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Arrival of a French Fleet—Correspondence of Washington and the

Count D'Estaing—Plans of the Count—Perturbation at New

York—Excitement in the French Fleet—Expedition against

Rhode Island—Operations by Sea and Land—Failure of the Ex-

pedition—Irritation between the Allied Forces—Considerate

Letter of Washington to the Count D'Estaing - 1028


Indian Warfare—Desolation- of the Valley of Wyoming—Move-

ments in New York—Counter-movements of Washington—

Foraging Parties of the Euemy—Baylor's Dragoons Massacred at

Old Tappan—British Expedition against Little Egg Harbour—

Massacre of Pulaski's Infantry—Retaliation on Donop's Eangers

—Arrival of Admiral Byron—Endeavours to entrap D'Estaing,

but is disappointed—Expedition against St. Lucia—Expedition

against Georgia—Capture of Savannah—Georgia subdued—

General Lincoln sent to command in the South - 1041


Winter Cantonments of the American Army—Washington at Mid-

dlebrook—Plan of Alarm Signals for the Jerseys—Lafayette's

project for an Invasion of Canada—Favoured by Congress—Con-

demned by Washington—Relinquished—Washington in Phila-

delphia—The war spirit declining—Dissensions in Congress—.

Sectional feelings—Patriotic appeals of Washington—Plans for

the next campaign—Indian atrocities to be repressed—Avenging

Expedition set on foot—Discontents of the Jersey Troops—Ap-

peased by the interference of Washington—Successful Campaign

against the Indians ------- 1051

Predatory Warfare of the Enemy—Eavages in the Chesapeake-
Hostilities on the Hudson—Verplanck's Point and Stony Point
taken—Capture of New Haven—Fairfield and Norwalk destroyed
—Washington plans a counter-stroke—Storming of Stony Point
—Generous Letter of Lee - - - - - -1061


Expedition against Penobscot—Night Surprisal of Paulus Hook—
Washington fortifies West Point—His style of living there—.
Table at Head-quarters—Sir Henry Clinton reinforced—Arrival
of D'Estaing on the Coast of Georgia—Plans in consequence—
The French Minister at Washington's Highland Camp—Letter
to Lafayette—-D'Estaing co-operates with Lincoln—Repulsed at
Savannah—Washington reinforces Lincoln—Goes into Winter-
quarters—Sir Henry Clinton sends an Expedition to the South - 1071



Sufferings of the Army at Morristown—Rigorous Winter—De-

rangement of the Currency—Confusion in the Commissariat—

Impressment of Supplies—Patriotic Conduct of the People of

New Jersey,—The Bay of New York frozen over—Lord Stir-

ling's Expedition against Staten Island—Knyphausen's Incursion

into the Jerseys—Caldwell's Church at Elizabethtown burnt—

Character of its Pastor—Foray into Westchester County—Burn-

ing of Young's House in the Valley of the Neperan - - 1081


Arnold in Command of Philadelphia—Unpopular Measures—Ar-

nold's Style of Living—His Schemes and Speculations—His Col-

lisions with the Executive Council—His Land Project—Charges

sent against him to Congress—His Address to the Public—

Charges referred to a Court-Martial— His Marriage—Verdict of

the Court-Martial—Arnold reprimanded—Obtains Leave of

Absence from the Army ______ 1087


South Carolina threatened—Its Condition and Population—Stormy

Voyage of Sir Henry Clinton—Loss of Horses—Character of

Lieutenant-Colonel Tarleton—Fleet arrives at Tybee — Sir Henry

Clinton advances upon Charleston—Lincoln prepares for Defence

—Commodore Whipple—Governor Rutledge—Forebodings of

Washington—Embarkation of British Troops at New York—

Washington sends De Kalb with Reinforcements—His hopeful

Letter to Steuben _______ 1097


Evils of the Continental Currency—Military Reforms proposed by

Washington—Congress jealous of Military Power—Committee

of Three sent to confer with Washington—Losses by Deprecia-

tion of the Currency to be made good to the Troops—Arrival of

Lafayette—Scheme for a combined Attack upon New York—

Arnold has Debts and Difficulties—His Proposals to the French

Minister—Anxious to return to the Army—Mutiny of the Con-

necticut Troops—Washington writes to Reed for Aid from Penn-

sylvania—Good Effects of his Letter - - - -1103


Siege of Charleston continued—British Ships enter the Harbour—
British Troops march from Savannah—Tarleton and his Dra-
goons—His Brush with Colonel Washington—Charleston rein-


forced by Woodford—Tarleton's Exploits at Monk's Corner—

At Laneau's Ferry—Sir Henry Clinton reinforced—Charleston

capitulates—Affair of Tarleton and Buford on the Waxhaw—

Sir Henry Clinton embarks for New York - 1112


Knyphausen marauds the Jerseys—Sacking of Connecticut Farms

—Murder of Mrs. Caldwell—Arrival and Movements of Sir Henry

Clinton—Springfield burnt—The Jerseys evacuated - -1122


Washington applies to the State Legislatures for aid—Subscrip-

tions of the Ladies of Philadelphia—Gates appointed to com-

mand the Southern Department—French Fleet arrives at New-

port—Preparation for a combined Movement against New York

—Arnold obtains Command at West Point—Greene resigns

the Office of Quartermaster-General - - - - 1130


North Carolina—Difficulties of its Invasion—Character of the

People and Country— Sumter, his Character and Story—Rocky

Mount—Hanging Rock—Slow Advance of De Kalb—Gates takes

Command—Desolate March—Battle of Camden—Flight of Gates

—Sumter surprised by Tarleton at the Waxhaws—Washington's

Opinion of Militia—His Letter to Gates - - - - 1139


Treason of Arnold—His Correspondence with the Enemy—His

Negotiations with Andre"—Parting Scene with Washington—

Midnight Conference on the Banks of the Hudson—Return of

Andre by Land—Circumstances of his Capture - - - 1152


Interview of Washington with the French Officers at Hartford—

Plan of Attack disconcerted—Washington's Return—Scenes at

Arnold's Head-Quarters in the Highlands—Tidings of Andre's

Capture—Flight of Arnold—Letters from the Traitor—Washing-

ton's Precautions—Situation of Mrs. Arnold - - -1169


Andre's Conduct as a Prisoner—His Conversations with Colonel
Tallmadge—Story of Nathan Hale—Andre's Prison at Tappan—
Correspondence on his behalf—His Trial—Execution—Reward
of the Captors—Reward of Arnold—His Proclamation—After
Fortunes of Mrs. Arnold ------ 1176

[blocks in formation]


Arnold at Portsmouth in Virginia—Expeditions sent against him—
Instructions to Lafayette—Washington at Newport—Consulta-
tions with De Rochambeau—Sailing of the French Fleet—Pur-
sued by the English—Expedition of Lafayette to Virginia—En-
gagement between the English and French Fleets—Failure of
the Expedition against Arnold-—Letter of Washington to Colonel
Laurens—Measures to reinforce Greene— General Philips in com-
mand at Portsmouth—Marauds the Country—Checked by La-
fayette—Mount Vernon menaced—Death of Phillips - _ 1276

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