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Washington's Journey through the Eastern States — John Han-

cook — Clashing between the Civil and Municipal Authorities

on the President's Entry into Boston — A Contest of Etiquette

— Washington's Account of his Entry — His Reception — A

new Punctilio — Address to the Cincinnati Society — Return to

New York ------- -1472


Col. John Trumbull — Message to "Washington from Lafayette —

Jefferson's Embarkation for America — Washington forwards

his Commission as Secretary of State — His acceptance - - 1477


Reassembling of Congress — Financial Condition of the Country

— Its Debt at Home and Abroad — Debts of the States —

Hamilton's Report — Opposition to it — Dr. Stuart's warning

Letter to Washington — His Reply — Jefferson's arrival at the

Seat of Government-7-New York at that Period — Jefferson

apprehends Monarchical Designs ----- 1480


The Assumption of the State Debts discussed — Washington in

favour — A Majority of Two against it — Hamilton's Appeal to

Jefferson on the Subject — The latter arranges for a Compromise

— His Account of it —Adjustment about the Seat of Govern-

ment — Assumption carried — Treaty of Peace with the Creeks

— Cavillings about Presidential Etiquette — Washington's De-

fence— Adjournment of Congress — Fancied Harmony of the

Cabinet — Jefferson suspects Hamilton of Finesse in procuring

his Agency in the Assumption ■ - - - -1488


Lafayette at the Head of the Revolution in France — His Letter

to Washington — Gouverneur Morris's Opinion of his Position

— Washington's Dubious and anxious Views— Presented by

Lafayette with the Key of the Bastille — "Visits Rhode Island

and Mount Vernon ------- 1493


Frontier Difficulties with the Indians — General Harmer's Expe-
dition against them — Ambuscade of Col. Hardin's Detachment
—Escape of Capt. Armstrong—A second Detachment of Col.
Hardin compelled to retreat — Washington's long Anxiety as to
the Result of the Enterprise—Final Tidings - - -1498

[blocks in formation]

The Apportionment Bill—Washington's Veto—His Concern at the
growing Asperities of Congress— Intended Retirement—Jeffer-
son's Determination to retire at the same Time — Remonstrance
of Washington — His Request to Madison to prepare Valedic-
tory — Wayne appointed to succeed St. Clair — Congress
adjourns — Washington at Mount Vernon — Suggests Topics
for his Farewell Address — Madison's Draft — Jefferson urges
his continuance ------- 1520


Jefferson's Suspicions — Contemned by Hamilton — Washington's
Expostulation — Complains of the Conduct of Freneau's Paper

— Hamilton and Randolph urge him to a Re-election — A war-
ring Cabinet — Hamilton's Attack on Jefferson — Washington's
healing Admonitions — Replies of the two Secretaries — Conti-
nued hostility to the Excise Law — Washington's Proclamation

— Renewed effort to allay the Discord in his Cabinet - - 1530


Washington unanimously re-elected — Opening of Session of Congress — Topics of the President's Speech — Abortive Attack upon the Secretary of the Treasury — Washington installed for his Second Term - - - - - - -1542


Gouverneur Morris Minister at the French Court — His Representations of the State of Affairs — Washington's concern for Lafayette — Jefferson annoyed at his Forebodings — Overthrow of the French Monarchy — Imprisonment of Lafayette — Jefferson concerned, but not discouraged at the Republican Massacres —Washington shocked — His Letter to the Marchioness Lafayette 1545


Washington's Entrance upon his Second Term — Gloomy Auspices

— Execution of Louis XVI. — France declares War against England — Belligerent Excitement in America — Proclamation of Neutrality — French Mission to the United States — Genet arrives in Charleston — His Reception in Philadelphia — Views of Jefferson and Hamilton — Washington's dispassionate Opinion ---------1550


Genet presents his Letter of Credence — His Diplomatic Speech

— Washington's Conversation with Jefferson — Capture of the Ship Grange and other British Vessels — Question of Restitution — Dissatisfaction of Genet — Demands Release of two American Citizens — Washington's Sensitiveness to the Attacks

of the Press — His unshaken Determination - - -1556


Debate on Jefferson's Report on Commercial Intercourse — A
Naval force proposed for the Proteotion of Commerce against
Piratical Cruisers — Further instances of the Audacity of Genet

— His Recall — Arrival of his Successor — Irritation excited by
British Captures of American Vessels — Preparations for De-
fence — Embargo — Intense excitement at "British Spoliations"

— Partisans of France in the Ascendant — A Chance for accom-
modating Difficulties — Jefferson's Hopes of Reconciliation—
The War Cry uppermost — Washington determines to send a
special Envoy to the British Government — Jefferson's Letter to
Tench Coxe ------- -1580


James Monroe appointed Minister to France in place of Gouver-
neur Morris recalled — His Reception — Pennsylvania Insur-
rection — Proclamation of Washington '— Perseverance of the
Insurgents — Second Proclamation — The President proceeds
against them —. General Morgan — Lawrence Lewis — Washing-
ton arranges a Plan of Military Operations — Returns to Phila-
delphia, leaving Lee in command — Submission of the Insur-
gents — The President's Letter on the Subject to Jay, Minister
at London - - - - - - - 1588


Washington's Denunciation of self-created Societies — Not relished
by Congress — Campaign of General Wayne —Hamilton reports
a Plan for the Redemption of the Public Debt— And retires
from his Post as Secretary of the Treasury — Is succeeded by
Oliver Wolcott — Resignation of Knox — Succeeded by Timo-
thy Pickering— Close of the Session - -1595


Washington's Anxiety about the Progress of the Negociation with
England — Jay's Treaty arrives for Ratification—Predisposition
to condemn — Return of Jay — Adet succeeds Fauchet as
Minister from France — The Treaty laid before the Senate —
Ratified with a Qualification — A Novel Question — Popular
Discontent — Abstract of the Treaty published — Violent Op-
position to it .— Washington resolved to ratify — His Resolution
suspended — Goes to Mount Vernon — Beply to an Address
from Boston — Increasing Clamour - -1600


Washington recalled to the Seat of Government — Conduct of
Randolph brought in Question — Treaty Signed — Resignation
of Randolph — His Correspondence with Washington — Unli-
mited Disclosure permitted — Appearance of his Vindication —
Pickering transferred to the Department of State — M'Henry
appointed Secretary of War — Arrival of George Washington
Lafayette - - - - - - - -1607

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