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To William Hamilton, Esq., H.B.M. Consul, Boulogne; William Dacres Adams, of Bowdon, Esq.; Thomas Roscoe, Esq.; James Murray M‘Culloch, of Ardwell, Esq. ; William Moxon, Esq. ; Ralph Stevenson, Esq.; Robert Carruthers, Esq.; Mr. B. B. Wiffen ; A. A. Watts, Esq,; William Coulson, Esq.; E. J. Spry, Esq.; and many other friends of the Poet, I am indebted for letters, reminiscences, manuscripts, and personal information. I have also to acknowledge various communications, from Mrs. W. Alfred Hill, Mr. Alexander Campbell, and Mr. Archibald Campbell, the Niece and Nephews of the Poet.



December, 1848.


“ Pleasures of Hope" sold to Mundell-Literary disappointments—Improved

views-Brougham on Porisms- Poem announced - Dugald Stewart,
Alison, Moore, Fletcher, Grahame, Erskine, Brown, Leyden, Sir Walter
Scott, Somerville - Recollections of Campbell - Anecdotes--Original
introduction to the Poem-Publication of the “ Pleasures of Hope”-


The Queen of the North-A fragment-His friends and residence in Edin-

burgh-Family affairs-Judaic loan-Prospects—“The Mobiade" an
Epic Poem -- The late Lord Minto — Liverpool — Currie - Roscoe
Society in London-Siddons—Kemble-Residence in London--Political
creed -- Return to Scotland - Letter to Walter Scott - Edinburgh -
Letter to Lord Minto— “ Lochiel” and “Hohenlinden ”-Anecdote
- Correspondence - Letters to Walter Scott--- Alison-Journey from

Edinburgh -- Melrose Abbey - Letters to Mr. Alison – Visit at


: : . 371-401

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