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Fast falling from its glass, the sand

Doth mete thy moments as they flow; And lengthening shades-when o'er the land

The sun is low.
And when fron ocean's verge remote

He climbs yon heaven's majestic archHe bodies forth to buman thought

Thy noiseless march.
Tbou dost with every ebbing year

Bid hopes, and joys, and smiles depart; Thou, too, dost dry the mourner's tear,

And hush bis heart.
Or rudely crossed, or wiļdly blest,

Thy stream, Lethean, cold and calm,
Pours down upon the fevered breast

Oblivion's balm.
Till e'en the loved ones, wont to share

Our joys and griefs in days gone by-
Our hours of sleep, of play, and prayer-

Forgotten lie.

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Astronomical Occurrences


SOLAR PHENOMENA. The Sun enters Capricorn at 19 m. after 1 in the morning of the 22d of this month; and he also rises and sets as in the following,

Of the Sun's Rising and Setting for every fifth Day.
December 1st, Sun rises 56 m. after 7, sets 4 m. after 46

8 59




8 53

7 ... 8 53



8 53

8 55


.... 55

Equation of Time. One of the most familiar uses of the equation of time is that of finding mean time from apparent, by employing the numbers as directed in the following

Of the Equation of Time for every fifth Day.
Tuesday, December 1st, from the time by the dial sub. 10 43

8 42
| Friday

6 28
Wednesday 16th

4 5 Monday ... .21st

1 36 Saturday ... .26th, to the time by the dial add 0 54 Thursday .31st

3 22

m. 3.

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Phases of the Moon.
First Quarter.. 3d day, at 33 m. after 6 in the evening
Full Moon ....10th........38

1 in the afternoon Last Quarter ... 18th........ 4..... 6 in the morning New Moon....26th........36.

3 M m

4th ..

52 .....7

.. 39


22d ...

42 ......

Moon's Passage over the Meridian. The following transits of the Moon will afford opportunities of observation this month, should the state of the atmosphere be favourable at the time: viz. December Ist, at 25 m. past 4 in the afternoon 2d 18

5 3d 9


7 in the evening


8th 34
17th 21

5 in the morning
18th 3
19th 45

20th 27

7 21st 10

8 55

8 23d


Phases of Venus." The following is the proportion of these phases at the commencement of this month : viz. December 1st {=

Illuminated part = 7.387 15
Eclipses of Jupiter's Satellites.
Jupiter is now too near the Sun to admit of any of
these eclipses being visible.
Conjunction of the Moon with the Planets and Stars.
December 9th, with y. in Taurus .... at 1 in the afternoon

9th 1 & 28...Taurus .....2

Taurus 7. in the evening
18th B .Virgo 4 in the morning

Libra ......ll at night
28th B . Capricorn i. 3 in the morning.

Other Phenomena. Jupiter will be in conjunction at half past 2 in the afternoon of the 18th of this month. Mercury will also be in his superior conjunction at a quarter past 1 in the morning of the 25th, and Venus will attain her greatest elongation on the 26th.

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--- Haying now traced the revolution of the Sun through the circle of the heavens, or rather the Earth through its annual orbit, a few remarks on the varied appearances that have been presented to our view will not be inappropriate. It is, chiefly, this revolution which gives that diversified aspect to the starry firmament which the different periods of the year exhibit. It is this, also, which varies the declination of the Sun-rạises and depresses him in the heavens,which changes bis apparent situation with respect to the inhabitants of this globe, and produces that diversity in the seasons which so powerfully displays the wisdom, power, and goodness of Him by whose word they are, and were created! We have seen the Sun gradually ascending through the signs of Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces, amidst the pelting storms and piercing cold of WINTER; yet in the midst of the deepest gloom which this season presents, there are still sufficient manifestations of infinite goodness to excite the best feelings of a grateful heart. Nor does it require long experience, or much reflection, to perceive that Nature, though partially exhausted and apparently lifeless, is still proceeding with silent but ceaseless energy in accele. rating the return of spring, bursting forth in renovated beauty, and enabling us to enjoy the luxuries and pleasures of milder seasons. At last Aries presents his gentle form, and is followed by Taurus and Geniini: SPRING soon appears in full beauty, and is welcomed by the chorus of the grove. An aspect of cheerfulness is every where apparent-verdure expands, blossoms appear, and beauty tinges the landscape. But in other regions the sober tints of autumn are dropping into the lap of winter, and inducing sentient beings to anticipate their period of gloom. The Sun's ceaseless progress now changes the youthful loveliness of spring for the more mature charms of SUMMER: he pursues his course through the signs of Cancer, Leo, and Virgo; the blossoms of the one

season are succeeded by the fruits of the other-anticipation is turned to possession-and the joyous abundance of summer gives place to the still riper bounties of AUTUMN. Nature then wears an appearance of more substantial grandeur—the Sun sheds beams of a milder radiance

A serener blue,
With golden light enlivened, wide invests
The happy world;

And oft we feel a calm-a pleasing calm. Creation, on every hand, is adorned with some precious proof of Jehovah's bounty. Here are the well-stocked gardens and orchards, laden with the richest fruits—there are luxurious meadows, 'white with flocks,' and vallies covered with abundant harvests—

Rich, ardent, deep they stand; for not a gale

Rolls its light billows o'er the bending grain. Scenes so tranquil, so innocent, so beautifully diversified as these, have a tendency to exhilarate the mind, and inspire it with sentiments of solemn and elevated gratitude. We recognize the God of Nature in his works; our thoughts rise and soar from earth to heaven, and dwell with transport there. The brightest earthly glories, while they fascinate the eye, and rouse all the powers of the imagination, do not claim our undivided regard; for we know that there are objects more sublime, more glorious, and which alone are capable of filling the heart that exults in the consciousness of immortality.-Spirit and Manners of the Age.

We shall conclude our annual labours with the following stanzas; and may our young readers not only be preserved from every harm,' but guided to every good, by a mental view of that star which once caused the Wise Men of the East to rejoice with exceeding great joy!'

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