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Slow Operations—Washington orders out the Militia-Mission to Williamsburg-Halt

at Mr. Chamberlayne's-Mrs. Martha Custis-A brief Courtship-An Engagement

- Return to Winchester - The Rifle Dress-Indian Scouts--Washington elected to

the House of Burgesses-Tidings of Amherst's Success—The new Road to Fort Du-
quesne-March for the Fort-Indiscreet Conduct of Major Grant-Disastrous Con-
sequences-Washington advances against Fort Duquesne-End of the Expedition
- Washington returns llome-His Marriage...

........ 951


Custom-house Officers-Rotallation of the Colonists—Taxation resisted in Boston
-Passing of the Stamp Act--Burst of Opposition in Virginia-Speech of Patrick


Expedition of Washington to the Ohio, in behalf of Soldiers' Claims-Uneasy State of

the Frontier-Visit to Fort Pitt-George Crogban_His Mishaps during Pontiac's

War-Washington descends the Ohio-Scenes and Adventures along the River-

Indian Hunting Camp-Interview with an old Sachem at the Mouth of the Kena
wha—Return-Claims of Stobo and Van Braain-Letter to Colonel George Muse.. 830

Gage's Military Measures-Removal of Gunpowder from the Arsenal - Public Agitation

-Alarins in the Country-Civil Government obstructed- Belligerent Symptoins

- Israel Putnain and General Charles Lee, their Characters and Stories-General

Self-constituted Congress-Hancock President-Adjourns to Concord-

Reconstrance to Gage-His Perplexities–Generals Artemas Ward and Seth Pom-
eroy-Committee of Safety-Committee of Supplies-Restlessness throughout the
Land-Independent Companies in Virginia-Military Tone at Mount Vernon-
Washington's Military Guests—Major Horatio Gates-Anecdotes concerning bim-
General Clarles Lee-His Peculiarities and Dogs-Washington at the Richinond
Convention--War Speech of Patrick Henry-Washington's Military Intentions... 874

Enlisting of Troops in the East-Camp at Buston-General Artemas Ward-Scheme to

surprise Ticonderoga-New Hampsbiru GrantsEthan Allen and the Green Moun-




The Washington family is of an ancient English stock, the gencalogy of which has been traced up to the century immediately succeeding the Conquest. At that time it was in possession of landed estates and manorial privileges in the county of Durham, such as were enjoyed only by those, or their descendants, who had come over from Normandy with the Conqueror, or fought under his standard. When William the Conqueror laid waste the whole country north of the Humber, in punishment of the insurrection of the Northumbrians, he apportioned the estates among his followers, and advanced Normans and other foreigners to the principal ecclesiastical dignities. One of the most wealthy and important sees was that of Durham. Hither had been transported the bones of St. Cuthbert from their original shrine at Lindisfarne, when it was ravaged by the Danes. That


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