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His lithe probofcis: clofe the ferpent fly
Infinuating, wove with gordian twine
His braided train, and of his fatal guile
Gave proof unheeded: others on the grafs
Couch'd, and now fill'd with pafture gazing fat,
Or bedward ruminating: for the Sun
Declin'd was hafting now with prone career
To th'ocean ifles, and in th' afcending scale
Of heav'n the stars that usher evening rofe:
When SATAN ftill in gaze, as first he flood,
Scarce thus at length fail'd speech recover'd fad.

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O Hell, what do mine eyes with grief behold! Into our room of blifs thus high advanc'd Creatures of other mold; earth-born perhaps, 360 Not fpirits, yet to heav'nly fpirits bright Little inferior; whom my thoughts perfue With wonder, and could love, fo lively fhines In them divine refemblance, and fuch grace The hand that form'd'em on their fhape hath pour'd. Ah gentle pair, ye little think how nigh Your change approaches, when all these delights Will vanish, and deliver you to woe, More woe, the more your taste is now of joy: Happy, but for fo happy ill fecur'd Long to continue; and this high feat your Heav'n Ill fenc'd for Heav'n, to keep out fuch a foe As now is enter'd: yet no purpos'd foe To you, whom I could pity thus forlorn, Though I unpitied. League with you I feek, 375 And mutual amity fo ftrait, fo clofe, That I with you must dwell, or you with me Henceforth my dwelling haply may not please, Like this fair Paradife, your fenfe; yet fuch Accept your maker's work; he gave it me, Which I as freely give: Hell thall unfold, To entertain you two, her wideft gates, And fend forth all her Kings: there will be room,


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Not like these narrow limits, to receive
Your numerous offspring: if no better place, 385
Thank him who puts me loth to this revenge
On you who wrong me not, for him who wrong'd.
And fhould I at your harmless innocence
Melt, (as I do) yet publick reason just,
Honor and empire with revenge enlarg'd,
By conqu❜ring this new world, compels me now
To do, what elfe (though damn'd) I fhould abhor.


So fpake the Fiend, and with neceffity, The tyrant's plea, excus'd his devilish deeds. Then from his lofty fland on that high tree, Down he alights among the fportful herd Of thofe four-footed kinds; himself now one, Now other, as their fhape ferv'd beft his end Nearer to view his prey, and unefpy'd To mark what of their ftate he more might learn, 40q By word or action mark'd: about them round A lion now he ftalks with fiery glare, Then as a tiger, who by chance hath spy'd In fome purlieu two gentle fawns at play, Straight couches clofe, then rifing changes oft 405 His couchant watch, as one who chofe his ground, Whence rushing he might furelt feize them both Grip'd in each paw: when ADAM firit of men To firft of women EvE thus moving speech, Turn'd him, all ear, to hear new utterance flow. 419

Sole partner and fole part of all these joys,
Dearer thy felf than all needs mult the Pow'r
That made us, and for us this ample world,
Be infinitely good, and of his good
As liberal and free as infinite,

That rais'd us from the duft, and plac'd us here
In all this happiness, who at his hand
Have nothing merited, nor can perform
Ought whereof he hath need, he who requires




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