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Such power there is in clear-eyed self- ; Consoler, kindler, peerless mid her peers, restraint

A force that 'neath our conscious being And purpose clean as light from every stirs, selfish taint.

A life to give ours permanence, when we 3.

Are borne to mingle our poor earth with

hers, Musing beneath the legendary tree, The years between furl off : 'I seem to And all this glowing world goes with us

on our biers. The sun-flecks, shaken the stirred foliage

2. through,

Nations are long results, by ruder ways Dapple with gold his sober buff and Gathering the might that warrants blue

length of days ; And weave prophetic aureoles round the They may be pieced of half-reluctant head

shares That shines our beacon now nor darkens Welded by hammer-strokes of broad. with the dead.

brained kings, 0, man of silent mood,

Or from a doughty people grow, the A stranger among strangers then,

heirs How art thou since renowned the Great, of wise traditions widening cautious the Good,

rings ; Familiar as the day in all the homes of At best they are computable things, men !

A strength behind us making us feel The winged years, that winnow praise bold and blame,

In right, or, as may chance, in wrong ; Blow many names out : they but fan to whose force by figures may be summed flame

and told, The self-renewing splendors of thy fame. So many soldiers, ships, and dollars


And we but drops that bear compulsory


In the dumb throb of a mechanic heart;

But Country is a shape of each man's How many subtlest influences unite,

mind With spiritual touch of joy or pain, Invisible as air and soft as light,

Sacred from definition, unconfined To body forth that image of the brain

By the cramped walls where daily drudg

eries grind; We call our Country, visionary shape, Loved more than woman, fuller of fire Of sweet familiar heaven and earth ;

An inward vision, yet an outward birth than wine, Whose charm can none define,

A brooding Presence that stirs motions

Nor any, though he flee it, can escape ! Of wings within our embryo being's shell
All party-colored threads the weaver That wait but her completer spell

Sets in his web, now trivial, now sub-

To make us eagle-natured, fit to dare

Life's nobler spaces and untarnished air. lime, All memories, all forebodings, hopes and

3. fears, Mountain and river, forest, prairie, sea, You, who hold dear this self-conceived A hill, a rock, a homestead, field, or tree, ideal, The casual gleanings of unreckoned Whose faith and works alone can make years,

it real, Take goddess-shape at last and there is Bring all your fairest gifts to deck her She,

shrine Old at our birth, new as the springing Who lifts our lives away from Thine and hours,

Mine Shrine of our weakness, fortress of our And feeds the lamp of manhood more powers,


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so pure,


With fragrant oils of quenchless con- The equestrian shape with unimpassioned stancy.

brow, When all have done their utmost, surely That paces silent on through vistas of he

acclaim. Hath given the best who gives a charac

2. ter Erect and constant, which nor any shock What figure more immovably august Of loosened elements, nor the forceful Than that grave strength so patient and Of flowing or of ebbing fates, can stir

Calm in good fortune, when it wavered,

sure, From its deep bases in the living rock Of ancient manhood's sweet security :

That mind serene, impenetrably just,

Modelled on classic lines so simple they And this he gave, serenely far from pride

endure ? As baseness, boon with prosperous That soul so softly radiant and so white

stars allied, Part of what nobler seed shall in our The track it left seems less of fire than loins abide.


Cold but to such as love distemperature ? 4.

And if pure light, as some deem, be the No bond of men as common pride so

force strong,

That drives rejoicing planets on their In names time-filtered for the lips of

course, song,

Why for his power benign seek an im. Still operant, with the primal Forces

purer source ? bound

His was the true enthusiasm that burns Whose currents, on their spiritual round, long, Transfuse our mortal will nor are gain- Domestically bright, said :

Fed from itself and shy of human sight, These are their arsenals, these the ex- The hidden force that makes a lifetime haustless mines

strong, That give a constant heart in great de. And not the short-lived fuel of a song. signs;

Passionless, say you? What is passion These are the stuff whereof such dreams

for are made

But to sublime our natures and control As make heroic men : thus surely he

To front heroic toils with late return, Still holds in place the massy blocks he Or none, or such as shames the conlaid

queror ? ’Neath our new frame, enforcing soberly That fire was fed with substance of the The self-control that makes and keeps a

soul people free.

