The Nun's Priest's Tale

Macmillan, 1915 - 67 Seiten

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Some things are just too easy. Of all the Canterbury Tales, the Nun's Priest's Tale is probably the easiest to treat separately. There is no need to describe the teller, because the Nun's Priest is ... Vollständige Rezension lesen

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Seite 24 - Lo, swich it is for to be recchelees, And necligent, and truste on flaterye. But ye that holden this tale a folye, As of a fox, or of a cok and hen, Taketh the moralitee, good men.
Seite 17 - That took his conseil of his wyf with sorwe, To walken in the yerd upon that morwe That he hadde met that dreem that I yow tolde.
Seite 4 - Of the equynoxial in thilke toun; For whan degrees fiftene weren ascended, Thanne crew he that it myghte nat been amended. His coomb was redder than the fyn coral...
Seite 8 - And if it do, I dar wel leye a grote That ye shul have a fevere terciane, Or an agu that may be youre bane.
Seite xxv - Aries, the Ram; Taurus, the Bull; Gemini, the Twins; Cancer, the Crab; Leo, the Lion; Virgo, the Virgin; Libra, the Balance; Scorpio, the Scorpion; Sagittarius, the Archer; Capricornus, the Goat; Aquarius, the Water-bearer; and Pisces, the Fishes.
Seite 6 - And kepe my body out of foul prisoun! Me mette how that I romed up and doun Withinne our...
Seite 18 - Wommennes conseils been ful ofte colde; Wommannes conseil broghte us first to wo And made Adam fro Paradys to go, Ther as he was ful myrie and wel at ese...
Seite 8 - Wher as ther was swich congregacioun Of peple, and eek so streit of herbergage, That they ne founde as muche as o cotage...
Seite 16 - The same nyght thurghout the hegges brast Into the yerd ther Chauntecleer the faire Was wont, and eek his wyves, to repaire; And in a bed of wortes...
Seite 6 - Ne hym that is agast of every tool, Ne noon avauntour, by that God above! How dorste ye seyn, for shame, unto youre love That any thyng myghte make yow aferd?

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