The Repertory of patent inventions [formerly The Repertory of arts, manufactures and agriculture]. Vol.1-enlarged ser., vol.40, Band 8


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Iron in the sheathing of ships and other vessels Communicated to
hempen rope or cordage
and improved purchase or power will be given in working ships wind
of gas and water c with observations suggesting means for overcoming
By George Rrnnie Esq F R S 424 481 643
struction and manufacturing of window blinds
ing churches hothouses and other buildings
Messrs Barron and Wilsons improvements in window blinds Mr
vessels from a higher to a lower level or from a lower to a higher level
boats and other floating bodies which improvements are also applicable
and supplying coalgas for useful purposes
F R S c President
construction of windmills and their sails
whetting or sharpening the edges of knives or other cutting instruments
from horns and hoofs of animals various articles viz handles of knives
boilers for steam enginesWith Observations
neu or improved principle for propelling steam packets and other vessels 684
pintals for hanging the rudder
causes and prevention of the dry rot By a Correspondent
iron By M Lagcrhjelm
of converting liquids into vapour or steam
forming ceilings and partitions for dwelling houses warehouses work
iron applicable at the smelting of the ore and at various subsequent
jftso a wood engraving illustrative of Mr J Castells Duplex Cock
mittee of the bouse of commons for inquiring into the state of the law
vessels wbich improvements are calculated to lessen the effects of

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Seite 456 - We know now that the underlying principle is the same as in a mercurial barometer : it is the pressure of the atmosphere on the surface of the water in the well that pushes the water up into the pump.
Seite 73 - Now Know Ye, that in compliance with the said proviso, I, the said Adolphe Nicole, do hereby declare that the nature of my said Invention, and the manner in which the same is to be performed, are...
Seite 653 - I do hereby declare this to be my specification of the same, and that I do verily believe this my said specification doth comply in all respects fully and without reserve or disguise with the proviso in the said hereinbefore in part recited letters patent contained ; wherefore I hereby claim to maintain •exclusive right and privilege to my said invention.
Seite 266 - Having now particularly described and ascertained the nature of my said invention and in what manner the same is to be performed, I declare that what I claim is (d).
Seite 278 - An Improvement in the Modes of Producing an Artificial Stone;' in which said Letters Patent there is contained a proviso obliging me, the said Joseph Aspdin, by an instrument in writing under my hand and seal, particularly to describe and ascertain the nature of my said Invention, and in what manner the same is to be performed...
Seite 641 - Walton do hereby describe the manner in which my said Invention is to be performed by the following statement thereof reference being had to the Drawing annexed and to the figures and letters marked thereon that is to say DESCRIPTION OF THE DRAWING.
Seite 640 - To all to whom these presents shall come, &c. &c. — Now know ye, that in compliance with the said proviso, I, the said...
Seite 243 - ... the bird, and know exactly the proportion each curve, or extension, or contraction, or expansion of any particular part bears to the rest of the body. In a word, you must possess Promethean boldness, and bring down fire and animation, as it were, into your preserved specimen. Repair to the haunts of birds, on plains and mountains, forests, swamps, and lakes, and give up your time to examine the economy of the different orders of birds.
Seite 455 - Stead, do hereby declare the nature of the said invention, and the manner in which the same is to be performed, are fully described and ascertained in and by the following statement thereof, reference being had to the drawing hereunto annexed, and to the figures and letters marked thereon...
Seite 246 - To avoid this, let your knife be parallel to the body, and then you will divide the outer skin with great ease. Begin on the belly below the breast-bone, and cut down the middle, quite to the vent. This done, put the bird in any convenient position, and separate the skin from the body, till you get at the middle joint of the thigh. Cut it through, and do nothing more there at present, except introducing cotton all the way on that side, from the vent to the breast-bone. Do exactly the same on the...

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