Annals of the Reign of King George the Third: From Its Commencement in the Year 1760, to the General Peace in the Year 1815, Band 1

Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1816

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Seite 48 - I rejoice that America has resisted. Three millions of people, so dead to all the feelings of liberty as voluntarily to submit to be slaves, would have been fit instruments to make slaves of the rest.
Seite 142 - ... better securing the execution of the laws, and the just dependence of the colonies upon the crown and parliament of Great Britain.
Seite 323 - In thus admitting their separation from the crown of these kingdoms, I have sacrificed every consideration of my own to the wishes and opinion of my people. I make it my humble and earnest prayer to Almighty God, that Great Britain may not feel the evils which might result from so great a dismemberment of the empire ; and that America may be free from those calamities, which have formerly proved in the mother country how essential monarchy is to the enjoyment of constitutional liberty. — Religion...
Seite 344 - Commons, by moving for leave to bring in a bill " for the more equal representation of the people in parliament.
Seite 3 - For the encouragement of piety and virtue, and for preventing and punishing of vice, profaneness, and immorality.
Seite 302 - Commons, that the war in America might no longer be pursued for the impracticable purpose of reducing the inhabitants of that country to obedience...
Seite 9 - Ministry by the voice of the people, to whom he considered himself as accountable for his conduct; and that he would no longer remain in a situation which made him responsible for measures he was no longer allowed to guide.
Seite 376 - That Mr. Burke, in the name of the house of commons, and of all the commons of Great Britain, do go to the bar of the house of lords, and impeach Warren...
Seite 217 - I am further directed to inform your excellencies that Congress are inclined to peace, notwithstanding the unjust claims from which this war originated and the savage manner in which it hath been conducted. They will, therefore, be ready to enter upon the consideration of a treaty of peace and commerce not inconsistent with treaties already subsisting, when the king of Great Britain shall demonstrate a sincere disposition for that purpose.
Seite 434 - leave to bring in a bill to prevent the further importation of African negroes into the British colonies.

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