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Descending, and in half cut sheer; nor staid, 325
But with swift wheel reverse, deep entring thar'd
All his right fide: then SĄTAN first knew pain,
And writh'd him to and fro convolv'd; lo lore
The griding sword with discontinuous wound
Pass'd thro' him: but th' ethereal substance clos'd, 330
Not long divisible; and from the gash
A stream of nectarous humor issuing flow'd,
Sanguin (such as coelestial spirits may bleed,)
And all his armor ftain'd, e're while so bright.
Farthwith on all sides to his aid was run 335
By Angels many and strong, who interpos’d
Defenle; while others bore him on their shields
Back to his chariot; where it stood retir'd
From off the files of war: there they him laid
Gnashing for anguish, and despite, and thamę, 340
To find himself not matchless, and his pride
Humbled by such rebuke, so far beneath
His confidence to equal God in pow'r.
Yet soon he heald; for spirits that live throughout
Vital in every part, (not, as frail man,

In entrails , heart or head, liver or reins)
Cannot but by annibilating die:
Nor in their liquid texture mortal wound
Receive, no more than can the fluid air:
All heart they live, all head, all eye, all ear, 350
All intellect, all senfe; and as they please,
They limb themselves, and color, shape and size
Afume, as likes them beft , condense or rare.

Mean while in other parts like deeds deserv'd Memorial, where the might of GABRIEL fought, And with fierce enfigns pierc'd the deep array Of Moroc, furious King! who him defy'd, And at his chariot wheels to drag him bound Threaten'd, nor from the Holy One of Heav'n Refrain’d his tongue blasphemous : but anon Down claven to the waite, with thatter'd arms




And uncouth pain fled bellowing. On each wing
URIEL, and RAPHAEL, his vaunting foe
(Though huge, and in a rock of diamond arm'd)
Vanquish'd, ADR AMELEC, and A SMADAI, 365
Two potent Thrones! that to be less than Gods
Disdain'd; but meaner thoughts learn'd in their flight,
Mangl’d with gastly wounds thro' plate and mail.
Nor itood unmindful A B DIEL, to annoy
The atheist-crew, but with redoubled blow

370 ARIEL, and ARIOC, and the violence Of RAMIEL scorch'd and blasted overthrew.

I might relate of thousands, and their names Eternize here on earth; but those elect Angels, contented with their fame in Heav'n, 375 Seek not the praise of men: the other sort, In might though wondrous, and in acts of war, Nor of renown less eager, yet by doom Cancel'd from Heav'n and sacred memory , Nameless in dark oblivion let them dwell. For strength from truth divided, and from juft, Illaudable, nought merits but difpraise And ignominy; yet to glory aspires, Vain-glorious, and through infamy seeks fame : Therefore eternal silence be their doom ! 385


And now, their mightiest quell'd, the battel swerv'd, With many an inrode gord; deformed rout Enter'd, and foul disorder : all the ground With Thiver'd armor ftrown, and on a heap Chariot and charioteer lay overturn'd,

390 And fiery foaming steeds: what stood, recoil'd O'er-wearied, thro' the faint Satanic host Defensive scarce, or with pale fear furpriz'd; Then first with fear surpriz'd, and sense of pain, Fled ignominious: to such evil brought 395 By sin of disobedience; till that hour, Not liable to fear, or flight, or pain.


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