A Compendium of Ancient and Modern Geography: For the Use of Eton School

E.P. Williams, 1856 - 795 Seiten

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Seite 756 - I hereby authorize you to draw on the Secretaries of State, of the Treasury, of War, and of the Navy of the United States, according as you may find your draughts will be most negotiable...
Seite 22 - Ocean, on the east by the Pacific, on the south by the Indian Ocean, and on the west by Europe.
Seite 584 - British merchant ship, in 1 785 ; it was accordingly taken possession of during the following year, in the name of his Majesty, and for the use of the East India Company...
Seite 756 - ... permits suspension of personal rights of citizens by general decrees for limited periods. If the suspension occurs while Congress is in session, that body controls the character of the grant of powers to the executive ; if Congress is in recess, it must be convoked at once to grant the powers needed. The Legislative Power is vested in a Congress composed of a Senate and a Chamber of Deputies. The Chamber of Deputies is composed of representatives of the people, chosen every two years at the rate...
Seite 760 - It is situated on a tongue of land formed by the confluence of the rivers Cooper and Ashley, which unite just below the city, and form a spacious and convenient harbor, communicating with the ocean below Sullivan's island, 7 miles from Charleston.
Seite 735 - Thence it runs eastward about fifteen hundred miles, including the Grain Coast, the Ivory Coast, the Gold Coast, and the Slave Coast, with the large kingdom of Benin. From thence it runs southward, about twelve hundred miles, and contains the kingdoms of Congo and Angola. 3. Concerning the first, the Senegal Coast, Monsieur Brue. who lived...
Seite 379 - CENT. dreadful flame, in the year 858 [of], when the learned Photius was chosen patriarch of Constantinople, by the emperor Michael, in the place of Ignatius, whom that prince drove from his see and sent into exile. For this violent proceeding, though it was justified and applauded by a council assembled at Constantinople in the year 861, was far from being attended with a general approbation. Ignatius appealed from this council to the Roman pontiff Nicolas I.
Seite 526 - Mohammed began to think of propagating his religion beyond the bounds of Arabia, and sent messengers to the neighbouring princes with letters to invite them to Mohammedism.
Seite 278 - The catacombs (qv) still exist, and form a remarkable feature of Syracuse. They are only seven or eight feet high; but their extent is such that they form a kind of subterranean city, with a number of narrow streets, some of which are said to be a mile long, and contain tombs and sepulchral chambers.
Seite 457 - Gentile, \. p. 16. open air, they were never wet by the rain. Annual festivals were held here in honour of the goddess, and her oracle, which was connected with the temple, acquired for it considerable reputation.

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