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To Brigadier-General Hazen, May 3d

A British officer to be selected by lot to suffer for Huddy-

An unconditional prisoner wanted—Every possible tenderness

to be shown.

To Lieutenant-General Robertson, May 4th . .

Retaliation determined upon-Desirous for humanity in war

- The case of Badgely and Hatfield-Recrimination useless.

To the Secretary at War, May 4th . .

Directions for receiving the officer chosen by Hazen-May

be permitted to communicate with the British general-Will

receive nothing short of full satisfaction.

Circular Letter to the States, May 4th : .

To the President of Congress, May roth. . .

Correspondence respecting Huddy-English intelligence-

Proposals of pacification delusory.

To Sir Guy Carleton, May 1oth . . . . .

Has ever been against inhuman excesses of war, Passport

for Mr. Morgann-Regulation of flags.

To Robert Morris, May 17th . . . . .

Circular letter to the States—The contract with Sands-Con.

tractor taking unwarranted measures-Hardship to officers—We
may spin the thread of economy till it breaks-Mutiny and
desertion-Prompt payment of salaries of civil officers-Com-

plaints from the officers-Alarming situation at West Point.

To Colonel Lewis Nicola, May 22d . .

Surprise and astonishment over his letter-No conduct of his

could give occasion for it-Wishes ample justice to be done to

the army.

To Brigadier-General Hazen, June 4th ..

Much concerned to find Asgill is sent on, though there were
two unconditional prisoners—May give the British an advantage
-Lieutenant Turner to be sent on.

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