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Forceable Entry.


And if it be found on such Enquiry, that a forceable Entry hath been made into Houses, Lands, Tenements or other Possessions; or that the same are held Lands, &. with Force, then such Aliftants or Justices shall cause the same House, Lands, to be re-fçiTenements, or Poffeftions to be re-seized, and the Party to be again put into sed. the Poffeffion thereof, who in such Manner was put, or held out of the lame. And in foch Cases where the

Nature of the Faas are Cognizable before fuch Authority, the faid Authority shall also Tax Bills of Coft against such Persons Bills of cost. as before them thall

be Convicted of Forceable Entry or Derainer. And in Case the Person complained of is found not guilty, Thall tax Cort'a- Persons not gainst the Complainant, and grant Execution thereon accordingly.

guilty And to the End that Enquiry may be made as aforesaid. Be it further enailed by the Authority aforeluid, That such Assistants or Jursices thall make out their Warrants or Precepts directed to the Sheriff of the 18 persone fame County, or his Deputy, commanding him on behalf of the State, to cause to be fumto come before them eighteen sufficient and indifferent Persons, dwelling near moned to vato the House, Lands, Tenements or other Possessions fo entered upon, or held make enquias aforesaid ; whereof Fourteen

(at leaft) shall be impannelled to enquire in "y, &c. that Behalf ; each of whom shall have a freehold Efate rated in the common Lift at Fifty Shillings at the least, who hall be sworn by such Affiftants or justices, well and truly to enquire of such forceable Entry; or forceable Detainer ; and to return a true Verdict according to their Evidence. And if the Sheriff thall make Default in not duly executing such Warrant or fin’d 5l. on

Sheriff to be Precept to him directed, he shall be fined or amerced the Sum of Five Pounds his detault. for every Default.

And Jurors And every. Juror legally summoned making his Default by Non-appearance, 10s. on Tall pay a Fine of Ten Sbillings,

theirs. That when it thall so happen that the Sheriff is either a Party, or stands in the Sheriff beRelacion of Father or Son, by Nature or Marriage, or of a Brother in the like ing a party Kied : Uncle or Nephew ; Landlord or Tenant to either of the Parties ; either or a relative, of the Constables of the Town where the Facts are said to be done, not being in- a constable to terefted or related as aforesaid, shall have in those Cases all the Powers and Au.

have his

power. shorities that the Sheriffs in this Ad above are vested with ; and fhall be under she same Regulations, and in case of Default under the same Penalties.

And that any Afiftant or Affiftants, Justice or Justices holding such Court of Aflitants or Enquiry, may impose a Finc on every Offender committing such Force, not impose a fine exceeding the sum of Twenty Shillings ; and bind him or them to the good of 205. bind Behaviour, and commit such Offender or Offenders to Prison till he or they pay to good be. such Fine, and find Sureties for his or their good Behaviour till the next Coun- haviour, or ty Court in that County, and then to appear: And if the Offence be aggravated imprison of by any open or high handed Breach of Peace or otherwise, they may bind the Offenders over to appear at the next County Court in the fame County, to an. {wer for the same, who may increase the Fine accordụng to the Aggravation or Circumstances of the Offence.

All raid fines All Fines arising by Virtue of this A&, to be to, and for the Use of the Coun- to the county ty Treasury.

treasury. And the Party grieved shall recover treble Damages, and Costs of Suit, by Adion or Trespass against the Defendant or Defendants, if it be found by Party griev.. Verdia, or in any other Manner by due Form of Law, chat he or they entered treble dama. joto bis House, Lands, Tenements or other Possessions by Force, or after Entry ges. beld the same by Force,

Provided always, That this A& shall not extend to any Person or Persons who have had the Occupation, or have been in the quiet Poffeffion of any Proviso. Houses, Lands, Tenements or other Poffeffions for the space of chroe

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Foreigners, infidious, &c. Foreigners, rights secured.

whole Years together next before ; and bis, her or their Estate or Eftates there. in is not ended or determined ; any Thing to the contrary before in this Aain any wise notwithstanding,

An Act to prevent Foreigners carrying on insidious Designs or

Practices in this State.