And not with holiday stubble, that could

burn, V.

Unpraised of men who after bonfires run,

Through seven slow years of unadvancing 1.


Equal when fields were lost or fields were O, FOR a drop of that Cornelian ink Which gave Agricola dateless length With breath of popular applause or

won, of days,

blame, To celebrate him fitly, neither swerve

Nor fanned nor damped, unquenchably To phrase unkempt, nor pass

discretion's brink, With him so statue-like in sad reserve,

Too inward to be reached by flaws of idle

fame. So diffident to claim, so forward to deserve!

3. Nor need I shun due influence of his Soldier and statesman, rarest unison ; fame

High-poised example of great duties done Who, mortal among mortals, seemed as Simply as breathing, a world's honors

the same,

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As life's indifferent gifts to all men born ; For ardent girls and boys
Dumb for himself, unless it were to God, Who find no genius in a mind so clear
But for his barefoot soldiers eloquent, That its grave depths seem obvious and
Tramping the snow to coral where they near,

Nor a soul great that made so little
Held by his awe in hollow-eyed content; noise.
Modest, yet firm as Nature's self ; un. They feel no force in that calm-cadenced

Save by the men his nobler temper The habitual full-dress of his well-bred
shamed ;

mind, Never seduced through shuw of present That seems to pace the minuet's courtly

good By other than unsetting lights to steer And tell of ampler leisures, roomier New-trimmed in Heaven, nor than his length of days. steadfast mood

His firm-based brain, to self so little More steadfast, far from rashness as from kind

That no tumultuary blood could blind, Rigid, but with himself first, grasping Formed to control men, not amaze, still

Looms not like those that borrow height In swerveless poise the wave-beat helm of haze : of will ;

It was a world of statelier movement
Not honored then or now because he then

Than this we fret in, he a denizen
The popular voice, but that he still with Of that ideal Rome that made a man for

stood ;
Broad-minded, higher-souled, there is
but one

Who was all this and ours, and all men's,


The longer on this earth we live

And weigh the various qualities of men, Minds strong by fits, irregularly great,

Seeing how most are fugitive, That flash and darken like revolving Or fitful gifts, at best, of now and then, lights,

Wind-wavered corpse-lights, daughters Catch more the vulgar eye unschooled of the fen, to wait

The more we feel the high stern-featured On the long curve of patient days and

beauty nights

Of plain devotedness to duty, Rounding a whole life to the circle fair

Steadfast and still, nor paid with mortal Of orbed fulfilment ; and this balanced

praise, soul,

But finding amplest recompense
So simple in its grandeur, coldly bare For life's ungarlanded expense
Of draperies theatric, standing there

In work done squarely and unwasted
In perfect symmetry of self-control, days.
Seems not so great at first, but greater For this we honor him, that he could

Still as we look, and by experience learn How sweet the service and how free
How grand this quiet is, how nobly of her, God's eldest daughter here be-

low, The discipline that wrought through and choose in meanest raiment which lifelong throes

was she, That energetic passion of repose.

2. 5.

Placid completeness, life without a fall

From faith or highest aims, truth's | A nature too decorous and severe,

breachless wall, Too self-respectful in its griefs and joys, Surely if any fame can bear the touch,


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we are.

His will say “Here!” at the last trum. | Whose garnered lightnings none could pet's call,

guess, The unexpressive man whose life ex. Piling its thunder-heads and muttering pressed so much.

Yet drew not back his hand, but gravely


The seeming-desperate task whence our

new nation rose. 1. NEVER to see a nation born

3. Hath been given to mortal man, Unless to those who, on that summer A noble choice and of immortal seed !

Nor deem that acts heroic wait on morn, Gazed silent when the great Virginian

chance Unsheathed the sword whose fatal tlash Or easy were as in a boy's romance ; Shot union through the incoherent clash The man's whole life preludes the single Of our loose atoms, crystallizing them

deed Around a single will's unpliant stem,

That shall decide if his inheritance And making purpose of emotion rash.

Be with the sifted few of matchless Out of that scabbard sprang, as from its

breed, womb,

Our race's sap and sustenance, Nebulous at first but hardening to a Or with the unmotived herd that only star,

sleep and feed. Through mutual share of sunburst and Choice seems a thing indifferent ; thus of gloom,

or so, The common faith that made us what What matters it ? The Fates with mock

ing face 2.

