The Practice as to Letters Patent for Inventions Copyright in Designs, and Registration of Trade Marks, Under the Patents, Designs, and Trade Marks Act, 1883, with the Practice in Actions for Infringement of Patent: Arranged as a Commentary on the Act, with the Rules and Forms, and an Appendix of Orders Made in Patent Actions

Butterworths, 1884 - 380 Seiten

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Seite 204 - ... deemed to have been served and received respectively at the time when the letter containing the same would be delivered in the ordinary course of post, and in proving such service or sending it shall be sufficient to prove that it was properly addressed and put into the post...
Seite 186 - Act shall at all convenient times be open to the inspection of the public, subject to the provisions of this Act and to such regulations as may be prescribed ; and certified copies, sealed with the seal of the Patent Office, of any entry in any such register shall be given to any person requiring the same on payment of the prescribed fee.
Seite 50 - ... who ought to have been joined, or whose presence before the Court may be necessary in order to enable the Court effectually and com.» i pletely to adjudicate upon and settle all the questions ; involved in the cause or matter, be added.
Seite 144 - Trade, or the exhibition elsewhere during the period of the holding of the exhibition, without the privity or consent of the proprietor, of a design, or of any article to which a design is applied, or the publication, during the holding of any such exhibition, of a description of a design, shall not prevent the design from being registered, or invalidate the registration thereof, provided that both the following conditions are complied with...
Seite 216 - Where, under these Rules, any person is required to do any act or thing, or to sign any document, or to make any declaration on behalf of himself or of any body corporate, or any document or evidence is required to be produced to or left with the Comptroller, or at the Patent Office, and it is shown to the satisfaction of the Comptroller that from any reasonable cause...
Seite 221 - Machines" that he is the true and first inventor thereof, and that the same is not in use by any other person to the best of his knowledge and belief : And...
Seite 189 - It shall be lawful for Her Majesty from time to time, by Order in Council, to revoke and vary any Order in Council made under this section.
Seite 254 - ... letter containing the same would be delivered in the ordinary course of post ; and, in proving the service of such notice, it shall be sufficient to prove that the Notice was properly addressed and put into the post.
Seite 81 - A mandamus or an injunction may be granted or a receiver appointed by an interlocutory Order of the Court in all cases in which it shall appear to the Court to be just or convenient that such Order should be made...
Seite 58 - Where in any cause or matter it appears to the Court or a Judge that the issues of fact in dispute are not sufficiently defined, the parties may be directed to prepare issues, and such issues shall, if the parties differ, be settled by the Court or a Judge.

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