Napoleon and His Marshals, Band 1

Baker and Scribner, 1846

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Seite 321 - In vain did Soult, by voice and gesture, animate his Frenchmen ; in vain did the hardiest veterans, extricating themselves from the crowded columns, sacrifice their lives to gain time for the mass to open out on such a fair field ; in vain did the mass itself bear up, and, fiercely striving, fire indiscriminately upon friends and foes, while the horsemen, hovering on the flanks, threatened to charge the advancing line.
Seite 321 - Nothing could stop that astonishing infantry. No sudden burst of undisciplined valour, no nervous enthusiasm, weakened the stability of their order ; their flashing eyes were bent on the dark columns in their front ; their measured...
Seite 6 - THE CHURCH IN THE WILDERNESS, and other Fragments from the study of a Pastor, by Gardiner Spring, DD, Pastor of the Brick Presbyterian Church, in the city of New York. The following notice of Spring's Fragments is extracted from the New York Commercial Advertiser. The first piece entitled the " Church in the Wilderness," is one of the most beautiful sketches in our language.
Seite 2 - Charlotte Elizabeth's works have become so universally known, and are so highly and deservedly appreciated in this country, that it has become almost superfluous to mention them. We doubt exceedingly whether there has been any female writer since Mrs. Hannah More, whose works are likely to be so extensively and so profitably read as hers. She thinks deeply and accurately, is a great analysis! of the human heart, and withal clothes her thoughts in most appropriate and eloquent language.
Seite 6 - Christian" contains sound practical suggestions for informing the mind, regulating the heart, and inspiring energy of action. MEMOIRS OF MRS. SARAH LOUISA TAYLOR, by REV. LOT JONES, AM Fifth edition, 18mo., $0 50 From the Christian Mirror.
Seite 195 - Ten days' mourning were appointed, and a solemn ceremony performed in the Church of the Invalides. Under the solemn dome Bonaparte assembled all the authorities of France, and the officers of the army, and there, in their presence, Lannes presented to the Government ninety-six colours, taken in Egypt. Berthier, then Minister of War, sitting between two soldiers, both a hundred years old, shaded by a thousand...
Seite 281 - ... he struggled against an enemy that no boldness could awe, or courage overcome. Those brave troops had heard the tramp of thousands of cavalry sweeping to battle without fear ; but now they stood in still terror before the march of the conflagration, under whose burning footsteps was heard the incessant crash of falling houses, and palaces and churches. The continuous roar of the raging hurricane, mingled with that of the flames, was more terrible than the thunder of artillery ; and before this...
Seite 283 - It was the spectacle of a sea and billows of fire, a sky and clouds of flame; mountains of red rolling flames, like immense waves of the sea, alternately bursting forth and elevating themselves to skies of fire, and then sinking into the ocean of flame below. Oh, it was the most grand, the most sublime, and the most terrific sight the world ever beheld!!
Seite 278 - ... foreboding that some dire calamity was hanging over the silent capital. When he entered it, scarcely a living soul met his gaze as he looked down the long streets ; and when he broke open the buildings he found parlors and bedrooms and chambers all furnished and in order, but no occupants.
Seite 281 - ... and cinders, he saw one single street yet open, but all on fire. Into this he rushed, and amid the crash of falling houses, and raging of the flames — over burning ruins, through clouds of rolling smoke, and between walls of fire he pressed on ; and at length, half suffocated...

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