Patents for inventions. Abridgments of specifications, Band 12


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Seite 26 - ... nave in the centre of the wheel, and to preserve the true form of the wheel in every respect. By forming those parts of the wheel which are most liable to suffer injury from shocks of malleable iron, and the several parts being firmly joined, the liability of such wheels to fracture will be greatly diminished.
Seite 93 - In the method of applying motive power to the Impelling of machinery applicable amongst other things to Impelling carriages on railways on common roads or ways and through fields, and vessels afloat, and In the methods of constructing the roads or ways on which carriages may be Impelled or propelled.
Seite 214 - Suffolk, civil engineer, for certain improvements in the construction of railways, and of engines and carriages used thereon ; and also in transport and storage arrangements for the conveyance, management, and preservation of perishable articles.
Seite 32 - Engineer, for a certain improvement or certain improvements in steam engines, and also in the mechanism through which the elastic force of steam is made to give impulse to and regulate the speed of locomotive carriages.—Dated April 13, 1832.—(Six months.) GEORGE EDWARDS, of St.
Seite 991 - ... from the bottom to the top, and from the top to the bottom...
Seite 32 - ... to keep it in its proper place; the mould is now to be closed, and the cavities formed by the pattern are to be filled up with fluid cast iron, which completes the operation.
Seite 287 - certain improvements in the construction of roads and ways for the transit of passengers, of materials, and of goods; also in buildings, and in bridges, and in locomotive engines and carriages, parts of which improvements are applicable to other like purposes.
Seite 191 - Thomas Parkin, of Hoxton, in the county of Middlesex, engineer, for improvements in the means of giving motion to locomotive carriages with or without bearing wheels attached to them, and in the construction of ways, passages, and roads, on which the said carriages are to travel.
Seite 179 - I prefer employing for the purpose a hollow belt composed of some air and water tight material, such as caoutchouc or gutta percha, and inflating it with air, whereby the wheels will in every part of their revolution present a cushion of air to the ground or rail or track on which they run.
Seite 41 - improvements in inland transit, some of which improvements are applicable to, and may be combined with, an improved method of, or apparatus for, communicating and transmitting; or extending motive power, by means whereof carriages or waggons may be propelled on railways or roads, and vessels may be propelled on canals.

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