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And uncouth pain fled bellowing. On each wing
URIEL, and RAPHAEL, his vaunting foe
(Though huge, and in a rock of diamond arm'd)
Vanquish'd, AD RAMELEC, and ASMADAI, 365
Two potent Thrones! that to be less than Gods
Difdain'd; but meaner thoughts learn'd in their flight,
Mangl'd with gaftly wounds thro' plate and mail.
Nor Itood unmindful ABDIEL, to annoy
The atheift-crew, but with redoubl'd blow
ARIEL, and ARIOC, and the violence
Of RAMIEL fcorch'd and blafted overthrew.


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I might relate of thousands, and their names Eternize here on earth; but those elect Angels, contented with their fame in Heav'n, 375 Seek not the praise of men: the other fort, In might though wondrous, and in acts of war, Nor of renown lefs eager, yet by doom Cancel'd from Heav'n and facred memory, Nameless in dark oblivion let them dwell. For ftrength from truth divided, and from juft, Illaudable, nought merits but difpraise And ignominy; yet to glory afpires, Vain-glorious, and through infamy feeks fame: Therefore eternal filence be their doom!



And now, their mightiest quell'd, the battel fwerv'd, With many an inrode gor'd; deformed rout Enter'd, and foul diforder: all the ground With fhiver'd armor ftrown, and on a heap Chariot and charioteer lay overturn'd, And fiery foaming fteeds: what flood, recoil'd O'er-wearied, thro' the faint Satanic hoft Defensive scarce, or with pale fear furpriz'd; Then first with fear furpriz'd, and fenfe of pain, Fled ignominious: to fuch evil brought By fin of difobedience; till that hour, Not liable to fear, or flight, or pain.




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Far otherwife th' inviolable Saints,
In cubic phalanx firm, advanc'd entire,
Invulnerable, impenetrably arm'd:
Such high advantages their innocence
Gave them above their foes, not to have finn'd,
Not to have difobey'd! in fight they flood
Unwearied, unobnoxious to be pain'd
By wound, tho' from their place by violence mov'd.


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Now Night her courfe began, and over Heav'n Inducing darkness, grateful truce impos'd, And filence, on the odious din of war: Under her cloudy covert both retir'd, Victor and vanquifh'd. On the foughten field, 410 MICHAEL and his Angels prevalent Encamping, plac'd in guard their watches round, Cherubic waving fires: on th' other part, SATAN with his rebellious difappear'd, Far in the dark dislodg'd; and void of reft, His Potentates to council call'd by night; And in the midft thus undifmay'd began.


O now in danger try'd, now known in arms Not to be overpower'd, companions dear! Found worthy not of liberty alone,

Too mean pretenfe) but what we more affect, Honor, dominion, glory, and renown; Who have fuftain'd one day in doubtful fight (And if one day, why not eternal days?) What Heaven's Lord hath powerfulleft to fend 425 Against us from about his throne, and judg'd Sufficient to fubdue us to his will.


But proves not fo! --- then fallible, it seems,
Of future we may deem him, though till now
Omnifcient thought. True 't is, lefs firmly arm'd,
Some disadvantage we indur'd, and pain, 431
Till now not known, but known as foon contemn'd;
Since now we find this our empyreal form

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Incapable of mortal injury,

Imperishable; and though pierc'd with wound, 435
Soon clofing, and by native vigor heal'd.
Of evil then fo fmall, as eafie think
The remedy: perhaps more valid arms,
Weapons more violent, when next we meet,
May serve to better us, and worse our foes,
Or equal what between us made the odds,
In nature none: if other hidden caufe
Left them fuperior, while we can preferve
Unhurt our minds, and underftanding found,
Due fearch and confultation will difclose.

He fat; and in th' affembly next upftood
NISROC, of Principalities the prime;
As one he flood efcap'd from cruel fight,
Sore toil'd, his riven arms to havoc hewn;
And cloudy in afpect thus anfwering fpake.





Deliverer from new Lords, leader to free Enjoyment of our right, as Gods! yet hard For Gods, and too unequal work we find, Againft unequal arms to fight in pain, Againft unpain'd, impaffive; from which evil Ruin muft needs enfue: for what avails Valor or ftrength, tho' matchlefs, quell'd with pain Which all fubdues, and makes remifs the hands Of mightieft? Senfe of pleasure we may well Spare out of life perhaps, and not repine, But live content, which is the calmeft life: But pain is perfect mifery, the worft Of evils, and exceffive, overturns All patience. He who therefore can invent With what more forcible we may offend Our yet-unwounded enemies, or arm Our felves with like defence, to me deferves No lefs than for deliverance what we owe.




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