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and to request that an estimate therefor may be transmitted to Congress, with the regular deficiency estimates, from your department. Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Secretary Hon. HOWELL COBB,

Secretary of the Treasury.


January 11, 1858. Sir: I respectfully transmit to you herewith a copy of a letter addressed to me by Edward Clark, esq., the architect who superintended the construction of the conservatory and stable at the President's house. The necessity for these buildings was occasioned by the removal of the old stable and greenhouse to make room for the extension of the Treasury Department building. Every effort was made to keep the expenditures for the construction of these buildings within the appropriation ; but you will perceive from Mr. Clark's letter that, notwithstanding the economy that was observed, the appropriation fell short of the accomplishment of the object by the sum of $3,905 ; and, in addition to which, that the further sum of $1,500 will be required to make the conservatory as complete as such an establishment should be. Mr. Clark, when first consulted as to the cost of these buildings, estimated it at $30,000, but was subsequently induced to reduce it to $20,000, the sum appropriated ; and from the very commencement of the work he has expressed to me his apprehension that, with every care, the appropriation would not be sufficient to finish it.

The furnace of the conservatory is estimated to consume about fifty tons of coal per annum, which, at $6 50 per ton, would cost $325. This sum should have been added to my estimate “for fuel, in part, for the President's house." Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Commissioner, Hon. JACOB THOMPSON,

Secretary of the Interior.

WASHINGTON, January 5, 1858. Sir: I send you an account of the balances due for work and materials for the stable and conservatory at the President's, viz. : Parker & Spaulding, painting.

$950 00 Turton, carpentry...

600 00 Lepian & Bro., lumber.

115 00 Nason & Dodge, heating..

900 00 Lambert, tin work....

740 00

J. Diggs, brick work.......
Small bills (estimated).

$300 00 300 00

3,905 00

The above deficiency was owing to the fact that more work was required than was at first contemplated, such as the walls under the terrace, the furnace room, and the room for potting, &c.

While asking for the above, I think it would be well to ask for $1,500 more, in order to make a room for fumigation, and to build tanks for the growth of aquatic plants. I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Superintendent Patent Office Building. J. B. BLAKE, Esq.,

Commissioner of Public Buildings.








An estimate for an appropriation for deficiency for the Post Ofice De

partment, for the year ending June 30, 1858.

JANUARY 25, 1858.-Referred to the Committee of Ways and Means and ordered to be


TREASURY DEPARTMENT, January 21, 1858. SIR: Herewith I have the honor to transmit a letter from the Hon.

a Aaron V. Brown, Postmaster General, enclosing an estimate of the sum which will be required from the treasury to supply deficiencies in the revenue of the Post Office Department for the year ending June 30. 1858. Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Secretary of the Treasury. Hon. JAMES L. ORR,

Speaker House of Representatives, Washington city.

Post OFFICE DEPARTMENT, January 20, 1858. SIR: The Committee of Ways and Means, by their chairman, the Hon. J. Glancy Jones, having requested that all estimates for the service of this department “ be transmitted to the Speaker of the House of Representatives through the Secretary of the Treasury,” I have the honor to enclose for transmission an estimate of the sum

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which will be required from the treasury to supply deficiencies in the revenues of this department for the year ending June 30, 1858. I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Postmaster General. Hon. HOWELL COBB, Secretary of the Treasury.


January, 1858. SIR : As the accruing revenues of this department continue to be insufficient to defray the expenditures of the current fiscal year for which appropriations have been made by Congress, I have the honor to submit the following estimate of the sum which will be required from the treasury to complete the paymenis of the year ending June 30, 1858.

The aggregate sum appropriated by the act of Congress, approved March 3, 1857, (Statutes, 3d sess. 34th Congress, p.188,) for the regular expenditures of the department for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1858, exclusive of the transportation of foreign mails, of payments for foreign postages and to letter carriers, was $11,173,247 00 For transportation of the mails across the Isthmus of

Panama, Stats., d sess. 34th Congress, p. 249....... 135,000 00 For the transportation of the mail between Charleston

and Havana, Stats., 3d sess. 34th Congress, p. 249. 50,000 00 For the transportation of the mails between New

York and Havre, and New York and Bremen, under the new contracts authorized by the acts of July 2, 1836, section 23, Stats., vol. v, p. 86, and March

3, 1845, Stats., vol. v, p. 748, a sum not exceeding 230,000 00 For payments to le:ter carriers, act March 3, 1851,

section 10, Stats., vol. ix, p. 591; estimated at...... 165,000 00 For payments for foreign postages, act 16th Septem

ber, 1850, Stats., vol. ix, p. 461, estimated at......... 300,000 00

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Total of expenditures....

12,053,247 00 The means relied upon to defray the foregoing expenditures consist of 1st. The balance standing to the credit

of the department on the Auditor's
books on the 1st July, 1857............ $1,163,886 00

$ 2. The estimated gross revenue of 1858,

including foreign postages and receipts from letter carriers...

7,795,188 00 3. Balances of appropriations remaining

in the treasury subject to the requi-
sition of the Postmaster General...... 1,625,000 00

10,584,074 00

Estimated deficiency year ending June 30, 1858...... 1,469,173 00

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