Look on inexorable, nor seem to know That lifted blade transformed our jan

Where the lot lurks that gives life's

foreniost place. gling clans, Till then provincial, to Americans,

Yet Duty's leaden casket holds it still,

And but two ways are offered to our And made a unity of wildering plans ; Here was the doom fixed : here is marked Toil with rare triumph, ease with safe

will, the date When this New World awoke to man's The problem still for us and all of hu

disgrace, estate, Burnt its last ship and ceased to look He chose, as men choose, where most

behind : Nor thoughtless was the choice ; no love Nor ever faltered 'neath the load

danger showed, or hate Could from its poise move that deliber. Of petty cares, that gall great hearts the ate mind,

most, Weighing between too early and too late But kept right on the strenuous up-hill Those pitfalls of the man refused by strong to the end, above complaint or

road, Fate:

boast : His was the impartial vision of the

The popular tempest on his rock-mailed great Who see not as they wish, but as they wasted its wind-borne spray,

find. He saw the dangers of defeat, nor less

The noisy marvel of a day ;

His soul sate still in its unstormed abode. The incomputable perils of success ; The sacred past thrown by, an empty

VIII. The future, cloud-land, snare of prophets blind ;

VIRGINIA gave us this imperial man The waste of war, the ignominy of peace; Cast in the massive mould On either hand a sullen rear of woes, Of those high-statured ages old

man race.


rind ;


ours :

Which into grander forms our mortal

AN ODE metal ran;

FOR THE FOURTH OF JULY, 1876. She gave us this unblemnished gentle

I. What shall we give her back but love and praise

1. As in the dear old unestranged days ENTRANCED I saw a vision in the cloud Before the inevitable wrong began ? That loitered dreaming in yon sunset sky, Mother of States and undiminished men, Full of fair shapes, half creatures of the Thou gavest us a country, giving him, eye, And we owe alway what we owed thee Half chance-evoked by the wind's fantasy then :

In golden mist, an ever-shifting crowd: The boon thou wouldst have snatched There, mid unreal forms that came and from us agen

went Shines as before with no abatement dim. In robes air-spun, of evanescent dye, A great man's memory is the only A woman's semblance shone pre-emithing

nent ; With influence to outlast the present Not armed like Pallas, not like Hera whim

proud, And bind us as when here he knit our But, as on household diligence intent, golden ring.

Beside her visionary wheel she bent All of him that was subject to the Like Aretë or Bertha, nor than they hours

Less queenly in her port : about her Lies in thy soil and makes it part of knee

Glad children clustered confident in play: Across more recent graves,

Placid her pose, the calm of energy ; Where unresentful Nature waves And over her broad brow in many a Her pennons o'er the shot-ploughed sod, round Proclaiming the sweet Truce of God, (That loosened would have gilt her garWe from this consecrated plain stretch ment's hem), out

Succinct, as toil prescribes, the hair was Our hands as free from afterthought or wound doubt

In lustrous coils, a natural diadem. As here the united North

The cloud changed shape, obsequious to Poured her embrownëd manhood forth the whim In welcome of our savior and thy son. Of some transmuting influence felt in Through battle we have better learned

me, thy worth,

And, looking now, a wolf I seemed to see The long-breathed valor and undaunted Limned in that vapor, gaunt and hun. will,

ger-bold, Which, like his own, the day’s disaster Threatening her charge : resolve in every done,

limb, Could, safe in manhood, suffer and be Erect she flamed in mail of sun-wove still.

gold, Both thine and ours the victory hardly Penthesilea's self for battle dight ; won ;

One arm uplifted braced a flickering If ever with distempered voice or pen spear, We have misdeemed thee, here we take And one her adamantine shield made it back,

light; And for the dead of both don common Her face, helm-shadowed, grew a thing black.

to fear, Be to us evermore as thou wast then, And her fierce eyes, by danger challenged, As we forget thou hast not always took been,

Her trident-sceptred mother's dauntless Mother of States and unpolluted men, look. Virginia, fitly named from England's | “ I know thee now, O goddess-born !" manly queen!

I cried,

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