Foreigners found ftrag


E it ena Eted by the Governar, Council and Representatives, in General Court

a femblıd, and by the Authority of tbe jame,' That if any Foreigner thall and endez be found travelling or fraggling about in this state, endeavouring to corrupt the vouring to Indians or others, with falle, dangerous and leditious Principles ; or to search or corrupt, &c. (py out i he Country; or if they are suspected to be carrying on any such cvil

Designs: And if any foreign Ships or Vefsels shall come to spy out our Cuals, or ships, &c. spying out

or in forie clandestine Manner to carry on illicit Trade ; or shall appear under our coasts,&c

fuch Circumstances as to be juftly fulpected thereof; fuçh Foreigners carrying on, or fulpected to be carrying on any luch Practices; and the Captains, Malters, Officers or Seamen belonging to such foreign Ship or Vefsel, may be apa prehended by Order or Warrant from any Affiltant or Justice of the Peace ; or

it the necessity of the Case require it, by any Sheriff or Constable without a how to be Warrant, and brought before an Afiftant and cwo Juftices of the Peace, Quorum proceeded a- unus; and in Cafe no Affiftant or Justice of the Quorum fall live within tea Miles of the place where such suspected Person of Persons shall

be arrested, their he or they may be broughic before any three Juftices of that County, who are hereby isn powered and directed to examine him or them concerning the Mare ters a foresaid; and upon his or their appearing to be guilty of any of the Crimes aforesaid, or jufily fufpecied to be a dangerous Person or Perfons, such Authority are hereby authorized to take such Methods, and give such Orders concerning such Person or Persons, as effectually to prevent the Dangers and Mitchiets that might otherwise arise from such Foreigners and suspected Perions, and le.

cure che Interest of this State, And if diffi. And if upon such Enquiry, the said Authority shall find the Matters to be at." culties arise fended with great Difficulties, and judge it neceflary, they bhali transmit ship uch. enquiry Case with the Examination and Evidences relating thereto, to the Governor red to the

or Commander in Chief, whose Orders and Directions cherein they fhail ob. guvernor, &c.

serve for the purposes aforesaid.

And any Foreigner residing in this state, who may be likely to become Foreigners chargeable to the State, or who is of an immoral and vicious Character, may by like to be order of the County Court, or an Assistant and Julice of the Peace, or two

Justices Quorum unus, be transported to the Place of his legal Sectlement, or to chargeable,

tome Place within the Jurisdiction of the State or Nation to which he belongs, transported,

whenever such Authority shall judge it expedient, and that the Expence will &c. when, not exceed the Advantages ot such Transportation; which Expence shall be

paid out of the State Treasury, if the Person to be transported is unable to pay the same.

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An Act for securing to Foreigners in this State, their Rights,

according to the Laws of Nations, and to prevent any In-
fractions of faid Laws.
E it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Representatives, in General Court

offembled, and by the Aubority of ebe jame, That the Superior Court, and the several County Courts in this State (within their retpective Liwits) be, and they are hereby impowered and directed to proceed again


Foreigners, not to hold Land.


&c, to be


and panish all fucb Perfors as halt be guilty of the Violation of any Safe- Violaters of condue or Pullport granted under the Authority of the Congress of the United safe-guard, States of America, or under the Authority of this State, to the Subjects of any foreign Power in Time of War.

punished. And also againit all such Pertons as fhall be guilty of the Commission of any A As of hoti. Aas of Hortility againit the Subjects of any Prince or Power in Amity, fity, &c. League, or I'ruce with the United States of America, or such as are within this Sgate under a general implied Safe-Conduet,

Aed aifo againtt all such as fall be guilty of any Violation or Intraction of the immunities of Ambassadors, or otaer public Miniftere, authorized and received as such by the United States in Congress aftenbled, oi of any Violence Ambassadors, offered to the Perions of such Ambuiladors or Minitters, their Houses, Carriages D: Property, under the Limitation allowed by the Laws and Usages of Nations, or that ihail any Ways moleft or disturb them in the tree Exercise of their Religion.

