The Travels of Capts. Lewis and Clarke from St. Louis, by Way of the Missouri and Columbia Rivers, to the Pacific Ocean; Performed in the Years 1804, 1805 & 1806, by Order of the Government of the United States. Containing Delineations of the Manners, Customs, Religion, &c. of the Indians

Longman, Hurst, Rees, and Orme, 1809 - 309 Seiten

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Seite 25 - ... befallen the natives, saved the traders from destruction : this was the small-pox, which spread its destructive and desolating power, as the fire consumes the dry grass of the field. The fatal infection spread around with a baneful rapidity which no flight could escape, and with a fatal effect that nothing could resist. It destroyed with its pestilential breath whole families and tribes...
Seite 144 - At the Copper-Mine River, where they made the first land, the ground was covered with copper, over which a body of earth had since been collected, to the depth of a man's height.
Seite 124 - ... and blacken their faces with charcoal If they have distinguished themselves in war, they are sometimes laid on a kind of scaffolding; and I have been informed, that women, as in the East, have been known to sacrifice themselves to the manes of their husbands. The whole of the property belonging to the departed person is destroyed, and the relations take in exchange for the wearing apparel, any rags that will cover their nakedness.
Seite 75 - All sung the war-song, and, burning with impatience to imbrue their hands in the blood of their enemies, rushed down among innocent and defenceless families on the frontiers of Carolina, where men, women, and children, without distinction, fell a sacrifice to their merciless fury. Such of the whites as fled to the woods, and escaped the scalping-knife, perished with hunger.
Seite 42 - ... they have done well ;" and makes but very little inquiry about the matter; on the contrary, if you inform him that his children are slain or taken prisoners, he makes no complaints : he only replies, " it is unfortunate ;" — and for some time asks no questions about how it happened.
Seite 42 - ... betray the extreme hunger that he is tortured with; but, on being invited in, sits contentedly down, and smokes his pipe with as much composure as if his appetite was cloyed, and he was perfectly at ease ; he does the same if among strangers. This custom is strictly adhered to by every tribe, as...
Seite 19 - Columbia, two hundred and sixty one miles up that river ; the second of two miles at the long narrows, six miles below the falls, and a third, also of two miles, at the great Rapids, sixty-five miles still lower down.
Seite 144 - They believe, that immediately after their death, they pass into another world, where they arrive at a large river, on which they embark in a stone canoe, and that a gentle current bears them on to an extensive lake, in the centre of which is a most beautiful island; and that...
Seite 144 - ... consists in an eternal enjoyment of sensual pleasure, and carnal gratification. But if their bad actions weigh down the balance, the stone canoe sinks at once, and leaves them up to their chins...
Seite v - Indians with whom he had opportunities of communicating during his journey and residence with them. Copies of this map are now presented to both Houses of Congress. With these I communicate also a statistical view, procured and forwarded by him, of the Indian nations inhabiting the Territory of Louisiana and the countries adjacent to its northern and western borders, of their commerce, and of other interesting circumstances respecting them.

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