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And meek surrender, half embracing lean'd
On our firit father ; half her swelling breast

Naked met his under the flowing gold
Of her loose treffes hid: he in delight
Both of her beauty and submissive charms
Smild with superior love, as JUPITER
On Juno smiles, when he impregns the clouds som
That shed Ma x flow'rs ; and prets'd her matron lip
With kisses pure; aside the Devil turn'd
For envy, yet with jealous leer malign
Ey'd them ask ance, and to himself thus plain'd.

Sight hateful, fight tormenting! thus these two 505 Imparadis'd in one anothers arms, (The happier EDEN) Ihall enjoy their fill of bliss on bliss, while I to Hell am thrust, Where neither joy nor love, but fierce desire, (Among our other torments not the least) 510 Still unfulfillid with pain of longing, pines. Yet let me not forget what I have gaind From their own mouths ; -all is not theirs it seems : One fatal Tree there stands of Knowledge callid, Forbidden them to taste: Knowledge forbidden ? 515 Suspicious, reafonless. Why should their Lord Envy them that? can it be fin to know? Can it be death ? and do they only stand By ignorance? is that their happy itate,

? 520 o fair foundation laid whereon to build Their ruin ! hence I will excite their minds With more delire to know, and to reject Envious commands, invented with design To keep them low whom knowledge might exalt 525 Equal with Gods; aspiring to be luch, They taste and die : what likelier can ensue? But first with narrow Search I must walk round This garden, and no corner leave unípy'd; A chance but chance may lead where I may meet 530



Some wandring Spirit of Heav'n, by fountain fide,
Or in thick shade retir'd, from him to draw
What further would be learn'd. Live while ye may
Yet happy pair; enjoy, till I return,
Short pleasures, for long woes are to succeed. 535

So saying, his proud step he scornful turn'd,
But with fly circumfpection, and began (roam.
Through wood, through waite, o'er hill, o'er dale his
Mean-while in utmott longitude, where heav'n
With earth and ocean meets, the setting Sun $40
Slowly descended, and with right aspect
Againit the cattern gate of Paradise
Leveld his ev’ning rays: it was a rock
Of alabaster, pild up to the clouds ,
Conspicuous far, winding with one ascent 545
Accessible from earth, one entrance high;
The rest was craggy cliff, that overhung
Still as it rose, impossible to climb.
Betwixt these rocky pillars GABRIEL fat,
Chief of th' Angelic guards, awaiting night: 550
About him exercis'd heroic games
Th’unarmed youth of Heav'n, bụt nigh at hand
Cæleftial armory, shields, helms, and spears ,
Hung high with diamond flaming, and with gold.
Thither came URIEL, gliding through the ev'n 555
On a Sun beam, swift as a shooting star
In Autumn thwarts the night, when vapors fir'd
Impress the air, and news the mariner
From what point of his Compass to beware
Impetuous winds: he thus began in hafte.

560 GABRIEL, to thee thy course by lot hath giv'n Charge and strict wateh, that to this happy place No evil thing approach, or enter in: This day at height of noon came to my sphear A spirit, zealous, as he seem'd, to know 565 More of th' Almighty's works, and chiefly man,


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