And be it furtber ennited by the Authority aforelaid, That no Writ or Pro- No writ,&c. cess shall ar any Time iflue, or be maintaine against any such Ambassador or maintainable fablic Minister, authorized and received as a forelaid, or against his Goods or against amChattels, or against his domeitic Servant, whereby his Periosi may be arrested, baffadors in any Civil Aion,

And be it further enated by the Authority afore aid, That the said Courts respectively be, and they are hereby authorized and impowered to hear, try courts im. and determine, by a Jury or otherwise (according to Law) any of the Matters

powered by aloresaid, or any other lofractions or Violations of, or Offences against the try, &c. known, received andellablished Laws of civilized Nations; agreeabie to the Laws of this State, or the Laws of Nations.

And be it furiber enacted by the Authority aforesaid, That if aný Injury Thall be offered and done by any person or Persons whatsoever, to any foreign Power, Injury aor to the Subjects thereof, either in their persons or Property, by Means gainf foreign whereof any Damage fhall or may in any wise arise, happen or accrue, either powers, dec. to any fuch foreign Power, to the faid United States, to this State, or to any ed. particular Person; the Person or Persons offering of doing any such Injury, hall be liable to pay and answer all such Damages as shall be occasioned thereby.


to be redres.


An Ad to prevent Foreigners or Aliens purchasing, or holding

Lands in this State. Be

affembled, and by the Authority of the jame, That no Person who is may purnot a Citizen Inhabitant of this State, or one of the United States of America, chase lands, hall be capable of purchasing or holding any. Lands within this State, &c. without without special Licence from the General Asembly.

special li. Provided, That nothing in this A& Thall be construed to work a forfeiture of any Lands that belonged to any Subject of the King of Great Britain before the late War, or to prevent the Proprietor of fuch Lands from selling and dispoling of the fame to any fnhabitant of any of the United States : Nor to Proviso. bioder the Subjects of the King of France from enjoying the Privileges and Benefits to which they are entitled by Virtue of the Treaty of Amity, made and ratified between his mod Chrisian Majesty, and the United States of Aprica,




Forms of Writs, &c.

An Act againft Forgery.
E it enacted by the Governor, Council, and Representatives, in General

Court afsembled, and by sbe Ausbority of ihe fami, That if any person or

Persons shall willingly and falsely forge and make, or cause to be forged or Forgery

made, or shall aid, abett, help or aflift in the falsely forging and making any how punish- false Deed, Conveyance, Will, Teftament, Bond, Bill, Receipt, Release, Accd.

quittance, Letter of Attorney, or any other writting to prevent Equity and
Justice ; such Person of Persons being thereof duly convicted, fall fand in the
Pillory three several Lecture Days, or other Days of public Meeting; and ren-
der and pay to the Party or Parties injured thereby, double Damages, to be re-
covered by Action founded on this Statute ; and ihall also be rendered incapable,
and be difenabled to give any Evidence ar Verdie in any Court, or before any
Magistrate or Justice of the Peace.

An Act prescribing Forms of Wrics, Processes, &c.
BE it cnoded by the Governor, Council and Representatives, ir General

Court Forms of affembled, and by the Autbority of the fame, That the several Forms of writs esta Writs, Processes, &c. in Civil Caules, here, under-written, be, and they are blished.

hereby established to be the forms to be used in this State, by the respective Officers therein, That is to say ;

Summons for Appearance before an Afiftant or Justice of Peace Summons To the Sheriff of the County of H.

his Deputy, or to either of the before an Conftables of the Town of G.

within raid County, Greeting. affiftant or justice. BY Authority of the State of Connecticut, you are hereby, commanded ta

summon á. B. of G, aforesaid, to appear before me J. H. Efq. Justice of the Peace for the County aforesaid, at my Dwelling-House in H. oa the

Day of at of the Clock in the noon , then and there to answer to C. D. of W. in a Plea of which is to the Damage of the said C. D.

and he therefore brings this Suit. And of this Writ, with your Doings therein
make true return to me, at or before the faid

Day of
Date at H. the

Day of

Annogue Domini,

J. H.
Attachment before an Alftant or Justice of the Peace.

To the Sheriff, &c. Attachment Y Authority of the State of Connecticut, you are hereby commanded to before an attach the Goods or Efate of A. B, of F. aforesaid, to the Value of affiftant or justice.

