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turbulence of passion quelled? Who could help becoming better, or, at least, refrain from forming solemn resolutions of amendment, and from labouring with incessant assiduity to realize them? Thus wise is man, when he gives himself

up to the divine guidance! Thus exalted is the Christian, when he falls prostrate at the feet of Jesus, adores, and obeys! Oh, let us exclaim with the Apostle, - and may these words be found applicable to all who hear me:• Grace be with them that love our Lord Jesus in sincerity;" who love him that they may serve and glorify him, that they may purify their hearts with zeal for his service, and gratitude for his benefits, that they may cause him to dwell in and round about them!

And, I will also say, “Grace be with all them " who have never learned to love the Lord Jesus. May it abide with them, that they may obtain mercy, and that it may sanctify their souls; that so faith may succeed in them to unbelief,-zeal to indifference,—the love of God to the love of the world and of themselves! May their very sins be the means of opening their eyes, and of making them sensible that men's passions are tyrants as perfidious as they are merciless, and that Christ is a dear and faithful friend, who alone will not leave nor forsake them at the brink of the grave,-no, nor beyond the grave!

Adorable Saviour! “ Only-begotten Son of God!” blessed bé thou for all that thou hast done and suffered, in order to enable us to become yet again his dear children! From that heavenly abode, whither thou didst reascend after thy great sacrifice, thou hast continued ever to be unto us THE WORD” of salvation, by speaking to our hearts, and calling us to life and happiness. With what earnest longing dost thou wait to receive us into thy paradise ; where there is no strife, because there God alone reigns; no darkness, because nothing intercepts thy light; no misery nor death, because it is the abode of that life, which is life indeed! Happy the man who, after having quitted this life of trial, and in all his being become united to Thee, enters upon a life of glory, and feels his eyes opening upon the transporting light of heaven! And happy the light of that eternal day, in which we shall contemplate the full completion of the work of our salvation through thy blood! With what raptures shall we then bless the Father, who hath loved us with so much love,-the Son, who hath redeemed us,—the Holy Ghost, who hath renewed our nature, and changed us into glorified creatures! How unlike such

raptures to those transient flashes of zeal, in which, here on earth, we devote ourselves to thee, and then instantly fly off in pursuit of some pleasure of this world. How often, alas ! have we promised to be thine, and thine alone; whilst, almost as often, O loving Saviour, we have forgotten and offended thee! Put an end to this criminal inconstancy; and enable us to apply all our powers and our will to choose what is good, and to do what is good, and to serve thee truly now and for ever! Amen!





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