. Speech to God thereon,
and on his folitude there viij 357. Reply to God's answer
viij 379. Sleep on the formation of Eve defcrib'd vij
451. His firft view of her viij 481. Paffion for her
viij 521. Valediction to Raphael viij 644. Difcourfe
with Eve preceding the temptation ix 265 to 384.
Care and fears for her in abfence ix 838. Meets her
returning with the forbidden fruit ix 847. Soliloquy
lamenting her tranfgreffion ix 896. Refolves to die with
her ix 907. Speech to her thereon ix 921. Eats the
forbidden fruit ix 996. Incites her to carnal fruition
(the firft effect of it) ix 1011. 1016. The place, &c.
defcribed ix 1037. After speech to her on their fall
and nakedness ix 1067. Another, charging her as the
aggreffor ix 1132. Reply to her answer (recriminates
her affected felf-fufficiency, &c.) ix 1162. Answer 10
God the Son) calling him to judgment x 115. Reply
to him (accufes Eve) x 124. The fentence pronounced
on him x 197. Soliloquy thereon x 720. Continued
x 854. Wishes for his diffolution x 746.771. Reflection
on the immortality of the foul, &c. x 782. Repulfory
Speech to Eve attempting to confolate him x 866. Relents
towards ber x 937. Reply to her (accusing her felf as
the first in tranfgreffion) x 947. Anfver (to her reply
advifing to die by their own hands) x 1013. Refolves
the contrary, fubmiffion to God's will, and repen-

tance) x 1028. Speech to Eve on the efficacy of
prayer, &c. xj 140. Hails her the mother of mankind
j 158. Speech to ber on the Omens preceding their
expulfion from Paradife xj 193 On the view of
Michael approaching xj 226. Behaviour on receiving
the message xj 263. Speech to Michael thereon xj 295
Refignation xj 370. Difcourfe with Michael, difce-
vering to him in vifion what should happen in the
world till the flood xj 450 to 867. Difcourfe with
bim, relating what should happen to the general re-
Jurrection xij 6 to 551. General reply to him, (refo-
lutions of future obedience, dependance on God's provi-
dence, &c.) xij 552. Vide Eve. Vide Michael. Vide
Raphael. Vide Similies.

'Adonis (or Thammuz) a fall'n Angel i 46.
Adramalec and Afmadai, fall'n Angels, wounded, and
put to flight vj 365.

Air first clouded on Adam's fall xj 182.
Allufions. Vide Similies.

Amarant, a flower transplanted from Paradife to Heaven
iij 352.


Ambition cenfured ij 482. A caufe of Satan's fall iv 86.
Angels (cæleftial) obey God of choice, not neceffity v 535
Imbattel'd against Satan, and the fall'n Angels vj 15
Their fignal, and march vj 56. Signal to engage, and
engagement vj 202. Prevail vj 386. Difpofition to
re-ingage vj 524. Retreat vj 597. Rally again, and
renew the fight vj 634. Their fong on the creation vij
180.252.557.602. On its diffolution and renovation
x 641. Guardians of Paradife, their parade, watches, &c.
iv 778. 782. 861.977. v 287. Re-afcent to Heaven
on Adam's fall xj 17. Appointed to expel Adam, &c.
from Paradife xj 127. Defcent there vij 208. Poft
affigned viij 220. March poffeffing it, and expelling
him, &c. xij 626. Guardians of mankind ix 152.

Vide God the Father and Son. Vide Similies.

Angels (fallen) their after-flate i 50.339. Numbers i
334 743. Names i 374. Various purfuits, &c.

a 2

jj 528.


ij 528. Lofs fupply'd by man's creation iij 677. m battel'd against the Angels cœleftial vj 79. Engagement vj 202. Defeat vj 386. Difpofition to re-engage vj 507. Their artillery, cannon, vj 572. Prevail vj 597. Entire defeat, and expulfion from Heaven vj 831 to 877. Transformed to ferpents x 519. Further punifh'd with an illufion of the forbidden fruit x 547. Both annually continued x 575. Vide Satan.



Apoftles, their miffion, &c. xij 439. Gift of the Holy Ghoft xij 497. Succeffors (wolves, false teachers, &ç) defcrib'd xij 508.

Argument of the Poem i 1. ix 1.

Ariel, Arioc and Ramiel (fall'n Angels) vanquish'd vj 369.

Ark, its building by Noah, defcrib'd xj 728. Vide Noah. Ark of the covenant defcribed xij 249.

Afhtaroth and Baalim (fall'n Angels) i 422. Aftoreth, or Aftarte (a fall'n Angel) i 431. Author's hym'n on conjugal love iv 750. To light iij Invocations i 6. iij 61. vij . xj 20. Reflection, in prospect of Adam's fall ij 380. On Satan's premediated attempt iv I. On Eve's parting with Adam preceding it ix 404. On their nakedness after the fall ix 1114. On his own blindness, &c. iij 22. Azazel (a fall'n Angel) Satan's ftandard bearer i 534.


Baalim and Afhtaroth (fall'n Angels) i 422.

Babel, the city and tower, built by Nimrod, &c. xij 38. The confufion of languages there describ'd xij 48. Baptifm, what the fign of xij 442.

Baptiz'd, the Holy Ghost given primitively to all fuch xij 497.

Battel, &c. between the cæleftial, and fallen Angels, (God the Son concluding it) defcrib'd vj 202 to 877. Vide Angels cœleftial, and fall'n.

Beafts, part of the fixth day's creation, describ'd vij 453.


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