Correspondence of William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, Band 2


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Mr Pitt to the Archbishop of Armagh September States
The Marquis of Granby to Mr Pitt October 13 Capture
The King of Prussia to Mr Pitt November 7 Regrets the death
The King of Prussia to the King of England November 26
De Bougainville to Mr Pitt March 25 Soliciting permission
Mr Pitt to the King of Prussia in reply
The Marquis Grimaldi Spanish ambassador at the court of France
Sir James Gray British envoy at the court of Naples to Mr Pitt
Hans Stanley Esq to Mr Pitt June 9 Detailing his conversa
Mr Pitt to Lady Hester Pitt July 2 State of his health
The Earl of Bute to Mr Pitt August 14 Expressing
The same to the same February 26 France ready to accept
General Count de Lally to Mr Pitt September 29 Soliciting
Mr Pitt to the Earl of Bute in reply October 7 Doubts
Lord Feversham to Mr Pitt October 10 Regrets his resig
Mr Pitt to George Pitt Esq October Disclaiming any share
John Wilkes Esq to Mr Pitt February 27 Application for
Sir Richard Lyttelton to Mr Pitt April 14 Congratulations
Prince Ferdinand of Brunswick to Mr Pitt July 20 Thanks
The Bishop of Gloucester to Mr Pitt October 24 Abuses
Earl Temple to Lady Chatham October 10 Duel between
Mr Pitt to Thomas Hollis Esq in reply December
Mr Pitt to Baron de Knyphausen February 8 Regrets on
The Earl of Bristol to Mr Pitt March 27 Cider bill
Mr Pitt to William Taylor How Esq May 2 Count Algarotti
Ralph Allen Esq to Mr Pitt June 9 Announcing that he
William Beckford Esq to Mr Pitt August 25 Enclosing
The Duke of Devonshire to Mr Pitt August 30
The same to the same September 6

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Seite 88 - Born and educated in this country, I glory in the name of Briton ; and the peculiar happiness of my life will ever consist in promoting the welfare of a people, whose loyalty and warm affection to me, I consider as the greatest and most permanent security of my throne.
Seite 373 - a borough which, perhaps, its own representatives never saw ? This is what is called ' the rotten part of the constitution.' It cannot continue a century : if it does not drop, it must be amputated. The idea of a virtual representation of America in this House, is the most contemptible idea
Seite 378 - Rather let prudence and temper come first from this side. I will undertake for America, that she will follow the example. There are two lines in a ballad of Prior's, of a man's behaviour to his wife, so applicable to you and your colonies, that I cannot help repeating them : — • Be to her faults a little blind : Be to her virtues very kind.
Seite 434 - Commodore Byron had just returned to England from his disastrous voyage round the world. His " Narrative of his Sufferings on the Coast of Patagonia" appeared in 1768. To his proverbial ill-luck his illustrious grandson alludes, in his beautiful Epistle to his Sister — " A strange doom is thy father's son's, and past Recalling, as it lies
Seite 12 - was the making me an Englishman, and a soldier. In this peaceful service, I imbibed the rudiments of the language, and science of tactics, which opened a new field of study and observation. The discipline and evolutions of a modern battalion gave me a clearer notion of the phalanx and the legion; and the captain of the Hampshire grenadiers (the reader
Seite 253 - Could all our care elude the gloomy grave, Which claims no less the fearful than the brave, For lust of fame, I should not vainly dare In fighting fields, nor urge thy soul to war. But since, alas ! ignoble
Seite 377 - St. James's. If they do not, perhaps the collective body may begin to abate of its respect for the representative. Lord Bacon had told me, that a great question would not fail of being agitated at one time or another. I was willing to agitate that question at the proper season ; the
Seite 397 - company since he has been engaged in public business, in which lie has gained more reputation than perhaps any man at his first appearance ever gained before. He made two speeches for repealing the Stamp-act, which were publicly commended by Mr.
Seite 376 - years ago, are at three thousand pounds at present. Those estates sold then from fifteen to eighteen years' purchase ; the same may now be sold for thirty. You owe this to America : this is the price America pays for her protection. And shall a miserable financier come with a boast, that he can

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