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Sentimental Journey


This edition is an exact reprint of the first (1768, 2 vols., 12mo). only alterations consist in a very few corrections of obvious printers' errors. Archaic forms of proper names and other words are left as they originally appeared.

It is worthy of note that in the first edition the work does not conclude with a hyphen, as do most modern editions. The hyphen probably made its first appearance in the "Continuation" published not long after. This work is a wretched imitation, and whether or no the momentous hyphen be regarded as a libel upon the memory of Sterne, at any rate the author of such poor stuff cannot be considered as a sufficient authority for its introduction.

There is a potent reason also for supposing that Sterne would never have been guilty of using it, for if he had done so, any question as to the propriety of the termination would thereby have been eliminated; and it was ever Sterne's delight to leave his readers in doubt as to whether or no certain suggestions, which need not be characterised, do not originate in their own imagination.

The blocks for the Illustrations in this edition have been made by Messrs. John Swain and Son, of London, and the work has been printed by Messrs. Wm. Brendon and Son, Ltd., of Plymouth.

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