Pounds, and for want thercof to attach the Body of the said A. B. (if he may be found in your Precincts) and him fafely keep, so that he may be had before me J. H. Esq. Justice of the Peace for the County aforesaid, at my Dwelling-House, &c. (sufficient Bond for Prosecution being given). Hereof fail not, and make due return of this Writ, with your. Doings there. in, &c.

The like for Summons and Attachments to the County Courts, Mutaris Mytandis.

An Execution granted by an Afiftant or Juftice of Peace,
To the Sheriff of the County of H. &c.

WHEREAS C. D:of Won the

Day of

before me. J.H. Esq. Juftice of the Prace for the County aforesaid, recovered Judgment against A. B. of H. for obe Sum of

Sbillings, Execution

Debt, (Damage) Sbillings, granted by and for the Sun of

Cofts of Suit, as appears of Record : affiftant or Whereof Execution remains to be done. justice. 'HÉSE are therefore, by Authority of the State of Connecticut, to com,


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Chattels within your Precincts, you cause to be løvied, and (the same being difposed of as the Law directs) paid and satisfied unto the said C. D. the a. foresaid Sums, being Pounds, Shillings, and Pence, in the Whole ; and allo that out of the said Monies, Goods or Chattels you levy one Shilling more for this Writ, together with your own Fees.

And for want of fuch Money, Goods or Chattels of the said A. B. to be by
him thewn unto you, or found within your Precincts, for satisfying the afore-
Said Sums you are hereby commanded to take the Body of the said A. B. and
him commit unto the keeper of the Gaol in H. in the County aforesaid, within
the said Prison; who is likewife hereby commanded to receive the said A: B.
and him safely keep, until he pay unto the said C. D. the full Sums above.
mentioned, and be by him released, and also facisfy your Fees. Hereof fail
not, and make dae Return of this Writ, with your Doings therein, unto me
the said J. H. Esq. within fixty Days next coming.
Dated at H. this
Day of &c.

J. H.
Execution out of the Superior Court and County Courts, respectively.
To the Sheriff of the County of H. &c.

WHEREAS C.D. of W. recovered Judgment again A. B. of F. before the

Court, holden at H. within the County aforesaid, or ibe 7 uesday

for the Sum of Pounds, Debt, (Damage) and Pounds Stillings Peace Cofts of Suis, as appears of Record i wbereof Execution rimains to be done.

Execution THES

HESE are therefore, by the Authority of the State of Connecticut, to com- from superior

mand you, That of the Goods, Chattels or Lands of the said A. B. or county within your Precincts, you cause to be levied (and the same being disposed of, or appraised as the Law direcs) paid and satisfied unto the said Č. D. the aforesaid Sums being Pounds Shillings and Pence in the Whole; with Shillings more for this Writ, and thereof also to fatisfy yourself for your own Fees. And for want of such Goods, Chattels or Lands of the said A. B. to be by him shewn unto you, or found within your Precincts, to the acceptance of the said C. D. for fatisfying the aforesaid Sums, you are hereby commanded to take the Body of the faid A. B. and him commit unto the keeper of the Goal in H. in the County aforesaid, within the said Prison; who is likewise hereby commanded to receive the faid A. B. and him safely to keep until he pay unto the said C. D. the foll Sums above-mentioned, and be by him relealed, and also satisfy your Fees. Hereof fail not, and make due return of this Writ, with your Doings therein, unto the faid Court to be holden at

Tuesday of
Bext. Dated at H. &c.

E. K. Clerk.
Summons or Sub-poena for Witnesses.

To A. B. and C. D. &c.
appear before the Court to be holden at F. on the

for witnesses. Tuesday of

to testify what you know in a certain A&tion now depending
in the said Court, between E. F. of H. Plaintiff, and G. H. of M. Defend
dant; in an Action of

Hereof fail not, under the Penalty of the
Law in that case provided. Dated at H. &c.

D, E. Clerk.
A Warrant of Replevin before the County Court.
To the Sheriff of F. &c.


Y Authority of the State of Connecticut, you are hereby commanded,
jully, and without delay, to cause to be replevied to T. c. of S. his

Beasts, viz.

now diftrained or impounded by S. H. of N. and by him anjuftly detained, as it is said

and you are to summon the

upon the

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